Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sara Reads ‘Phatic Communion With Bob Dobbs’ to a Butterfly Bush


  1. I don't have any copies but I can send you the digitized version.

  2. Bob I wanted to buy this book on Amazon but it was too expensive for me. I know only Exegesis of Phatic Communion in 46 parts and of course am familiar with your charts. It would be nice to receive digitized version of the book too since I look for it as for a kind of some missing link in terms of a visual representation of your work. Please send it to The greatest Bronislaw Malinowski's countryfriend was Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Witkiewicz's painting is the central painting in my wife's parents house, my everyday hang out place. I don't know how exactly Bronislaw Malinowski phrase get as a title of your book, I suppose it's somehow inherited through Harold's Innis work who, again as I assume, was studying Malinowski's anthropological stuff (is it right?)