Thursday, July 31, 2014

Akito’s Guide to Payday | 19 July 2014


PART 1 (5pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
- goes over the hour

PART 2 (6pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
- goes over the hour

PART 3 (7pm)

00:00 - 15:44

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik (excerpt of iON starting @ 07:02)


Bob starts the show by reading the chatline messages (the Fifth 11Hour show)
Bob: ...Yaaay, Josip!...Okay, now we're in class…
Deborah: Am I muted?
Bob: Everybody's open! It's all open!
Deborah: I'm not muted?
Bob: Yes, you are muted, Deb! (cracks up)
Ginney: That's right, (laughs) remember when (laughs)...we were on the ReWrite and Deborah would be asking the questions for hours, then she realized she was on mute! (cracks up)
Deborah: Because I had that new stupid iPhone...and I was thinking nobody wanted to hear what I had to say. I had issues for months over this!
Bob: Okay, so we got Ginney...Rochelle...Katie...
Female1: Talk to the birthday boy!
Carolyn: Gregg's birthday too!
Bob: ...I posted Gregg celebrating, it was the best birthday greeting he ever got. JW called him last night.
Sara: Did you play banjo for him, Gregg?
Gregg: Yeah, he had the whole prison choir singing behind him and I think it was the, eh, Sing Sing Quartet, you could hear all these deep voices and rattling on the bars...very distinctive sound, of course (inaudible)...


Bob: Oh, did you guys all hear? Flight seven, Mathew Hurtado 17!..The plane that got shot! It's titled 'MH17'..It ain't what they saying it is, it's a mystery. A lot of questions coming up gonna start not making sense, and of course iON explained to us all last night, but it's too hot to publicize...Rest assure, WE KNOW what's going on! ...Another big shocker thanks to a Malaysian Airlines.
Gregg: I was gonna say, Malaysia is really racking up their air miles these days! (cracks up)
Bob: (cracking up) Look at this! GQ says, oh that's you, Gregg? Are you GQ? 'It's my birthday, I'm so happy I could suck a dick!' (everyone cracking up)


Bob: Okay, Katie. What's the topic today?
Katie: ...I found a really cool article that was written by a woman named Adrienne professor at University Of Dallas...(interruption)...the article is called 'Media Effects | Marshall McLuhan, Television Culture and "The X-Files"'...
Bob: Okay, sounds good...perfect!
Katie: learning how to screenwrite, there's a technique that you use where you're not allowed to give any emotion or any back story in the narrative...only allowed to describe what the camera can's very intentional, it's supposed to create a space between the viewer and the show, so that all the emotion and the back story is implied, but you never say what it creative writing, it's called 'Show, don't tell,' it's a basic literally technique, but they take it even further in television...


Katie: ...I realize that not only is television cool...the programming is also intentionally cool, so I've been learning how to write cooly...wanted to find an article that explored that, and lo and behold...Adrienne McQueen explores exactly that and uses some of Marshall's probes to make a point...related to tv and bring in McLuhan in it, not from a screenwriting teaching point of view, but from a film analysis point of view…
Bob: Yes, sounds good! Remember, "The X-Files" was about me and Carolyn...was the first Xenochrony in the '90s...this was beginning of the replay before the internet in '95, this is '93...she connects The "The X-Files" to McLuhan?


Katie: the beginning of the article she talks about "The X-Philes"...ones who love "The X-Files"..."The X-Files"...the first to use cyberspace to create their own virtual fan culture and specialized interest groups. At the time of writing of this article there were nearly 500 websites devoted to "The X-Files"...resulted in...considerable journalistic and scholarly's so cool that people are even interacting with the show on the internet, outside of the show. This was very cool.
Bob: That's a general prediction McLuhan said the electronic media, digital media include more...and more audience participation...Back in 1980, McLuhan predicted...saying that the sport, the audience in sport would takeover more and more...lead to the wave and all that Jumbotron stuff and Pamela Anderson was discovered...they showed the crowd...over the last 20 years the audience has taken over and that's probably why you got George Bush II as the President...was a perfect...a beer drinking sports watcher you would see in a beer commercial, right? So reflected the audience becoming in the act...


Katie: She also talks about just the show itself and how it lends itself to 'part of a continuing cultural dialogue about law and order, freedom and safety, right and wrong, truth and falsity' during a period of PMT, or premillennial tension'...I thought that was kinda cool too, because she's kinda setting the stage for iON...this 'premillennial tension,' everybody wants to get happy or get the fuck out, they wan to Ascend or have the planet blow up.
Bob: They want a conclusion for last thousand years...Y2K...
Katie: It says that she's thinking about "The X-Files" while teaching the course on visual culture and she's of Marshall McLuhan.


Katie: I'll read the sentence. (from p3) 'The current resurgence of interest in McLuhan does seem to be driven less by an interest in his theorizing than by his apparent ability to predict the electronic future'...he was never a theorist.
Bob: ...McLuhan's writing was a pattern recognition. It's not so important that he predicted the internet, it's how he sees the pattern anticipated by the radical modernists Lewis and Joyce...they anticipated this, the Third Copernican Revolution and Don Theall's books go into that, so the quote 'theory' is the more important part of Marshall, is that you could read the culture across the all range of activities and show the common denominators of what was's the effects he predicted, not the particular technology, though that was included, but that's minor...we as a citizen should be more interested in the sociological effects and the cross-cultural effects...


Katie: (reading from p3) '...describe as postmodernism or postmodernity. What was once dismissed as typical McLuhan jeremiad is now accepted as the common denominator of our collective lives.'
Bob: You said 'jeremiad.' That means...a Luddite, anti-technology...McLuhan was not limited to that, so he was not a jeremiad, he actually left that out...would try to say 'Don't discuss value judgements, just talk technically'...That's strange that some people would think that McLuhan did a jeremiad, but that image started disservice in the early '90s, which was not the image of McLuhan in the '60s. And remember, McLuhan being a quadrophenic everybody is projecting anything on him...he's a Rorschach imply (unclear)...
Katie: Correct.


Bob: ...McLuhan used to write in the '50s...asked 'what's the role of books?' and he decided the Finnegans Wake was the only book worth noticing and then he tried to just translate and, there was the book...useful...he wasn't against books, he jus said most books were useless, but Finnegans Wake was the best if you required a book experience.


Katie: (reading from p4) 'The connection that I make between McLuhan and "The X-Files" understand the effects of a media form like television on the culture which had called it into being' and I thought that was really neat too...'the culture which had called it into being,' the culture called television into being. You called iON into being…
Bob: You know what iON says about that? iON says people craned to see something when they watched the radio...and iON says that popped in sight. Something electronic that they could see as well as hear, the yearning, the yearning.


Katie: (reading from p4) 'The aphorism which have come down to us as McLuhan's theories...The point of the probes and their humor, jest, paradox, and irony is not, as Gordon points out, to 'finish' the hole that the drill makes. Rather, it is what the drill "churns up" that matters.'
Bob: Yeah, they're questions...not necessarily answers. And he used to go around and saying, 'Hmm, everybody seems to be not disagreeing when I point out the medium is the message. Why is that? Why are people thinking that medium is the message?' That's what he wrote once...see he wasn't making a statement that everybody had to match, a 'platitude' as iON would say, he was interested in the vicissitudes.
Katie: Which is what I meant by him not being a theorist, like he didn't draw conclusions and it wasn't because he kept evolving necessarily, it's because it was never his goal to draw conclusions.
Bob: pager that was on top of the original Understanding Media Archetype...he said I am presenting speeches and archetype.' He was not only retrieving the value of the book, he's retrieving the value of speaking and having something to the all other humans were speechless before the Global Theater of the '60s…


Katie: Understanding Media, television is called 'the Timid Giant'...why did he call it 'the Timid Giant?'
Bob: It's a cool medium...take radio, the tribal drum, everybody starts getting revved up and start attacking each other's nations, where as tv changing everything but very wasn't making it obvious what it was doing to people, it was cool (iON talk over)


iON: Synesthesia! (((( - iON - ))))
Bob: ...synesthesia, yes, it was a television was presenting synesthesia that's 'cool.' If you start having synesthesia, you gonna stand back and be cool a bit...'Where's this leading?'...television was creating this cooling effect, multiple levels. Okay! Quick before iON starts, you know...
iON: It's on now!
Bob: …. (laughing) finish your paper, I think you find this paper enjoyable, iON, so...
iON: We know. We gonna make a night you won't remember! (everyone cracking up)


Katie: The she talks about Marshall's view on tv. (reading from p4) 'its literalization of some of his most famous speculations...a free-floating terror in which everybody is so profoundly involved with everybody else that nobody can really imagine what private guilt can be anymore'
Bob: sounds like a lot of tv shows today, but she's saying "The X-Files" was the radical change...
Bob: ...this is kind of a figure-ground piece...(reading from p4) 'John Taylor Caldwell has identified a trend, a counterstrategy in American broadcast programming since the 1980s which he calls "Televisuality" that not only foregrounds a "visually based mythology, framework, and aesthetic based on an extreme self consciousness of style" but often utilizes "self-contained and volatile narrative and fantasy worlds." Televisuality is "both a pretext for economic intervention and a programming tool used to flaunt and throw around ontological distinctions: history/text, news/film, reality/fiction." Televisuality employs style to attract to faltering networks the discriminating viewers who belong to the 18-to-49 demographic that is so important to advertisers. in other words, relations of subordination or op- position might easily be structured into the plot of "The X-Files" both as authorial expression and as a marketing strategy. and this would not be remarkable.' She's saying that 'Televisuality' bears a startling resemblance to McLuhan's claims about the hyper nature of television and its effects on our minds and bodies.


Katie: (reading from p5) 'To McLuhan, television was obviously an "integral medium, forcing an interaction among components of experience which have long been separate and scattered." through its ability to link, instantaneously, simultaneously, and nonlinearly, "anything with anything else," television restructures us into beings whose sense of the world is based on a discarnate involvement with process'...isn't that theTV Body?
Bob: ...what the pattern comes to me is, the internet is sneaking up on people...starting to be in the BBSs and this is '93...that means the old environment, when it was invisible, not knowable, that was the '50s and '60s and '70s, tv was not understood. Now that it is obsolete, ground characteristics, the not-noticed characteristics of television show up as a figure and she's wisely pointing out that "The X-Files" is showing what the hidden ground of tv was all along, but nobody noticed that, because it was all hot programming on tv, the boring program...Now the cool factors of television are becoming figure...that means...she doesn't understand that to predict that there's a new medium afoot, because the characteristics of tv now become figure in "The X-Files." That's what the pattern I was talking last week...on Ginney's show…


Katie: Sure you don't want to stop and talk to iON for awhile and comeback (inaudible)…
Bob: No, no! iON is okay...lots of time to talk about...
Katie: ...will everybody else gonna be okay (Bob talks over)
Bob: Well I unmuted a couple of they're are welcome to speak if they have to contribute at this point. If they don't, that's alright and carry on.
Katie: Anyone (inaudible) to speak?
Gregg: Hey iON!
iON: Heey!
Bob: No, no, no, no! Don't address iON! I'll mute you Gregg! Come on! Address..what's her name, eh, Katie.
iON: (cracking up) What is her name?
Katie: ...we can comeback and...
Bob: Shut up, Katie! Maintain your look (unclear)...where's Gregg…
Katie: (inaudible)
Bob: Shut up! Don't be so self conscious! do you, Gregg or Ginney have anything to say about what she's talking about?
Gregg: No, I do not have anything to add to what Katie is saying.
Bob: What about Ginney?
Gregg: Eh, she does not either.
Bob: Okay, I'll mute you guys. Back to, eh, Rochelle or Roxxy...maybe if you don't have anything to say, it's okay, then Katie can go forward. Just don't accuse us of Katie dominating...
iON: (cracking up)


Back to 'Media Effects | Marshall McLuhan, Television Culture and "The X-Files"'
Katie: (reading from p5) 'Television now "knows" just what we know, so that it often serves as a substitute for lived experience, or translates reality for us. Television's own hidden ground has become the content of the medium itself.'
Bob: Yeah, that's what I was just saying!
Katie: Yeah!...
Bob: So she gets that.


Katie: really do have to count on that the viewer's gonna fill it in. If you don't let them fill it in, then they'll change the channel because it's that cool.
Bob: Yes. That's the participation mystique.


Katie: (reading from p6) 'What matters here is McLuhan's insistence on the meaning of television's ubiquity, its usurpation of our psychic processes, and its potential to leave us in an "exhausted slump" of sensory overload. television is at once a medium that requires audience participation and one which creates numbness and dulls our perceptions as well. this is what McLuhan describes as the "paradoxical feature of the 'cool' tv medium. It involves us in moving depth, but it does not excite, agitate or arouse.'
Bob: Well, shed's reading McLuhan in the McLuhan revival caused by the Wired magazine...but she's not noticing...that all this has become figure because there's a new medium, the 'internet,' which is sneaking up on everybody, and the period she's writing, '95, '96...Today, these are characteristics of iON. iON is the Guf as art form come forth to allow people to engage consciously with the Guf! Or what it was before, iON isn't acting out this pattern later and iON's a very involving medium...allows you to engage...interrupts...stops...doesn't answer questions, he's a master of a cool effect on people.


Bob: (to Susana) No, internet has made fantasy acceptable and people don't care whether something is true or not. They just want to connect, now that's why everybody stares at their iPhone, because internet fragments everybody into their matrix tube, there's no chemical human body species community...the younger kids came on and fanatically texting the hope that there's still community. So it's a whole different situation with the internet.


Rochelle: Hey, there was a web was like moms and kids...the web developer is connected very strongly with their community and people would write in things that have happened and the writers would take that material and turn it into episodes...there was really, really community that was built around the whole show...the big guys get interested and they auction the show and hire of recognizable actors instead of the women that were starring in the web series...and the show (inaudible) because it no longer connected to the audience or the community
Bob: Yeah, that's part of the decentralizing of the Chip Body...people just want to connect, they're not interested in...the iconography a centralized star system of the tv world, which is even a weaker star system than the old movie world...they are not interested in being translated into some central zone of mainstream's hyper participational, very extremely low definition. They're not even participating in any material levels, they're just engaged (inaudible) digital dangling ganglia...they're not a Chemical Body community, they are something that insures (unclear) connecting, like...the iONettes, they chat away...on the chatline...deeply involved with each other's instant statements. They don't even have time to think about what they did say typed 10 minutes's a Non compos mentis participation. And then the Madison Avenue guys come in and try to make it knowable, try to make it like it arrived at somewheres. 'Oh, okay, this is good enough to be marketed on the big level, but the bigger level was no longer there!


Bob: (to Susana) McLuhan said that was an extension of the unconscious so that advertising and the corporations uses the unconscious to market the content, so there was a great movement towards the collective consciousness. Then when the internet came in, which has a slight visual bias, 'cos you're looking at data...looking for that top data that was suppressed and that brings in that the internet nothing but conspiracy theories. The suppression of information was the appeal of the internet. Not the retrieval of the tribal and pre-tribal unconscious that happened in the '50s and '60s...the internet means a collective consciousness, probably the Reagan era is the beginning...and then now, we don't need to listen to Wolf Blitzer…


Bob: ...that's the big UFO Disclosure...all these disclosures was what people thought they'll get on the internet...they actually retrieved literally information types of answers, but that was really not the dynamism, it flipped into something else. Everybody just started editing their own space...they start to broadcast 'their archive'...Alex Jones is still trying to establish his standard disclosed and standard archive that's hidden somewheres...but now people aren't doing that, they're just declaring 'their own archive!' (cracks up) And my chart predicted that...a collection probers around, but also was my personal archive is the content of the Tiny Note Chart...
Susana: So the internet dismantled the collective?
Bob: canceled the collective, and that's Web 1.0, Web 2.0 was more extreme...and everybody start saying 'Oh my god! I better keep my iPhone on and keep texting to anybody so that we can stay alive!' It's like the drowning scene in The Lost...It's actually Post-Chip Body, but everybody's trying to hookup the Chip Body, keep it afloat during Web 2.0. That all collapsed a few years ago and iON came in and there's the new glue!
Susana: (laughs)
Bob: Ho, ho, ho! Everybody likes the way Susana talks, they like the way she laughs! Ho, ho, ho!


Back to 'Media Effects | Marshall McLuhan, Television Culture and "The X-Files"'
Bob: ...interesting for the time, we get a figure-ground insight form the tries to figure our the figure-ground of "The X-Files."
Katie: (reading from p6) 'At present, with television the acknowledged subliminal ground of middle-class life, the computer and the internet are becoming the new cool media, provoking in us that psychic and social disturbance that was once created by the tv image.' She does bring it up.
Bob: ...she's forgetting that the internet Web 1.0 is also hot media, 'cos people are looking for particular literate categories of answer. They want the suppressed files...documents...Web 1.0 was you get on and find literate information, there was a couple of McLuhanites like Robert Logan says 'Oh boy! The internet is getting people back to reading again!'...they are trying to retrieve humanist values and they were panicked in the 70, 80 and 90, but then they celebrate the literally aspect, the apparent hot part of the internet, which is really not what is about, but appears to be. So she's missing the interplay of hot and cool in the internet, which means it's tactility squared, 'cos the interplay of hot, cool and kinetic and smell is tactility...


(Bob) Roxxy (Roxanna)
Katie: Yeah, plus she's hot. she's got beautiful lips and...
Bob: Well that's straight up parts and you being an American. Remember McLuhan criticized the American in The Mechanical Bride. The American looks at parts of the body...great legs, great ass...Mexicans don't look at the body that way. As a matter of facts, Roxxy was telling me she's into great costuming tradition in her culture and that's why she photographs herself that way…


Katie: ...what's the one little (inaudible) where every culture has a way that they say something that's idiomatic and (inaudible)...
- goes over the hour

PART 4 (8pm)


continues - 'Media Effects | Marshall McLuhan, Television Culture and "The X-Files"'


Bob: Now, here's interesting about the title, "The X-Files," if there's nothing more literal or bureaucrat that the word 'files,' F-I-L-E-S, that's what people are used to in the '60s, '70s, they had jobs in the white collar world dealing with 'files' and 'filing cabinets,' so "The X-Files" means unknown files, the mystery which is what Web 1.0 was gonna bring out on the mass level in '95. This show actually predicts the internet mania of Web 1.0, right in there, "The X-Files," thats what's coming...a conspiracy meme that will be a cliche idea that's going on in the Web 1.0, and that's what I was doing in the '90s, not just conspiracy...I mean in the '80s at CKLN...that's why people thought "The X-Files" was about my was releasing hidden information...Now there was a slight bit of internet in '93, so it's interesting that directors, how much would they admit that...they were anticipating what was coming with the title?


Susana: (inaudible) plan the mathematical equation solving for 'X'?
Bob: ...the number is's the big integral number, right? The interval number, so let 'X'...Dobbstown part of my Tiny Note Chart, I use the 'X'...'total participation in X,' see that's where you can participate into the mystery of what 'X' is, that's involving.


Katie: (reading from p6) 'It is therefore hardly surprising to find "The X-Files" like many other televisually oriented programs, often described as movie-like, or to realize that many movies scarcely signify as theatrical releases but as the television shows which, through video, they eventually become. what I am claiming, then, is also paradoxical: that even though "the x-files" is movie-like formally and stylistically, it has chosen to remain cool in the McLuhanesque sense. "The X-Files" literalizes coolness, making what Arthur Kroker calls the "inner, structural code of the technological experience" an element of its content as well as its electronic form.'
Katie: ...That's where Kroker could be more specific using McLuhan's point. It's the tv landscape that is the content and the code, but it's not the code that's the hidden environment thats causing the old tv code to be seen as figure. And also the fact she even says it has movie and tv, she's picking up on the tactile interplay of all the previous analogue's a radio paranoia that the thing is about...the internet has all previous analogue media in it, she's just noticing a little bit of movie, a little bit of cool tv.


Bob: (referring to McQueen) It's also a post-McLuhan era...academia now can say 'yes, I better reassess McLuhan,' but McLuhan is obsolete in the mid-'90s when she's doing this...A matter of fact, Kroker himself was better on Web 1.0 than anything McLuhan wrote.
Katie: Okay, so let's get into how the show is cool…


Katie: (reading from p6) 'One of the best-known features of "The X-Files" is the degree of audience involvement and participation that the show's elliptical yet serial narrative structure fosters. The first McLuhan probe I employed, therefore, is that the "cool tv medium promotes depth structures in art and entertainment alike, and creates audience involvement in depth as well." By withholding plot and character information from audiences for weeks or even months at a time, slowly doling out pieces to a puzzle that grows larger with each episode, "The X-Files" forces depth participation to the surface. the murky visual design of the show, its strange colors and expressionist lighting, also force us to participate in creating sense from what we often cannot actually see.'
Bob: Okay...Edgar Allan Poe was doing all this when he invented detective fiction almost 200 years before, and now I realize what's going on here...Adrienne (McQueen) is a voice of the Android Meme celebrating McLuhan like the Wired was. This is the Android Meme pretending to be a media analyst, to look human and they know the humans haven't figured out McLuhan, so they could look enticing by doing McLuhan. This totally the Android Meme faking interest in agent of the Android Meme...huge subliminal way...she's projecting what was going on in the radio and the newspapers...the involvement of the detective mode which McLuhan talks a bit about in MB...she thinks it's just arriving now with "The X-Files." No! "The X-Files" is the Android Meme replay, it's actually the after image of the Android Meme, 'cos (inaudible)...


Bob: have to understand the Android Meme as hidden ground has stopped in '90s...the popularization of the Android Meme in the Chip Body level in the '90s is the after image of the Android Meme. This is a retro-grade after image article! And that shows you how academia is something to be seriously avoided...when Ed Long excerpts her, let's see if she has a guts to come on encounter the REAL X-Files!


Bob: don't wanna go back to writing a novel? Did I hear you say that a half an hour ago?
Katie: Yap! I'm done! I'm done!
Bob: No! No! No! No! No! That's where you get fooled! You're being specialized! Don't get specialized! You wanna write a novel later.
Katie: You think!?
Bob: Yeah! You're trying to, you're being a literal person looking for a niche to realize yourself in. That's a big mistake under the Android Meme condition and iON (unclear).
Katie: I just want to be done eventually...
Bob: Never gonna be done…


ChipBody: (All participants are now unmuted)
Kate: (screaming) HOLY SHIT! (inaudible) fuck'n for-EVER! Fuck'n too LONG…Okay! Where's iON? Bring him on! Xxx (inaudible)…
iON: (inaudible)...
Bob: (inaudible)...Who is she? Who was that screaming in?


Kate joins in for the first time
Bob: What's your name? You gotta a name?
Kate: Oh, Kate. Kate the Great. (unclear)
Bob: Oh! Are you Kate that I corresponded with last week or two?
Kate: Yeah! We did!


Kate asks questions to iON
Bob: long do you wanna stay at the house you're babysitting, ask iON that.
Kate: Oh, yeah! How long should I be there? (inaudible)…
iON: Is the maintenance comfortable for you?
Kate: (laughs) Oh my god! Comfortable? Are you kidding? That's an understatement! Very (cracking up) Yes!
iON: Then, an attribute of bliss shouldn't be too far to..bunk in and enjoy it till you know, ey?
Kate: Um, okay, so (laughing) But is it okay, because it's so perfect that its..So perfect, too perfect because I get to listen to you all day long...
iON:'re arguing for your limitations now. Don't do that. It is what it is. Now you're wondering if you're worthy to have a life of slack, and the second you do that, you put slack in check...then the best thing you can do is you have to sit around and listen to Reverend Stang. No good thing can come of this.
Kate: Ahh…
Bob: You better go quit, Katie. You're worse than Sara! You need to calm down and figure out how to speak, that's right, very good, but your screaming and yelling (iON talk over)…
(Kate and iON continue)


Sara: (inaudible) start asking my question?
Kate: Yeah, go ahead.
Bob: Hey, hey! Sara! Just a minute, Sara. You know, this is a new person, this is a new version of YOU, Sara! This is what you were when you first came in. She's a little louder than you, but she's asking her first...
iON: (crack up)
(Kate and iON continue)


iON: ...OMG, what's the BFD, it's not grammatically correct, but everybody in our listening audience knows what exactly what we mean! So that's the essence of communication by definition, you filthy grammarians, you!
Kate: Okay, then when Bob actually comes back on the show...then I should be right (unclear) to ask a right question?
Bob: No, there are no right questions, that's why (inaudible)...
iON: There's only left questions, the only answers the ones that are left.
Bob: Yeah, left questions, left questions.
Kate: Okay! (laughs)
Bob: I mean, you're providing great entertainment, you are a 'question' yourself right now, you come in with this intensity…
iON: An 'enigma' as it were.


(Sara) Tolerance
iON: ...Hold on! Let's start with tolerance, may we start with tolerance? There's the problem with tolerance. If the answer is 'Yes' then we're being too tolerant, if the answer is 'No' why you ask the question.
Sara: Okay, I (inaudible)...
iON: ...Hold on! No, you may not (inaudible) Hold on...The tolerance effect is what are able to abide. So to query of that which you are able to abide seems a bit nonsensical to us. 'Cos everything is until it is not...until as long as it is, then you can tolerate then you do. For the second you don't then you can't so you shouldn't. So its at that tolerance there a place that I'm not GOD enough to be? If there's that place, please show me that place...
Sara:, I got it. I appreciate your thing...
iON: We like that! That makes our little TT nice and hard! We like appreciation!


(Sara) Response


(Sara) Bullying, Coercion
iON: There is none.


(Sara) Schizophrenia


iON: Schizophrenia is that unquenchable desire-est position (a glitch anomaly!) to be controlled and the fear of not being controlled kicks in.
Sara: And the fear of not being controlled kicks in, because of?
iON: A choice of a reference point in the Labyrinth of the Mind that's the most comfortable place. The something is true with the beast, you can take the biggest beast...put it in a smallest cage possible, it adores it. It adores that tiny space, that really cramped space. Because it's safe. It's wonderful...(inaudible) nothing else can get in...'cos nothing else can fit in the damn cage! So the tighter the binds, the more secure the polyphia (unclear), prolyphia (unclear)...
Bob: So iON, animals like zoos?
iON: They do! (inaudible) They adore them, they get fed and if they don't, it's someone else's fault.


iON: Let's talk about...those that are so incarcerated, those on death row, those that get life. They love that too, 'cos they don't have to do anything. Every choice is made for them, they just's great...don't have to deal with anything. And if there is any limitation, it's someone else's imposed limitation. So that becomes just the box, the same box. It's a choice, then again iron bars do not a prison make, you see.
Sara: (inaudible)
iON: Not an illness...It's a quandary, it's a place you visit and you can't get out of.
Bob: That's your definition of schizophrenia?
iON: Working, yeah.


Sara: ...why did you bring up homosexuality as an example of something that would be lack of Magnesium?
iON: Because that's another thing that some people try to fix, that something that people see as a less than place...
Sara: Okay, do I experience a different perception of reality?
iON: Yes.
Sara: Okay.
iON: Do we like that position? Yes.
Sara: I do too.
iON: We do. It works for us. Because otherwise you're lost in space.


Sara: I want a definition for 'art.'
iON: Er, placated doldrums.
Bob: It means the person has doldrums and then placated through art?
iON: Yip, that is art. Not through art, that is art.


Vincent van Gogh
Susan: Is that why...van Gogh came up with such brilliant art because he had to placate something that was so dark…
iON: van famous because he was card carrying crazy and no one knew what to do with him, so they had to make him genius, because they didn't know what to do with him.


Sara: Is van Gogh an example of a schizophrenia?
iON: Yes. Actually he was a paranoid-schizophrenic.
Sara: And that, convincing himself of that drove him into the doldrums manic 'have to create for myself' (inaudible)
iON: You can't have to create. You must create or die.


(Kevin) Ecclesiastes Chapter 12, verse 6
Kevin: I wanted to ask, does the 'silver cord' stated in Ecclesiastes 12:6 connect human creators to the Cloud of Glory now?
iON: Well? Go the King James Version...that'll help you.
Kevin: All right..(reading 12:6) 'Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.'


Kevin: Basically the verse just says that once the 'silver cord' is loosed, basically you die, right?
Bob: There's no death, Kevin.
iON: No death.
Kevin:Does the 'silver cord' connect us with ourselves?
iON: got it wrong.
Kevin: I just think of this 'silver cord' as something that connects us with something...
iON: But it doesn't, it doesn't. What better position is the 'golden bowl.' It's very interesting that you come to this right now. Do seven.
Kevin: (reading 12:7) 'Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was' (iON interrupt)
iON: Alright! Alright! Then shall the dust return to the earth, okay?
Kevin: 'as it was.'
iON: OHHHHHH! Now then, Okay! So, now we gotta a reset going on.


iON: (reading 12:6) 'Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.' Seems to us that the revelator has laid out an ecclesiastical proclamation announcing the forthcoming iCell! So that those dry bones can indeed be back as they were. It's time! (a loud frequency in the background)
Bob: Good, Kevin! You've brought up a new point! the iCell is anticipated in that 12:6, there?
iON: Uh-huh. (inaudible)
Bob: Very good, Kevin, keep it up! Do another (iON interrupt)
iON: NO, no! We're not through...Go to five!
Bob: Go ahead. The bowl. The golden bowl! The golden bowl!


Kevin: (reading 12:5) 'Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:'
iON: ...The separation, more and more and more, how you separate yourself from that place that is your Power..Get that?
Kevin: So, as you separate yourself your silver cord gets loosed and...
iON: Hold don't even know what all those words are, so don't even be all into that (inaudible) You better leave that to the professionals. Bob? Paging Doctor Bob! Paging Doctor Bob!…


Bob: Silver Cord, I invested in that company, it's a small oil...down in Lubbock, Texas and didn't work out too good.
iON: ... Luckenbach is what you're trying to say?
Bob: Yeah, Luckenbach. Yeah, all (inaudible) were Nazis. Fourth Reich (unclear) Nazis and it didn't ...I don't see the relevance of it right today?
iON: ...that's how you need to know it's not relevant. Okay, good. Move on!
Bob: Back to you, Kevin.
iON: (laughs)
Kevin: That's all I got...
Bob: What do you mean!? Kevin! He's telling you that it was the iCell! Find out more about how the iCell fits into that section!
Jean: Can we go back to verse five?
iON: Yes.
Bob: I'm disgusted with you, Kevin! Now, how come you have fuck'n anymore to say? I mean, whatta the got somewheres and then you say 'That's it, okay!' Jesus!
Kevin: (laughs)


iON: (reading 12:5) 'Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:'
Jean: Yap.
Kevin: ...that would be the Guf, then?...
iON: No, no, it's not.
Jean: (reading 12:5) 'They shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden,' the almond tree...Is 'the grasshopper shall be a burden,' is that represents first nature in someway to (inaudible)
iON: You don't even know what first nature is now, so, we can't.
Bob: (inaudible) probably have something to do with the making of the iCell or where it shows up or what it does to something. Focus on the action of the iCell.


Kevin: Is the golden bowl, after it's broken, that represents the showing of the iCell?
iON: Go to verse 11.
Kevin: (reading 12:11) 'The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.'
iON: Alright, now that doesn't apply, everybody (inaudible) at Dobbstown, all of them perked up, 'cos this is never been broached before.
Bob: Yeah. I see the point. Sort of.
iON: ...always back to that damned 11, right? have to go to the Kroker Quadrant...verse 12.


Kevin: (reading 12:12) 'And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.'
Bob: Kevin, the Kroker Quadrant is the Cloud...the fact that pictures of the iCell are on the Cloud is tomorrow, Monday.
iON: Good.
Bob: It's predicting the momentous revealing in sighting for the 'lying eyes' people of the iCell.


Bob: So, you guys ask about the bowl! Is the bowl RnA
iON: No.
Susana: Is the almond tree blossoming has to do with Chromosome14?
iON: No.
Sara: Do the grasshoppers have anything to with the locust coming in August?
iON: Yes. Laaaaayssssiiiiiiiinnn, laaaaayssssiiiiiiiinnn...
Bob: Is he saying Lysine, Carolyn?


Bob: ...Doctor Dean, Doctor Dean, everybody shut up!
Carolyn: (laughing) Kevin, Lysine is part of the RnA Drops, 'cos Lysine is heavily involved in barley, so we make Lysine or exposed Lysine when we make the RnA Drops and then there's trimethylation that occurs with Lysine, so we get trimethylated Lysine. And methylation seems to be a less than position that a lot of people hold right now, so all of the sudden, we've got a methylated product that would help them over their methylated issues.
Bob: Ae there methylated issue in AIDS, Carolyn?
Carolyn: Oh, I don't know. Don't (inaudible)…
Bob: I think the drops help AIDS.
Carolyn: Sure they do.


Jean: iON, you mentioned Lysine right after...locust when we were talking about grasshoppers.
iON: Well, we were trying to get before that...
Carolyn: ...iON, grasshoppers eat barley, so they get Lysine, right?
iON: They do, but that's not the point.
Josip: (inaudible) right ventricle of the heart..It's (inaudible) right ventricle of the heart..and (inaudible) with veins..which convey (unclear) the blood from (inaudible) other parts..
Sara: That's why people have to get coronaries?
Josip: (inaudible) which is transmitted to the lungs and then to the left ventricle where it is better elaborated and thrusted out into the…
Sara: iON, what do you think about that?
iON: We don't think!...(inaudible) what did you eat? Remember I-Z-Z-Y?
Josip: Is the golden bowl membranes of the brain?
iON: No.
Josip: Especially in those membranes?
iON: No. Not the brain (inaudible) remember? We're anti-brain, we're of the anti-brain movement. No brains.


Susana: Are you making a connection between Lysine and the all blossoming almond tree, iON?
iON: Yes. Yes.
Susana: Can you expand on that?
Jean: ...expand on Lysine and the almond tree (inaudible) have Lysine in them?
iON: ...We tell you things...and then you argue with and on and on and on, so we say look it up! Tell us. Find out your way…


Kim: Can I ask you a question regarding this...I was studying tree (unclear) of the lamp stands again and it shows there's knobs...blossom of the almond tree and it corresponds and looks an awful lot like...the Tree of Life...I looked at the RnA bottle...when you turn the bottle upside down, it looks like the lamp is actually a faucet, where it's dripping down oil…
iON: It's a cistern
Kim: ...when I'm doing that study...and you're saying an August and the Lysine...when you talked to Bryan and everybody, the Lysine was mention as being so important as part of the oil, I'm assuming...
iON: Don't assume...but it's not so oily. Not so oily, but.
Kim: Last talked about for me to eat more Protein...why would that be important and you were talking about the platelets for the Blood of the Lamb. Well, lack of platelets is a lack of a clotting factor...
- goes over the hour

PART 5 (9pm)


continues with Kim and iON
iON: allows your blood to coagulate.
Kim: ...when you eat...enough Protein, it pulls down that factor, stops that...coagulating and that's why you were saying to eat more Protein which should bring that coagulation down, correct?
iON: Yes. How very wonderful! That's great, we're really pleased that you were able to deduced that, because many people can't.
Kim: Um, it matters to me that I do do this.


Kim: Is the Lamp Stand, the heart?
iON: No.
Kim: Oh man (laughing) I spent two hours on this last night!


(Kim) Herod's Temple
Kim: I'm looking at the diagram of the temple. I'm looking at the Outer Gentile, the Outer Porch...
iON: Okay,'re talking about the Porch. That's only on Herod's Temple...Herod was the King...that Porch was added later. Herod can't even go into the Holy of the Holies, 'cos he wasn't a Jew. What you gonna do if you're not a Jew? And you're the King of them?
Kim: ...if you're not a Jew and you're the King of them?
iON: You have to build a Porch and watch it (inaudible).


(Kim) Inside the Holy Place
Kim: The Lamp Stand is a piece of gold, it's one hammer it out...everything is made of gold...And it sits over on the righthand side of the Temple, of directly across from that is the Shewbread...twelve pieces of bread...the Holy of Holies (inaudible) the Veil, the one that no one's supposed to go trough except the Hight Priest...wearing...DNA and those stones in his the Breastplates...the 12 stones, you told us represent the 12 tribes of DNA...he's the only one whose allowed access to he Holy of Holies. So my assumption is, obviously until we are at that point, we have no access into that point also, right?
iON: That is correct.


(Kim) Inside the Holy of Holies (behind the Veil)
Kim: Okay, once we get in there, there is the Mercy Seat...two Angels are sitting there with their wings touching...I went back to October 2012 with Chad and Bob, it's on the 11th of October...the seventh hour...talking about the art work that's done on the label and how it's supposed to be done so specifically and you look at that label and Chad or Bob had said...Angel any of this right or am I just yakking away?
iON: Darling, you're hitting it right on the point! You don't even know why you looked...We sent you on a mission! This is gonna be a night you won't remember!
Kim: Oh, thank you.


iON: Bob!'s your music, come on! Let's go!
Sara: Yes!
Bob: Well where is it?
Sara: Do it! Do it! Do it, Bob! Do it!
Bob: Where is it?
Sara: Hit me with it!
Bob: Ah, I think we should just stay with Kim's questions and find out what she meant first.
Sara: Aww...
Bob: Don't distract it with another fuck'n song...What did you discover, Kim?


Kim: I discovered...the image that is on the bottle and the one that has been told to us and the one that people can't get passed when they look at it, and they think they see a demon face all the time which stopped so many people from being able to pick you this bottle and take what's in it...not ever beginning to look past that image and what's around it. And I will not say what I heard, but that was what I heard on October 2012 on those recordings that are no longer there. And that's between you and I, you know that, but that this has to do with breaking a Kingdom...and this is what this symbols was. And when you turn it over...this is us. We've comeback and that Kingdom is being turned upside down, and we are the ones that are now here and coming back into our place of Power and ascending. And that Kingdom is no longer, it's being turned upside down and it's no longer here and that's what I had to say.
Bob: Right and iON agreed with that.
iON: Perfectly...We agreed. We agreed.
Bob: Well, I could play this! This is our celebrating song.
(Bob plays 'that' tune)
Bob: Isn't that make you feel happy, Kim? Isn't that your victory...
Kim: Just a little bit, yeah, just a really little bit, so...
Bob: (laughs) So, Kim evoked some good points here, but you would correct it, iON...?
iON: (silence) No.
Eliza: Is there anything you wanna add to it, iON?
iON: (no response)


Susana: Well iON, you mentioned that there was a connection between Lysine and the all blossoming almond tree. Is that because the almonds have amino acid...activates the iCell inside you? Inside us?
iON: No.
Sara: Do we have to eat locusts like John the Baptist...?
iON: Ooo, no! They're vulgar...disgusting...If someone eats them and poops them, then you eat them...
Sara: Okay, okay, it's not that locust eat something and poop it and then we can eat the locust poop?
iON: No! (inaudible)...yeah.
Sara: I know! I'm not...Thank you. Thank you, thank you! (laughs)
iON: Of course. That's what we're here for..HONEY.


Jean: iON, when I look up 'Lysine,' it says it's a basic amino acid...constituent of most Protein, and then when I look at the origin of the word...'lysis'...a definition for lysis is 'the gradual decline of a disease symptoms,' or in biology, 'the disintegration of a cell by rupture of the cell wall or membrane.' So is Ecclesiastes, these verses we are talking about here..prophesying diseases that may come in the near future that (iON talk over)…
iON: They're already here!
Jean: They're already here and iCell is handling it?
iON: It is. It is and here're the words. 'It's going down, we're yelling timber. You better move, you better dance!'..'Let's make a night you won't remember. It'll be one you won't forget!'..'It's going down!'


Jean: So when the silver cord is loosed, when the golden bowl is broken, when the pitcher is broken at the fountain (inaudible), or the wheel broken at the cistern.'
iON: 'The bigger they are, the harder they fall. These big-iddy boys are dig-gidy dogs...'
Bob: ...big scholars, you know, big experts...that go to conferences. They're going down.
Jean: So then the 'dust' returns to the earth...Is that the iCell?
Bob: No. No...
iON: Going down and yelling timber! You better move! You better dance!


iON play 'Timber' by Pitbull feat. Ke$ha


Bob: Well, that was fun!
Jean: Nice! Did anybody move?
Bob: (laughing) Carla says 'iON, is wave hitting the wall of pericardium wall of the heart?'
iON: It can, but no.
Bob: There's many means to the 'wall'...we actually presented that many meanings a few months ago.
iON: Yeah. Here at the Wall. Get Ginneybelle.


Ginney: I'm here! Hi iON!
iON: Hey sugar luv! (inaudible) Tell these childs tellings about the timbers, the Cedars of Lebanon...We got to go old school, darling, catch us up!
Ginney: And what part of the Cedars of Lebanon you wanna go through...?
iON: ...the ReWrite version of the timbers, because that what got them into the Holy of the Holies and now they're trying to figure out the silver cord and the silver cord comes to the golden bowl and the golden bowl...They don't know how to apply the (inaudible)...The saddle that they're trying to achieve can't become before they are so naive. They must come that place of knowing, they can't get there 'cos they're not knowing (rant), 'xtend the he'pping hand, honey!
Ginney: I have to go get may notes. You wanna talk about 1 Kings 5:18…
Bob: ...what is the original or mistaken meaning of the significance of the Cedars of Lebanon?
Ginney: ...they're just for...the construction of the temple...that's not really a mistaken meaning...
Bob: (inaudible) construction of the temple in ourselves through the drops, the Living Water, this is what's going on, the new timber...
iON: Cedar. Describe cedar.
Ginney: (looking up 'cedar')...and evergreen…
Bob: Evergreens? They were cedar...?
iON: They died! (crack up)
Ginney: (cracking up) iON! Yeah, they are.


Bob: The Lamp Stands are not Lysine? Right, Ginney?
iON: No, they're not.
Ginney: No, no, they're not Lysine...
Bob: So we fooled iON. We start saying 'they're not this' or 'they're not that' and iON will CORRECT us!
iON: Yes.
Ginney: I think they call it peanut butter, though?
iON: …er, almond butter.
Ginney: Almond butter, very good!


King James Version, 1 Kings 5:18
Ginney: 'And Solomon's builders and Hiram's builders did hew them, and the stonesquarers: so they prepared timber and stones to build the house.' (reading 6:1) 'And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the Lord.'
iON: Ginney, they're talking about out former distributor here.
Ginney: The house of the Lord of the…
Bob: They started to build it..And then the timber fell...
iON: Oh, ya'll talkin' about MH17 again, are you?...It fell too!
Bob: Matthew Hurtado 17.
Ginney: Ahh...(reading 6:2) 'And the house which king Solomon built for the Lord, the length thereof was threescore cubits, and the breadth thereof twenty cubits, and the height thereof thirty cubits.' Okay, next verse...
iON: Wait a minute...Those are specific dimensions, remember?


Ginney: ...that was the Arch of the Covenant night...we realized...the Arch of the Covenant was an actual height and...depth and width like we talked about Dimension last week and is was an actual range of frequencies or triangulated positions or algorithms or any of those different kinds of things you wanna throw in that box, that all were where the Power was...pretty significant discovery to kinda measure it out and figure it out what way it would flow and how big it was...Yes I remember that.


Bob: ...he's talking about the takeoff we gonna do right now...with the iCell image, that's gonna cause a bump of interest in consumption and purchases and further build the temple. So, when we talk about building a New Civilization, it's not only an external Outer Kingdom 'housing,' it's also your Inner Kingdom, which we're doing with the 144,000 double helix strands mutations or transformation. We're talking about the iONdom Movement there, Ginney.
Sara: When did you decide to build a New Civilization, Bob?
iON: Oh, Lord suffering cat! Don't start on that (Sara talks over)…


Bob: ...we gotta a new caller...'Venia in love 22,' that's quite a nice name! Do you like to identify yourself Venia...our main guy in China?


(iON) The RnA Drops label design
iON: Dr. Dean, we like to have a little conversation. They've been very illicit speaking about labels...we like to clear up a few things first, just to be clear. The details and the parameters that were laid out on your labels were very, very specific and determined...describe the detail that went into the creation of those labels. Well first of all...are those indeed your labels, dear?
Carolyn: (giggling) Yes, yes they are!
iON: Okay. So please describe in much detail as you can...
(Carolyn describes the details)


Carolyn: So, where are you going with this labeling business, iON?
iON: No, no, we were...rejoicing in the delicious intricacies that are now obvious to everyone...we never said anything about what some people complaint about this 'devil business'...but yet, when you turn it upside down and the Angels from the Realm of Glory are surrounding it all along. Pretty intriguing, isn't it?
Carolyn: (laughing) Uh-huh.
iON: But then the devil is an Angel too, so…
Carolyn: So, we're not gonna placate to people who don't like our label and change the label just to placate their (inaudible)...
iON: Oh, no! No! No! No! Let them come and get it! Come on! (laughing) Don't worry...just step away. You'll be alright.
Carolyn: Okay, good.
iON: ...just so everybody knows, we ain't changing nothing!


Bob: What's got clarified? What did we learn, Carolyn?
(The iONettes argue amongst themselves)


Bob: ...why we talking about it? Is it got something to do with Ecclesiastes...12:6?
iON: ...the silver cord and the golden bowl, yes.
Bob: Those images on the bottle reflect...relate to the silver cord and the golden bowl?
iON: Ecclesiastes, yes.


(Susana) The silver cord
Susana: Is the silver cord part of the Corinthian column?
iON: It's the inner twining wick in the Lamp
Susana: Ohh...wick in the Lamp...not the Lamp on the label...
Bob: Yeah, the Lamp on the label, we're talking about that little smoke that comes out of the fuck'n Lamp...
iON: ...the silver cord, the silver cord, the silver cord will hold the flame, the silver cord will hold the flame…
Bob: You got that, Susana? You look at the Cosmic Awareness symbol, a symbol for self awareness expanding, it's a triangle with a little smoke coming out of it. The Aladdin's Lamp has a smoke coming out of it, Carolyn? I don't think so.
Susana: Yes it has a flame…
Bob: Okay. That's perfect! That's the silver cord.


Bob: So, what is the golden bowl? That means...
Susana: If the silver cord is the wick, is the golden bowl the Lamp?
iON: Of course!
Bob: Yaaaay! So Ecclesiastes is ruptured by this image for 3000 years and waited, couldn't wait for the fuck'n golden Lamp image to show up!
iON: (inaudible) the we hid it in the...then we hid it and the (inaudible)...
Bob: What did you just say, iON?
iON: Then we hid it in the stone, then we hid it in the Dead Sea Scrolls, then we hid it in the Scribes, then we hid it in the works of Thoth..over and over and being you back to (inaudible)
Bob: You we have to determine 'what?' You hid (inaudible)...
iON: Disinformation. Disinformation.
Bob: Disinformation. Because this arrival, this breakthrough of iCell material is so significant...
iON: 'Let's make a night you won't remember, we'll be the one you won't forget!'
Bob: Yeah, you're quoting the song.


(Susana) The Porch in the Holy Place / Herod's Temple
iON: He (King Herod) wasn't Jewish. He certainly couldn't go into the his temple, which is the Wailing the base of his observation deck, where he can see over the wall into the temple and look into the Holy of Holies, but he couldn't go. That's the Porch. That's where littleman who were King, here we go! That's where littleman who were King, and were not allowed into their Power built a porch to look into the Holy of Holies comeback into your place of Power. And once again, you've laid it out perfectly...AL2SO4...then you come along and you'll get exactly what it feels like to be the King without any Power...that sucks to be the King without any Power, isn't it? You build a temple, build it to the sky, all falls down. Oh wait! That's Yo Gotti!...Cold blood in a Nigga! (cracking up)


Brian (Venia in love 22) in Beijing joins in
Bob: Now Brian has done important stuff for us, over there in Beijing
Brian: iON, what is the market for the Chinese and the drops? Now do they proceed (perceive?) a product like this in their NP?
iON: It is their yearning for the direction. It's like changing.


Bob: ...Brian was one of the first to talk about the spiritual effects of the RnA Drops. He's a pretty good parallel worlder apparently, maybe due to excessive Ayahuasca a few years ago...would you elaborate or clarify what he thinks he is experiencing with the drops. He thinks he is going to parallel worlds. Is that the case?
Brian: Well Bob...I was in your house...walking around...and having a conversation with you in parallel world…
Bob: Right, now iON, do you agree with Brian's scenario...?
iON: ...this is a little bit weird, but it's not too far weird...weirder than other Brian...Okay, he did parallel world, but when he got to another world, he then projected to connect to you.
Bob: You're saying he slipped into Astro Projection, Astro Body level?
iON: No, no, wait...He did go to another world and he did engage you, but the way he engaged you from the other world was from a projection. Do you remember...a Face of Boe? On the big wall…


iON: He went to another world and then he projected to your house. He didn't come to your house, another world.
Bob: ...You just said he did not come to my house. He projected to my house, like the image of the Face of Boe?
iON: From another world. He did (inaudible) from another world...his words are right, but they are not precise. So it's good.
Bob: So what's it mean if he projected into my home, then that's why I won't see him?
iON: You may have...Hold on, there's a lotta places in your home you can't see, right now.
Bob: Right...why does he project into my home? Why doesn't he parallel world here?


Brian: (inaudible)
Bob: Just a minute, Sara. Let Brian speak.
Brian: ...Bob Dobbs conundrum here, he keeps showing up in my parallel world...I'm not looking for him. but there he is, so is this an error on my part...
iON: Make an appointment with...Help with Dr. Carolyn Dean, she's the only one that has the vaccination that help with 'de-Bobbing' you.
Bob: (laughs) 'de-Bobbing' you! Okay, so he's got the solution, but describe a little bit more about the symptoms or the syndromes...why would that need collecting?


Brian: ...parallel worlding, it doesn't really matter to me (inaudible) more concerned is, getting these drops to the Chinese people, 'cos…
Bob: No, no...iON will say you be more concerned about yourself than the Chinese…
iON: Do you fly inside commercial airplanes?
(Brian and iON continue)


Bob: And how are they, a little side bar, how (inaudible) fucking Chinese, Brian? Is it different?
Brian: It's different, there's different expectations...with their interaction, yeah.
Bob: You mean obligations before and after?
(Brian and Bob continue)


Sara: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey...Hey. Hey. Hey...Hey, Bob.
Bob: Yes, Sara?
Sara: Bob, iON too..Have you read, um, Song of Solomons?
Bob: I would never read that crap! That was not Zappa! I only do Zappa!
Sara: But it talks about...really hope that this is how you feel about Carolyn...


iON: (to Sara) Didn't you hear us?..1 King 4:32.
(King James Version: 'And he spake three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five.')


(Back to Brian) Parallel worlding to Bob's house
- goes over the hour

PART 6 (10pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - iON commenting on Brian's anomaly


(Brian) Ayahuasca
Bob: What happened when you were on Ayahuasca? How did that open you to parallel world? Ask iON if there is a way he could explain what happened to you that you don't know about?
(Brian tries to formulate a question)
Brian: ...the RnA Drops cured some of the weirdness...after...working with Ayahuasca for some time. My experience was that I felt like I was not really in my body much longer...having weird Astro Body type of experiences throughout the day. Very odd dreams, er, most of the time. So iON, can you comment on the negative experiences of Ayahuasca?
iON: No. There were no negative aspects, if they got you out of you? It was a bargain...the nausea and you wanna rip your stomach upside down...The what happens is as you go past that...there is no problem, if they got you out of you...So, if they got you out of you, it's worth it. But there's no other downfall, otherwise.


Bob: Just a minute, Roxxy. If there's no negative, so we wouldn't use that term, happening to the body chemistry of those who use Ayahuasca a lot? Would you say iON, 'nothing negative is happening. Do it all you want!'
iON: Oh no, it take a little bit of you. Every time you get out of you, without coming into your place of Power, it makes less of you. It's the something with alchyhol or even tobaccos...those things are outside.
Bob: ...Brian got out of himself that was useful, but if he keeps using it, um, that would not be what you're saying?
iON: Depends on the goal.
Bob: ...would you suggest a reason that he could wanna do it or what benefits...if he did it again?
iON: The same reason that he would chose to do it in the first place is something he hadn't (inaudible) engaged.
Brian: So the RnA Drops is better than Ayahuasca?
Bob: Yeah. Milder.


(Roxanna) The Dark Soul
Bob: Yeah, Roxxy, did you have something you asked?
Roxanna: Yes. If there is no good and bad, I don't see the reason why he said there's a Dark Soul? Would you tell (inaudible)…
Bob: Good question.
iON: We will. In the Dark Soul in Revelation Chapter 23, we give a representation of the Dark Soul as the balance, it's what the Angels are trying to come to quench..there. Coming to seize or to incapsulate the Dark Soul and the reason they have to is because men as God in a little form has (unclear) tricked this Dark Soul less than place. So that's why we lovingly, ha ha ha...refer to Bob as the Dark Soul, so he can be the expatriation of Ascended men.
Bob: Is Extended man moving toward Ascension?
iON: Yes, and the Mechanical Bride! Bu (inaudible) ckaversion.
Bob: Buttfucka version?
iON: No. Fucks like a virgin.


Bob: ...talking about the Dark Souls, you're not being precise on the function of if for the Angels.
iON: Yes we did! That's the thing they're trying to quench, they wanna keep you as the Dark Soul and as a littleman. 'Cos then they don't have anything to do. If you're GOD, they have to yield. They don't want the (unclear) job.
Bob: Right, we were trying to get you to say that last week, now you said it this week...So they're looking for a littleman?
iON: No, they know where the littlemen are, they are trying to keep the littlemen. They wanna make sure what they're looking for is those that found the way out of littlemen-dom. Like Bob. So, he's that Dark Soul.
Bob: Oh, so the Dark Soul is the one that's getting free of the Angels. So that's all new take on it.
iON: Those Angels are just trying desperately to get Bob on an airplane! (laughing) It's gonna be so much fun!
Roxanna: (inaudible) there is no more Guf, then we should know there is no more littlemen.
iON: It was bought by Standard Oil of Ohio!
Roxanna: Oh my god (inaudible) funny! (everyone cracking up)
Bob: You can claim that one, Roxxy! You evoked that answer. Very good!
iON: She did! It was great!


Mark from San Diego joins in for the first time


(Mark) Investing in Silver
Mark: A couple of months ago you brought up Johnson Matthey. And you said 'Johnson Matthey says sell silver.' But you didn't say 'iON says sell silver.'
iON: That's correct.


Mark: ...the prices are pretty depressed right now, so if they're saying 'sell silver' that makes sense. Because they wanna pick it up cheaply. Am I totally off on that?
iON: Not totally.
Mark: Could you please explain why you brought that up at that time?
iON: Many were making choices to hide their assets in the commodity of silver. And we say 'sell,' don't 'buy.'
(Mark and iON continue)


iON: We'll tell you a little scenario...where you queue up some folks that participated in this, but some of them did extremely, magnificently well. We do like Platinum because you can consume Platinum. Gold hasn't go up or down since Jesus, the got more or less got expensive...Alright, silver isn't even step down off of get us move more units of it and it does have the propensity (unclear) to go up or down...but it goes high fast and goes low fast, no question. Alright, we had a situation where we had Gold was going through the roof...(inaudible) darted and we said 'Buy! Buy!...Buy!'...Then one fine day...we said 'Okay, swap it for Platinum. They swapped an once of Gold for Platinum and got paid $206...There was three little windows, we moved it around twice so they have a chance to get it done. That's the day you want to remember and they still hold their Platinum and they still are happy. VERY HAPPY.


(Mark) Why the US Currency would not collapse
iON: It's fiat already anyway, you can't collapse something that's already dead...with the QE9278...literally printing money to buy the Bonds to print the money.
Mark: I understand that.
iON: have a fiat money that everybody is trading (inaudible) you don't even have fiat money anymore. Now you should buy (inaudible) transfers. That's the virtual reality!
Mark: So they're just gonna keep printing and printing and (inaudible)...
iON: No they're not! They...don't even print anymore! They don't even do Federal Reserve grey screen anymore!
Mark: Electronic digits?
iON: It's not even's a Paypal-ish world. There's no real money in Paypal, there's no real money out of Paypal...has the easiest or least amount of restriction.
Bob: Well, it you gonna talk about that there's no paper money, yeah, there's no paper money, but there's lots of exchange going on iON, you need to clarify the difference of what you're saying money's gone (inaudible)...
Mark: Well there's a lot of debt going on.
iON: That's what money is.
Mark: ...I know, but the base money (iON stop him)
iON: is not base money. That's debt too! You have to sell Bond in order to..okay, slow up.


Jean: iON...the people are buying Bonds to keep the government going?
iON: No they're not!
Jean: Well then why heck are they buying Bonds? What good are Bonds are for anymore?
iON: They're trying to convert it for their money...They're making their Bonds, money.
Jean: So...if you have so much in Bonds, that's an asset regardless of whether it has any value?
iON: No! It doesn't have any value, honey, you put Bonds because you want the Bond to be safe. You're paying by a Bond, so that your money will be held in spaces or safe. I mean it's not, but that's what you're paying for. Just like you soon will have to pay the bank to take your money, 'cos what you see as an asset? The banker man sees it as a liability.
Jean: So...the government has no money, why is the Bond a safe place to put your money if government has no money to pay you back?
iON: Well they can print more.
Bob: Well that's hardware...That's hardware money, not digital money.
iON: We find this as astounding...just beyond words that you would have this question, when you already owed 17-1/2 Trillion Dollars!
Bob: Well we know doesn't matter that we owe it. It's still gonna be printed, it's still gonna be exchanged and we're trying to define what virtual money is. And why is there a room for Bitcoins to drop in...what's going on there...


(Mark) Forex and the US Dollar
Mark: said that Forex is screwed.
iON: 'Fucked.' Yeah.


Mark: But would't that suggest that the US Dollar is going to fail or get screwed in the Forex market?
iON: No, we're saying that Forex market itself is (inaudible)...
Mark: ...people are just not gonna have confidence in the currency trading any longer...
iON: ...the only reason they're doing is for fear. And now they have to keep trading to pay what they owe.


iON: He's (Mark) a good one, Bob!
Bob: Yeah, I got someone reasonably normal saying got a good phone, Mark!
iON: Yeah, don't go into Alibabababababa, but go ahead...but tiptoe careful...Tiptoe careful!


Mark: A couple weeks ago, a Russian economic high level individual met with...Prince Saudi Arabia. Were they discussing selling oil in other currencies that the US Dollar?
Bob: I think iON said that's not the question to ask.
iON: (cracking up)


(Mark) The US Dollar
iON: Here you go. Back when they made the deal, when Tricky Dick Nixon strolled into it, says 'Boys, I (inaudible) you sell all the oil you want! You can sell every barrel of oil there long as sell the oil in US Dollars. You can have it all!'
Bob: Yeah, we know that...
iON: they're having conversation to say 'You know what? Why can't we do it in Lupi.
Mark: Yeah. Or Rubles.
Bob: Right, so you're saying...the Dollar people can't control and limits like Nixon did? I bed you not saying that because Dollar will continue to dominate despite these moves.
iON: Of course it will.
Bob: Yeah, you see? The Dollar is never going to die...because China invested in America two or three hundred years ago and they're not gonna let it fall!
Mark: But China and Russia are dumping their treasuries...
iON: They want to. (unclear)
Bob: Why do they have to, iON? What factors are we not considering in understanding their dropping that?
iON: Your New Civilization is not gonna take it.
Bob: Uh, that's right! We're pretty influential, Mark! That's the thing you gotta tell your buddies...Now, do you think I'm real do you consider what you're talking to?
Mark: Very real.
Bob: Okay, good!
Mark: But, um, so that's why I'm very concerned, because you know, I have Silver and Gold and...
Bob: Sounds like you should do what iON said.


(Mark) New currency
Mark: Now Bob had said a few times that the RnA Drops are gonna be the new currency.
iON: They are the only currency.
Mark: Okay, so that's not just a joke…
Bob: That's serious. I'm the richest person in the world!


Bob: I mean, iON's saying this for several years now that all the Golds being gathered up and being shipped to Bob! Now, personally Mark, I have not seen that Gold yet, but I can understand how and why it's gonna happen, because what we're selling is the most valuable substance in the world and we're even making more valuable substance. That's why it would be the currency!


iON: (to Mark) His problem is he's not selfish enough. He should be more selfish.
(Mark and iON continue on currency)


(Mark) The Angels
Mark: ...even though you can't speak in Angel language and summon Angels, it doesn't mean that they're not intervening in your life?
iON: Yes you can...just don't be angry when you do it.
Bob: (inaudible) can't fuck'n do it, iON! If you don't do it, do they intervene in your life anyways?
iON: No.
Bob: Only when you die, they do, when you transition is (inaudible)
iON: But that's what you asked...
Bob: Yeah, that's after death. Before death, if you don't ask, they don't involve themselves with you? Correct, iON...They do not involve themselves with you if you do not ask?
iON: They can..They can.
Bob: They can?
Mark: (inaudible) recently, they keep you in line.
Bob: Yeah, but when he says 'then can,' you gotta learn how to talk! They CAN, but generally they don't. Right, iON?
iON: That's correct. That's right, but every single time without fail or exception, that's not the case. Sometimes they get you pregnant.
Bob: Right, okay, go ahead Mark.


Mark: iON, has an Angel or Angels ever intervened in my life?
iON: Yes.
Mark: Can you tell me the last time?
iON: Errr..on Santa Monica Freeway.


Mark: Were Angels involved in an incident with me in north of Virginia in 1976?
iON: Errr..Angels and some other things, yes.
(Mark tells his story and asks questions to iON)


(Mark) Parallel world economy
Mark: ...probably a six months ago...talking to Andrew...I think he was asking if you can turn lead into gold, and you said 'Why would you wanna do that? Just go to another world and get some.'
iON: Correct.
Mark: And so that would tell me the gold is priced (inaudible)...
iON: How do you think Johnson Matthey cornered the world market in refining?
Bob: Hey Mark. LaRouche missed that part of history of the British Oligarchy. Didn't have that in Dope Inc.
Mark: that technique being used today to buy...
iON: We didn't say.
Mark: Okay.
Bob: Another words, 'it is,' Mark...


Mark: iON, have they been suppressing the Gold Market for quite...for many moons? When I say 'they,' would it be the large banks and the Federal Reserve?
iON: No...You keep giving all the money to the Oligarchs. Stop it. The Federal Reserve is nothing...if you look at the Board of Governors, they look very nervous in the service these days.
Mark: Right...
iON: They're absolutely beside themselves as it were, because they don't know what to do next. They won, but what do they win, you see?
Mark: So it would be the Chinese suppressing the price...because they're big buyer of gold?
iON: Big buyers do not suppress or make. Big holders drive a market.
Mark: So this would be the St. Martin?
iON: St. Martaaan...hold on just a moment. These players that you're referring to have no interest in your fiat money. If they are holder for gold, they buy gold because that's what (inaudible) holds no matter what...


Bob: ...carry on Mark, it's good to these potential definitions clarified. But I don't know if we have learned anything yet tonight…


(Mark) 'We got your forehead'
- goes over the hour

PART 7 (11pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues with Mark
Mark: Listening to archives, you were talking to was on his favorite subject.
iON: The Lamp Stands. Isn't it Bob...isn't it interesting how people vicariously have started living their lives through the iONettes?
Bob: (cracks up) They ponder (inaudible) I'm gonna work on the Lamp Stands probably with Brian today is what they think! Yeah.
Mark: It's amazing how you get involved in this and you tend to know the characters...


Mark: ...he (Brian) was through with his questioning and you made the statement that 'I will answer...Brian's questions for 1,260 days,'
iON: That's correct.
Mark: And that is 42 months and that has significance in the Bible in Chapter 11, the two witnesses were alive for 42 months witnessing...the two witnesses refer to duality...
iON: And hendiadys.
Bob: 'Hendiadys' is one by means of two...are you adding also hendiadys to duality?
iON: We're adding...we're adding.
Mark: When you say you will answer his questions or speak to him for 1,260 days, does that mean that you will not speak to him after that?
iON: 2 Chronicles 7, verse 3...'And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of the Lord upon the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshipped, and praised the Lord, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.' Then the reference goes into (verse) 4, which would then we cross-reference in 1 King 8: 62 to 64. (2 Chronicles 7 verse 4) 'Then the king and all the people offered sacrifices before the Lord.' (7:5) 'And king Solomon offered a sacrifice of twenty and two thousand oxen,' that was 'cos Bob really gets off on 22, 'and an hundred and twenty thousand sheep,' that's 'cos Bob likes lamb, 'so the king and all the people dedicated the house of God.' (7:6) 'And the priests waited on their offices: the Levites also with instruments of musick of the Lord, which David the king had made to praise the Lord, because his mercy endureth for ever, when David praised by their ministry; and the priests sounded trumpets before them, and all Israel stood.' (7:7) 'Moreover Solomon hallowed the middle of the court that was before the house of the Lord: for there he offered burnt offerings, and the fat of the peace offerings, because the brasen altar which Solomon had made was not able to receive the burnt offerings, and the meat offerings, and the fat.' That answers your question.


Mark: Hey iON, are you describing chemistry in that chapter?
iON: Uh, no, but the reference would include, er, 2 Chronicles chapter 9, verse 18...'And there were six steps to the throne, with a footstool of gold, which were fastened to the throne, and stays on each side of the sitting place, and two lions standing by the stays:'
Bob: Yeah, but...used the word 'reference.' Is it because he brought up chemistry, you're evoking that quote?
iON: Yes.
Bob: now you could work with that, Mark. Ask him what the chemical processes are…
Mark: brain is kinda fried right now...
iON: That happens. Then go on to 21. Bob really gets off on 21! 'For the king's ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram: every three years once came the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks.'


Bob: Take a break, Mark, don't leave. Just take a break...
iON: (inaudible) just go get a sip, go take a piss. You'll be alright.


(Kim) The RnA bottle Label
Kim: When I became aware that you were the designer of the label (inaudible)...and I like to do what's called a 're-do'...
iON: (laughing) Don't you love it! A re-do! This is wonderful! Good!


Carolyn: Yes, but I didn't design the label. It was mostly JW and..
iON: It was us. It was us.
Carolyn: ..iON. And they had their I'm really not there person to (inaudible)...


Kim: ...the bottom layer...I thought it was a Porch or step, but that is actually the top of the Arch of the Covenant, the (inaudible) isn't it?
iON: It's the brace.
Kim: The brace to the top of the Arch?
iON: Yap.
Kim: Okay, we have the Angel wings on the outside..
iON: Yap, pointing up. Pointing up.
Kim: Pointing up and..when you get to right above that it the Tree of Life? Or not?
iON:'s not the Tree of Life, it's the Tree of Lysine.
Kim: Lysine...
iON: Those leaves are 'Acanthus.'


iON: So tell us about Acanthus.
Carolyn: It's one of the commonest plant forms to make foliage ornament and decoration. In architecture, an ornament is carved into stone or wood to resemble leaves from the Mediterranean species of the Acanthus genus of plants.
Bob: A common image in the Mediterranean that they used on the Arch.
Carolyn: Right.
iON: Tell us the properties of Acanthus leaf.
(Carolyn looks up for information)


Carolyn: ...not finding much about the plant itself, er...
iON: Isn't that interesting! It's the most's all over the place...Don't you find it odd?
Bob: That's like mint, Carolyn, from another world. Am I on the right track, iON...It's from another world?
iON: (inaudible) curved (inaudible) Rococo...(rant)...
Bob: So you got us somewhere, Kim? What do you think of that?
iON: Is there any Lysine in Acanthus?
Bob: Our Kim! Unveil the secret of Acanthus, she didn't have to know where she was going, actually thought it was a stupid question. See, you don't judge anything (inaudible)
Carolyn: It can have purply flowers, Bob.
iON: Hey, hey, hey! Ohh, look out now! It's the devil in the deep blue sea!


Bob: But iON, are you agreeing that it's from another world or is there other ways of being special?
iON: We just asked a question. Is there any Lysine in Acanthus? That's all we asked.
Carolyn: Don't know because they don't talk about it as a plant or medicinal..really, I mean...I haven't looked deep, but not much.
iON: But then you turn around and say 'it's the most copied and replicated plant of all of them.'
Carolyn: Right.
iON: Interesting, Mortisha!


iON: (to Gregg) Happy Birthday!
Gregg: ...I've noticed that the mechanical things in the house break and when I give them no attention, in the matter of...five or six or ten sunrises, they're no longer broken.


Gregg's anomaly
iON: The ones from Ammon.
Gregg: 'kay.
iON: It's the battle between the Moabites from Moab and the Amabites
Gregg: Describe the relationship between what you just said and mechanical things getting (inaudible)...
iON: The battle, there is a battle...things get broke. Then there's another battle or things get repaired, reparation.
Bob: So drop into Gregg's environment, these battle implements?
iON: Correct and that's just like in 2 Chronicles 21:12
Bob: What about it?
iON: 'And there came a writing to him from Elijah the prophet, saying, Thus saith the Lord God of David thy father, Because thou hast not walked in the ways of Jehoshaphat thy father, nor in the ways of Asa king of Judah.'
Gregg: Alright.
Bob: We can't take all that in. We don't even know what they're saying...I guess for the record, for other people to look into...
Gregg: ...exactly, very good.
iON: They're trying to repair the temple. They're trying to make reparation to the...come on, Bob!
Bob: Wait, you said 'they!' We assume you mean the Amabites and the 'Themanites'...
iON: The home owner...The home owner!


Gregg: Yeah, so iON, this is a relationship or visual symbol of other things being repaired? Okay.


iON: (2 Chronicles 24:4) 'And it came to pass after this, that Joash was minded to repair the house of the Lord.' (24:5) 'And he gathered together the priests and the Levites, and said to them, Go out unto the cities of Judah, and gather of all Israel money to repair the house of your God from year to year, and see that ye hasten the matter. Howbeit the Levites hastened it not.' (24:6) 'And the king called for Jehoiada the chief, and said unto him, Why hast thou not required of the Levites to bring in out of Judah and out of Jerusalem the collection, according to the commandment of Moses the servant of the Lord, and of the congregation of Israel, for the tabernacle of witness?'


iON: 'For the sons of Athaliah, that wicked woman, had broken up the house of God; and also all the dedicated things of the house of the Lord did they bestow upon Baalim.' 2 Kings 12:4. (2 Chronicles 24:7)
Gregg: So all that was broken becomes whole. Got it!
iON: Yap.
Bob: ...What did we learn from there? 'All that was broken becomes whole,' that's too general...where is the significance?
Gregg: Okay, let's look at how Jesus raised the Jesus' reality, that this person must be whole, so they had no choice but to become whole...
Bob: Okay, but the more interesting thing is you gotta battle happening around you. What about that? And they're arguing over how to build a temple? Oh, I think iON, you're referring to MH17?
iON: It's the opposition under Darius (unclear).
Bob: Darius?
iON: Ezra chapter 4.
Bob: Right, you're referring to MH17? That batte?
iON: Yah, maybe. But you ain't got to Passover yet, so. It'll work. (un )
Gregg: Describe the significance of Passover...
iON: The playing of Vestal Goodman in your house.
Gregg: Got it! (laughs) The veil is thinning...the Power is returning...
iON: You have no idea.
Gregg: Keep my mind out of it, iON.


Gregg: Now speaking of mind...a woman...she was extremely overweight...had a session with the Evergreens and the Evergreens made a decision...when you were 21 that when you gained some wight, men stopped hitting on you and you didn't (unclear) enjoy being hit on all the time...she goes through her life...getting this information when...she's 40 years old. So she realized...all the Degrees of Separation, she made this decision, but contributed to her weight...she dies of obesity. She could not solve it. Now this would indicate iON, that there's parts of the mind that do control parts of the body that are 'insulated' from the rest of you...'cos it would appear that this portion of her that made this decision took over and would no longer relinquish its authority over her weight...Let's describe some other scenario that could be occurring that this person could not solve and eventually died of obesity.
iON: Nehemiah chapter 1


Nehemiah 1
Kim: (reading 1:1) 'The words of Nehemiah the son of Hachaliah. And it came to pass in the month Chisleu, in the twentieth year, as I was in Shushan the palace,' (1:2) 'That Hanani, one of my brethren, came, he and certain men of Judah; and I asked them concerning the Jews that had escaped, which were left of the captivity, and concerning Jerusalem.'
iON: Stop right there. You gotta stay with me right now...
(iON get knocked off)


Gregg and Carolyn talk about the woman
Carolyn: In Total Biology, they give a nice over view of it. They give six reasons. 'Abandonment,' number two is 'Aesthetic Devaluation.' Every time they see themselves, they get a shock that reinforces the problem...Three is 'Indigestible Lack'...some people feel they lack something as they were growing up, so they keep eating to try to digest the lack, but it becomes indigestible. Four, I just have 'Fat,' five...'Identity' and six is 'I'm getting fed-up with you.' So what I would say to a person is to pursue some Total Biology..
(iON return, talk over Carolyn)
iON: ..And that's exactly they (1:7) 'dealt very corruptly against thee, and have not kept the commandments, nor the statutes, nor the judgments, which thou commandedst thy servant Moses.' So you see? That has to do with the men that saw her in lack in the first place. See?
Carolyn: Exactly!


Sheila joins in
iON: Oh, Sheila, they got questions...
Sheila: Who's they?
Bob: (cracks up) Good question, Sheila! Who the fuck is 'they?' (laughing) You're improving, Sheila, you're starting to get more precise in your questioning!


iON: If you were looking at art work on...Dr. Dean's products upside down, tell us what you would see?
Sheila: (laughs) That's not fair!


iON: Hey, could you please tell us what 'Acanthus' is? Nobody seems to know...and we are sick of having to put shit on the Wikipedia so you can believe it.
Sheila: (inaudible) mention Acanthus leaves for years to me, so and they appear regularly in what I'm creating.


Sheila: Are there Acanthus plants around the base of the Tree of Life?
iON: Yes, there are.
Sheila: Okay. And...does the Tree of Life relate to the Burning Bush?
iON: The information it carries does, but we did that already in Chronicles (inaudible) sort of blew me off, so they didn't get anymore of that one.
Bob: Hey iON. Is the Tree of Life from another world, another Dimension, another reality?
iON: (silence) Err…
Bob: Hit the Jack Pot people! He doesn't know whether to let this one out! We hit the biggy! Praise Bob!
iON: 1 King 22:50.
Bob: Argh! Fuck'n incomprehensive (inaudible)...
iON: 2 King 8, 17 through 19. You wanna Fuck? You wanna Fuck? Lets fuck! (everyone cracking up)
Bob: The Tree of Life ain't what it seems to be!

1 King 22:50
And Jehoshaphat slept with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the city of David his father: and Jehoram his son reigned in his stead.

2 King 8:17 - 19
17 Thirty and two years old was he when he began to reign; and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem.
18 And he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, as did the house of Ahab: for the daughter of Ahab was his wife: and he did evil in the sight of the Lord.
19 Yet the Lord would not destroy Judah for David his servant's sake, as he promised him to give him alway a light, and to his children.


Bob: Hey, Sheila? You know that 'mint' is from another world...You know that one?
Sheila: Yes.
Bob: So this Acanthus, the whole Garden of Eden is the transplanted hologram.
iON: We're just trying to get ya'll some Lysine for Pete's sake, you're making this hard...
Sheila: ...are there also Irises at the base of the Tree of Life?
iON: Calla Lilies, not Irises.
Sheila: Huh. Lovely.
Bob: You're putting us to sleep...get intense, Sheila!
iON: The Calla Lilies...The ones that have that chiffon green shade…


iON: How's your sex life, Sheila?


Sheila: iON, last week you said that GODs create in the Echo of the Burning Bush.
iON: Yes.
Sheila: Can you describe more of what that Echo is?
iON: Well, of course! Bob, cue up the The Chuck Wagon Gang and play it for her right there!
Sheila: (laughing)
(Bob refuses to play it)


Sheila: ...iON wants you to play the song.
Bob: No, no! We'll just read the lyrics. So whoever said they have the lyrics, read them.

(Kim) 'Echoes From The Burning Bush' by The Chuck Wagon Gang

Moses stood on holy ground,
Fire from God descended down,
Set the roadside bush on fire;
Then the Lord did there explain,
Through His servant should remain,
All the echoes from the bush on fire.

Oh the echoes from the bush,
I hear the lovely echoes from the burning bush,
How they thrill my soul,
Oh the echoes from the burning bush,
How they thrill my soul,
Point me to the goal;
I no more am doubting,
But with joy I'm shouting,
With no thought of shame to blush;
This my song shall ever be,
Words that are so sweet to me,
Echoes from the burning bush.

God sent down His only Son,
Just to ransom everyone,
By the echoes from the fire;
God of every earthly land,
Would not pick nor choose a man,
For His blood will save us from the fire. (eternal fire)

Bob: So, does that tell us anything, Sheila?
iON: (singing) 'The echoes from the bush!'
Bob: (laughing) He's gonna sing it himself!


Bob plays 'Echoes From The Burning Bush' by The Chuck Wagon Gang, which then into two cover versions of 'Gimme Shelter'


Bob: Lisa Fischer! Lifting the whole auditorium!...Before that was Merry Clayton...two versions...
iON: Noooo! It was The Chuck Wagon Gang, Bob!
Bob: Was it? I didn't hear that...they were good, they were good...before it's a color tv and all that...deep voice.
iON: You can't say 'color!' They get mad when you say nigger.
Bob: Oh, yeah. That's right.
iON: Now Yo Gotti! can get away with it
Bob: We got Yo Gotti! Sara here and Sara is gonna help us learn some things about the Kabbalah. So go ahead, Sara.
iON: Kabbalah!? Is that (inaudible) Isaiah?
Sara: I want to specifically make a point of asking when all of these people are spraying around 'the Tree of Life is this and that...' Are we talking about the same Tree of Life here?
iON: We don't know which one you're referring to.
Bob: No, no, wait, come on...Are you talking about the chart? It's a picture, not a tree.
Sara: Talking about the skeleton. (inaudible) body of truth, the diagram of the skeleton.
Bob: Of what? Skeleton of what?
Sara: The diagram of the skeleton of the body of truth, it's just like (inaudible)...
Bob: What's the body of truth, Sara? What's the body of truth?
Sara: The actual Tree of Life, I would imagine.
Bob: Oh! You would imagine (inaudible) (cracks up)
Sara: (inaudible) for me, but I don't wanna impose it on you!
Bob: Yeah, leave yourself out of it! Ask about the Kabbalah. Start from square one. Who wrote the Kabbalah...something like that.


Sara: iON. Who wrote the Kabbalah?
iON: Er, Yale University's Peabody Museum of Natural History.
Sara: Who wrote the Kabbalah with a 'Q'?
iON: The Mormons.
(Sara continues)


Sara: doesn't matter what God you believe in, we all came from the same one, we are the same one…
Bob: No we didn't. We didn't come from anywheres, Sara!
iON: You didn't come from anywhere, you red string follower, you!


iON: (to Sara) You talisman fucker, you!
Sara: Really? Alright, okay.
Bob: That just leaves the superstition if you start taking responsibility.
iON: So does the whole Kabbalah! So does the whole Kabbalah, it's all some limited less than place that you can't get to, unless you're some place you're not supposed to be.
Bob: (cracking up) So, Sara. You gotta brace it up here, we got our iONdom Scholar...what's his name? Bert is in the home!
iON: We love us some Bert! Bert won't tell (inaudible) this ridiculous dribble...


iON: We said Kabbalah was mumbo-jumbo, not us!
Bob: No you said 'like us.'
iON: Yeah, yeah...we said 'like us' but that's not 'us.'
Bob: ...'like you' is not 'us,' good point!


Eliza: Talking about Lysine and I think Acanthus plant does have it.
iON: It does, but...Don't worry, honey, we'll put it in the Wikipedia for you...but today's not okay...we almost say we don't care, but then we do care...some day, we'll come to this laudable conclusion (inaudible) increase of Protein and Lysine is helpful for those of you who decide to engage Ascension. In the palm of your hand, baby...


(Susana) Lysine
Susana: Is that why you wanted me to eat Cheerios?
iON: Yes.
Susana: And is there a significance in the almond milk? (inaudible) Lamp Stands?
iON: Yes. No.
Susana: I remember iON describing the candle stands with almond blossoms.
iON: Yes...You all think of us as being witty and clever...99 thousand times, it's easy for us...
Susana: We can't seem to make the connection.
iON: We's fun for decided to become littlemen…


Bob: 'I was muted!' (cracks up)
Sara: ...I knew he was an Angel, because when I was having sex with him, he smelled so good (inaudible)...
Bob: (cracking up)
iON: Ya. You happen to realize? (inaudible)
Bob: This is a family show!


(Susana) Back to 'the woman who died from obesity'
Gregg: iON, was a portion of her mind insulated from the rest of her?
iON: It wan't about insulation.
- goes over the hour

PART 8 (12pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - 'The woman who died from obesity'
iON: ...(to Gregg) you're saying 'So, how can we make them conform to what we think they should be like.' Is that what you're trying to get to? Would that have saved her life? The obese one?
Gregg: I don't think I'm going anywhere near there...these are all really great red herrings. The point that I was looking at was, if she knew the reason why she made a choice to gain weight...defer men from hitting on her. When she changed her mind...I no longer wish to gain weight...then how come if that part of the mind so easily took up 'I'll gain weight'...can not pick up on 'I'll no longer gain weight'...
iON: I don't think that's the accurate cause for the increase. It's in the mind...does one way to gauge it and yes, that can be the symptom. That'll get you there, but it won't keep you there…


iON: ...time and time again, that gauge doesn't solve the issue, 'cos the issue doesn't solve that issue, you see? If you got to the point of figuring out the happy part, none of other stuff would make any difference at all...


iON: can't say to a snail "I can't fuck with you, 'cos your too small.' 'Cos the snail would say 'Fuck you! I'll put spit on your doorstep!' (everyone cracking up)


Bob: Since we're reviewing things, Mr. China, so you have an update on your issues?
Brian: People now are saying that they're afraid of the Chinese taking over the world and they already have and they don't seem to care that they already own the world.
Bob: I know that iON said...the Chinese are the best adopted for the 21st Century…what are the Chinese? A general species...They can run the world, but they don't care. That's probably a good image to send out, but it's a TV Body image...'cos they are aggressively going all over the place...setting up networks everywhere, so it doesn't mean anything, 'the Chinese.'


Brian: You've mentioned earlier...How can I help myself more?
iON: (no response)
Bob: Again, you're saying 'how.' Not too good to ask about yourself in 'how this' and 'how that.' You gotta say it differently.
Brian: iON, in my Ascension process is there a factor that I haven't considered that's missing?
iON: (no response)

10:34 (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))

Carolyn: ...he must be gone.
Bob: Good! Alright...start asking me questions! Let's get some interesting stuff…
Brian: Okay Bob! I get to talk to Bob now! Bob, the Chinese are having the difficult time dealing with Chip Body with this information overload. They moved to cramp down on all the media channel here in response to Snowden effect...I see it as the TV Body vs Chip Body...the TV Body image of the Chinese government has been consumed by the Chip Body…


Bob: How about this...what McLuhan would like is, it's good that they are stopping it. Get the people out of their Chip Body! Get 'em out there playing soccer...going to night clubs and getting AIDS...get them out doing things with their physical bodies. Probably a good policy, we should have that here...Give the people a fast, a media fast! I'm all for China shutting it down!


Brian: Dr. Dean, what's the antidote to overdose of Bob? iON was telling earlier that I had too much Bob in my system. (everyone cracking up) So what's the antidote to too much Bob?
Carolyn: Well, I guess you're getting it, five weeks without him.
iON: That'll do it! (((( - iON RETURN - ))))
Bob: Argh! The Fireside Chat with Bob is over! (everyone cracking up) It was fun! I was in power there for a couple of minutes!
iON: How marvelous for you.


Eliza: iON, I have question about when Akito calls in.
iON: Yes?
Eliza: When Akito calls in, he calls in from another world and (inaudible, weird echo) sounds and background noise (inaudible, weird echo)...I hear myself.
iON: (cracking up) You mean like that?
Bob: It's painful, isn't it? It's painful, Eliza? (cracks up) I will see whose causing that...
Eliza: Okay, so...he calls in from another world, NOT another Dimension. Is that right?
iON: (inaudible) most time, yeah.
Eliza: Okay, um...
iON: We love his mother, though. She's so wonderful!
Bob: ...Do not get distracted...his mother...
Eliza: The Oolong Silver Tip Jasmine Tea that he's been searching for, I just searched for it too, and nothing of that type comes up. Is this the brand that JW also takes, the one that you (inaudible) for him?
iON: Yes.
Eliza: The same brand that JW drinks?
iON: Yes.
Eliza: Can you tell us the name of that brand, 'cos Akito had ordered a few teas, but he doesn't know (inaudible) right one or not.
iON: Okay, what did we say?
Eliza: Well, you said Oolong Silver Tip Jasmine Tea from Ha Noi.
iON: Uh-huh. Silver Tip Oolong Tea from Ha Noi.
Eliza: So, when I did a search for the Jasmine Tea, either Silver Tip Jasmine Tea came up or Oolong Jasmine Tea. Silver Tip and Oolong was not something that came up.
iON: Okay.
Eliza: So, can you help us with our search?
iON: Yeah. There's a Tea Estate. M-A-K-A-I-B-A-R-I.
Eliza: ...Makaibari. And is this a website?
iON: It's an estate.
Eliza: ...Let me look that up.


Bob: While you're looking up...Joyce O'Keef over there in south of Dublin, last week said, 'Can you ask iON, is there anything I should be doing?' (laughs)
iON: Okay, doing for better than she is, worse than she is, over she is, under she is…
Bob: Right, that's the issue and of course, that's your answer. She needs to be more particular.
iON: We could tell her, but it might send her the wrong way.
Bob: So, she wanted me to ask and I've asked.
iON: Do not cook the fat.


(Bob) anomaly
Bob: ...this thing keeps coming in...tonight, there were four repeating lines of that...What is Download You have a clue, why that's (inaudible)...
iON: You. You in other world (inaudible)...
Bob: Ahhh! That's what I thought it was! There were four of them tonight for the first time on one input, so that's four of me?
iON: They're all trying to get through to you to tell you how fucked up you are right here. (everyone cracking up)
Bob: And you know what? The total minutes is always 'zero.' They can't even get on line! (cracks up)
iON: That's because they understand there's no time!
Bob: Ahh!


Susana: Is this like an intervention with other selves?
iON: We would say 'yes.'
Susana: Woo, Bob!
Bob: It's getting tricky. It's getting weird. Yap...and look! OJ...MJ updated the death threat, he said (cracking up)...I wanna be fare, go back to what he originally said...okay, he does 'MJ' location 'WHOA'...'No one mention death, engagement with the Angels was intimated iON (unclear) for you on a flight...I would never utter death, I would never utter threats to you.'
iON: Ohh, isn't that nice. Play Yo Gotti
Bob: (laughing) Let's play Yo Gotti And then Eliza says, 'Bob, I want to have sex with you!'
iON: Everybody does. (everyone cracking up)


Eliza: I found the Makaibari Estate Oolong Tea, but this is not the Jasmine Tea and it's not Silver Tip. So you're saying that if you take (inaudible) still good?
iON: No. No.
Eliza: Well, that's the name you gave me and that's what I looked up.
iON: Well, you (inaudible) again, 'cos that's not it. They have multiple types of tea.
Susana: Can he mix the two himself?
iON: No reason to.


Sheila: iON, does almond milk has something to do with the hypothalamus?
iON: It does.
Sheila: Is it the almond itself or a shape? Or the actual properties of the almond?
iON: (inaudible) Why don't you try the Da Hong Pao?
Eliza: And that's the Red Robe tea?
iON: The Big Red Robe...that works.


Dominique: iON, with the almond milk, is it the fat content or the Protein...
iON: There is no fat.


Bob reads Joyce's follow up message


iON ask Dominique how to make a proper English breakfast


(Kim) Bob's anomaly
Kim: ...iON just talked to you about the IP addresses and stuff coming in. Does that have anything to do with that phrase (unclear) I saw this week, that chart (unclear) leaving the now?


Bob: So you're asking me, what was the phrase?
Kim: 'Leave the now.'
Bob: ...I said 'there is no now.'
Kim: were asking...when you and iON were talking in the Revelation 23, remember? You don't remember.
Bob: (inaudible) don't have the details, but I did it...
Kim: Yeah (inaudible) said mid-2014 in there. That's why I asked 'Is that what that means?' Leave the now (inaudible)...
Bob: I didn't get the 2014. Why did you say 2014?
Kim: I said that because iON said, 'Bob, your next, your chance next let's see, that be mid-2014. You'll be here (unclear).'
Bob: Did he say that?
Kim: Yes he did.
Bob: What would be here? Give it to me exact, no, I do never re-listen...I know nothing of Revelations, long forgotten...It's my greatest work, but don't ask me about it.
Kim: You want me to read that small part of the transaction?
Bob: You transcribed it? You transcribed it!?
Kim: Yeah.


Kim reads her transcript from the 'Revelation Part 10, Chapter 23, August 3rd, 2010 @ 1:42'


Kim: (reading the transcript) 'And we aren't going to be able to retrieve, are we?' You asked that question and iON's response was 'Never.' And then you asked...'Say what you said there again so maybe I will get it at this time to leave the now. So anybody listening to this, go back the last minute to see if you get the phrase 'to leave the now' or something.' And then iON...'Good. And listen again and again...And Bob, your chance next, let's see, that be mid-2014.' Now, this was recorded in 2010. And...says 'You'll be up to here...and you'll know what you knew…'
Bob: Wait...he said 'up to here,' what's that mean? In shit?
(Kim and Bob continue)


Kim: Okay, but he ranted on and said that 'You'll know what you knew and check your chart that said that was then, that this was now, and that the hallucinations, a machinations (interruption) of Non-Physical alluded to (inaudible) your chart. That would be great fun.'
Bob: Sounds pretty good. I don't know what he's talking about...I just know we gonna win, we gonna be successful and we gotta fuck'n hide! And becoming the biggest criminal, the biggest Dark Soul ever happened! It turns out the Dark Soul is a good thing to be, ya'll should wanna be one, 'cos your getting away from the Angels!


Bob: What I love about it is that he's projecting mid-2014 and it's being very exciting in mid-2014.
Kim: Yeah, and that's why I thought it was so cool, as if it was planted (unclear) down four years ago, a random act that...most people, you just blow over it, but for whatever reason it caught me and I just couldn't let go of it…
Bob: I'm glad you did! I would never know that there was a significance in mid-2014...
Kim: So, something was planted in the past that shows up in the now...
Bob: To be heard in this dramatic end of phase one of iON being back, the return of iON, this is like the phase one and the break...but...there's no way you could know what iON was saying in...the last paragraph...too many clauses.
Kim: Well, I transcribed it exactly as I heard over and over.


Bob: Now anybody have an opinion on this stuff or what they heard?
iON: Yes. We might (inaudible) listened.
Bob: (cracking up) That's great that iON is sort of not just one of us...what's your take on it, iON?
iON: 'Ca ca ca came with a step might be the shit / I got a rooster in my Rari might be your bitch / I said I pull up in this bitch in that Aventador ...What's that thang stickin up said thats the door / I told YG I'mma go ride the whip...I made my first quarter million dollars off the blow' (Reciting 'Act Right' by Yo Gotti feat. Jeezy & YG)


(Brian) About Bob's friend who lost money in China
Bob: Oh, you're asking about George? I'm not allowed to go into details, it's a confidential...
iON: (cracking up)
Bob: What's so funny, buddy...?
iON: Well, you're not allowed to go into, oh yeah, who's that about again, Bob? We forget.


Bob: Okay, Brian! You wanna ask about China and this guy. What was your question?
Brian: iON, I wanna help myself and..
Bob: (cracks up)
Brian: ..the business environment in China. Is there factors I'm not aware of...I would like to be China selling the RnA Drops to these people. Is there a factor I'm not considering…
Carolyn: Here's the factor! We don't care if we sell them!
Bob: You're in the wrong business! (cracks up)
iON: That was our question (inaudible) do you have some there? The first part of selling them is having them.
(Brian continues)


Brian: ...the drops have this great side can stand the pollution here! You can stand the noise and the chaos…
Bob: Do they notice it like you do? Brian, they may not notice it like you do.
Brian: ...they notice it. That's why they wanna go to America or immigrate...where they could spent their money in more comfort.
Bob: Oh, they're bothered by...
Brian: Yeah, everybody knows it's here, they're just not allowed to talk about it.
(Brian and Bob continue)


Bob: We heard earlier tonight that iON said...that the Chinese have a great yearning for the drops? Maybe all peoples do...we heard iON said earlier we go underground with it, right?
Brian: Go underground?
Bob: Can you participate in the underground, or is that something that could get you in trouble?
Brian: It's always the factor, but if that's where (inaudible) have to go.
Female2: Churches.
Bob: What was other voice saying?
Brian: The churches...The underground churches here in China.
Bob: Oh, churches, right.
Brian: But iONdom is not a religious phenomenon?
Bob: No...we're not religion, we'll relate to anybody. You know, we don't care if you're into religion. We don't have anything against people who are religious. So, that's not a problem what they do.
iON: Just can't worship a God.


iON: (cracking up)
Bob: (cracks up) He's human now, iON's human now, iON likes to give his opinion! What did you say, iON? They can't worship a God? (cracks up) We gonna hold back on our sales! They have to tell us whether they worship a God or not, right?
iON: And which God.
Bob: Yeah.
Brian: iON, was Mao Zedong a God?
iON: No! Meow-Mao, Meow-Meow was not.
Brian: Why is he worshipped here as a God then? Was he someone in his Power?
iON: No, he was not! Where is he?
Bob: (cracking up) If you're dead, you haven't been in you Power! We have very strict rules here!
John: He's under glass...
Eliza: Not allowed to die.
Bob: Yeah, you're not allowed to die...or you'll not be considered for the award ceremony!


Brian: iON, are RnA Drops effect (inaudible) the Communist Party here?
iON: Er, that civilization is doomed anyway. So, no.
Bob: Yeah, everybody is doomed, so we're not a threat to them, but we be what replaces them!
iON: (cracking up) No, we'll be the church!...No, we'll be the church that they're replaced by, so you can't worship us either. DAMN! (rant on)...
Bob: (cracking up) Brian, look at the slack! We're taking over and we're letting other factors wipe everybody out! We don't have to do nothing...Awesome, eh? Whatta way to take over!
iON: Then you have the chairman of the board of...national network for the RnA ReSet Hours, 'We don't wanna sell any in China!' (everyone cracking up)...Dr. Carolyn Dean said 'Fuck China,' she DID! We heard it!
Bob: Yeah! Barbara Walters should come out of the retirement and do that great interviews…
iON: Soo, Carolyn how long have you felt this way about China? Carolyn, how long...Have you alway being an introvert, yeees...Is there any other society or civilization that you also like to fuck...oh here's some Kleenex, you'll cry at a moment. Just give us a second…


Bob: Hey iON. I think this is the perfect environment for Matthew to go over and rebuild his empire. Why don't we send up a Chinese outpost?
iON: Oh, he could take flight MH17. (everyone cracking up)
Andrew: Mao is already dead! Meow-Meow is already dead!
iON: (cracking up)
John: Well, it sounds like you're shooting down Matthew.
Bob: Oh! No, no! We're just commenting on the fact that plane (inaudible) initials causing World War Nine.
iON:'s a wonderful position. It's made Bob who he is today!
Bob: That's right! If you are joked about by me, you will be a Billionaire! That happened to JW! I mocked him for years! now he's a Trillionaire!
iON: Remember Tabby McCoy?


iON: 'I wanna be a billionaire so fuckin' bad'
Bob: (cracking up) Yeah, I remember that song! ('Billionaire'' by Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars)


Bob: Okay, back to Brian's serious issue about what do we do about China.
iON: First of all...typically, it is not 'dishwasher safe.' That's the start with. It's 'hand wash only'...if you wanna choose China, you need to make sure if it's a deal breaker. That some China is not dishwasher safe. So that means you gotta hand wash it, that's a commitment. So if you take on China, it's a commitment.


Brian: ...even speaking Chinese is not enough to do, this business environment here. Is that correct?
iON: Not a business environment, you have to be in the family. If you're not in the family, you're not doing's the Mafia, Mafioso .
Brian: What about Xi Jinping's family?
iON: What about them?
Brian: Are they the Mafioso of China now?
iON: Becoming.
Bob: How do you spell that name?


Bob: It just shows you how unimportant he is. We do a lot of...connecting with China, with the key Chinese people and I never even heard of this guy. So that shows how much that government is involved with us. Xi Jinping..I see.
Brian: iON, will they be the factor in dealing RnA Drops in China, the Mafioso?
iON: We have not decided yet.
Bob: (laughs) And iON is the factor in all these matters, he influences things all over the place. That's whats interesting and it's up to iON. There's been an event this past week that were determined by iON..
- goes over the hour

PART 9 (1am)

00:00 - 10:49 (((( - THE END OF iON's APPEARANCE TONIGHT - ))))


continues with Brian and Bob
Bob: ..big events
Brian: iON, will the China's participation in BRICS change the world economy balance…creating an alternative currency…is that an imagination?
iON: Well, in the world of Willy Wonka. (silence)
Bob: You not gonna finish it?
iON: That is. It's in the world of Willy Wonka.


Eliza: But, iON. I looked up the Red Robe Oolong Tea, Da Hong Pao.
iON: For Pete's sake, ya'll forward her the link, it's in your inbox. Most ridiculous thing (inaudible)...
Eliza: So far I looked up three different teas that you (inaudible)…
Bob: Hey, it's hard to make out what you're saying…Are you involving me in something? Not making out what you're saying.
Eliza: iON said that he sent you the link so that I can stop searching for it.
Bob: For what?
iON: The tea for Akito!
Bob: Well, lucky I interrupted and asked what you're talking about. I got Yo Gotti lyrics…


Bob: Oh, okay, I'm supposed to post this.
iON: Whatever…


Bob: I have to send that to you tomorrow…the chatline is closed.
iON: What ridiculous…(inaudible) email address? Send it to her!
Bob: I have her email address, I think.
iON: Well just send it to her.
Bob: …I'm engineering here, buddy! I got fuck'n responsibility (iON talk over)


Male1: iON?
Male2: Hey iON?
iON: Yes.
Bob: This is just like Monty Python skit, people are lining up and take a run at iON! (everyone cracking up)


(iON) Doing the Monty Python skit
Bob: Awesome! That was awesome!


Stacie joins in
Stacie: Is iON's knowledge limited to human knowledge?
iON: No.
Bob: Another words, does he have knowledge other than human, does he have knowledge of the animals or other realities, that's what you mean, right Stacie?
Stacie: Other beings…supposedly the planet, it's coming to our Solar System...has people…
Bob: …that why I say…this weekend or soon the New Agers to figure out how to make contacts with ETs. We've got the contact because iON contains all the other ETs, whatever they are, he could include their knowledge, right? That's what he just said…not limited to our species, so he could understand other species. This is the real ET contact!
(Stacie continues)


Dominique joins in
Dominique: So, is it inevitable that we come into our Power if we stay on the RnA Drops, because I'm sort of wondering if I'm blocking the effect of (inaudible) with my mind or...
Bob: You are! Everybody is. That's my experience with all the iONettes. Everybody is blocking, so don't worry about it. You're in good company.
iON: Just enjoy it! If you feel better and (inaudible) continue. Lather rinse and repeat. You know this. Okay. Do you have a penis?
Dominique: (cracks up) I think so.
iON: You do? Er, does it work?
Dominique: (inaudible)
Bob: (cracking up) iON knows many people who have penises that don't work!
iON: There you go, there's your trouble…Now this will help, you're in the right place. Now we gonna he'p you! The point of ascending is to be able to, first of all to take care of the One-Eyed monster first…'Cos that becomes the balance, because that's the most superfluous autonomic response that your body as a GOD can ensue. That's why we spend a great deal of portion of the…they fucked us out of…our sponsor canceled the Fireside Chat…(rant)…
Bob: Hey, someone email Matthew to see if he will sponsor the Fireside Chat with Carolyn, if not with me?
iON: (inaudible) but that's the goal.
Dominique: What, what is the goal?
Bob: (cracks up) What is the goal?


Dominique: Who's the One-Eyed monster?
iON: You have a penis and you want it to work. Well engage it. If it's working great continue it and increase its usage (inaudible) serve you. If you have relations, continue them, if you're not having relation is engage them. Okay? All you gotta do is give a little attention and they'll come to you. Literally. And even if it is on a situation where you just leave the money on the night stand, still real good too!
Dominique: Okay.
Bob: …basically iON is a Willhelm Reichian. iON seems to have a Willhelm Reichian attitude in things.
Bob: You know who Willhelm Reich is?
iON: Then what happens (inaudible)...
Dominique: No.
Bob: Famous advocate (inaudible) orgasm as the healing of all back in '30s and '40s and '50s.


iON: Excuses us. Excuses us for faking the conversation by going off on these little tangents that don't mean anything or go anywhere! The simple thing…I'm trying to get to the autonomic response, that in the form of coitus, you drive your mind but your mind isn't bringing you to conclusion. That's an autonomic response, okay? As you condition yourself you can control the actual orgasm, but the coitus is the process that you're engaging and you can make it go long or short or fast or slow the way you see it. And that's a temperament that you build that you decide, okay? And now that's still the driving of the pleasure center of the enjoyment of that interaction. Do you see?
Dominique: Mhm. Yeah.
iON: You don't need another person for this to happen, but sure is lot more fun with other people. Sometimes, more is even more is better until it gets to be weird then it doesn't work so, until that happens, you know, join in! See? So, now what we're taking about, we're having a different conversation, that's an autonomic part of you. That's the easiest thing to work with because you normally go to that anyway, you see?
Dominique: Mhm. Mhm. Thank you.
iON: We weren't through, but your welcome.
Dominique: Keep going!


iON: Okay. Once you get that sort of working and normal, basically you clean your pipes out a little bit…that's key to keep that moving, let it flow…Keep that up! Pay attention to that, because it's important to keep your body functioning. Now you engage the RnA Drops and if you have any trouble, just put a little bit on the base of your pp. That'll help you good too. But now, we're not saying do that. But also ReNew is good for that too…Just do it little bit, like a drop would go a long way…we just want you going…Then what happens is, the autonomic parts kick in and seemingly makes the everything else come into balance. Balance means that more and more autonomic response systems takeover (inaudible)…(interruption)


Bob: Hey iON! Just wanna give you permission to stay a little longer…and we have Kyle in here…maybe Kyle has something to say about penises. He's an expert on that stuff or he pretended he was. Kyle? You have any sentence for iON?
Kyle: I'm sort of agreeing with iON and…that Ascension, the first step is to orgasm.
iON: Yay! So, there you have it! He said once you go past (unclear) never go back!
Kyle: Exactly! It is proven by…using 6'-1" black woman (inaudible)…
Bob: You're drunk, Kyle! You're not making any sense, you're drunk...
iON: Don't listen to him, Kyle! He says the something about us all the time. Don't worry. (everyone cracking up)
Kyle: (inaudible) say that my Ascension process was speeded up by a 6'-1" black woman.
iON: Yeah. Bob uses Gin and juice.
Bob: And dwarf. I have a dwarf woman. Four point four or something
iON: The world's tallest midget.
Bob: Yeah, the world's tallest midget, just as good as your 6'-1" fuck'n giant! They're all the same, you don't fuck the face, okay? You don't fuck the face! Remember that one back in the '50s? (cracks up)
iON: You have to play, you have to play…Animaniacs' 'Wheel of Morality.'
Bob: Okay, yeah, we should play that? You wanna play that, iON?
Andrew: Aw, yeah, no, let's not go there.
Bob: No? Okay…People, you got a few more minutes, so those who hand't had a chance to ask question yet…go ahead…


Male3: Can I ask iON one question? Are we cool now, iON? You and I cool?
iON: Yeah, we're way cool. We're way cool, we just gotta get you clear, and stop going to bed with blue balls. You hear us?
Male3: (inaudible)
iON: Don't do it. Don't do it.
Male3: (inaudible)
iON: Tear it up! Tear it up!
Bob: Get off your speaker phone! I'll mute you, Kyle! It's ridiculous, who the hell is other person? Is someone else coming through?
iON: (laughing) We get that all the time!


Susana: Hey, iON! iON! iON! It's Susana!…report back that I've eaten Cheerios and almond milk all week.
iON: It's great, isn't it?
Susana: It was great and it was easy.
iON: And how about your energy level? Is it better or more or less?
Susana: Uhm, the little less.
iON: Good. So you have a bit of lethargy, yes?
Susana: Yes, I do.
iON: Nice and is that pleasurable?
Susana: Uhm, it is! It is!
iON: Well the point is that it takes the manic off of you, you're always running around like a little chicken with your head cut off.
Bob: (laughing) I didn't know that, that's er, very revealing. That fills in a lot! That explains a lot!
iON: So, now it slows you down so you can enjoy the calla lilies.
Susana: Ahhh…


Susana: Okay. Bob's going away. So we'll connect again next Saturday night?
iON: Ho ho ho ho…Well, we don't know. We have to check with our sponsors and see if RnA is gonna 'renew' the program...


(Susana) 'The Lottery' (tv show)


(Juan) Five white stones


Bob: I made them. You know how I made them?
Juan: How?
Bob: …I brought the world 'iON.' I invented iON, then iON made the drops! See?
Juan: (inaudible)
Bob: So I'm the original! I started it! I started a joke and the world end up crying.
Juan: (inaudible) grateful.
Bob: Yes, that's okay. Just don't bother me!
iON: Isaiah, Isaiah Chapter 32...


(Bert) Skull crushers


Califia joins in
Bob: Wait a minute Califia! Your brother, the Black Caucus is fuck'n talking! Okay Califia? Just hold it!
Califia: (cracking up)
iON: (to Bert) Get some rubber bands too. Do inverted skull crushers...


Califia: iON, am I done with my dead man's bone?
Bert: Oh shit…Oh shit!
Bob: (cracking up)
Califia: iON, you mentioned dead man's bone just last week and I thought I was done?
iON: Uhmmmmm...
Bob: You caught iON, he's trying to make up an answer 'Uhmm, uhmmm.' (everyone cracking up)
iON: If we say 'yes' then she will be and if we say 'no' she'll keep playing with it and we think it might be more fun to play with it a little bit more.
Califia: Oww! (cracks up)
iON: Play with it a little bit more and see if you could breathe life back into them dusty dry bone.


iON: Did you hear before when we were doing the Forex and talking about trying to swap…silver and gold...
Bob: What did you think of Mark's questioning, Califia, did you hear it?
Califia: I thought it was excellent…actually…when he was on the silver and he said that he had bought into the Silver in order to protect any losses pertaining to the Dollar, I mean the answer was right there within that…you say that I'm trying to avoid this, and I don't want this happen, but that's exactly what happens when you go in at any situation on that level. I don't want to happen, but I'm gonna do this to protect this situation. And the situation that you didn't want to happen, that's exactly what happens.
iON: Good.
Bob: We all know that, Califia, that's old school.
Califia: That was in his questioning to iON.
iON: The something they say it. We say once you got pussy, you don't want it. You got it.
Califia: Exactly!


iON: …and whatever reason is, the drive is to make these choices are most time driven out of the fear base. More times than not.
Califia: Right.
iON: I don't do this, I'm gonna be without…See you could get like Bob. He's got it, don't even know he's got it (rant)…(everyone cracking up)


iON: 'Cold blood and the Nigga!' (everyone cracking up)
Califia: (inaudible) most definitely he's taking on the black folks mentality! (cracks up)


Bob: I'm glad you regained your composure, people. Get a little out of hand. Now, who's the guy in British Columbia, John, do you have a question John?


(John) His eyes


(John) The Blood of the Lamb


(John) The Blood of the Lamb


Bob: Hey, Suzan in New York, Do you have a question?
Suzan: ..No.
Bob: Okay.
iON: (crack up)
Bob: You gotta question Kevin?
Kevin: The silver chord represents the flame in the Lamp (inaudible) is the flame in the hearts of men?
iON: No.
Kevin: That's all I got.


Stacie: Is the Power Box gonna be able to be utilized for automobiles? Powering automobiles?
iON: Yes, but it won't be necessary for that.
Stacie: Why is that?
iON: Different transponder (inaudible) used to pick that up.
Bob: Okay, what is iON saying…what's he saying?
iON: (inaudible) the box a plan to do cars. (unclear)
Bob: Hey! Will a 'box' be used in cars, iON?
iON: Yes, but it can be, but it won't be necessary.
Bob: Why won't it be necessary?
iON: Because the transponder that (inaudible) of it will pick up the power and you won't (unclear) have to have a box for the car.
Bob: Oh, you'll be able to just pick it up in the air wireless?
Bert: Damn!
iON: Basically.
Bert: Yeah, okay.
Stacie: Could that be your product?
Bert: Yeah, everything is just coming from us from now on…We're in charge of everything, we don't even know how it happened, but we are.
iON: Bob is saying he's gonna charge for everything, that's what he's saying.
Bob: I'm not charging for nothing!
iON: (cracking up)


iON answer Sara's question
Sara: …Why can't I, why can't I…Why can't I keep that each morning when I wake up?
iON: Well, the same reason they keep asking us the same questions and we keep answering them…


Bob: Okay that's good, now Leslie, do you have a question?
Leslie: You know, while back I used to Upasana meditation a lot…pop out of my body and I guess been in the Non-Physical, it have this amazing tingling awesome feeling…not quite orgasmic, but really close and I was just wondering…is that what you experience all the time, iON?
iON: No, we are that, so we don't experience that which we are.
Bob: Yeah, they're that environment. You experienced iON, the environment of iON.
Sara: And if you didn't, iON's here to clear that our for you. So either you did or iON can answer the question if you did.


Leslie: (laughing) Yeah! Keep it coming! (laughs)
Bob: Yeah. Now that's a good ending! Well thank you very much, iON! Thanks for dropping by, letting us have the treasure of your wisdoms, sure we all gonna benefit someway, someday, somehow.
iON: Have happy Melting Titanium, is it actually a good one this time?
Bob: Yap. It's a good one.
iON: Good, okay. TTFN!


Bob plays a send-off song for iON
('What Does It Take' by Jr. Walker & The All Stars)


(iON stayed!)
Bob: I'm glad you're still here, I forgot you ask you. SkyGoddess Sue had a question, so now I won't have to be guilty. 'Do you have a specific homework for us until we meet up again?' asks Sue out of Toronto. Did iON go?
iON: Re-re-rewirite
Bob: You mean listen to ReWrite or…redo ReWrite?
iON: ReWrite, ReWrite, Re-re-ReWrite.
Bob: Well they don't have access to that?
iON: There's a quiz.


Jean: iON, you said that Plutonium was more valuable than gold and silver, because it could be consumed.
iON: Yes. Yes.
Jean: Will littlemen be consuming Plutonium at some point?
iON: Soon or later…I guess the better way to say that is one way or the other.
Jean: Because Plutonium will be, there'll be a lotta Plutonium in our environment? More than thee is now?
iON: Do. Do. (Yes)
Jean: And that would be one of the choices for littlemen to eat?
iON: (laughing) Well one of many, but yeah.
Jean: But they would want to eat it? (unclear)
iON: Well, that's up to them.
Jean: Will they be so hungry that it'll be a choice that they actually consider?
iON: Err, maybe not by choice.


Bob: What are you talking about eating Califi, I mean Jean, what's the topic?
iON: So now you can do Yo Gotti, Bob.
Bob: Yeah, er, Jean asks about Plutonium. Don't you love that Junior Walker song though, iON?…
Sara: What song?
(Sara and Bob continue)


Bob Plays 'ION Want It' by Yo Gotti for iON (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))


(Sara and Bob continue)


Bob: Doodu, dooduh! We all gonna march into the Guf together! (cracks up)
(plays 'What Does It Take' by Jr. Walker & The All Stars)
Bob: That is the perfect High School Graduation song as they gradually walk out, right? The walk to hell.
Andrew: Scratch that nonsense!
Bob: What!?
Andrew: I said scratch that nonsense!
Bob: You guys don't like the song? Am I wrong? (inaudible)
Sara: (inaudible)
Andrew: (inaudible) no going there!


Bob: By the way, where is…Mike from Ventura? He shows up every six months, laughs like a hyena then disappears…Why can't he be consistent? We could use his laughter every week?…So you guys don't like this Jr. Walker song?
John: Sion…it's your…casion…no one wants to be…asian
Bob: Gaysian? What are you saying John?
Sara: (inaudible)
Bob: Nobody wants to be Caucasian? (everyone cracking up)
John: Argh! No one wants to go to the Guf!


John: No, your tune is picked for going to the Guf, no one wants to go to the Guf, so the...
Bob: That's the satire! We go back to the Guf as a put on! We come in and we start fucking blowing up the place once we get there.
John: Alright. Okay...
Bob: It's a joke. It's a satirical entrance in the Guf, we pretend we're all happy then we pull out our AK47 and blow the shit (inaudible)…(everyone cracking up)


(Jean) Transcendence (movie)
Bob: It was (inaudible) me and Carolyn as usual…sad ending…isolated and die.
Jean: No, no, no! I thought the ending was so incredibly different, because…they uploaded his brain and then he started as a Chip Body…started creating all these stuff…getting rid of pollution and there was stuff that started coming up from the earth..
- goes over the hour

PART 10 (2am)


continues with Jean on Transcendence
Jean: ..particles started to coming up and everything started regenerating and returning to life…But in the very end, after they shut the machine off and ended the whole program…in his last words were, he said that he was just trying to fulfill her dream…her dream was to restore the planet (inaudible, Sara talks over)...
Bob: Hey, Jean, let me mute Sara. She's just mumbling again..
Sara: No I'm not! No I absolutely am not! (inaudible) pointing out, I'm pointing out.
Bob: No. No pointing out! Let get her point!


Jean: …it was a very surprising ending. And for me it illustrated the level of danger, I just remember last fall you would say often that what we're doing is very dangerous…
(Jean and Bob continue)


Kevin: You know, one thing that I actually got out of that film was…iON created a voice for himself, now er, is he gonna create a body? Is he gonna come into the Physical?
Bob: Ahh, good question. (cracks up) Don't leave yours! iON might take it! (everyone cracking up)


(Jean) About 'cidersomerset' and Project Avalon


(Sara) TOP 5 Punk Rock bands
Bob: You name any. I change all the time…I liked the bands I saw at CBGB's…


Unknown: Zzzz…
Bob: Who's that snoring? Do we predict, is that…what's her name, is that Susana?


(Bert) Licio Gelli
Bob: He's still running around…still top idiot…he's kind of isolated, but he's still alive, you know, I mean, that guy was a double agent at the end of WWII. He worked for the Nazis and the Communists…amazing guy!


Bob: He kept getting arrested in the '80s and he's always escaped…major crimes and he escaped out of big jails…hightailed down the Nazi land in Central America some place and he comes back. And he ran for European Parliament, 1988 while being wanted! (cracks up) This guy was so powerful…still run for European Parliament. And he's a big…he runs…in his part of Italy…they're all Communists. Here's this guy who ran the P2 where people think as the Nazis…but his zone is…(laughing) Communists! This guy is so quadrophenic and he's the guy who assigned me to hire LaRouche in 1966. You see it in my diaries.
Bert: I was shocked to see that he's still around, but I wonder if he's on the drops…
Bob: (cracks up) He probably is! They know me from way back, they know what I've done…they track me all through the years. They thought I was a fuck'n idiot to expose everything in the '80s, 'How's that gonna help anybody?'…So I survived..a lotta fun, meet a lotta kids, learning about the new music…this and that and fucked a lot, so it's been working out pretty me, Licio?


Bob: And then, they never suspected 'this' that I was the Second Coming. Now that is a shocker for them! (everyone cracking up)


SkyGoddess Sue joins in
Sue: I can't sleep, it's almost quarter after five in the morning, I've heard the whole show, it's been great!


Bob: Well, you'd never thought I would get this crazy, Sue…this is way beyond what you projected what would happen to me?
Sue: Oh my god, Bob. Listening to you and Ginney on her Wednesday Show was the best!...
Bob: Yeah, you gotta give her a credit man, she could sure fake knowing what I'm talking about, she's pretty good at it!
Sue: Oh yes! She really asked the great questions, I must say...
Bob: Part two is really good too...
Kevin: Just to hear you summarize your work, Bob is awesome.


Bob: Hey Sue? How's Dennis? Do you think he's gonna survive?
(Sue and Bob continue on Dennis)


Bob: No, no, no! Dennis didn't know he was boring. He would get a great superiority complex, right Sue? He thought all these idiots going to college were wimps with thin arms, couldn't pushups...couldn't be a pilot, he was above of them all. But he was not interesting intellectually. That's why Sue left him
Sue: Oh ya. We had a good relationship on an one on one basis, you know, he just didn't have...
Bob: Group! He wasn't good for taking out the social life. He would ruin your image.
Sue: Yeah, the social life was lacking and I wanted to discuss all kinds of things…get into your kind of world, Bob, and Dennis just was so stubborn, he just didn't wanna stretch himself in that arena.
(Sue and Bob continue)


(Sue) 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' by Robert M. Pirsig
Bob: …I didn't read it, but you know who taught it every year was Harry Whittier at Dalhousie. So I would listen to his interpretation of it and talk about it, 'cos I didn't have to know it, I just wing some response to it or just bring in McLuhan stuff…but I've never read it, but Whittier loved it.
Sue: Oh, I think it's about iON! (laughs)
Bob: Is it?
Sue: It's about iON…it's just awesome!...
(Sue shares iONic content of the book)


Sue: …but one thing that came up that was really spectacular, when he was talking about 'quality' was…Japanese word called 'MU'…where it's not in the Romantic Era and it's not in the scientific category, it's 'more than'…it's not 'both' and it's 'neither end.' It's like that 'third iONic thing' that is more than the definition of something.
Bob: Yeah, well 'both end' is the same as 'neither end,' 'cos (inaudible) both (inaudible) they cancel each other out. But Sue, here's what I'm aspired to do…Let's hear the great Harry Whittier. This is our great man, great professor, a rebel, he's an American who used to watch the Nazis walking around in '50s America, they took over the academia, the Project Paperclip scientists, so left and went up to Nova Scotia and had a great life there. So let's just hear this, this is 2010…
(a technical glitch)

35:06 - 37:07, 37:25 - 45:11
yo gotti
Bob's conversation with Prof. Harry Whittier and Greg Skinner, May 30th, 2010


ChipBody: (All participants are now unmuted)
Sue: Hey Bob, are you there? (Bob blipped out)
Bert: Hi Sue, this is Bert.
Sue: …I just finished flying back-to-back flying for a month, so I've been in all over the map. Milan…just got back from Mexico City, I'm starting to decompress.
Bert: Yeah, I really believe you're portalling…with all that flying you do.
Sue: (laughs) I know, I know…
(Sue and Bert continue)


Bob: …Did you hear the Whittier? Whatta great guy! He's a literally, humanist PhD guy and I start laying all that iON stuff about Pynchon on him and he's so open minded…didn't have a problem with it. Did you notice that, Sue?
Sue: Oh yeah, and have to talked to him since he's gone?
Bob: No...
Sue: Yeah, that would be interesting.
Bob: Yeah, maybe.
Sue: I thought that was pretty funny, you weren't gonna to talk to Pynchon because he wasn't dead yet! (cracks up)
Bob: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I only talk to people…when they're dead, you know, they won't talk to me…and they're more honest when they're dead…you find out more.


John: What caught my attention was the combination of spirituality with military.
Bob: Are you quoting me or what are you saying? I know you read the book 'Against The Day'…I said Pynchon is interesting, when I read 'Gravity's Rainbow' he's always got spirituality and the military conspiracy, so what are you saying?
John: …to me, his world is polarized.
Bob: …yeah. And then he chose factors that maybe or in between it, I don't know if you could say unite them, but he always has the military guys doing the spiritual and spiritual being the military, he has them (inaudible) the different actions?
John: …which means you don't have a good guy or a bad guy.
Bob: Right! That's right!


Andrew: Is he missing the rituals? (unclear)...
Bob: No, there's rituals, he has everything, everything you've ever heard of in New Age and military and conspiracy and the whole realm of information on the internet, he covers it all. Mae Brussell.
Andrew: That's where some of the stuff came from, didn't it?...
Bob: He popularized the underground of the '60s, that's what the underground was talking about in doing, and they the underground didn't know that Pentagon was doing it too, but he made the counterculture into a great novel…And Mae Brussell was a bit pissed off, 'cos people would read his stuff, his novel about the Nazis and think he understood it and Mae would say forget that…coffee table stuff from (Thomas ) Pynchon, you know, listen to me, listen to my stuff, I'll tell you what's really going on and how it developed…and that's why he's a 'book' in the Thompson Quadrant.
(more talks on Pynchon)


John: Hey Bob? Three out of the four in your (Tiny Note) Chart are pretty Left, if not Marxist.
Bob: You can say they all are. McLuhan can be considered a Liberal guy, LaRouche who came out of the Socialist Party, Thompson is Left-Liberal and Kroker is. I'm not. They become subtlety different in relation to each other. So McLuhan becomes right-ring (unclear) in relation to this and that. LaRouche becomes a Nazi in relation to Thompson and Thompson is a space cadet compared to Kroker.
John: Alright let me say this (Sara talking)…
Bob: You gotta wait Sara. No point talking under him, I can't make out what you're saying and you're just interrupting him! So what the…Let's find our what she's saying there John, for a second.


Bob: Okay, back to you John...
John: Uhm, iON is not Left from what I consider?
Bob: iON is a 'Nothing'…He doesn't care, he doesn't exist, he's environment of bliss!
John: Okay, but the words that he use, he's not into Left?
Bob: He's not into Right either…
(John and Bob continue)


(John) Arther Kroker's 'CTheory'
John: There was this one article on Turkey when they changed from Arabic to alphabet…1929.
(John and Bob continue)

Bob: McLuhan…he's not making the effects of the alphabet as not an original idea to him. None of these ideas are…His original idea is the electronic media makes people become aware of the dynamics of the older media…scholars discovering the hidden ground of the alphabet in the '20s and '30s in poets like James Joyce and they don't know that they're discovering, 'cos the new medium that got around writing is the radio. So McLuhan points out that radio made humans notice the effects of the alphabet, but they weren't noticing the effects of their present, the effects of radio leading to WWII. That's the important part of McLuhan.
(John and Bob continue)


John: I began to think that…maybe iON burrowed from Pynchon...
Bob: …What would he had burrowed from Pynchon?
John: Well, parallel worlding...
Bob: You can say iON burrowed from, there's crumbs all over the place in all the cultures (inaudible)...
John: That's why I thought Stacie's question was really interesting. 'Is your knowledge limited to humans?' and iON said 'No.'
- goes over the hour

PART 11 (3am)


continues with Sue and John
Sue: When you talk to people, Bob, on the other side, if they're in the bliss state do they even want to talk to you? Like you have to drag them to talk to you?
Bob: No, with the Evergreens, which had a different philosophy than iON, you got more out of them. With iON, it's a harder to get them to talk about stuff. It's all just good, where as it was more mind stuff with the Evergreens.
Sue: So since there is no contrast over there...
Bob: …They don't even understand what we're asking about, almost.
Sue: …McLuhan is annoyed at you because you won't let him leave?…
Bob: …I don't know if he's annoyed…iON is maybe annoyed. iON said that I was holding him back, but iON didn't care, he just laughed about it and pointed out that I was doing it. I didn't know I was doing it.


Bob: Basically McLuhan just can't believe that a guy he knew is the Second Coming…blowing him away (everyone cracking up)…He went to Mass everyday prayed to the wrong guy! (everyone cracking up)


Bob: I used to visit McLuhan outside the class, but I would sit on the Monday NIght thing and never say anything, so no one knew what I had to say in the public part of McLuhan's seminar…That's what I try to show in the diaries, a little bit of glimpses of the interesting interactions I had with him…how I made them think or brought new information to them and most of them rejected it…they were all geniuses…didn't require my information.


(Andrew) Mae Brussell
Andrew: I like know more about what you know about Mae Brussell, what she may have known about the New Age movement and the intelligentsia and their infiltration into that?
Bob: Mae knew everything…
(Andrew and Bob continue)


Bob: …well, I don't wanna get too involved, we have to talk about that earlier (unclear), 'cos I gotta play some recording…we could get that in after One o'clock, you know what I mean? After the show is over…


Sue: Fill us in a bit about what your plans are for the next couple of weeks...
Bob: …It's an important iONic projects. I'm not telling anybody what I'm doing.
Sue: Yeah, but…you're not just chilling out and going to the beach?
Bob: No! No! We actually have to do some things…just like in August 2011 when we went to the Vatican, we did all these different things? It's now come to a point where we're getting ready to release the Cold Play and the Living Water and all the stuff and requires talking to bureaucrats.
Sue: Right…and going underground.
Bob: Well, not telling people what we're doing. We're not underground…just not gonna be doing a radio show.
Sue: I think it' great to take a break, I think we all kinda need a break too so we can catch up...
Bob: if we comeback in the sense that how do we know what's gonna happen to the world over the next six weeks…could be interesting things happen…Every time I go on a plane…there's always a plane crash! Someone else has to be taken out, so that Bob is not taken out…the universe balances every time that way.


Sue: Well, I was surprised nobody tonight asked about that plane crash.
Bob: Well, we pointed out that it was a Matthew Hurtado 17 is the name of the plane. (everyone cracking up) 'M-H!'
John: Plus I made that joke.
Bob: What was yours?
John: Well, getting shot down.
Sue: It's all set up, Bob? Set up by?
Bob: Er, we actually can not…very incredible what that plane crash was about, I threw (Sara talks over)…Wait. What the fuck!? I'm telling you something! (Sara talks over) Let me mute, what are you talking about? Well, why you talking? You might hear something, I'm not gonna tell you anything, but I might tell you something…if you're not interested!
John: Hey Bob, is it the coincidence that both of them are Malaysian flights?
Bob: No, that's not a coincidence, so where is Sara's number, what number you're on Sara?
Sara: (shouting) OH MY GOSH! Did you just say that!? (inaudible) seriously?
Bob: Seriously. We gonna mute you. 'Cos you're interrupting. We haven't got time. You know, these other people aren't fuck'n mumbling. And while other people are talking.
Sara: (inaudible) Bill Show, yet?
Bob: That's right ! You get all your chance of being an idiot in Bill Show…that means interrupting, overlapping, I can't even find where your…I've got you muted and you're still talking…
Sara: I'll mute myself...!


Back to MH17
Bob: I just tell you what happened. During the show I dropped a few hints, but who was on the plane? Did you look into it?
John: …we don't even know on the first one?
Bob: Forget that. The second one, what the public says…a huge AIDS Conference. Whose the one who broke the AIDS story? Me! 1989, right? Who has an AIDS treatment? Us!
Sue: And you were talking about it, wasn't it last week's show? You were talking about the AIDS thing?
Bob: …I started thinking last week, 'Is anybody talking about AIDS anymore?' It suddenly started haunting me, 'What this about AIDS, what's going on with AIDS?'
Bert: That's right!
Bob: Did I say that verbally on the show? I think I did.
Andrew: It's all over the news now…all about what's going on with AIDS right now.
Bob: Right! And I was saying 'Hey, we haven't heard anything'…what do they think? So they fuck'n have a huge crash to fuck'n tell Bob (inaudible) what's happening with AIDS, you know…And er, the rest of it, I would never tell you, I can't tell you, it's too fuck'n nuts, equal to the Bible and I said too much right there.


Sue: Yeah. Well that whole setup of…creating…the Middle East on fire…the whole Revelation Series that we did..
Bob: Yeah.
Sue: interesting. It's interesting. Somebody wants something to happen.
Bob: (cracks up) Yeah! You guys!
Andrew: You don't wanna know how sausages are made!
Bob: (laughs)


Brian: Bob. Well, you talked about the…Chip Body producing…more fake media that we can't trust what we see anymore…
Bob: That's on Wednesday.
Brian: …reading the reports from the Chip Body or conflicting accounts...Is this more of people can't trust with their lying eyes or telling them?
Bob: No. It means the incident included the Mystery Landscape.


Sue: …you pointed out that the Middle East and the arabic countries…don't understand that what's already happening is the Android Meme. (inaudible) against the Android Meme, but they see that as the United States.
Bob: Yeah, and they think that…we should stop media, where as the more advanced cultures have given up trying to stop it and…trying to love and embrace the Android Meme. But the older cultures want to do Mediacology. McLuhan is relevant to them, but…today, as you see in my diaries with (Derrick) de Kerckhove, we both agree that…you can't apply Mediacology now, there's hardly a species (unclear) here to do it.


Brian: Bob, can you comment on the hacking between the US and China, is the Android Meme attacking itself? Chip Body attacking itself?
Bob: Yap. That;s what it is in a desperate, you know, collapse of the Chip Body scenario. What we can't really illustrate, but we can give you the headline is that, everybody is fighting over 'us.' And what we have. So that's how directly involved we are…for the average mind it's absurd what I'm saying, but it's 'true' and we don't have to watch the news, it's always about us.
John: (cracks up)
Bob: All the news in the past week and a half is been directly involved with us
(Bob and the iONettes continue)


John: (to Sue) I remember once you were talking about Bob having a meeting with Frank Zappa?
Sue: Yeah…
(Sue, John and Bob continue)

24:48 - 42:33

Melting Titanium No.21, September 1st, 2009


ChipBody: (All participants are now unmuted)
Bob: …for Bill, that was the end of Melting Titanium No.21…and what was important about this is that the first twenty Melting Titaniums…we get imageries sent to us from the audience. So now this one is where we took questions from the audience...ON picked up the ESP questions by ESP…at the end you hear them talking about how they liked this new format and that's where they wanted to be, so how Melting Titanium changed in session 21.


(Bert) Impressions on Melting Titanium No.21


Bob: He's (iON) not preaching to the 99%ers, only the 1%ers, anybody can be a 1%er, but there was another aspect…he's just more rude and indifferent. Oh yeah! iON says they don't need us anymore! They don't even need JW to come to communicate.
Bert: You know Bob, he said something last week, 'God Shave the Queen.'
(iONettes continue on Waxing)


Bob: Yeah, I think it's interesting that the Queen's position, the rumors are she's moving into retirement?…so she's on the drops, probably being altered a bit about the world of Queendom, so…getting ready to get a Brazilian, get out there, get raunchy again, be like that woman whose on Carolyn's show, 90 years old and she's gotta boyfriend…Ruth? (everyone cracking up)
Bert: Yeah, Ruth.
Bob: The Queen's got her priority reoriented!


(Bob) American Ninja Warrior


(Bob) 'cidersomerset' posting
The show ends with Bob reading cidersomerset's posts


Bob: Okay, we gotta a few seconds and Bill's gonna send us out with the Muffin Man ending! THANKS FOR BEING IN THE BAND!!!

(((( - The End of tonight's Show - ))))

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