Friday, August 8, 2014

Dr Peter Beter

Bob Dobbs: It's an honour to meet you, Dr. Beter. My Japanese friends tell me that you saved their lives.

Dr Peter Beter: How are you involved with them? Not many people know my role in these areas.

Dobbs: I work in intelligence.

Beter: Aha! Then we must talk some more when we are alone.
Bob Dobbs’ Diary, 4 July 1965, Washington


In this audio from the International Connection with Adam Vaughan, Bob Marshall presents a primer on Dr Peter Beter.

Dr Beter explains the plot by the Rockefellers and the Russians to eliminate Bolshevik (Rothschild/British) influence with nuclear war, the Rockefeller double-cross and the Battle of the Harvest Moon.

Adam Vaughan and Bob Marshall play Dr Peter Beter’s Audio Letters regarding the death of Pope Paul I, the plot to turn the Vatican against Russia and the Bolshevik plan to pit the US and the West in a nuclear war against Russia.

Adam Vaughan and Bob Marshall play Dr Beter’s Audio Letter on organic robotoids.

Adam Vaughan and Bob Marshall play Dr Beter’s Audio Letters Nos.54 and 79 regarding the Bolshevik controlled Pentagon’s plot to create a nuclear first strike against Russia.

Bob Marshall reads from Dr Beter’s Audio Letter No.31 about the Battle of the Harvest Moon.

The Three Rival Factions for World Power, Peter Beter

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