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Akito’s Guide to Payday | 28 June 2014


PART 1 (5pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
- goes over the hour

PART 2 (6pm)

00:00 - 38:46PART

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
(with an excerpt from Melting Titanium No.24 starting @ 32:47)


Bob starts the show! (the Second 11Hour show)
Gail joins in


(Ginney) The Bible and English Literature by Northrop Frye
Ginney: ...I thought, boy, this would be a great something for people to listen to who maybe had not done the Revelation Series yet, and just thought that the Bible is about religion. Because he does the very good academic job of breaking down the Bible just as a book, not with any kind of moral implication to it, whatsoever. And that's a good preparation I think for the Revelation Series with iON...that's the way iON treats it.


Ginney: ...what I did like about it was he also takes the littleman agenda out...the evolution of the actual Bible and why the King James Version is preferable...
Bob: ...have you ever heard anybody approach it like this?
Ginney: ...six weeks that I went to the University of Nevada...I took a class called The Bible as Folklore by the late Dr. David Hettich who was a Jew...the idea that the Jews regard the Bible as folklore in their culture...
Bob: ...he (Frye) mentions The Book of Enoch. Nobody talks too much about The Book of Enoch and he brings that in there…


Ginney: The word Bible...actually a pluralization of the word 'tablet,' that it was understood by the people who assembled the Bible that they were actually organizing books, B-O-O-K-S. Which describes why there is no real linear format to the Bible. But the thing that I thought was most outstanding that I learned from it was the King James Version is the version that most adequately reflects the oral tradition of speaking. And the language of the King James Version is very important in that regard...This is why I wonder if why iON prefers it. Because it is about the actual speaking of the word...that was so important to the King James' translators. The actually translated it that way.
Bob: Yeah. He also mentions the Kabbalah, Gurdjieff, he has good awareness of the esoteric occult world for a Baptist Minister...Lecture2 goes into the basic shape of the Bible, the 'U'...


Ginney: In the second one...he doe go on and talk about, as you said Bob, the whole thing about the 'U'...pattern of lost, return and deliverance that's in the Bible and also how that's a 'comedic' pattern, which I did not know and I thought that was fantastic too! How he lays all that out!
Bob: ...I'm up to 15 or 16 and he just explain why the Greeks were unique in having full blown tragedy and no exit. The Christian Bible does not end in tragedy...the Christian stories end in comedy (inaudible) at best they're ironic. If it looks like it's tragedy, he calls it irony, but it's not full out Pagan disaster, that's what the Greeks specialized in. And then he said that Shakespeare was interesting, 'cos he being in the Christian era took tragedy, or what iON calls 'fatalism' and puts a Christian comedic (inaudible) to it...this Northrop Frye, he is as famous as McLuhan...(explains their background)...two professors of the University of Toronto, who live there and teach there for the same period, yet are totally polar opposites...he (Frye) made a book out of this called the The Great Code and his thesis...if you understand the imagery...patterns like the 'U' pattern in every part of the Bible...all that is the Great Code to all of western's very useful of take what he says and then overlay what iON says...And Ginney may continue, well eh, Ginney could replace Katie Thomas if she keeps coming up with stuff to say about Northrop Frye lectures! (cracks up)
Ginney: (giggling) That's my goal! (cracks up)


Bob: Is there anything in the third item, another point you wanna make?
Ginney: ...he says that his interest in studying the Bible fell into exploring the imagery, which was consistent and therefore made it important...he gets into the Garden and the Tree. which were perfect!
Bob: He does mention the White Stone number three or number two?
Ginney: I haven't (inaudible) number three yet.
Bob: Yeah, he picks the key points, like the White Stone. Talks about it.
Ginney: Yap. Brings it out right away and starts to talk about the importance of the Living Water (inaudible)...
Bob: he's lecturing in 1980...he doesn't know that the person whose going the name the White Stone is just a few miles from him!


Ginney: The other thing...he talks about how each culture has to update the Bible and make it relevant for them according to what is happening in the present day of the central themes is the Utopia, the Utopic expression that man can achieve. So I thought it was cool that iON in a certain way kind of fulfills what this guy is claiming, which is that every time there is a significant new level Utopian vision for man, that the Bible has to correspond with it. So, here comes iON with the ultimate Utopian vision...The Tree of Life and the Living Water which is what he is talking about in the beginning is what the restoration of man is about.
Bob: Yeah, he does talk about the imagery (inaudible) very important here, he does begin his talk with that.


Bob: ...the John Lennon song, 'Imagine,' it's about dreamers...well, iON is the ultimate dreamer! projects the ultimate dream, right? You're Eternal, you don't have to nothing! You don't even have to show up! You're gonna be eternal, regardless!
Ginney: Right! That's part of the recovery. That was even the vision of the Gospel, which is fully articulated in the Book of's fall from grace put him in a cursed position where he had to work in labor, but the Gospel resurrects believer into a day of rest...the Kingdoms of Heaven, everything is added onto you. So there's absolutely no effort (inaudible)
(in response to Ginney, Bob reads aloud a passage from Frye's Lecture 2 transcript)
- goes over the hour

PART 3 (7pm)


continues on Frye's Lecture 2 transcript
Ginney: ...I like what he says...if you look at the comedy, you find the situation becomes ominous and threatening, because really, that's when iON showed up! It made me think of what Ed Long posted...'Eternity's No.1 Divine Comedy Duo' or we are in the situation where the economy is collapsed and all the crappy stuff...just getting more threatening...and then here's the gimmick, the sudden shift in the plot and here comes's the happy ending...and it really cracks me up...this is the ultimate comedy, iON in that classical sense of what the literally person would regard as comedy in the 'U' shaped pattern that he is speaking of. It does make iON the ultimate comedy.
Bob: Right and iON shows up six, seven months after the horrible month of September 2008 where everybody gave up the ghost and there was no more economy. (talks about JW)


Go Get the Butter
Gregg: iON has said numerous ridiculous things, of course, and what's his favorite additive for any soup or food you're eating? 'Throw in a couple sticks of butter!' Well, a cover of Times magazine says in June 23rd of this year, 'Eat Butter.' Scientists label fat the enemy. Why, they were wrong!


Bob: ...20 years later you are, what's the word? 'Vindicated,' 'cos Carolyn lost her license 'cos she talked about sugar! (laughs) So 20 years later they are all lining with iON and Carolyn.


(Bob reads a passage from Frye's Lecture 2 transcript)
Bob: That curb, the 'U' curb is also the containing narrative shape of the Bible...
Ginney: ...this thing about the comedy starting with Genesis and so on and so forth and going to Revelations, 'cos iON starts with the Revelations when you're actually in your power. So, the difference being that the in the traditional view of the Bible, God, as Northrop Frye says, God places man in The Garden. And in the iON view, God places himself in a fallen state. God does it to God. Not God does it to man. That's a big difference.
Bob: Right. And it would be interesting...Northrop Frye though, what would he make of this final step...he's talking to himself? (laughs) All this talk about God, Garden of Eden...he's talking about himself. Not God, external...who can make that leap? And not be guilty for being a Gnostic or whatever Pagan ideology thinks that's not wise to be that narcissistic or selfish, you know. That's the Final Worthiness Battle. 'You dare say you're that Super Creator?'
Ginney: ...and think he could go a little bit of the distance with iON' content, because of the compelling nature or the compelling way in which iON presents the human Genomes as the path to Enlightenment...Jesus pointed out many times by saying that he wasn't coming to do anything political. With Israel, he was coming to make it a cultural reality so to speak. So, iON's input, technologies are definitely impactful on culture.


Christian Law vs Pagan Law (Lecture 16)
Bob: He talks about how Law came...first there was Creation, and that lead to the Fall...Phase 2 was Revolution, that's Moses taking the Jews out of Egypt. And Phase 3 was a creation of the Law. And he goes into the Jewish version of the Law, the Christian version and the Pagan. The Pagan Law is aligned with science and natural order, which the Christian Law doesn't agree with...basically they are saying that in Christianity, you internalize the that you don't need institutions of Law. You can fulfill the Law, which is an interesting point, eh?
Ginney: Well that is the actual true fulfillment of the Bible, the New Testament, it is absolutely correct! You internalize the Law, which then becomes what iON says, all Power and with that Power becomes accompanying authority. But you don't use it as a sword. You don't use authority as a sword...


Bob: This internalizing the Law would be bringing it into your Middle Kingdom. Where as Pagan Law, the Greek Law and science Law is using and studying the Outer Kingdom and relating it to your Inner Kingdom or some kind of moral order.


Frye on Comus (John Milton's poem honoring chastity)
Bob: (Frye) 'What is natural to man is natural on the level of human nature, and the level of human nature is what custom and authority have decided to be the level of human nature. Homosexuality, for example, was often said to be condemned because it is unnatural: the animals don't do it.' Then Frye says 'that is, it was asserted that the animals didn't do it, and they didn't examine animals very closely to see whether it was true or not!' (laughs)...'There is nothing that you can define as inherently unnatural. In the reformation, many Protestants took the position that nothing was wrong unless the Bible forbade it. And the Bible obligingly comes through with condemnations of most vices, but it forgets polygamy! It never once condemns polygamy, Ginney! Isn't that neat!
Ginney: Yes, well, it's absolutely true, because it couldn't! Because all of the Patriarchs were Polygamists. Abraham...
Bob: Frye says 'it never once condemns polygamy or suggests that there's anything wrong with that state of social organization. As the voice of custom and authority was determined to have a monogamous society to keep the sexual instinct properly regulated, it had to fall back on a conception of natural law for that one thing'...he's gonna lead to a point where the Christian Law is different than the Pagan and Greek. So it had fall back on a conception of Natural Law for that ONE THING! I guess the sexual instinct...


Bob: (Frye) 'Another inference from the biblical story that western culture has adopted is the conception of what is called 'original sin'. Original sin arises from the fact that man is born into a world which is alien to him: it really arises out of the fact that man is going to die. His consciousness is, before it is anything else, a consciousness of death. and so, in man, as he is born in this alien world, there is a force of inertia pulling him down. It was out of that general view, not out of the specific doctrine, which came much later, that Jeremiah said that the heart is desperately wicked'...That's the kind of thinking, very intelligent way of looking at the Bible.
Ginney: Nice, because it's not's probably very Canadian as well...Americans I think are just so puritanical and their approach to of the Bible that would be difficult for them to take it on that way.
Bob: Right. The Canadian is passive and contemplative, philosophical, especially up against the huge Juggernaut of the American media. That's what McLuhan used to say...Canadians have no strong national identity, they live with multiple border lines...used to take in what I call quadrophenic views. So that's a good point...could be a Canadian style to Northrop Frye. He's rather relaxed about it all.
Ginney: Yeah!...other thing I like about my experience with iON is that, because of the way that iON lays out the Bible...the different things that you can consider and embrace about the technologies that emerge from the Bible and all the rest...put me in a very neutral state so I could listen to this guy go on and talk about it in his's just fascinating to listen to it as literature and again as a book and to realize that people actually live with it that way...where as a lot of Evangelicals and Fundamental people would say, if you even tamper with the Bible or try to reinterpret it or even add or subtract one word from the Book of the Revelations, 'You've cursed yourself!''s just retarded the way they carry on!


Bob: Yeah. But it is the identity crisis of the Americans with its addiction to visual and kinetic space and the new tactile squared space...just as every otter culture, the French don't like Disney...the Fundamentalists with their cultural bias, the Americans retrieve the Bible and visual space. Being the only culture built on the printed word as their main identity. It's been an important stopgap for last 30 years, but probably doesn't last.
Ginney: It's good that iON was able to actually come in and say...that makes the Bible somewhat relevant, because it's so irrelevant in relationship to technology (inaudible)...
Bob: The old traditional Bible. That's right! LaRouche is the only one who says that Jesus was pro-technology. McLuhan used to say the Old Testament was anti-technology, the New Testament was a little more accepting of it, but it had to imbed itself in the phonetic alphabet, so it had to accept that technology. But what we learn from iON, we have to reiterate this. This Bible, as iON presented, is nothing you ever heard of! You think Gnosticism is interesting or the Kabbalah...UFO involvement in the Bible? Nothing compared to the uniqueness of iON! So you really get out the Christian local bias of the Bible and of course, iON will be condemned for this by the Fundamentalist or whoever, maybe even the academics. We have to stress that you are missing REALLY NEW KNOWLEDGE, when you do not listen the 68 hours of Carolyn me...talking to iON. Forget it's even's literature!


Gregg: The Fundamentals in the Christian have always used the Bible as a set of rules and how to run your life; take all decision, take all choice away. Where as iON has almost the exact opposite point of view. Everything in the Bible is there for you to be able to be and have anything you want!
Bob: That's a good point, Gregg! The 'U' pattern, that's a visual diagram, the literate, visually biased Frye projects visually through every story and incident in the Bible is a 'U' shape. Well iON takes that 'U' and puts an 'Y' in front of it, and an 'O' in front of it, 'YO, U! It's YOU!' (giggling) All about 'YOU!'
Bob: Katie (Thomas) is here. Do you have anything to add...?


Katie: ...I've been writing a screen play...thinking a lot about structuring…
Bob: (inaudible) I guess the Greek tragedy does not make it back up on the other side of the 'U.' (laughs) Gets stuck down at the bottom, it doesn't rise!
Katie: Except what I've noticed is that, especially with using television, the story is a lot more circular. It makes circles within circles within circles and going back and forth.
Bob: Okay! That's what Northrop Frye says, is that Pagan culture, non-Christian culture is circular. And he gets into the moral order related to natural order. Christians, and it's very interesting...he is showing that there is a service to visual space. Visual space creates time, direction and history and goal and purpose. No other culture has that. Every other culture is imitating nature, which is cyclical. There is something about the way Christianity took itself out of the cyclical common sense, and made an abstract pattern, which actually, it has meaning once you get through all the cultural biases of your eye ball and all (inaudible) iON does. In the end, iON is saying there is a purpose to direction and blah, blah, blah and there is a purpose to visual space which might've been a big part of John's vision in the Book of Revelation. How do you like that, Ginney? We retrieved visual space with a comprehensive being!
Ginney: Very good! (inaudible) because you kinda wash the book right out of your hair, you know that old tv commercial. You wash the (inaudible) book out, and you can retrieve visual space. And it's more dynamic way...iON always talk about your peripheral vision being so radically improved as you take the drops, as you continue to Ascend, so I believe that 100%!
Bob: ...just as iON says the Ascended person can play with the false premise of time, you can play with the false premise of books and ideas, which is what I do on the show here. We are playing with 'talking'...and it can be a game up to a certain point, but in the end, it's just a game. Ah, because...we like use the radio! (cracks up)
Ginney: (cracks up) sounded like you said 'We like to loose the radio!'


Katie: ...I listened to the talk you did with LoveJob on (Aleister) Crowley.
Bob: If John of the the Vatican predicted iON, then Crowley and...Kenneth Grant, the successor to Crowley put iON into his book! Which is what amazed LoveJob and Corbin, right?
Katie: But it didn't seem like (inaudible) he just used the word, correct? There wasn't anything else?
Bob: No, but then it describes the period of Maation, M-A-A-T, as the daughter, the Isis factor comes in with new chemistry...that's what Carolyn is. That's what I thought was interesting...emphasized the daughter aspect of this period of the iONic phase before it goes totally MAAT! M-A-A-T...
(Katie asks more about Crowley)
Bob: ...the Baby Boomers who came out of too much positive imagery and then decided to go for the dark side, what they thought was 'negative,' they embraced Crowley...Led Zeppelin, all kinds of people made Crowley a big deal...lead into Charles Manson and all kind of things...the 'negativity'...apparently, the young kids today, they got too many bodies to figure out value judgement, so they don't care what they're doing...Panic Tactility is what the Indigo Generation is doing!

29:19 - 60:00 (((( - iON - ))))

iON: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn!
Bob: Well, that's what he had left...he tried to take it over, 1898, 1899 and then he was on his own by 1904. He formed the new thing. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, that's Yates and the people he left. When we did the Cosmic Awareness Development Classes in '69, we told that we were undoing the after image of the hierarchy that the Order of the Golden Dawn was setting up. So, even Cosmic Awareness wanted to undo the priesthood that they were trying to create under the guise of the New Age or the Aquarian Age.
iON: Yeah, but, because it was a pansexual, they could never work it out!
Bob: Right. It was a, he was ambitious, he's like Kigye! Kigye is really possessed by Crowley in a lotta ways...don't know if Kigye has read Crowley, but Kigye tries to takeover whatever organization he enters. Well, that's what Crowley did...what was the name of his group?
iON: Sergent Pepper''s Lonely Hearts Club Band!


Deborah West joins in
iON: Are we here?
Deborah: Hey iON! How's your mom'n'em?


(Deborah) Speechless Manifestation
Deborah: Is Speechless Manifestation, does that have to do with thought?
iON: No. The only reason thought would come into that conversation at all is if you're wondering if it's a good choice or not. Speechless Manifestation would be breathing, almost autonomic...


Deborah: Ascension a constant state of descend like the contrast, we descend to our less than place of being. Then we line up, we realign, we reset and we Ascend once more, but only this time it's more prolific, it's richer, the distance between me and me is smaller and smaller...
iON: Those are nice words and right on, couldn't appreciate 'cool' until you got 'hot''s the bias. It's the bias that you use to choose. And that's all...


iON: Everybody's been trying to achieve the Ressurection (inaudible) indeed what you're trying to achieve is the Re-Ascension.
Deborah: Yes. So it will be a continuous process of that unless we wanted or chose the Guf, continual bliss, but every time we do this and we realign (inaudible) richer, more fertile place that we're in.
iON: Well, potentially we would say, yes...But it doesn't have to be that way. You get that? Goood! What did you (inaudible) when you grow up?
Deborah: Who? Meeeee?...a lot of things...Buy cars, sell cars, have fun, travel, live, love, be in joy, build my Kingdom!
iON: Yaaaay! That's fun!
Bob: That sounds very Republican, Debb...
iON: (cracks up) What Bob is busting about here is that it seems to be a glib experience of how you can't get there...but, always becoming is, always a Bridesmaid but never a Bride is what he is trying to convey...they want to get you there, but where?


Deborah: ...there and then what?
iON: Exactly! So if its our constant place of becoming, then..very difficult to get there if you are alway coming!
Deborah: So what is one doing then in Ascension? They're not going and coming. What are they doing?
iON: They're being.
Deborah: Being is just necessary to handle the White Knuckle part of that experience.
iON: And you choose that White Knuckle-dom, okay? So now we're having a very different conversation! Now we're taking about how you apply this new magic that you've engaged. That's why (Katy Perry's) 'Dark Horse' becomes very key, honey!


(Gregg) Sodium Sulfite and 3OH302


(Rev Eagle) Not to drink water going through a pipe
Rev Eagle: …. they talked about water through pipes and being torture by to drink water that's going through pipes...
iON: Okay, and that's good, but that's not the reason why...the same way with water that's going through a pipe. It changes its...we call it 'viscosity.' But that has nothing to do with this 3OH302 business.


(iON) How the Cloud works
iON: moves you all into 'focus,' where you can say 'Oh! This isn't it is this?' start deciding...
- goes over the hour

PART 4 (8pm)

00:00 - 46:02 (((( - iON - ))))


continues on Sodium Sulfite and 3OH302


(Rev Eagle) Healing, H302 and ReNew
iON: Thank you Reverend Eagle! We love you more than you know!


(Augie's Mother) About her transitioned friend Jim


(Augie's Mother) Attracting people to her 60 acre land


(Leslie) Asking questions to Frank Zappa

46:02 (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))


(Male1) The 'water' advise for Rev Eagle


(Susana) Her insight about the 'pollen'


Califia is back!


Califia: You know what" I thought iON was still in jail! (everyone cracking up)
- goes over the hour

PART 5 (9pm)


continues - Califia chats with Bob and the iONettes


(Naim) on Steve Cokely, an African-American political researcher and lecturer


(Califia) on Diedichi (unclear)


Bob: What's funny is that if you go back to Tailgate four years ago, there's nothing different here. This is the same Califia saying the same stuff she said back then!
Califia: You were in my reading...iON says 'Califia gets it!' I GET IT.
Bob: You actually did! You actually got some money out of it...learn about the Wall Street, iON would make messages to Califia even if Califia wasn't listening to Cash Flow...


Bob: (to Califia ) could you possibly know about iON, 2010, 2011 and find out he is here now and not comeback? You gotta be a seriously stupid person! Because even the Ascended people, the 418 Group, they are all part of this...the Queen, everybody is engaging with iON. 'cos they know they have to. It's the latest new technology.


(Bob) iON added Two Bodies to Five Bodies
1. Foreign-UFO Body - the physical body from other solar systems or worlds
2. Mystery Landscape Body - the world of anomalies


Lynn joins in and chats with Califia

31:26 - goes over the hour (((( - iON RETURN - ))))

iON reciting Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' from 2009


Califia engages iON


(Lynn) Her BBC story
Bob: No black people have those big dicks. White guys have way bigger dicks than black guys, and that's a fuck'n fact. I'm a black person, I work with white people, I've seen it!
Califia: And Bob, what about you?
Bob: Oh, I'm one of a few black people with a big dick! I'm an odd ball. I have not likened by my brothers. They don't like me. (everyone cracking up)


iON request Bob play Yo Gotti


Bob: You're right, iON. That's an excellent music!


(Califia) Will we be able to meet our 'doubles'?
- goes over the hour

PART 6 (10pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - Califia and the iONettes on Kygye


(iON) Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' lyrics


(Martha) An earth quake in Arizona

Female1: ...these earth quakes have something to do with this change of Oxygen?
iON: No.
Bob: They have to do with other parts of iONdom.


(Roseanne) The Leftovers (tv show)
Roseanne: that how..Ascension part is going to be, where there's going to (inaudible)...
iON: No. I will be for some, but no, it won't be the same. That's the representation that we've put out there once again. It's put out there so people can embrace it.


(iON) The Moabites, the Ancient Samaritan Hebrewloids
Bob: (inaudible) Samaritan was (inaudible) the first place. That was the first descended place.
iON: Samaria! Samaria! Bob: That was the beginning. The Jews go back to there, They were before Hebrews. They were Hebrewloids and mixed with the Samarians or Samaritans, I don't know which. But that was the first area, once you (inaudible) fallen out of the Ascended Continent.


(Roseanne) Spraying ReNew with ReMag


The Fireside Chat with Dr. Carolyn Dean
iON: This is the Fireside Chat, here we go. You never wanna put it in a position where you're blending it with Oxygen, that you're forcing it into an atomized position. You NEVER want to add oxidation process to the application of your ReNew. Now Magnesium, we say 'NO,' not either. We say apply the Magnesium just in your hand, which we like anyway, on the area. And then the ReNew on top of that.
Carolyn: You're saying that by, bubbling it up like that throughout the spray, adding too much Oxygen to it, or you're creating the spin (inaudible) going through a tube?
iON: Yap! You're making a barrier, you're making a barrier...


iON: 'Cos see, the Oxygen is what's wrong with your body NOW...
Carolyn: Just to clarify that it's okay to put ReMag and ReLyte in a spray bottle and spray that anywhere they want?
iON: If you want to, but we wouldn't, because the issue still is Oxygen...the chemical equation for Magnesium is?
Carolyn: MgCl2. Well, the type we use special Magnesium (inaudible)
iON: That's correct and it's special, is it not?
Carolyn: It's pico meter sized and I can't see where it's gonna react with Oxygen to create a problem in a spray...
(Carolyn and iON continue)


(Roseanne) Chocolate
Carolyn: ...the things people create..ohhhh, man. I don't know!
Roseanne: I am scared!
Carolyn: Chocolate is great. I agree with iON, have as much as you like and watch the anomalies, but don't pay any mind to them...chocolate is very high in Magnesium, but it's not like it bumps out Calcium. It helps out Calcium go properly to the bones and teeth and all the rest of it, so it's not going to be a problem.
iON: When they get those Kidney Stones, boy they don't want no damn Calcium then!


(Roseanne) Turmeric
iON: We love turmeric!
(more health question and answers to Carolyn and iON)
- goes over the hour

PART 7 (11pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - The Fireside Chat with Dr. Carolyn Dean


(Beverly) Ringing in her ears


(Sara) The connection of Taurine and seizures…?


Bob: Okay, can we go onto other topics? Legend is probably here to stir up some shit...anybody else got questions? (yet Bob ignores John)


(Andrew) Joe Cell


(Andrew) Djed
Andrew: iON, explain the uses of the Djed...
iON:'s a Pillar...we have to take this back to Bob. Bob, on the Sphinx, under your left paw...there is this thing. It's a little tower, it's like a cell amplifier, cell signal.
Bob: That's right. That's what it is. That's what Andrew is talking about.
Andrew: A cell amplifier? What kind of cell are we talking about?
iON: Just regular cells.
Bob: Do you mean (inaudible) or electrical battery stuff?
iON: No Baghdad Battery, no.
Bob: Biological cells?
iON: No, we're talking about telephones.
Bob: There you have it, Andrew.


(Bert) Controlling the candle flame
iON: ...we missed you so. Talk to us. Bring us into the realms of sanity...Tell us about balancing your world, your power, your energy, as you become more and more and more in the Ascended state of knowing...control every aspect of your genre, would you not?
Bert: Yes. That's amazing you're bringing that up, iON. I didn't want to talk about that, but yes, but you're right!...the candles are working very well now. I haven't been able to re-light, but to extinguish them, I'm able to do that whenever I feel it.
iON: have to be able to lower your Chi. If you lower your Chi, you can whisk your hand across and their candles will extinguish...Can you do it behind a window of a glass?
Bert: No.
(Bert and iON continue)


Bert: No, no, no! Last week, in Melting Titanium No.30, you gave a different description than what you just described to me.
iON: We know!
Bert: You gave a description about having the hands in a Prayer position and lowering into the Hara, which is a different direction than what you just described.
iON: That's correct.
Bert: ...when I inhale, should I use the Prayer position coming up?
iON: You don't inhale. You don't inhale. That's the point.
Bert: Oh. OKay.
iON: You can't inhale. Inhale is what happens when you exhale. You can exhale, but you can't inhale. Try it! (inaudible)...
Bert: ...should I exhale in the Prayer position going up over my head and then continue to exhale as I bring the arms down as you just described?
iON: The answer is no.


(Bert) The Five Element Theory
Bert: ...does the Five Element Theory change with the presence of the iCell?
iON: Yes.
Bert: So, the interaction, for example, of metal controlling wood, has that changed?
iON: Metal no longer controls wood.
Bert: Here's a big question! Will water continue to control fire?
iON: Never!


(iON) Oxygen
iON: Actually, Oxygen and water will make fire worse. It'll be easier to put fire out with Kerosine. Really virulent fire, thats what they do now is they blow it out. Like an oil well fire, they use explosives to blow it out, literally. And the only way you can blow it out is to extinguish all the Oxygen! Well, you're adding water…
- goes over the hour

PART 8 (12am)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues on Oxygen
iON: gonna find Oxygen as a very nasty thing.


(Bob) Nothing applies
Bob: You evoked a good point, Bert. You know why one has to listen to the show? Because there's not one system of knowledge, Esoteric...or whatever, that applies anymore! Nothing applies! You're in the Kindergarten again! We're learning the, yeah, important point, Califia!
iON: Including us!
Bob: Yeah! Even iON change! They put iON in jail...and iON comeback totally enslaved of Bob or something...he doesn't depend on anything anymore, he runs the Cloud...(ranting)
iON: ...we didn't drive it! We invented it!
Bob: (cracks up) He even says he invented it! (cracks up)


(Bert) The freezing point of water
iON: (inaudible) that's not consistent now. Waters are different, waters don't have any exact freezing point now. So that will become more obscure.
Bob: Water's not even water! (giggling)
iON: Not yet. It'll become waters, but soon. But it's not right now.
Bob: What is it now? Half dead?
Eliza: Rephrase the question, Bob!
Bob: (laughs) You don't tell me, a professional how to ask fuck'n question! (everyone cracking up)


(Eliza) The bones in your fingers and the 'nail bed'
iON:'s just the same way the Ottoman Empire has the finger of John the Baptist...they have it now in the Topkapi Palace.


Califia comes back and rants with iON and Bob


Bob: Okay, I've muted Califia.
iONettes: Noooo! (everyone cracking up) Noooo! (giggling) Noooo!
Bob: People have to understand, Bert is the only guy studying Bob and iON and reading things. He's not into this emotional value judgements. So we need Bert to be complex!
iON: You better unplug, you better plug Califia back on. It's gonna get ugly, Bob!
Bob: (cracks up) Lets get ugly! (inaudible) and create an incredible frustration!
iON: (crack up)


Bob: Bert! Please respond to what Califia said. Point out how she's missing the point.
Bert: Well, I understand her point, but I also understand (inaudible) everything started to settle for me last week...a lot of things have changed in my environment with me last week...'cos iON mentioned last week about Speechless Manifestation...and a lot of things just fit into place, little small a Magic Carpet ride last week.
Bob: Did meeting SkyGoddess Sue help influence this?
Bert: I would say yes...


iON:'s time to have the 'Jake' Hour!


(Bert) His work and the injury


(Bert) Computer programming in the New Environment
Bert: ...the computer environment is responding to us now?
iON: Your welcome. Yo all fucked around and 'Tunka low paison!' We're running it now!


iON: ...he (Bert) is very precise and careful how he engages, 'cos he know it is a quiz. And we don't ever give him a hard time if he doesn't get it. But you got us (inaudible) keep moving. It's one thing to stand in the queue, but if you're standing in the queue and you ain't never moving, you gotta get out of the line. Or it gets out of the line! Ha ha ha ha ha...he's doing great, because he's always tenaciously going at it...and he speaks well, or Bob would say, he sort of talks right…


Bert: Is Bruce Lee in the Guf?
iON: No.
Bert: But he was assassinated with the Poison Hands? (unclear)
iON: No. He's not dead.
Bert: Is he in another world?
iON: 3900.
Eliza: He knew how to go into another world?
iON: He was running away from debt.
(Ted Wong, Lee's last private student not in the Guf, faked his death)


Bert: Could I consider the Revelation Revealed the New Manuscript?
iON: From your past. In the land that your grandchildren knew.


Jean: Bert, iON gave you a free pass!
Bert: When are my money check coming? (everyone cracking up)
iON: Would like to know or would you like the money?
Bert: I want the money.
iON: Then don't ask when will it get here, okay?
(Bert and iON continue)


(Bob) Going to the Macy's in Maui


iON 101
Suzana: Can you help me with deciding what kind of things to do?
iON: No. We cant' help you with that. If you don't know what to do, you probably won't like what we tell you to do! So...we'll say create a 'bias.' And what we mean by that is, set a parameter, engage that little part of it, and if you like it, then do a little bit more. If you don't like it, then do a little less of do something else.


Legend joins in (bad connection)
Legend: Did (inaudible) stop his heart and restart it for him?
iON: No comment.
Bob: Who's?
Legend: Andrew Kramer...My my old bedroom at my dad's place and she's seeing this wavy-wavy/purplish...portal...
iON: It's a portal.
Legend: she using it now?
iON: They are all open. She does use it now...You're one of the old school!
Legend: ...something she could do to remember what she's doing?
iON: Err, more protein in her diet.


(Legend) The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
- goes over the hour

PART 9 (1am)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


(Legend) Malaysian Airline Flight 370
Legend: Was the plane manipulated through a portal by another alien race that...
iON: No. Now you're getting clear, no. Not another alien race.
Matt Rose: Would the plane taken off and landed somewhere and they just made up a story that it's missing?
iON: No. It actually went to another world and they can't find it.
Madeleine: Is anyone still looking?
iON: No!


(Matt) June 2014 kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers
iON: They were kidnapped. They just weren't killed.
Matt: Were they kidnapped by Israelis?
iON: No, by Palestinians.


(Legend) His daughter portalling


Kurt joins in
Kurt: Are there questions I should ask regarding my mother?
iON: That's good question and it's not required, but when you're ready, we can talk, but it's okay. More importantly, we would like to answer your question. So please proceed.


(Kurt) Speechless Manifestation
iON: Okay. It's the kind of manifesting that you would do like an Autonomic response. You don't have to speak to breathe (inaudible) is that true?
Kurt: True.
iON: If you speak, do you breathe or not breathe more or less? Not necessarily, but can cause a hyperventilation if you're too resourceful (inaudible) can you not?
Kurt: True.
iON: 'Kay. Does your blood pump without direction?
Kurt: Yes!
iON: Can you stop your blood from pumping?
Kurt: I suppose you could.
iON: That's right. Apply a tourniquet around the neck and you can stop the heart from beating, yes...the Autonomic responses that the body gives and does, that's one aspect and that's the easiest way to explain a Speechless Manifestation...for example...Lets say you'r prone to Migraine headaches...and you have triggers that cause a Migraine...can be an allergy based...Okay. You don't have to say those things, it just occurs. Just happens.


iON: If you can shift those type of aspect...'Every time I get on the roller coaster...I throw up!' That's speaking out the words that cause the manifestation, right? But if you know that happens, you don't have to say a word and it'll still happen, won't it? So, the shift between that is to gauge 'if you can't talk right, don't say nothing at all.' 'If you can't speak well, leave the speaking to another.' Then non-verbal manifestation can be your drive.


(Kurt) Due Comer
Kurt: ...will you please expand on the significance of that?
iON: Well, just that.
Kurt: Is it have something to do with the sense of worthiness?
iON: It would have to apply to worthiness or Mountain Dew! (laugh)
Kurt: Do I have a 144,000 activated Double Helix?
iON: You have three.
Kurt: Three and counting?
iON: Yes!
Legend: iON, how many do I have?
Bob: NONE!


Kurt: Has the Guf closed yet?
iON: No, has not yet. But boy, its getting (inaudible) it has slowed down (inaudible)...
Kurt: Please describe any unique physical characteristics...of an Ascended human being...the uniqueness of the forehead, can you describe that please.
iON: It's the Third Eye Chakra, it's locked open.


Matt Rose visiting Israel talks about the place


Katie Thomas joins in and chats


Kyle joins in and chats
Kyle: ...I want to dig into this topic and see what iON can give me on this subject. (Oh Lord)
Bob: don't state that you're digging it. You ask iON questions, you engage iON...
iON: No! No! Bob! He's doing it! He's digging, we're digging this interaction! Let him dig a bit!
Kyle: ...last week...long time relationship with the black woman...right up there at the top of Totem Pole, physically...from the orgasmic level she took me the places that I had never now, she's dead...
iON: No she's not!
(Kyle continues to talk about his transitioned girlfriend)


Kyle: she (Kimberly) waiting for me? We also talked about suiciding out together…
Bob: She sounds like a cult. A one woman cult.


(Kyle) The Eight Levels of Orgasm


Kyle: Did Jesus get to the Eighth Level?
iON: ...the last two did.
Bob: What happened to the first one?
iON: He didn't get to Eighth Level.
Bob: Oh.
Kyle: So...part of it have to do with the woman? Or the beauty of the woman?
iON: No, has nothing to do with the beauty of the woman.
Kyle: Oh, so, I'm barking up the wrong tree, huh?
iON: Yeah, you are not fucking beauty, baby!
Kyle: Why did it have such an effect on me?
iON: Because you're..we don't want us to answer that question really, do you?
Kyle: ...what, I'm shallow and that what you gonna say?
Bob: Yeah!
iON: We could go with that! We could go with that...your bias is limited to only that what you think you see!
Kyle: Oh, man….


Bob: Looks like Kyle is at the low point here…
Kyle: I thought I was at the top! I thought I was at the top!
Bob: You learn a lot here...
Kyle: Yeah! Yeah!
(returning to the Eight Levels of Orgasm)


Bert: Are levels connected to the senses?
Kyle: Bob...what level have you been to?
Bob: I told you...I had a half a cum once, but I'm saving it build it up and have it all at one time like a Big Now.
Kyle: ...he's (iON) telling us that the Guf is bliss...Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven, so we're going back to bliss here...first thing that popped in my head, bliss-ecstasy would be orgasm.
Bob: And Bert says 'Are the orgasm involved with the senses?' That's a natural question, 'cos it may not be what you think an orgasm is.
Kyle: So, orgasm is not the foundation of bliss?
iON: No, it is not.
Matt: Orgasm is a little death.
Madeleine: The little Guf.


Kyle explains the Fourth Level of Orgasm
Kyle: ...for example, did JFK achieve reach the level with Marilyn Monroe that he couldn't reach with Jackie?
iON: Yes.
Kyle: There you go! That's my point.
iON: Norma Jean was an allure that he could not achieve. And when he achieved it, he said sustain it.


Kyle: to try to get to the top of the orgasmic peak is a wasted effort?
iON: It's just a release of (inaudible) of tension, You're saying it's an effort. We say it's tension.
Bob: So why did he get more from Marilyn than Jackie Kennedy?
iON: We said because she was 'taboo.' You couldn't have her.
Bob: Ah, right.
Eliza: Did it have anything to do with physical attraction?
iON: Everything has to do with physical attraction.
Kyle: Seems like you're siding with me, iON.


Matt: I have like five orgasms a day. (everyone cracking up)
iON: Are you bragging or complaining?
Matt: Both.
iON: Can you direct these orgasms to do you some good? Or are you having the orgasms for yourself?
Matt: I'm releasing tension.
iON: Autonomic Nervous Systems Involuntary Response to..what?
Matt: have to engage...if you masturbate, you'll have an orgasm.
iON: Bob does it!
Matt: ...well..
Bob: Bob does what?
iON: Have an orgasm.
Bob: That's right!
iON: Do you touch your penis, Bob?
Bob: NOOOO! I would never do that! (everyone cracking up)
iON: Oh, well then your point may hold. We thought Bob would touch his penis. He has to wash his hand and he has to wash his penis...he has to wash the hand that touched his penis...yeah, you're probably right.
Bob: Better not touch it! I would not touch it!


Matt Rose describes five orgasms


Kyle reads the text explaining the Six Levels of Orgasm
Bob suggests Kyle to speak with Wilhelm Reich through iON
- goes over the hour

PART 10 (2am)

00:00 - 16:22 (((( - THE END OF iON's APPEARANCE TONIGHT - ))))


continues - the Six Levels of Orgasm
Bob: ...I don't know how you get iON to continue...did his level, six level match your first six levels, iON?
iON: No.
Matt: Is there a difference between two people having an orgasm together and one person having an orgasm?
Bob: iON said there is a difference. Better to have a co-relation.
iON: Yes.
Bob: He agreed.
Madeleine: When I asked him that, they said that there wasn't.
iON: (inaudible) has to do with the answer.
Bob: Yeah, it (inaudible) whose asking.
iON: Or her orgasms are less impeded by someone else involved. Some people can get-off better by themselves than someone else in the way. Some say that they're not better lovers. because they weren't taught to love. Conception begins at arousal.


Kyle: ...can you create a cosmic orgasm that is nuclear like and creates a shock wave that resonates frequency throughout the universe, so that...
iON: No. (inaudible) does not affect the universe itself, because now you have to prove String Theory that one orgasm around the world affect all the world.


(Susana) The difference between coitus and orgasm
iON: ...You can have coitus without orgasm, but you can't have orgasm without coitus.
Susana: It is coitus more of a foundation (inaudible) orgasm?
iON: But we would say yes. It's the driver.
Madeleine: Oh, right, right, right!
Susana: So, then what Kyle is describing more coitus than orgasm?
iON: He doesn't have a clue. Neither do we.
Kyle: seems like that's what we found out tonight. Nobody really knows.
iON: Right. There you go! We support that.


iON knew that Matt was masturbating during Tailgate (Cash Flow, 2010)


iON: We cause the arousal.
Susana: It is necessary to achieve the higher levels of orgasm?
iON: Some agree. We are complete. (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))


Bob: There it is Kyle. You're thinking...Think! But don't come to a conclusion!


Matt: I'm volunteering in Israel and there's like another girl here, who was listening to my whole conversation about my ejaculate...I didn't know she was here...


(Bob) Questioning iON
Bob: I still think we are not using iON properly...


Bob: ...our issue to keep him (iON) have to seduce iON...we know you can't come in knowing something.
Kyle: I thought I was coming in with the unique perspective.
Bob: (giggling) Well, everybody does. Everybody has their own GODhood reality, uniqueness! So that's a given. So you don't emphasize it. That's why anybody should be able to speak! 'Cos they're unique!


Bob: ...he (iON) said about six weeks ago that we don't use the term littleman anymore. He's dropping everything he said before, he still has to use it, 'cos we bring it up. But he's saying 'I do not want to use the term littleman. There aren't any littleman anymore.' Which is an interesting statement, where we are today.


Bob: ...he's (iON) not interested in what I think (laughs) about something. He's not impressed with any thought about what we think about.
Kyle: What is he impressed with?
Bob: The Autonomics, Speechless Manifestation. We have a meaning for that. The Autonomic system, which is what the 'mind' iON said is for. It is just to watch the Autonomic parts of the body. And I used to say a couple of years ago that iON is the Autonomic reality of our being, you know the movement of the blood and all that, speaking. iON is the voice of the Autonomic, and we've come to that! So I've had validation of what I thought iON was in my definition three years ago, when he defined tonight, Speechless Manifestation is the Autonomic system, WOOOO!...iON is getting you more aware of what it the Nutrino world, which goes faster than the speed of light and it's already happened. The Autonomic is the closest that we have...So you have this system that operates without you thinking or breathing...goes on by itself, that is what iON used to call Source Energy. You have no say in it.
Kyle: That's probably pure Non-Physical, right?
Bob: No, it's physical. But Non-Physical is very close to the way the Autonomic system is. And maybe the Non-Physical, when it's merged with the physical is pretty Autonomic...'I want bliss'...'I want everything to flow easily,' they're talking the values of the Autonomic system!
Kyle: When you hear performers and athletes, when they get in the zone, that's when they quit thinking and they just react.
Bob: Yeah. The system is doing the running for them.


Bob: No sentence has any meaning as a thought. But, when you speak, iON says that is manifesting.
- goes over the hour

PART 11 (3am)


continues with Sara, Katie, Kyle and Bob


Bob: of the ultimate challenges iON says is, okay, you're pretty Ascended Kyle, how many people have you raised from the dead today? That's the most extreme challenge I've ever heard. No one ever thinks of working towards that ability.
Kyle: ...I was a real Jesus freak for a long time. I wanted all his power...
Bob: I tell you the interesting thing about stupid...Keith (Kigye)...Keith told me that point, fall of 2009, 'I wanna get to the point where I can raise the dead, Bob!' This is the young stupid psychotic kid, He had come up with that crazy idea. And a little while later, I found that's what iON was advocating.
(more about Keith)

19:37 - 57:10

Melting Titanium No.21, September 1st, 2009
The first time iON allowed Bob to discuss the McLuhan aspect of phonetic alphabet and the Five Bodies. Plus iON added two new bodies; Mystery Landscape Body and the Foreign-UFO Body.

(((( - The End of tonight's Show - ))))

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