Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Parallax View

“…a pretty good documentary on Secret Council of Ten reality.”
Bob Dobbs, Payday 22 March 2015, 3am, 32min 0sec

Download the script (original draft) for The Parallax View

In the book with the same title by Loren Singer, the main character meets the head of the Parallax Corporation who reveals the aim of the company to be a social engineering group designed to control democracy.

A Hearing Room in the Capital

Chairman: Correct me if I am in error, suh. Your name is Edward Trumbull. You are the director of the Bureau of Social Structure.

Trumbull: Yes, Sir.

Chairman: Some of us aren’t quite clear as to the function of your department, Mr Trumbull. Could you help us?

Trumbull: With pleasure, Sir. The Bureau of Social Structure was organized in 1958, during the Eisenhower administration, under PL 10451 dash 2. It is charged with the continuing study of social structures as developed within the United States as made by its citizens in response to the conduct of the Federal Government.

Chairman: Worst gobbledygook I ever heard. What’s that mean in English?

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