Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mae Brussell | The Nazi Connection to the Assassination of John F Kennedy

General Reinhard Gehlen (center) Photo: Wide World

Mae Brussell’s article on the evidence of links between Nazis still in operation after World War II and the assassination of John F Kennedy was published in the premier issue of Larry Flint’s The Rebel, 22 November 1983.

Brussell and Flynt became associated after she explained to him who the personnel involved in the failed assassination attempt against him were that put him permanently in a wheelchair. He was impressed that she could know this when his own security team were apparently stumped. Mae began writing articles that Flynt published in Hustler.

In 1983, Flynt offered Brussell her own magazine so she could get exposure outside of Hustler.

Download The Rebel, Volume 1, No1 (PDF) which contains Mae’s Nazi connection article as well as Timothy Leary’s article “The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer,” socialite, mistress of JFK, wife of Cord Meyer the CIA official responsible for Operation Mockingbird, and sister-in-law of Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post.

Bob Dobbs: Father, do you remember the young lady I told you I met at the club the other night. Well, I saw her coming out of the embassy today. She was with some of Gehlen’s people.

Rene Dobbs: You mean that Constance girl?

Bob: Yes, but she told me she prefers to be called “Connie.” Anyway, why would she be with those thugs? It’s unfathomable. That's not the impression she gave me when I met her. Do you get my point?

Rene: Definitely. I’ll look into this tomorrow. I know who’ll know.
Bob Dobbs’ Diary, 8 September 1944, Paris

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