Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Have a Cow, Man

During the 12 July Payday, iON said that they were the cow in Walter Bishop’s laboratory in Fringe.

If you would like your own beefy Non-Physical beast, the modern farmer website has some advice:

What Kind of Cow
First off, decide if you want a dairy or beef cow. (Or neither; it’s perfectly valid to keep cows purely for ornamental reasons.) A dairy cow will require regular visits from an artificial inseminator or a local bull in order to keep her producing, as well as figuring out what to do with her calves. Raising a beef cow is simpler: Pasture or feed it and slaughter when it gets to weight.

What Does It Eat
Next up: You’ll need a good amount of pasture—anywhere from a half acre to 100 acres depending on how well grass and other forage grows in your climate. You can also supplement your cattle’s feed with hay or grain.

Do I Need A Barn
A barn is optional as cattle do fine living outdoors in all but the most extreme circumstances.

If you desire a Holstein similar to Dr Bishop’s, plan on a lot of milk—nothing beats a Holstein for dairy production—but they can be “snorty and high-strung.”

The most famous Holstein may have been Pauline Wayne, the official presidential pet of President William Howard Taft. Pauline Wayne lived and grazed on the White House lawn and provided milk for the first family. She was the last presidential pet cow.

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