Sunday, June 29, 2014

Akito’s Guide to Payday | 21 June 2014


PART 1 (5pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
- goes over the hour

PART 2 (6pm)

00:00 - 43:17

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Bob and iON on the Littleman and the Guf


Carolyn and Bob start the...not yet,


Carolyn and Bob start the show! (the first 11Hour show)
Bob: We're operating under tight schedule now! Only 11 hours!
Female1: Why the change Bob?
Bob: I've changed my sleeping habits to, I sleep from two till four-thirty or five now in the morning, three hours maximum and don't wanna miss the rhythm. Screw it up on Saturday night. And also people just getting too far behind...can't keep up. Even Ed can't keep up! And it is always the point that I spend three or four hours trying to get anybody to say something in the wee hours of the morning...nobody's got anything to verbal society, so I'll just be more disciplined. (Bob's dialogue replaying in the background) Some one is replaying me! CIA transcribing...the Pope's transcribing! The Pope went to the wrong place. (laughs) He thought the Mafia was over there in Italy! The Mafia is right here, Mr. Pope! Why? If you are a billionaires like the Mafia, would you live in Italy? Nooo! You'd be living in Maui! Most of my neighbors are…
Sara: Bob! Don't tell them!
Bob: Corbin, he put his hand up! How polite is that!
Corbin: Ahh, my hand is busy...scratching part of myself that was very enjoyable...


Bob's music selection reminded Corbin about the small Diner Jukebox - he loved 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash.


Corbin: ...and that in itself was like a cross between a slot machine and...
Bob: Virtual reality!
Corbin: I'm saying it came before the slot machines came into being, where they said, 'Wait a minute! There's something to this. Americans love pressing buttons and getting a response of an electric (inaudible) status of some sorts...Americans would be infatuated with pressing the 'white' button, well the little buttons they didn't necessarily have to be white...but, that could've been a subliminal thing, 'cos they usually were 'white' button...they weren't brown, they weren't black...
Bob: Good point! MK-ULTRA talk!
Corbin: Very interesting. Somewhere along the line...we turn this into a slot machine, you pull the handle, basically you're having two types of tactile experiences. You're pressing a button and you'll be getting an audio response. At that (inaudible) point is, you're pulling a handle and then you're getting an electric static response, like essentially, you could be a millionaire, you could win five-dollars...that would be the chaotic reality of pulling the handle.
Bob: Awesome, Corbin! This the clearest I've heard you ever, talking Bob language! Awesome! Hope you appreciated that, SkyGodess Sue!…


Corbin and Legend visiting L'Ermitage 'Portal' Hotel
Corbin: ...more or less, the best time to hit it would be, Westcoast time, between approximately 5pm and 7pm...they were running a bit behind schedule...and I said the timing is off...for some reason my psychic senses told me that we weren't triangulating right…
- goes over the hour

PART 3 (7pm)


Bob reads cidersomerset's message, whose listening Corbin live.


Movies by Frank Zappa
A Youtube footage of Don Van Vliet driving around - Night School; Uncle Meat was recorded on video then transferred to 35mm
The budget for 200 Motels was only $600,000 - Sara thinks it's double exposed


Bob: ...he was given a half-million dollars...two weeks...a couple of people quit in the middle of it...gotta have someone replace this character...Ringo Star's chauffeur (cracking up) he gets the job of Jeff Simmons who has quit the group...Zappa had a couple weeks to video tape it, then he transferred it to 35mm and did all these neat visual tweaking and Tony Palmer, the famous British video...he quit...So Frank said he couldn't get the whole thing filmed that he had in the script. So he had to take what he video taped and make A PLOT out of it...and it's still great and he often says that's the way he makes music. He says I can put anything you give me...I can put together and I'll make a piece...make something out of it.


The jealousy over Zappa's talent
Corbin points out Ringo, who plays Zappa in 200 Motels, is rubbing the lamp - the RnA Lamp connection
(More revelation on 200 Motels and Uncle Meat continues by Sara, Corbin and Bob)


Frank Zappa in the McLuhan Quadrant (Bob's Tiny Note Chart)
Bob: I've got Frank in the McLuhan Quadrant. McLuhan talks about the senses. Here's Frank saying that 'functioning our senses has been spiritually impaired and chemically corrupted by the fake artificial food coloring'...That's where Carolyn got turned onto alternative medicine!


Katie Thomas joins in
Corbin: ...pan?...(shouting) Hand me that pancil! Hand me that pancil!...(iON join Cobin) Hand me that 'pancil'…

27:45 - 60:00 (((( - iON - ))))

Bob: You gotta piencil, iON? (cracking up)


(Sara) Woody Allen's movie, 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask'; Corbin continues to rant on 'tits'; iON shouting 'Corbin! Corbin!' in the background to stop him from ranting.


iON: You get the crew all round-up before the Fireside Chat, no good thing would come of this, just so you know that for little later in the show!...get them too excited too early in the night! (everyone cracking up)...penises and condoms and wondering tits...
Sara, Crobin, Bob and iON continue.
Ginney, Gregg, Alison and Leon join in


Phatic Communion with Ginney and iON
iON: This thing called 'Ascension,' do you have an idea, maybe of what we say, when we say, 'Hey, Ginney! Are you ascending?' Tell us what you think that means.
Ginney: Becoming.
iON: Ah! Is that that you're not evolving, but becoming. So, that means you gonna come back and you be at it, so you do. So you do come.
Ginney: You do come. You is and you are. And you become.
iON: So if you do come, you be a do comer?
Ginney: Yeah, that's good! All right!...A do comer, very good!
iON: Mark that, you'll hear that again...And also it's spelled 'D' 'U' 'E'
Ginney: Oh! A 'due' comer! D-U-E comer! Okay!


iON's pun on 'sweater'


(Ginney) Leptin Hormone
Ginney: Is Leptin a master hormone?..Regulator of hormones? Is it a factor in weight loss, weight gain?
iON: No. It is not. Now if you're trying to get to the resistance of it, that's little different.
Ginney: Which complement formulas most likely to address Leptin resistance and balance it out?
iON: RnA.
Ginney: Okay.
Bob: Okay, anybody gotta question?
iON: Wait!...You know the issue, the Leptin is like that's the association with the Cortisol and it's trying to say you're hungry, saying you're not hungry...Forget all that! It's not even about that. It's about the Hypothalamus. And how the Hypothalamus controls your temperature. Because your temperature in you engaging of calorie why you engage in the first place.
Ginney: For what they say (inaudible)...
iON: It's not about Insulin...or the lack of how you process has nothing to do with being morbid or obese, because it doesn't apply. They don't have anything to do with each other at all. The Leptin receptor signaling is nothing other than the shift of the Hypothalamus within the renals (unclear).


(Ginney) Chromosome14 and the Hypothalamus


(Gregg) Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370's Black Box
Gregg: ...upon close investigation, they gonna find out it's not registered from an airplane in this world. Has that occurred?
iON: Yes...see, they don't even know why they use Black Boxes...that technology came from another world anyway for just such a day like this. You have too many walk-ins. You have too many watchers!
Gregg: I'm not sure how that would relate to a Black Box...
iON: ...okay, you find the data recorder...Guess what? The don't even know how exactly to read all the data!...'cos it'll gauge other worlds...they don't know how to do that! Now they do have information and they do know that 'it' just vanished. 'Cos you can find it...all they have to do is put AARP on it...


(Gregg) Our world No.1 and its relation to other worlds
Gregg: Is there anything that I am experiencing now, that I haven't already worked out in other worlds in my future present?
iON: Your focus...and see, you already apply and there's a funny thing, though. You desperately want to conclude, but you don't. You wanna get there, but you don't want to arrive. That's interesting. And fun, because you're going whether you like it not! (laughs)


(Corbin) Candida shifts into Voltaire's Candide
Corbin: ...he explains everybody is miserable...Pangloss, why are people so unhappy...he has a million questions for Pangloss and Pangloss is kind of like iON and he won't give you a straight answer on any god damn thing! (laughs)
iON: We gave you the perfect answer, we're waiting on the question.
Corbin: True, you have to ask the question properly in order to get the correct answer...


(Corbin) There is no speed of light
Corbin: ...Einstein has postulated that essentially once you get at light speed, time essentially order to maintain light speed...the energy it would take to get to that speed...speed is not time, I take it?
iON: It must be. Otherwise how do you gauge it? You're speaking the difference between velocity and amplitude. There's a difference there and that's timing. So, there is no speed of light, light doesn't race...Light has no velocity. No propensity to velocity. To gauge it means it's for reference. The same way you when you look in the mirror, you're looking into the past. Because that's the history.


iON: ...Now, if you wanna call on the resting soul of Galileo/King of night vision, king of insight, that's very different conversation. There you go.
Bob: ...Galileo is very important. I was talking to iON last night about Galileo. Very Important, more than people realize. He did many things, not just put stuff off the Tower of Pissa. (everyone cracking up)
Corbin: What about Copernicus?…
iON: ...He was busy giving fellatio to the Queen.
Sara: (gasps)
- goes over the hour

PART 4 (8pm)

00:00 - 60:00 (((( - iON - ))))


(Eliza) New Frequency
Eliza: ...from Ginney...'The Completed Perfected Cell' is 6.944MHz…
iON: Yees! See, we said Ginneybelle would know...
Eliza: Can you tell us the current frequency that we're vibrating on?
iON: Not that one. (laughs) You gotta change Pi. Pi is 3.14...never ends, but it's gonna change. Once the Pi change, that changes the amplitude. Once the amplitude changes and sets it, the frequency gets tighter, gets closer together. So the pitches are higher, which will change. So, you can't gauge it presently. But the more environ changes she also knows the formula...AL2SO4...then once that new media applies, then what happens is that this shift of're looking at it from different're amplitude is gauged from a (inaudible) point. Same way when you do sine or cosine? Cosine is starting from -1. Sine (unclear) is a 0 for +1, it's actually 0. Then, that makes the whole thing different from where you're starting. Do you see? So, that's changing. So, you can not gauge your frequency now, because your bias (inaudible) the amplitude isn't gonna set ya.


'FA' 'SO' 'LA' - Sacred Harp
Eliza: ...the more I listen to Cold helps our frequency, it helps to raise it?
iON: knead, like a dough, knead it to make it cohesive, you actually go to a 'FA' 'SO' 'LA' singing and get in the middle of the square. Get into the square and lead the song and when they sing, that's when you reach that convergence. Four Square, in a city that is built Four Square (unclear).
Eliza: Uhh, I don't get it
iON: We know. Four Square is a set up for 'FA' 'SO' 'LA', the Sacred Harp. You get in the middle of that...if you're sick, go there and do got to'll shift and change your freek-ency!


Kigye wants to kill himself
iON: Fabulous! That's wonderful! Put him on, we'll kill him!...Embrace it!...Why should we help him now? (everyone cracking up)...Get you some Yo Gotti!


Bob plays 'Cold Blood' by Yo Gotti ft. Canei Finch & J. Cole


Kigye: !!!!!!
(iON continue to give advise for Kigye)


Bob: Good advise there, iON! Okay assholes! Fuck'n just get onto another topic! Don't waste your time!
Heather: Who is the 'I am' speaking in the Gnostic poem, The Thunder, Perfect Mind?
iON: You! The 'I am'...Who do you say I am? I am.
Heather: sounds like a female talking like, this is Isis…
iON: You have both male and female, they give us a hard time,'s no issue to us.
Heather: There's parts of Gnostic texts that are missing or damaged...would there be any interest in filling those in...Nag Hammadi Library?
iON: (giggling) Go to Bob's library! He's got most of it!
Bob: Yeah, we got all the stuff. (iON tell Bob the location of the text in his library)
Heather: So you have the complete, the whole undamaged text of...
iON: Of course!
Heather: Is there a value in that? In terms of Ascension (unclear)?
iON: Oh! Not at all!
Heather: ...why were they saved or why were they found, if they weren' someway important?
iON: Well, they're fixing to be written.
Heather: Okay, by who?
Bob: Bob.
iON: By 'Whom.'
Bob: (laughs) Get your grammar right! (everyone cracking up) (suggests Heather to read TechGnosis by Erik Davis)


(Heather) The 'Purple Blood'
Heather: Is it in the physical (unclear) spectrum that things we can see this purple, or is it purple in another way?
iON: What about purple is (inaudible) purple? Purple purple? (Okay) No, wait a second. Is it purple? Yes. Is it purple? Yes.
Heather: Whose blood is purple then, now?
iON: A lots of folks. The emails are coming in all the time...Heather , have you had your blood drawn lately?...when you had your last blood we are talking about pre-108.
Bob: ...before generation 108.
Heather: No.
iON: Good, the last time you saw your blood drawn, what color was it? How did it look? Describe it exactly.
Heather: Just bright red, kinda dark.
iON: Wait, bright or dark?
Heather: This was a long time ago. Dark red, I guess?
iON: ...this great fun, now! Tell us about the taste? (Taste of what?) ReLyte.
Heather: Oh, ReLyte. Salty...tastes real strong, but it's good!
iON: Describe strong...Salty like a sea or salty like over salted mush potatoes?
Heather: ...haven't been to the sea in a long time, but I guess the sea.
iON: Er, bitter?
Heather: ...might has some bitter.


iON: If you changed it, how would you change it?
Heather: I don't know why I need to change it?
iON: Good!...when we ask the Six-Degrees of Separation question, you really can't get an answer, can you? Do you see how it works? That's why we don't engage them and sometimes we do it from here. Now, if we gonna tell you this is WHY something occurs, okay, then that's fine. That's different.


(Heather) Using ReNew on her mother - advises from Carolyn and iON


(Katie Thomas) Her tv pitch, wants to make it more Sci-Fi


iON: ...put White Truffle in rice pudding, you might like it (inaudible)... (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))
Bob: now, here we are, you got all this free time with me and you have nothing to think or say, 'cos you've been distracted!
(Katie, Sara and Stephanie on Ryland Whittington, the 7 year old transgender)


Stop focusing on your Chemical Body
Katie: ...making such a big deal out of Chemical Body.
Bob: Yeah, that's right. Make a big deal out of Chemical Body. That's the problem of being a parent. You gotta specialize and kids specialize and everybody is loosing it. But they create contrast, so I'm glad I'm not involved in any of those issues. Rather boring. Tell her she (Ryland) has four bodies. Maybe that'll stop her obsession with being one kind of Chemical Body. Teach the kids! Free the kids from their Kid-dom!
Stephanie: What is so ridiculous (inaudible) boys have long hair and short hair and girls do too. (inaudible)
Bob: Right! It's also cliche. She's gonna become a cliche boy. (inaudible) make her fail. So, these parents are stupid if they're not correcting her...doing some proper comprehensive advise to their kids.
Female2: Well Bob, didn't you say before that the kids are teaching their parents?
Bob: Yes, and the parents are getting in the way, because they don't have any adequate information tell the kids, so they rely on the old cliches or they just give up and be Dr. Spock and let them do whatever they want without any guidance. They don't provide enough stimulation for the kid. The kid just wants stimulation!
Alison: iON also brought up the male and female in everyone.
Bob: That's not true...bullshit...we're not limited to male and female anymore. And iON knows that.
Alison: That's true, but I think within this's a good comparison to...somebody changing their sex. It doesn't even matter.
Bob: But they make a big deal out of it either way. They should tell the kid that the kid has four bodies and stop focusing on our Chemical Body.
Sara: Stop making up pay for your plastic surgery (inaudible) Facebook and get 'likes.'
iONettes and Bob chat over movies and tv shows


(Ginney) Sunday Morning Breakfast with Bob - canceled, Ginney very disappointed


Ginney and Bob blip out, Barbra, Doug and Kora join in
Barbra asks Carolyn about putting RnA Drops in the ear - Carolyn doesn't recommend it


Bob tries to hit Carolyn and miss!
Carolyn and Bob suggest Barbra to redo the Revelation series with iON - re-ask everything


Bob: Barbra, I had a funny ear ache a couple of weeks ago. I asked iON about it. He said, 'Bob, it's balancing out. So let the ear aches happen, it is a balancing thing.' So, that's a good point. Don't always think that it's bad for you if it hurts. It could be just a balancing action going on. And it went away...interpret it as 'This is good! There's something to be exercised here!'
Barbra: Okay, sounds good!
Carolyn: So, our ears one of the final things?
Bob: I don't think so. Eyes were the final thing…
(Carolyn's hearing has improved)


A message from Terry: What about slack?
Bob reads aloud Kigye's long script
Bob: ...people have to realize he is not making one grammatical mistake here. Every word is perfectly spelled out. I don't know about (inaudible) human could write this perfectly.
Sara: Are you serious that he's really not making any grammatical...
Bob: There's not one…
Carolyn: That's because he's had so much practice writing these notes about every chaotic...cuts and pastes (inaudible, Bob talks over her)
Bob continues to read Kigye's long script
- goes over the hour

PART 5 (9pm)


continues on Kigye's long script and the iONettes' response to him

06:35 - goes over the hour (((( - iON RETURN - ))))

Kora: Is it necessary to feel pain in order feel bliss?...when you're thinking polarities?
iON: You don't even know what it is.
Bob: Yeah, you claim that! You claim we don't know nothing!
iON: So far you've been proving that by us (bias?) time and time again!
Bob: Well, you don't have to talk through a megaphone! Use your regular phone!
iON: (cracking up)
Bob: Okay people, jump in with your questions! Barbra wants to redo the Revelation series, iON, so I think you like that!
Barbra: Wait! Just give a minute, 'cos I just put some Proxide in my ear...(everyone cracking up)


Bob unmutes Rennee and lets her ask questions - iON suggest her to start with the Revelations Revealed series, then comeback.


(Kim) Jubilee
Bob: ...what I understand, the Jubilee is 1960 to 2010. 50 years. And we came into the Blood Moon, December 21st, 20 (inaudible)...iON said that 50 year period...was the Jubilee that's referred to...Bible books.
Kim: So the Jubilee has already occurred. It's past tense...(addressing to iON) was that the Jubilee or are we in the middle of a Jubilee now from 2011 on?
iON: That's past.
Bob: Is that related to us redoing 1960 to 2010 redoing the history? (Yes)...remaking it?
iON: Oh, we said you have.
Bob: Oh, we have done it. Yeah.
iON: Now, wait a second, here's another thing. So, are you trying to say that if people don't have a computer that they have no chance of ascending?
Bob: No. I never said that.
iON: What are you saying?
Bob: ...Rennee says she doesn't have a computer yet, That's why she can't email me.
iON: That's a blessing!


Randy: In (Katy Perry's) Dark Horse, it says 'Its in the palm of your hand now baby' and I heard you said before that there's an application in our hand...I want to know how to applicate whatever is in my hand?
iON: Ah! Very good, that's a good question!
Randy: I know the song...It is something that come against you if you turn against your Non-Physical?
iON: It's not about that. This is very interesting. 'Its in the palm of your hand now baby, It's a yes or no, no maybe.' That's the whole point.That's what we're trying to come to...It's in the palm of your hand of your Ascension. You came, we knew you were gonna come...All we're saying is, just make sure you choose carefully. Because, now! Just now, I, Non-Physical, incapable of anything of anything and everything! 'Kay? 'Make me whatever you wanna make me, Make me your Aphrodite...your one and only, But, don't make me your enemy...your enemy.'
Randy: respond to us in the way that we perceive you?
iON: Basically, if you want to play with magic, there's nothing wrong with problem. You just better know what you're falling for...'Baby do you dare to do this?' and if you do, then, we're 'coming at you like a dark horse'...Bob says 'There no going back!'
Randy: But is there something about our hand in particular…
iON: The thickening, Ascension...Ascension is noted by the thickening or more durability or elasticity of the dermis of your hand. 'Its in the palm of your hand now baby!'
Randy: Yes, 'cos my hands do feel different.
iON: They are different!
Barbra: So iON, are you influencing all music and all movies...?
Bob: Yes. I heard a lot about that last night.


Eliza: (inaudible) you wanna play with magic, can you explain that?
Bob: That means you engage with iON and then claim you were ripped off. That's engaging with magic, then claiming it was a problem for you.
iON: If you sue or try to sue Non-Physical, you can. But, here's the deal...You become the plaintiff and the defendant. You are the distance between you and you.


Bob: Is that what you're getting at? Engaging with iON is engaging with magic? Is that your point here in the Dark Horse lyrics?
iON: No! No, no, no! YOU think its magic because you don't know Ascension. You come to us in a little nothing state, you don't know nothing...then we tell you something and you turn around then you know what you know. Then you decide you don't need no Non-Physical...I know everything...fuck ya all...(continue to rant)...
Bob: You just described everybody I have met in the last four years! Every single person!
iON: (still ranting) you decide you want to Ascend. So, we say okay...(ranting) Then what happens is...Oh, I'm better than I was! I'm not Ascended yet, but I'm better than I was! The you start finding that you are indeed playing with what you call magic. Not magic to us...So, you wanna play with magic? Know what you are doing! Don't engage Non-Physical unless you know what you're doing. If you're getting benefit from it, then engage those benefits. Not a problem. You wanna be a GOD? Be a GOD. Not a problem. We are saying once you start that process, you can't un-know it. There is no going back. You can't un-know.


The levels of Heaven
Barbra: ...are you referencing...a black horse and the Revelations when you say dark horse?
iON: Yes.
Eliza: (inaudible) you wanna play with magic (inaudible) you wanna create (inaudible) what you're falling for?
iON: But you already are creating. You know that. Even if you don't know it, you are. So, that's a given. It's the next phase. When you start activating the Non-Physical thats yours. It's yours. Already. All of it!
Barbra: Black horse (inaudible) represents also the third level of Heaven?
iON: Ask Bob.
Barbra: ...representing the third level of Heaven, like the first level of Heaven is the white horse...the red horse (unclear) and the black horse and the pale horse.
Bob: I don't thinks those are levels of Heaven. They might be, but don't ask me! I'm re-asking all those questions.
Barbra: ...there is obviously a significance of the dark horse and the black horse in Revelations. (iON agree) I'm wondering if there's something else that you're trying to tell us?
iON: We are.


(Susana) Storms and Winds - everything is getting activated
iON: Do. (meaning 'yes') Yes it is.
Susana: ...multiple funnels of tornadoes...can you talk a little about it?
Barbra: The double-helixes!
iON: The winds (inaudible) already being released. From Joplin, Missouri conundrum
Bob: What about the storm right now? Is it coming towards...where Bill is right now?
iON: Yap! (Bill should worry?) Hey Bob! What's the probability? (cracking up)
Susana: So the winds are been released, the Angels were controlling the winds before, now they relinquished there anything controlling the winds now?
iON: Ask Bob.
Barbra: No they're meeting now! There's another meeting to the winds. It's activating your DNA and the Angels were holding that back. And now, it's released. (Right!) So you can come into your Power, you can Ascend.
Susana: So the winds were metaphor. We are not really talking about wind?
iON: We're taking about winds that blow your house down.
Barbra: It's both, right?
iON: Uh-hu. Yap.


Bob: January 12th, 2011 is when the winds (inaudible)…
Susana: ...we are at the tail end of the winds?
Bob: Noooo! (laughs)
Barbra: This is the beginning!


Alison: iON! Any comment on the movie, Frequencies?...Did you created it?
iON: We didn't say.
Barbra: the movie there was a part of the book...was that like Angel speak?
iON: A version of it. We couldn't put the real thing (inaudible)
Barbra: ...they also have the Five Bodies in there!
iON: Always.
Bob: Nah...they don't have the tv body…


Fate vs Destiny, or Is there a way to embrace the two?
iON: We say 'Yeah!'
iON: We're gonna answer the question, but we got (inaudible) your definition first, because you already have established biases that now we have to overcome...So give us your working definition of 'fate.'
Barbra: Does anybody have a Webster handy?
iON: 'the will of principle or determining causes by which things in genera are believed to come to be as they are of events to happen as they do.' Now you go into 'destiny,' which is 'an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition, or end.'
Sara: Really?
iON: (continue to read from Merriam-Webster)...did not know the 'fate' of her former classmate.'
Bryan or Doug: Short version, 'Shit happens.'
iON: Ya! There you go! There is our boy!
Suzana: Fate is not necessarily a positive thing?
iON: Or negative. It's 'foreordain.' Great or noble course or end...lot and portion imply a distribution by fate or destiny, 'lot suggesting blind chance...portion implying the apportioning of good and evil...doom distinctly implies a grim or calamitous fate...if the rebellion fails, his doom is certain.'
Barbra: Seems like there is no choice there...if something faded, it's like you're on this path and there's no way of switching it off (unclear).
Josip: (inaudible)


iON: Destiny. 'something to which a person or thing is destined fortune...wants to control his own destiny...a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.'
Sara: It says that the person is not responsible for that.
iON: It can't be. It's already settled.
Barbra: ...they both sound the same then.
iON: They are not. We're just going by what you say...actually we're having to give you what you say, which is kind of a misnomer...was that fate or destiny?
Suzana: Well, fate is more negative than destiny...
iON: No. Neither are neither. You can't infer a positive of a negative (inaudible) foreordained outcome that you have already established.
Barbra: Here's another definition, 'a power that is believed to control what happens in the future'...this is kinda same...
iON: Now that's what you say it is. Now let's discuss it. Well, you can control it, it doesn't say you can't you can control it. It just says that you don't want to. It's already worked out.
(interruption, iONettes talk over each other)
iON: Welcome to our world!


Sara: That's what I'm saying!...Don't you guys feel like iON might be saying 'Why you guys always bring up old shit?'
Barbra: How is this old shit?
iON: ...what the topic is all about coming into your place of Power. So. Is it already fated that you're going to Ascend, Barbra?
Barbra: I wanna say 'yes.'
iON: Then done. Then stop. Then It is. Okay. Who did that fating? You?
Barbra: Yes. I did.
iON: Or GOD?
Barbra: Which is me.
iON: Okay. If you go against that, then you're going against GOD, right?
Barbra: Right.
iON: Now you are getting somewhere! From that, your mind can embrace can go with that. You go, 'Oh, okay! So it's all right if GOD said it was okay.'
Barbra: And I'm the one that said it's okay and I'm GOD!
iON: Now...'fate' is something was decided and you didn't get the memo.


iON: Can the timeline of a fatalistic destiny be outlined and rewritten? And the answer is, just like in the movie (Frequencies), 'Most certainly!'
(iON bring up the 'Lemon Curd' metaphor)
- goes over the hour

PART 6 (10pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


The Fireside Chat with Dr. Carolyn Dean


Carolyn and iON take questions from the listeners, starts with Bryan, Sara, Bert...


Between the Sixth and Seventh Ring
Bob: I have a statement for iON. Is the operation of the Magnesium in the cell that Carolyn's being talking about, is that in the Angel Diagram?
iON: Yes it is and our question is, so we finally conclude that topic with our original question. So it doesn't matter how much ReLyte you use, it won't bruise your Vodka and Vodka Martini, right?
Carolyn: Correct.
iON: There you have it! There you have it! (rant) And it won't bruise your good drink! And it's in the Vial Judgement, Bob! We say it would be...between the sixth and seventh ring.
Bob: Thank you! You should find that interesting, Bryan!
Carolyn: Wow!


iON: Our favorite is Magnesium shot!...You take the dropper...put it in the belly button, then...lick it out! Good time is on the way!


Bert, 'the naive ex-jock', asks questions


(Naim) The Fourth Dimension


(Kurt) Finger nails and Comfrey
iON: We think the root is have to be careful, you'll poison yourself.
- goes over the hour

PART 7 (11pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues with Kurt's questions


(Sara) How does Boron help regulate Hormone?


Kurt: iON, are you speaking through JW today?
iON: Not anymore!...They are all busy!


(Alison) Her computer anomaly


iON request Bob to play Yo Gotti (again)


(Kurt) Speechless Manifestation
Kurt: I would like to know more clues about manifestation beyond stating your desires? Can you help me?
iON: Yes. That's wonderful. That's the next phase. We told Bob, this is going to be an eventful engagement. You're going on the next stage of the leading edge of creation, which is Speechless Manifestation!
Bob: ...I knew Kurt was a good question asker! First time ever said in the history of humanity!...In the beginning was no longer the word!
iON: Oh, there was a word, but we forgot it!


Kyle joins in for the first time


Kyle: ...I was in the church...Chuck Berry was the preacher...matter of fact, you like the Goodmans, my cousin, we bought the Goodman Family Gospel Studio...they bought it...the Goodmans...needed money...we bought it...1983 or 84


Bob: ...No, that's when you are ascending when everybody is hating you!
Kyle talks about his transitioned girlfriend, Kimberly.
- goes over the hour

PART 8 (12pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


(John) Thompson Quadrant


Back to Kyle
Bob: Is this too intellectual for you, Kyle?
Kyle: No...I've been studying for years...I'm a scientist...


(John) On Eric Dollard
iON: Well, he's lost seven Labs, so far.


(Kyle) What is Electricity
Kyle: Is there any electricity in Non-Physical?
iON: No. We know what we are. It's not electricity.
Kyle: What is it?
iON: Ehh, snot.
Kyle: It's something unknown to man?
iON: Littleman
Kyle: I think I have to say (inaudible) I'm coming closest to anybody (unclear) with that girlfriend of mine. Pretty sure we discovered it.
iON: Hey, hey, hey! Tell us more!
Bob: What did you discover, Kyle?
iON: Electricity.
Kyle: Electricity. I'm telling you. Out of this world!


Kyle: ...blacks are very prejudice, a pure black is just was prejudice as any pure white.


Sheila joins in


Naim: (to Kyle) He met her in the Ebony and Ivory Room.


Germaine joins in
- goes over the hour

PART 9 (1am)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


Akito joins in from another world (bad connection), the iONettes vote whether of not he is allowed to ask questions.
Bert: Not about himself!
Josip: You don't listen! You don't listen!
Bob: You don't listen!
Josip: You don't listen!
iON: You no lizzn!
(iONettes continue)


(Akito) Silver Tip Oolong Jasmine Tea from Ha Noi
Akito: iON, please tell me the name of the shop in Ha Noi, because I think I was wrong about the name?
iON: Okay, forget the shop in Ha Noi…Do you have a googler?
Akito: Yes.
iON: Can you type?
Akito: Akito: Yes.
iON: 'Can you sell Silver Tip Oolong Jasmine Tea / Ha Noi'
Female3: (loud sigh)
Akito: (typing)…Done!


Akito: (searching)…Which one should I click?
Female3: Argh!
iON: You have choices?
Sara: You fuck'n kidding me with this? (everyone cracking up)


Nadia joins in


Jack joins in
- goes over the hour

PART 10 (2am)

00:00 - 10:49 (((( - THE END OF iON's APPEARANCE TONIGHT - ))))


continues with Jack
Germaine: Hey iON, Jack is naked!
Kyle gives advice to Jack


(Akito) The Vietnamese Silver Tip Oolong Jasmine Tea from Ha Noi
Akito: iON, I can't find it.
Sara: Oh, lord and Jesus!
iON: (cracking up)
(iON tell Akito to look up on the googler again)


Akito: iON, seriously I can't find it!
Bob: You will. You will…
Germaine: (cracks up)
iON: Get a googler and…
Akito: iON! I've been doing that for a week now!
Germaine: I can't find it…
Eliza: Akito, go to They have it on their website.
iON: Ha Noi…


iON: TTFN! (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))


Melting Titanium No.20, August 25th, 2009 (part 1)
- goes over the hour

PART 11 (3am)

00:00 - 30:52

Melting Titanium No.20, August 25th, 2009 (part 2 - end)
impressions by Bert and Bob


Roxanna and Katie Thomas join in

(((( - The End of tonight's Show - ))))

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