Saturday, September 20, 2014

From Babylon to Bobylon


  1. Most excellent presentation of information. I continue to experience my own liberation from the narrow, mis-identification with a chemical body as well as gender based identities under the tutelage of Professor Dobbs. For continued study I also would recommend reading the book The Alphabet and the Goddess. Another interesting point was that women 'losing their power' was actually a smart maneuver. Although women may have enjoyed a position of 'slack' as the men venture out to conquer visual space, in the end, both men and women have been slaves in the visual space empire dynamic. YAAAY, BOB for bringing in iON and the retrieval of true personal power.

  2. Excellent video of Bob and maybe the best quality sound of any Bob recording ever. The text is a nice touch and emphasizes the points that he is making. All hail, Roxana!

  3. I agree Bob. That interview was way too serious. You might have had a case of the “stiff upper lip” there a bit. Glad to hear you're back home. Looking forward to more laughter, cheap insults and the occasional uncontrollable outbursts of dancing. LOL, WTF, BFF, etc.