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The First Words From iON | 18 March 2009


18 April 2015

Part 1, 2
16 May 2015

The first session with JW/iON—wasn’t recorded but transcribed by Carolyn. We thought we were talking to the Evergreens (EGs), channeled by Michael Blake Read (Aug.,1974- Nov.,2004):

The session lasted about 90 minutes—this is the first few minutes—we didn’t know what we were talking to. Bob didn’t say anything to get it started. JW’s voice just began talking after 30 seconds of silence:

18 March 2009

EGs: It is the process which is between the 3 of us which is our experience.
You alluded to it several times last night—the process of which where others were doing this psychic work.

The gist of this process that’s opening is that there seems to be more of a tactile experience of the change in the veil. Turning inside out. Which means, what we know that is, is not and what we know that is not, is.

We are just now coming to a place of resolution.

Parallels to the Resolute Desk in the White House. British ship lost a couple hundred years ago. Queen Victoria had two desks made out of the ship, one in White House, one in Buckingham Palace.

It means something different to those in power than tourists.

Feeds a little of a conspiracy theory.

The information we are getting access to; they already know it.

Might have gone into it last night but had to clear and make sure we were OK.

Gist of this process is a simple process, it’s easy, it’s fluid, like the viscosity of oil and water… but you can make vinaigrette very painlessly. Indeed these realms do mix, fluidly. That’s why it’s so significant, once you know, you can never go back. Now you have a whole new vernacular, which has to do with “carnal” knowledge of this new expression of reality—you are getting it fast. Cursing as you are blessing. Past that it’s getting much, much, much easier. Lou Dobbs is very upset about this. … Using him as a silly example… of the main part of the Android Meme.

This makes for a new fun place. It becomes, who is going to be responsible now for this new era of enlightenment?

Symbolic… or the one who made it happen?

That’s the trick. If they give credence to that relative knowledge that we are experiencing, it means they had to know about it and there is no culpable deniability. If they admit it, then they are and they do and it is.

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