Friday, May 29, 2015

Bob Dobbs | PDFs

PDFs are available below of Bob’s writings and interviews and select Marshall McLuhan writings that are archived on this website.

An advantage to PDFs is that you can add annotations—underline selections, mark-up and add notes—similar to the way Bob takes notes. This could be useful for marking selections to ask Bob about on Payday.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader (and Preview on a Mac) will allow you to add annotations—and if you are using an iPad, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app is a great way to make notes and underline. You can also read the PDFs in Kindle and iBooks.

PDF Talks with Bob Dobbs
Art & Soul
Bob Dobbs Interviewed by Joan d’Arc
J.R. Bob Dobbs
The Death of The Matrix
Plaza of the Mind Interviews Bob Dobbs
The Motives & Consequences of the Sixties Counterculture & Beyond
What the Mavericks of the Mind are Missing
Phatic Communion with Satellite’s Machines
Secrets of the Dog-Root
Bob Dobbs, Brian Taylor & Sam Andreyev, 2002

PDF Articles about Bob Dobbs
Synchronistic Linguistics in The Matrix
The Greatest Artist Alive Today
Things Get Ugly in the World of Underground Art

PDF Articles by Bob Dobbs
What We/You Didn’t Know About Trump
Bob Dobbs Explains “Finnegans Wake” Via the Ten Thunders
Cloning ESP
Up the Orphic Anti
Silencing The Virtually Solar Theater
Literary/Aesthetic Cliche-Probes in the American Classroom-Without-Walls

PDF of Marshall McLuhan
A Media Approach to Inflation
Include Me Out-The Reversal Of The Overheated Image
Marshall McLuhan, The Playboy Interview, March 1969

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