Friday, August 1, 2014

Bob Dobbs’ First NYC TV Appearance, 2000

These interviews with Alan Steinfeld, 14 years before Bob’s Cold Play interview with Ginney Gunther, present many of the points that Bob discussed with Ginney regarding Cold Fusion and the Android Meme.

Download audio only:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

“I have claimed that the first interview with Alan Steinfeld, recorded on April 14, 2000, caused the “Dot com Boom” to crash.

Why? Because I had never been on TV before in Manhattan, the “center” of the Android Meme.

And once I was on NYC TV, the Android Meme started to melt, leading to Web 2.0 a few years later (say, around 2005-6).

Part Two, recorded a few weeks after the first one, just completed the hammering of nails into the coffin of the Android Meme (Parts 1&2, video above).

These 2 interviews led to my meeting Harold Channer and many interesting dialogues (10) with him on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

The third dialogue with Alan (striving for a different effect) was done about 6 months later (video below).

Many thanks, Alan, for making my stay in Manhattan (I moved to Maui in June, 2008) very productive.”
Bob Dobbs

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