Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Frank Ragano | Mob Lawyer

A recent article at The Baffler, Dallas Killers Club, How JFK got shot by Nicholson Baker, mentions the book Mob Lawyer written by Corbin’s father, Frank Ragano.

Frank Ragano, 75, Lawyer for Mob and Hoffa, The New York Times

Below, a review at Amazon by Corbin’s brother, Chris Ragano.

I was overwhelmed by the reviews, both positive and negative. The book [Mob Lawyer] only reveals some of the highlights of my father’s career. It captures the essence of what really transpired between Hoffa, Trafficante, and Marcello. He was in an unusual position to be able to represent all three of these men at once. According to my father, it was “tantamount to being counsel for General Motors.” The book explores the uneasiness of trying to represent your clients zealously, yet ethically. In the end, though, he crossed the line of objectivity: Your never socialize with your clients, he would warn. When he was fighting Bobby Kennedy (“The General”) in court, all too often he would refer to it as: “Their enemies became my enemies.” The book reveals the inter-workings of a truly brilliant criminal defense attorney. It also shows how insightful these mafia chieftains were to the american public being exposed to drugs, particularly cocaine. This is later demostrated in John Gotti’s interactions with the mob. I am very proud of him and I think he would be very proud of me, although I concentrate my practice in family law, where the clients are less difficult.

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