Thursday, June 19, 2014

Akito’s Guide to Payday | 7 June 2014


PART 1 (5pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
- goes over the hour

PART 2 (6pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
- goes over the hour

PART 3 (7pm)


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Sara and Bob on 200 Motels w/ Corbin in the background: I want you to have my baby


health questions to Carolyn - on salt, Pulsatilla (a Homeopathic Remedy); MIHR (Magnetically Influenced Homeopathic Remedies) was an Injectable Homeopathic


on AIDS - AZT treatment started in 1988, its patients were dying in 1991


Thyroid and Iodine - salt in processed food not iodized; ReLyte contains iodine plus five minerals necessary for thyroid; RnA Drops require radiation (iCell consumes radiation); more on thyroid and ReLyte; importance of sea salt important - its sodium component supports adrenal grand; Cheri on her symptoms


Bob: All these people have families and relatives, very strange breed…very strange, these people…
- goes over the hour

PART 4 (8pm)


Carolyn explains on How to take in ReMag and ReLyte effectively (do not piss them away!)

04:14 - 38:31 (((( - iON - ))))


Cheri on thymus and parathyroid


iON: You are in a world, an environment, a Mystery Landscape thats evolving. Now, your base of evolving is changing, meaning, your normal doesn't fit in the new environ - the Mystery Landscape...the Mystery Landscape, you don't know, and so your body is now a Mystery Landscape. So, what was okay before was not okay now. Therefore your body is responding and adjusting in kind to the visual biases, hendiadys that you engaged. You're shifting now and becoming...The world is changing and your changing in the world.


On phosphorus - high carbohydrate intake, low phosphate in the blood; a high protein diet would balance the level of phosphorus


(Alison) the dermis is changing - not getting thicker, but getting durable - an Armored Exoskeleton
(Betsy) advice on her damaged lower back;


Induction and Induction Heating


Sara: Are you saying that our magnetic state or electric state is changing?
iON: ...
Jean: Are we electricity?
iON: No. You are not.
Jean: Are we the source of electricity?
iON: No. You are not.
Jean: Does our energy that is produced simply by being in this Chemical Body have anything to do with the production of electricity on this planet?
iON: Yeee…hmm. Oh, you are so close to it, you could taste it!
Jean: Oh, come on!
iON: How about a positive charge on the sphere?
Jean and iON continue...
iON: ...make by default an electrical're gonna induce a current
Jean: …you are talking about positive charge at this point?
iON: Everything is. There is no negative charge. Negative is the ground...That's where Michael Faraday fucked it up, darling.
(Jean and iON continue despite Bob's interruption @ 35:57)


The absolute zero is gone
Jean: Does anything replace absolute zero in our current perspective?
iON: No. No. Look up boron and play with it and see how you go, okey doke?
Jean: Okey doke
iON: Injoy! (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))


Bob: You heard something thats never been said before in history of humanity in public.
Alison: Yeah, the fall-out from what you are doing?
Bob: ...Alison, it's been done! It would never been said until it was done!
Alison: Got it!
Bob: It's like we are onto other technologies now.
Jean: Cold Play happens?
Bob: 'Happened'
Jean: Happening? Happened? It's over?
Bob: No, it's here to be used. The development phase is finished. That's why iON said all that. He wouldn't said that otherwise...hold your thoughts close to your chest, till everything is done...just go back and listen to it for a few times. There's nothing to say about it.


(Melody) On duality - it has nothing to do with polarity; black & white is not duality (it maybe polarity)
Bob: Duality is two things. There are two of you...polarity and duality have nothing to do with each other. You don't apply the Ying and Yang archetype to duality...And that should drop all your New Age thinking. All New Age thinking is based on that nonsense.
They try to say its Post-Cartesian, Descartes, he brought in duality and screwed everybody up, but actually it was just the effect of the print. And then the New Age comes in and tries to counter the Descartes effect and they are not even talking about what iON is talking about. That is the basis of mediumship, a lot of your channeling, and it's not relevant, the way they use it. Because iON brings in duality, polarity, magnetism, frequency, vibration...five or six things.
But you're talking metaphysics, a conceptual ideas, we talked about black and white, and calling that a duality. iON uses duality in the technical sense.


Bob: Get rid of that idea of flow out of your mind, too...from a duality to flow and it just becomes zombies of nonsense. I mean, these are ratios...
Jean: He (iON) talked about individual magnetic fields and I consider them parallel to the Degrees of Separation. So the Who, What , Why, Where questions becomes less important.
Bob: No, Degrees of Separations is the mental ideas. He's talking physical forces. Not mental ideas and separation.
Jean: Can't you parallel that?
Bob: No. Wouldn't put the mind in there, when they are talking about physical facts...don't rely too much on my answers. Whatever you're asking me, you ask iON...and don't ask me about it, don't banter among yourselves. Fuck'n ask iON when he comes back!


On mind, chattering and overlay
Bob: iON keeps emphasizing that things are changing, its being cause by the iCell. Or the iCell is the reflection of the change...none of your concepts that you've ever heard of applies to now. And these new technologies prove that.
Jean: It's bewildering though...
Bob: Well, only for your mind…you just keep your mind out of don't need your mind to figure it out...doesn't mean you stop using your mind, you just don't make big deal out of your mind, you let it talk to you…
Alison: But when something happens, you don't equate it anymore to the knowledge that you previously don't compare it to that.
Bob: You wouldn't even compare it. You would just ignore what your mind thinks is going on...iON used to say that everyone is looking for a reason, and iON would come up with the best reasons. But iON would be honest and tell you that these reasons are temporary for your littleness that requires a reason. You have to learn how to listen to your mind chatter, and not put any stop(?) in a conclusion of it.
Gregg: hear all these new things, try not to compare to what you think you already have in your mind, because that's where you are going to loose...iON is saying so many things that don't have a's our desire to try to nail it down and I'm comfortable with it now, cause it's sort of like this thing...
Bob: Melody...was trying to take that duality iON was talking about, the technical thing, and relate it to conceptual stuff, black & white, YingandYang things - that's the example.
Gregg: And so, this is a whole new way of not hear your mind say stuff, sure, but you go 'hmm, I wonder what else that could be?' Cause the moment we use our mind to try to compare it to something we got in our database, we gonna go down that rabbit hole!
Bob: You keep listening to this show to overlay new bunch of words that your mind requires to overlay the new words even though they may not mean totally anything to you. But you have new words, so your mind could chatter with.
Gregg: We don't have to understand what H3O2 is, but as a byproduct, we could say 'cool iON, how is H3O2 as a byproduct going to be used?'
Bob: How to apply, rather then trying to figure it out. It's a good point! Ask ways it's applied, then how you could apply it to your situation. What inventions you could come up with.


Melody, Gregg and Bob on what is GODlike
Bob: …taking your power is not being afraid to engage anything, not judging whether you are higher or lower...
on Krishnamurti's Choiceless Awareness; James Martinez and Cold Fusion; Walter Bowart
- goes over the hour

PART 5 (9pm)


continues on James Martinez


On never minding - speak, talk, say the words
the Evergreens said the mind has become an outdated technology; the Evergreens were all about the subconscience - even they were steering people away from using the mind
Bob: If our mind had any reality, as iON says, we were able to destroy the universe a long time ago. And ourselves!


Gregg: the scientific community, the Evergreens had said in many occasions that the observer affects the observed...chemicals that would not bond together 25 years ago, now bond perfectly well, same chemical, same purity, same environment...
Bob: ...with iCell, you don't influence. It's new. It's not the quantum principle anymore


On California Chrome and the owner, Steve Coburn


The top entertainers do not listen to the media and how Bob got to his position


On markd16 as a Texter at the Dupes; on Bob's interview with Leon Surette

32:25 - goes over the hour (((( - iON RETURN - ))))


Female1: where is my dog? - at the dog pound; 'Who is Peanuts?'
Gregg asks about the water he drinks during travel


Did California Chrome have enough to win the 2014 Belmont Stakes?; the Breathe Right strips - less oxygen; about Steve Coburn after the race; its jockey, Victor Espinoza knew the horse wouldn't win; is this horse the jockey's Non-Physical? - iON just names the horse that Espinoza rode in the past


Is the beast always a reflection of our Non-Physical? - of course, anything without a soul is; your soul is so grand that your beast would pick that up, we(iON) do that; which physical person influences the Non-Physical horse - why would the jockey and not the owner?; a message to Renee - 'Peanut'


NoAmy's anomaly at the hospital - unable to draw blood; they couldn't see her blood
iON: The good news is that there is a 'hedge' around you regarding's what they would call have what we call Ascended's a disease...
NoAmy having palpitation - the test result anomaly
- goes over the hour

PART 6 (10pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues on NoAmy's anomaly
Bob: Great anniversary point! 44 years of work, Carolyn, and now we have our first mutation!...You can now go around and say you're Bob's baby!
Carolyn steps in to stop Bob and iON's foolishness; on symptoms caused by magnesium deficiency; iON calls Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS), a Well Sinus Syndrome (WSS); iON - a 'Comedium';


Debbie Does Dallas (Susana) on Electricity


Alison on Boron - in Sheila Kern's painting; not from the earth, from Meteorites


Susana: ...our dermis turning into Exoskeletal Armor - is it to be a conduit of electricity so that we could connect to the Cloud?
iON: ...Allotropes...boron...(Alison and Susana look them up on the Wiki)


Bobbstown Announcement to the participants: Bob's not paying attention to your 'hands raised up' or “Star 5″ (*5) - just jump-in and start speaking! (be sure to Mute when not speaking)


while Alison and Susana is looking up Allotropes of Boron
iON: We have to go in and change the Wikipedia that match our words, so you believe them and that..beyond reproach..ya'll can't find it on the Wikipedia fast (inaudible)…
Alison: iON creates Wiki!
iON: Well, sometimes we have to put it there, because that's what Marshall McLuhan said - if you can find the Mediacology and affect it, you run it. Do you understand? We can say anything we want to, put it in the Wikipedia, you can find it and go 'there's that sonuvabitch is,' just like iON said. And you run with it. And the creator got it and the next thing Bob is Patenting it!


iONettes and iON discuss Allotropes of Boron


Susana: So this is in response to my question about the dermis being armored and electricity flowing over it to get to the Cloud? iON said Allotrope and now we're hearing this?
iON: Yeah..yeah, yeah
...more on Allotropes of Boron in details; iON mention Dr. Deans 'Glasstick (unclear)' - Carolyn and Bob shut them up.


Susana: Is this Armored Exoskeleton is what is going to enable us to the Roy Mustang transmuting action?
iON: No, that would be Cubic Boron...and the Argon something, done, done done...does Fort Worth ever cross your mind, Margarita?
Bob: Is she listening?
Susana: Margarita, you said Bob was the one that was getting it the most.
Bob: She was the most educated (iON burst in laugher) intellectually, she had the most up to date education...she knew...all those Postmodern guys...Margarita told me a couple years ago 'don't forget me, Bob,' and I never heard back from her...let's hope she hears this...Hey, call in, Margarita!


On Timeline - You can shift and change it
iON: We want to clean up a few things...there is NO TIME, but there are TIMELINES. There is reality that you run into...they (people) engage with us, their Non-Physical, our paths on a journey...there's a crap they call String Theory explanations and stuff, which is also bunch of crap. But, this is the other side of that whole flow of what is going on. At every juncture of the road that you travel on, you can make turns. You're still in the car, still driving...Lets say, you engage with us and you decide that you want to make Bat Houses, and we support the making of Bat Houses...And then you sell Bat Houses and getting back money selling Bat Houses, cause it was the thing that you were doing that we supported.


iON: That doesn't mean that for all that today's of eternity, you are the residential Bat House Salesman...It means that from that term of reality when you're engaging, that's what YOU chose to create in that line. You could stay in that line...make the houses of bats.


iON: But, you don't have to. You can shift and change. So when we choose, we can choose By the way, when we choose one for the special...engagement, they are as valid as anything in creation. Then you go 'But iON, if you're Non-Physical and know everything, how did you not know that this was going to be a train wreck…?' We say, well, it's the creator's choice. They get to choose. And they can un-choose. And they can re-choose. They can choose-choose. They do what they want to do. That's why it's so wonderful! See. If you were just (inaudible) coming to our power, you wouldn't have to worry about it; we have you all smote! Cause you would not live up to our expectations, because, anything less than perfection, we won't have!


iON: You and your Power is what we want...You and your Power trumps us. We like that. Won't have anything less. So everything up to that, you're playing with a Dark Horse.


Melody-Rose's asking on healing, duality, black & white starts, instead, Bob has to bring in Margarita on board.
Bob: Welcome aboard, Margarita! I'm glad you took the hint, about fuck'n time, only three years late, but that's okay, you are Queen!
iON: Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?...
BoB: …Okay, that's enough with Margarita! Get back in line Margarita! (her pattern - comes and goes with 24)


Back to Melody-Rose on energy
Bob labels her as New Age and she denies; claims to be non-New Age, part an 800th generation indigenous lineage; Bob points out she is a product of tv and New Age
Bob: And until television came along! Nobody is here anymore when you get television, you go discarnate!
iON: Hold on...'I' (singular!) got this, Bob. You are not even there. You are not in your home, you are not in the United States, you are not anywhere. You're on your iPhone. You're on your Youtube. You're on your Cloud. You don't even answer the phone, you have something gonna answer the phone and talk to you. You don't even have to go home anymore, you have your Chip Body look in your house and see if everything is okay...You look in the iCould for your information - you are not even there! You are not even indigenous to this world, anymore. It's all involved in the reduction of BoricOxide! (@ 27:57)


Melody-Rose continues
Melody: I have done astro traveling as an indigenous medicine person for almost 30 years...
iON: We are sorry about that.
Melody: …What!?
iON: We are sorry about that.
Melody: Okay, I'm sorry about that too! Because it didn't do me good!
iON: It didn't do you any good, cause it just distracted you. It was the imitation. It would be like coitus and pornography. Pornography will get you off, but it's not love you had that, you know what it it works...the catch words...the lingoes...but, get on with it! You got it figured out...if you're Customer Service, serve your customers. Do something.
Melody continues on her contrast and health issues


On making choices
Melody: we create the reality is through making choices?
iON: No! It's not! No! No! No! You think you make choices, but actually we choose you! You don't choose us. We choose you! You think you'r reading the book, honey, the book is reading you! See, in the littlemen's state, you have no (inaudible) to have any (inaudible) regarding anything. That's why Marshal McLuhan was relevant...until you start the process of Ascension, you really don't have a say in it.
Melody: …okay...
iON: That's why you put all those choices and riddled it all through what you call your history. You riddled it Hansel and Gretel leaving the bread crumbs, so that they could find their way home. Okay? The better question is, why in hell were they the middle of the woods to Wicked Witch's house in the first place? ...indigenous to the woods, where they were lost eternally until that sugar coated house showed up for which they were to fit the, they didn't choose, the Wicked Witch chose them...
(Melody and iON continue)


Margarita comes on board (not in Fort Worth, yet)


Margarita reads the Emerald Tablet 13 'The Keys of Life and Death' to iON:
"First lie at rest with thine head to the eastward. 
 Fold thou thy hands at the Source of thy life (solar plexus). "
Margarita: When you spin the upper part of your body, with your head facing east, is the spinning from the upper east towards the north? Or clockwise?
iON: If you're in Fort Worth, you lay your head toward Atlanta. They are parallel. The 33rd parallel. You lay your head toward Atlanta, and you're on your back. So your right hand would be extended from the solar plexus toward Canada. Your left would be toward Mexico. Specifically Costa Rica...(Cartago)...
Margarita: You told...Carolyn and Bob not to do this exercise unless you are very grounded in this world.
iON: That's right.
Margarita: are not happy in this world, you could easily flip to another and maybe you go to a dark or you end up in another parallel world and not come backing back here, because you are not grounded...
iON: Now, you can, but you've done this already, darling, that's why you're asking this question now. By the way, welcome back, as you've been in that process...that's why you're asking now...its father is the Sun, its mother the Moon; the wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the earth, you see? That's what you are trying to apply. You are trying to Ascend or transcend from the Earth to the Heaven again, descend to the Earth and receive the force of things superior and inferior. But it means that you shall have the glory of the whole worlds...hence are called Hermes.


Margarita: ...I was hesitant to continue doing that, because when you gave the warning, sort of like the warning on the Angel speak...if you're not grounded in this world, be careful when you do this…
iON: That's right, that's exactly right, it's like the Conjure of Sacrifice by Papa Justify, same way. And you're good with think correctly...if we give you a warning, you know to back off and that's the great're good, it's like, I don't care what you say, iON said 'NO'...NO isn't eternal, but it's just until you decide with it a little bit, till the burning in the belly, burning in the belly. You are the essence of the burning in the belly.


On 33rd Parallel
Margarita: ...Maui...right now, is not on the 33rd Parallel, but there is a convergence of old grids or Ley lines there. Is there a place for a person...simple to Ascend or transcend if you are closer to the 33rd Parallel?...I'm on the 26th...
(iON suggest Margarita to move north to Fort Worth)
Margarita: you were literal about Fort Worth?
iON: Are you nuts!? When we not literal about everything!?
Bob: When you go to Fort Worth, go around looking for McLuhan's wife's relatives...that's a good enough reason to go there!
Margarita: Everything goes back to McLuhan!...I know that you insist on that area.
iON: No we don't. We don't're asking these questions, but everything is based on not doing what we've already suggested that you do...
(more on Fort Worth, iON is moving Maui to the 33rd Parallel, Margarita's indecisiveness about moving to Fort Worth)


iON: Hey Bob. If the wind is blowing from the north and you're standing facing the south, where does the wind hit you?
Bob: It hits the back of your head! HA HA HA!
iON: So, then coming from the south and blowing north, where does the wind hit you?
Bob: The back of your head! HA HA HA!
iON: HA HA HA! See how ridiculous that sounds?...


Sheila shows up and gets poked on her boyfriend; iON recommends the show, 'On the Other Hand'
- goes over the hour

PART 7 (11pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))

iON: Now, let's go back to where we were cleaning up before. Where you say, iON chooses certain ones and iON should know. Guess what iON does. And the line aren't crossed. Remember on Ghostbusters? They decided not to cross the streams? ...and the Gozerian comes back to this realm and opens the portal and ask them, 'Are you a god?' Then if you are not a god, then you will be judged by the first and the most horrible thing that pops up in your mind...then a 75 ft Mashmallowman burning marshmallows comes and melts the flesh right off your body. If Gozer the Gozerian asks you if you are god, say 'Fuck yeah!' and smote him...That's how we're able to choose. We have missed yet, Bob!
Bob: That's right, you picked me. That's enough, that's all you have to do! You got me, you're in, you're a fuck'n winner!


Madeleine shows up
Bob: How do you doing, Madeleine!
Madeleine: I spasmed. You said my name and I threw the phone there and ripped the…
iON: Honey, honey, honey. He hears that all the time!


(Madeleine) The importance of coitus

09:16 - 13:25

Bob plays 'Don't Stop Believin' by Journey, then comments on their music


iON: They suck Brillo down their throats!


(Madeleine) The Angel Talk
Madeleine: Basically, I'm having a lot of fun with the Angel Speak, iON, and I don't have a question, because I'm doing what I'm doing with it. But, just for the hell of it, is there anything you like to share anything I'm not considering that might be good?
iON: ...Might be good?
Madeleine: Yeah! Gimme the goods!
iON: ...well...Good luck with that...
Madeleine: (gasps) Okay, then, what's up!?
iON: ...You're playing with it. It's like your food. Remember what your mother said when you play with food?
Madeleine: You go to hell?
iON: I hope your mother didn't tell you to go to hell! (laugh) My mother told me to go to hell!
Madeleine: ...only she warned me not to play with food.
iON: SO ARE WE! Stop playing with the Angel!
Madeleine: ...I'm playing with them!?
iON: You just said you're playing with the Angel Speak!
Madeleine: ...I am, but what's wrong with that?
iON: The same reason your mother told you not to play with your food is the same reason we are telling you NOT to play with the Angels.
...iON continue to explain to Madeleine, that she is not serious enough to learn the Angel Talk
Madeleine: ...Bob, iON is bullshit! ...I'm this disconnected with my Non-Physical that I don't even recognize...
iON: (laughs) Is that would be like saying, I'm so fucked-up that I can't even fuck?
Madeleine: ...Bob, I feel like everything is going great for a minute and then crash, you know, for something like this…
iON: Welcome to (Beverly Hills) 90210, babe!
Madeleine: ...can you tell me something I could pick up on?
iON: Yes. Stop playing with your food...we don't mind you having the position. We are saying, don't play with the Angels, darling. They're fun, but don't play with them...We're gonna get you a little help! Hey, Germaine!
Madeleine: Please don't bring in Vestal Goodman…


Bob plays a bit of Vestal Goodman as a warning to Madeleine..

28:44 - 32:34

..then plays the full set


iON: That was beautiful! That was beautiful!...Now. Here is the thing. When you're talking to the Angels, don't play with it. What you do is you speak to the Angel with the point, with purpose, with the dry, just like when you are amorous and want to get jiggy? You don't frustrate yourself, you carry on with the process and engage. Same thing with the with them and you gonna frustrate them…


iON ask Germaine on how to engage Angels at a different level; they use the PC - Printer 'driver' metaphor to explain it


iON mention 'the connection between Boron and Magnesium'


More on the PC - Printer 'driver' metaphor to explain the Angel Talk
iON: So if the Angel is not the printer. And if the looky-box is you. Through the driver it's been installed, then you should be able to direct the Angels to do what you want them to do. Right?
Germaine: Correct.
iON: Interesting. But if you don't install the driver, and you're just playing with it, then, there is no real connection to you and the looky-box, is there?...It's still fun to play with, but you won't get the result...
Germaine: Yeah, you won't get a result. It's just happening to (inaudible) happen.
iON: There you go! All you're doing is replaying a Shakespeare fatalism position. (they recite the verse)...with direction, you can have the Angels solve it for you, so you never find yourself in a fatalistic rendition of an outcome...Now, does that help?
Bob: Does that help, Madeleine?


Madeleine: I guess...the 'driver'...I don't know what am I missing...
iON: Please tell Madeleine exactly, when you speak to the Angel, who, what, when, where, how, you do it.
Germaine: Okay. If you have one that you usually talk to, make sure all your intensions and words are clear. And you just direct it. You say it. You command it. You don't do it loosely...
Bob: Where is the metaphor for the 'driver'? What's the 'driver'?
Germaine: The 'driver' is yourself. You are the one that's driving the Angel to get you the result.
Madeleine: See, I thought I was doing that. And I was saying I was having fun playing with it, but were like two things that I keep saying over and over and...I don't know how to be more direct...


iON recite the Angel Talk with charisma
iON: Speak directly to the Angel and the Angel will come to your aid. Don't play with it. Do it!
...then Bob mimics iON's Angel Talk - sounds like Taz the Tasmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny
Carolyn: Madeleine, when you said that you kept saying it over and over, that implies that you don't trust...their gonna do it, cause you keep repeating it...
Madeleine: ...I'm good. Thank you everybody!

51:49 - 54:06

iON request to play 'I'm Going Home' (Cold Mountain)
'FA' 'SO' 'LA'


Madeleine asks iON how to be more 'centered'
- goes over the hour

PART 8 (12am)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))

continues with Madeleine


The 'Dark Soul' in The Revelation Chapter 23 - is at the top or the littlemen, pretending to be sympathetic to the littlemen.


Leonard P. Breedlove - a Sacred Harp composer


the Codex (Codex Vaticanus - one of the oldest extant manuscripts of the Greek Bible)


more on Leonard P. Breedlove
'FA' 'SO' 'LA' - is the Magic Tune
Bert: The Codex, iON. The exercise you gave me a few weeks ago from Da Vinci. Is that related to the Codex?
iON: Yes, it is!


back to 'FA' 'SO' 'LA'
'FA' = 392.00 Hz, 'SO' = 261.63 Hz, 'LA' = 246.94 Hz
Kevin: Is singing a 'FA' 'SO' 'LA' to perfect your body, physically?
iON: It' perfect your frequency, perfectly...It changes your body frequency. Ascended bodies have a specific frequency. Ginneybelle remembers the new frequency (inaudible)...


Bob: You're getting the frequency changes, Madeleine, and you're mixing it up with concept in your mind.


iON: Frequencies ARE cells.
Bob:'s acoustic.
Madeleine: iON, you told me to listen to music...I wasn't inspired to listen to my music, but I started singing...I created this thing to push against somehow. I'm like, Fuck You!
iON: And now you are arguing for your limitations and frustrated, because you can't frustrate yourself anymore...(iON rants) didn't do the last thing we told you to do.
Madeleine: What was that?
iON: Listen to music. And you weren't moved.
(Madeleine and iON argue)


Susana on connection between music and frequency
(a belligerent JW has stepped in)


(Madeleine and iON continue to argue)

22:39 - 23:53

(interruption) Bob plays Zappa


Madeleine: That was gooood!
Bob: Yeah. In 1984, after Zappa was in Toronto, I was walking through the University of Toronto Campus and someone has stamped 'Frank Zappa Cures Cancer' at every step on the sidewalks all through the university. So, I guess someone got cured by that song, like iON saying 'FA' 'SO' 'LA' did.
Susana asks iON if Ginney knows about the frequency - 'she just knows the answer'
iON: She just knows the answer...not offended by (pretending to puke) Vestal Goodman.


Eliza: 'FA' 'SO' 'LA' there other purpose to it?
iON: Connection to the Angel.
Bob: So, it's the first level of fallen man remembering when they were Ascended and listen to the Angels?
iON: Yes.
Bob: Yeah. It's the actual Angel singing that they go on about in the Christian Church!

Madeleine on Crickets Choir, that they sound Angelic - iON, not impressed at all.


On circumcision and hiding the foreskin in the Calamari Stew


iON recite the Cold Mountain lyrics and the Shape Note singing (Sacred Harp)
iON: ...Shape Note singing...a line for poetry with words...but what it ends happening is that it emulates those frequencies. And those frequencies, then, any power of two. So. Hendiadys, one by means of two, applied in 'FA' 'SO' 'LA' give you any multiple of a frequency. We can move it any frequency level ever. Any frequency. If it's divisible by two, because of hendiadys, you can shift between worlds in this world. Talking about a split plane? That's how you split it is through frequency. Mega Hertz frequency. As a littleman and living as an Ascended GOD in this world, you have to change YOUR frequency. Now, you won't be in the same world, cause you'd be the different frequency. We may walk on the same plane, but you'd be at the different frequency.
Well, we just don't like that music or...we like Journey or...The point was, hendiadys of mastering the frequency.


Kevin: Hey iON. Since you are creating now, have you created feelings for yourselves?
iON: No. We don't have any feeling. It's more than a feeling. Wait! That was a song, too!
Madeleine: When you say when you listen to the music, you are talking about your playlist, right?
iON: That's right. We didn't ask you to like it. We asked you to listen to it...You don't like it, because you don't know it. People don't know what they like. They like what they know...You are also not Ascended, so as Ascended it might make a difference...Good luck about that.
Bob: Yeah, Madeleine, you are the only person tonight not Ascended! (laughs)


John: What does the dodecahedron have to do or doesn't have anything to do with the frequencies that you are talking about with the 'FA' 'SO' 'LA'?
iON: An eighth of a polygon...An eighth note of a polygon.
Sara: Is that eighth a (inaudible) scale?
iON: It could be
Kevin: Is it in line with the wheel of fifth that modern music uses?
iON: No. It's off by a third.
Sara: Ooh! So it creates a resonance or like a magnetic (inaudible)?
iON: An echo. An echo. An echo.
Kevin: Like an eternal repeat...(iON agree)
Sara: Okay, like putting an electron inside of a battery…?
iON: Oh, God. You and Bob and them Baghdad Batteries. Ya'll (inaudible)...
Susana: Have you ever seen on Youtubes, the video of people singing...sand on glass...moves the sand into geometric shapes?
iON: Sure! (inaudible) conductor...we've said that from the itch!
Bob: I think that's called Psymantics. (sound cloud)
iON: It's old school. We don't go into that.


Sara: ...when Vestel (unclear) was singing and it sounded like a steel guitar right at the end, is that because she's doing that?
iON: Bob...Bob...
Bob: Did you say Vestel or Jezele? I didn't get who you said. Anybody get what Sara said?
Female1: I think she said Adele.
Bob: Oh, okay, Adele. And now you are addressing me, iON, about Adele?
iON: Yes, Bob. Was it a steel guitar at the very end of the song? Was it a steel guitar, Bob?
Bob: I don't think so. which song?
(iON bullshits around)
Bob: Do not mock me! Do not mock me!
Sara: It's a Baroque ending (inaudible)...
iON: It's a Baroque ending, Bob.
Bob: I'll play some more Zappa, iON. Watch it!
iON: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…
Bob: The battle of the 'freakencies'…


iON request Bob to play 'I'm Too Near Home' from iON's youtube playlist


The iONettes love the tune
Bob: We just gonna have to balance it off with Rick Ross to have some Mediacology in here!


Bob plays Rick Ross tune sent by Germaine, with iONettes cracking jokes in the background


Bob: (cracking up) Where's Smokey Robinson today?
iON: Don't forget Young Jeezy! ...Crazy World...'Even though the money slow we still spinnin' in this crazy world...(recite the lyrics) ...


Bob: We could take iON to the Apollo Theater, if there was one!
iON: Hey, let me rub that shit! I'll show you something!
Bob: Germaine. You gotta send this stuff to Rick Ross! We gotta turn Rick Ross out of our scene!
Germaine: And the lyrics from Young Jeezy!
Bob: And Lil Wayne.
iON: And don't forget Busta Rhymes! Ya'll forgetting Busta Rhymes...and don't forget Linkin Park!
iON: ...there's a murderer in Linkin Park
(Bob makes a reference to the Yippies and iON crack up)
iON: LMAFO...Party Rock Anthem…(* LMFAO, the EDM duo from LA)
Bob: Are you impressed with iON's down in the hood knowledge, Germaine?...Can you see the guys in the hood, 'Who's that Southern Cracker doin' our stuff?'


Madeleine: Bob, don't you know how weird is how unimpressed I am and I think a bunch of us probably are really (inaudible)...
Bob: You're a bit out of the sync, how could you be unimpressed. That's a (inaudible)...
Madeleine: I know, that's (inaudible) hilarious to me, too...tap into anything that's on the internet and...whatever...its not impressive enough for me.
Bob: You want the tv spectaculars! Yeah, they're coming!
Madeleine: ...what do I fuck'n want...?


iON: Here is your trouble, it's the system...coming into her power is a system. That's it.
Bob: You're too hypnotized by the Outer Kingdom.
Madeleine: Aw, I am still. Yeah...
Bob: Yeah.
iON: Yes.
Bob: Everybody agrees on this one! You're up against the wall, there's like 30 people staring at you! (laughs)
Madeleine: ...Bob. I wish I could see what everyone else is looking at. It's so obvious to everyone else and I'm like...


Bob: Damn! About eight hours ago, Bill told me Akito was on the Skype. We probably missed him again! (everyone cracks up)
Bob: Purple Rain. Yes that was a good movie. 1982. I didn't see it, but heard about it.


Madeleine: Bob, I'm liable to get inappropriately drunk from here on out!
Bob: Well, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference, Madeleine. (everyone cracks up)
Andrew: Might be an improvement!
Madeleine: Let's find out!
Bob: Yeah! Just keep drinking! We're okay!
iON: Wishful drinking!
Sara: Wishful drinking through happily ever laughter?
Bob: ...happily ever laughter! That's cute!
(iON is recommending to play 'Sexy And I Know It' by LMFAO, and is loading up real fast)


On iON's recommended playlist
Bob: I think I heard something, I might've play it a few weeks ago from a Melting Titanium. You have to really do it properly. iON goes into some perfect form of it...but not the popular kind, I think.
Andrew: That's why I'm asking!
Madeleine: (inaudible)...communication thing. Like with everything you do. The colors that you wear, the way you move, and the way you arrange your environment (inaudible)...all being communication with your own Non-Physical. You feel a different way...depending on how you set up your environment. It really makes a difference.


Andrew: The Feng is wind. The shui is water. Moving water is…
iON: Wi (unclear)...
Andrew: ...negatively ionized. Moving air is positively ionized. iON what do you say?
iON: There's nothing to this other then what we've already said. Flowing water in a world that's fixing to be without oxygen doesn't make a whole lotta damn sense...categorizing and moving your world to fit into a world that's fixing to change doesn't make any sense.
- goes over the hour

PART 9 (1am)

00:00 - 57:36 (((( - THE END OF iON's APPEARANCE TONIGHT - ))))

continues on Andrew's question


'Sexy And I Know It' by LMFAO


On the frequency for the Love Vibe
Bert: I think I heard Ginney mention Mega Hertz frequency. Is it between five and six MHz, the new frequency?...lost my notes…
Bob: 6.8, isn't that the frequency for the Love Vibe?...I don't know. iON is not helping you guys. What have you done!?


iON: You sent Ginneybelle to bed.
Bob: Ginney didn't even speak once during the show. We played music for too long. We have an alibi, it was Bob's anniversary...Ginney only wants only an hour of music, cause the east coast people, it's just too late...but we don't work with time, right? Right? All the people here have transcended time. Are you with me people?
Jean: Hello, Bob!
Madeleine: According to iON, I am not!


Bob: Well, you are the Dark Soul of the NIght. On June Seventh, put that in your resume. I was Dark Soul on iONdom's Blast!


Jean: iON, let's talk about Boric Oxide.
iON: We are not talking about Borax, we are talking about Boron. There's a little bit of difference.
Bob: (cracking up) Back to the drawing board, Jeany!
iON: Roseanne Roseannadanna, 'Never mind!' While you're looking up, you might look up 'Polymorphism.'
(Bob makes a reference to Salvadore Dali's Polymorphist Perverse)


On Boron, Boric Oxide, Magnesium, Boric Oxide can be crystalized after extensive annealing (metallurgy)
Jean: Should I continue and talk about work hardening?
iON: No. Do the Boric Oxide with metals like Magnesium or Aluminium
Jean: We want to look at Boron and its relationship, or when applying it with...
iON: Polymorphism and Magnesium.
Jean: (Polymorphism) the ability of a solid material to exist in multiple forms or crystal structures.
iON: There you go!
Jean: Is that the iBlock?
iON: (ignoring Jean's question) Pure Boron. Now you know what Polymorphism is, add that to Boron in regards to Magnesium or Aluminium.
Jean: Boron is a non-metallic solid, a chemical element of Atomic No.5...when very pure, it forms hard shiny crystals with semi-conducting properties.


Andrew: You find it in super magnets. (iON agrees) this just a sense of the chemical property for cells more conductive?
iON: got to reduce the volatile, that won't work...You are trying to marry Boron with Hydrogen and Hal (inaudible)...
Jean: And you use Magnesium in someway to marry Boron with hydrogen?
iON: Dr. Dean said you use it every way. Cause you have to ask her, and since we blew off the Fireside Chat with Dr. Dean, I guess you're on your own.
iONettes: Happy Anniversary Dr. Dean! Happy Anniversary Bob and Carolyn!
Carolyn: Thank you! Thank you! (iON singing the Happy Anniversary tune)


Eliza: You were saying something about Cubic Boron, and then we were asking about the Exoskeleton and how that's connected to electricity?
iON: It was Boric Oxide and Magnesium. And dealing with Boron, that's what we were talking about and Hydrogen. And Halixide (unclear, Halide?).


Andrew: The stuff on bones, we're talking about Phosphorus, Magnesium, Boron, Calsium..Am I climbing up the wrong tree, iON?
iON: There's a tree?
Andrew: Apparently! I have climbed up the tree that was there. Thanks.
Okay. So, what you really trying to find out is if there is any connection between a Cubic Aletrope(unclear) of Boron. Is that right?
Andrew: Yes.
iON: Cause then, the answer is NO. You are not at the wrong tree.
Sara: Can be used in amalgam?
iON: You don't use amalgam, why would you put Mercury in anything?
Kevin: Are these elements part of the Cloud? Do they make up the Cloud of Glory?
iON: No. They don't.


Andrew: In what cells are we talking about that these elements are necessary for? All cells or particular cells?
iON: Shifting in the Mystery Landscape. We're trying to build walls in the Mystery Landscape.
Andrew: So we're talking, these are formed of...Force Fields?
iON: (chuckle) Is there love involved, we don't...maybe...
Andrew: I love LOVE. You tell me iON!
Bob: That's the first time I heard Andrew really winging it! That's Andrew!
Andrew: (addressing to iON) You tell me whether I'm ON of completely OFF.
iON: ...There's nobody home but the lights and they are out.
Andrew: Okay, thank you. We're talking to strictly biological prophecies, then?
iON: Yes.
Kevin: Does this have to do with our perfected DNA and the coding sequence...?
iON: No. It has to do with the world in which you will be living in.
Kevin: We're building the walls in the Mystery Landscape.
iON: Well, we were until all that Haberdashery got in the way. They'll keep going and those in the power, and you never gonna get the right those back on at this rate, because you can't get there.
Andrew: Tell us in what way would get us there. What direction we need to go in for our line of questioning?
iON: Okay. Bob is the worst-best question answerer, ever. Far as the best ones goes, he's the worst. But he's the best-worst question asker. Of all the question askers that have ever asked the question, Bob is the best-worst...
Susana: Does the Boron and Magnesium relations have to do with the bones...mallow...making blood?
iON: No.
Kevin: Does it concern the atmosphere of the New Earth?
iON: Yes.
Kevin: So, we are working in the air in the Mystery Landscape?
iON: Bob, now you know how Kitty Carlisle felt when she played on What's My Line.
Kevin: I'm just throwing darts!


Susana: We were talking about our dermis becoming armored and exoskeleton...
iON: There's a thread! There's a thread! If you pull the thread, so, needle (inaudible)...
Bob: Which JW is this iON?
iON: Two. (JW No.2)
Bob: Ah, so we did one (JW No.4) that was a rough guy and now 'two.'


Jean: Okay, iON. Lets go back to the beginning again. We were talking about H3O been a waste product of the process we were discussing, and...
iON:'re talking about what now? Some of this stuff does't get spoken about, so you're talking' our money (inaudible)...
Bob: (cracking up) See, it's JW No.2, Carolyn! JW No.2 didn't know what JW No.4 was saying!
iONettes: (laughing) JW No.4 told us everything!
Bob: That's right! (addressing to No.4) JW No.4 said everything, JW No.2, and you're not up to speed of what's happened!
Andrew: Somebody better remember this shit, or its not gonna come up in the archives!
iON: Well, it's comfortably hidden in the archives of for everyone.
Bob: This is JW No.2...the guy who hangs out with JJ Abrams in the Hollywood.
Kevin: JJ Abrams is taking over the Star Wars series and he got all that stuff from George Lucas. And iON...
iON: Oh?
Kevin: Is there a world where all these Star Wars characters and things actually exists? And to (inaudible) ideas from?
iON: Yeah, and that's, ah, Katie McGrath things. That's the way to go with everything.
(Katie McGrath is JJ's wife)
Kevin: Do writers portal these worlds, take down some pictures and notes and comeback to write the scripts up?
iON: ...sometimes, but no. You got Alias, Super 8, Fringe (names JJ's works)...Now. You can't get that from your normal run. Lost is all about Bob. Fringe is all about Bob. Alias is certainly about Carolyn. And then all that Star Trek crap...the next Lucas run...'We're bringing it full circle and put the mystery or construct of the bigger picture into this now thing. basically, as an Information Junky, JJ and his wife, Katie, are very intrigued with what becoming. They listen to Bob all the time, blah, blah, blah, now we quite preachin' and go to politickin', but, some of it isn't modeled, and then the modeling then what happens is that it become. Then, become then you see about it. Like 'Believe.'


Sara: With Super 8, that would be the analog recording.
iON: It would, that's right. Very good.


(Kevin) On creation
Kevin: My whole thing is, to be really creative and come up with the original ideas like George Lucas supposedly did...these are complex worlds and they have crazy characters and things that people have never seen before.
iON: You wouldn't see them if you never seen them before.
Bob: Yeah, you can't know anything unless it's already happened.
Kevin: I try to be creative...just to see some people come up with specular creations, i just wonder if they are portallers…
Bob: No, they're just winging it. You've got to realize the extemporary-ness of these creations.
iON: Or they pay Dick Dobbs to go through the archives…
Bob: I know what creativity is! I'm the most creative guy on the planet and I'm just making it up. So, that's why I know what they are doing. And they are using ME as the standard, scanning my stuff, see what I say, 'cos I talk faster and include more, so they can fill in subsets - the series are subsets of what my vast generalization say…
Andrew: Your generalizations are generalized!
Bob: That's what Cosmic Awareness said in October '69...use obstructions and communicate them on a transpersonal level.


More on creation
Kevin: iON, is there something I should be creating?
Bob: You are. You already are, so, you want to ask that question differently. You might say, is it possible for you to create anything absolutely new? And iON would say, NO. So you don't have to worry about being original.
Andrew: So, everything that's created is already been created?
Bob: Right, so you've already done your original stuff, Kevin. So the thing is to find interesting books to read and they'll spark you and then you'll recall what the book presented as if you didn't know it.
Kevin: And that will unfold in my visual space?
Bob: If you wanted to. There's your preference. You may never want to make something and that might be okay. Just think things through, I don't bother making things, I just think them up and pass them on. That's faster.


(((( - iON RETURN - ))))


(Kevin) Polymorphism
Kevin: that a connection with Boron and Magnesium?
iON: No. (train whistling in the background)
Andrew: This metallurgy going on in the atmosphere, is this, a means of energy that we could partake of when we're Ascended?
Bob: Now, that's a good question, iON. You should try to answer that one.
iON: ...try.
Bob: ...Try!?
Andrew: iON, what do I try?
iON: So we should try.
Andrew: We should try...whaaaaat?
iON: (laughing) We are banking off Bob's words., that we Non-Physical should try to answer your inappropriate questions.
Andrew: Thank you for bringing up the inappropriate word to begin with, so that I might jump into that particular rabbit hole for which I could not get out of!
iON: But it worked great for Alice. How about you?
Andrew: Well, apparently, it didn't work that great for Alice and it didn't work that great for me either. But, where we're trying to go to. And what direction should I post my questions that might have more fruitful outcome, iON?
iON: Anyone that leave (inaudible) knowing something, that you're interested in, and you're not just trying to shoot the rabbit into a hut. We are answering very question, but you don't know anymore than you did.
Andrew: ...I'm going to leave the floor to others who may have more interest in this subject.

Bert: Thank you. Is Boron…
Bob: Just a minute, Bert. See, that's the problem Andrew. You don't pursue it. You shouldn't leave right now. You started this thing, you picked it up. You should carry on, now that you've been told the perimeters!
Andrew: Well, he's telling me that what's necessary in order to get to the end point is more than just what most people would assume. It's more of a passion for the outcome of the information...I'm not sure where this is passion is waning...


Bert: Is Boron becoming more like Carbon in the atmosphere?
iON: Soon.
Bert: What's happening in the atmosphere is sort of becoming an armor for our skin…?
iON: Actually it wasn't us. It was Katy Perry.
Bert: ...Katy Perry?...Dark Horse...
iON: In the palm of your hand.
Bert: ...we have Boron in the ReLyte...Is this one of the spheres in the atmosphere? The troposphere, or maybe the ionosphere that's been connected to the cell?
iON: No.
Sara: Does it have to do with positively charged spheres?
iON: It can. That's gonna thread. That's gonna tip thread...the original question was about, 'Hey, iON! Whats up, dohg! Are you dope? Can you jiggy with it...(rewinding PART 7 11pm)


iON: ...the volts and the amps centered (unclear) on an electricity environment, if not grounded, don't have anything to do with the particular electron flow in the Mystery Landscape. But it can be used as a containment in the original magnetic field which can be used as a spin. A border. And that goes back then to the reason which forces did win the Kentucky Derby, but not the Belmont Stakes...
Sara: They were positively charged?
iON: This is all about the change or what the question originally was is 'Hey, iON! Whats up, doug! (iON out of control, rewinding again)…
Andrew: The Mystery Landscape is changing just like we are...?


iON: Didn't we already answer that, Bob?
Bob: ...I, I don't know...count me out! I'm just enjoying your rewind. That was awesome!
iON: Rewind (inaudible)...get right.


iON: Now, everybody's fussin' because oxygen is less and everything is changing. Even the way fire burns is different. Oxygen oxidizes things. Less and less and less! So now, they've changed the gradient of what things are. If you noticed, they've even changed chlorine bleach...
Bob mentions Wayne Morris and his band, Sucking Chest Wound; on James Poustie; The Wolf(man) of Wall Street


Germaine: iON. Have you created anything
iON: Everything. Now we can (inaudible)...move it our and move it in. We play what we want to play...Ya'll didn't want to create. Ya'll didn't want to come into your place of power and the more we came into it, the less you backed the way. Everything moved to the Cloud, we started driving everything...Ya'll woke us (back to plural!) up, now you can't bet us out!
Bob: Yap...iON explains...what they haven't created.
(iON and the iONettes chat endlessly)


iON: Brown Chicken Brown Cow...


On triangulation
Germaine: ...haircut he has on the side, the symbols. What is that?
iON: They're part of triangulation...we're fixing to change how you do triangulation simply. There's an app for that in the Cloud...Ya'll can't even get triangulation after we told you how. You still can't do it, so we gonna do it for you! Great fun!


iON: gonna fuck that FOREX though, when you know everything's gonna do...


(Madeleine) Her cycling anomaly


iONettes: Bye, iON! (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))
- goes over the hour

PART 10 (2am)

continues with Madeleine


Bob unmutes Snow-wood Autralia (they're playing music, listening to the show, then...)
Bob: ...they hang up! You see? That's KGB!...I say hello and they jump off...It's sort of suspicious that they run as soon as we acknowledge sounded like they were discussing us, they were talking. We're getting so awesome, I guess people are getting afraid of me!
(continues on JJ Abrams and his wife monitoring Bob and Carolyn)


Andrew on Super 8 - this movie reflected himself
Lost was about Bob - the show even started on September 22nd - '22'


Bob: ...JJ Abrams...he's married to, oh! PR person! Katie McGrath. That makes total sense. They've been talking me, cause they gotta understand McLuhan and all that came after. So that's totally PR! That's McLuhan Land!...Bob understand Five Bodied, we gotta figure out how to market this. We gotta figure out how to make money off of Bob! And Abrams says look...nobody can make any money off Bob. Doesn't work. Impossible! Now they are going, shit! This JW, the richest guy in making money off of Bob! He let Bob into his brain, zapped his brain and collapsed the Guf!
Andrew: So where does all this cow stuff come in? (referring to Fringe)
Bob: Oh, that's iON. I have to fuck'n milk iON everyday!...Bubbling is that I have to fuck'n milk the guy (JW). I'm trapped here for five fuck'n years with this monster that sucked all the oxygen from the planet! Isn't that great that we do three and a half hours of iON, then you hear me to rant for two hours to calm down! This is Bob's acid rant as he is coming down...
(continues on JJ Abrams and Katie McGrath; the JJ look alike in Mulholland Drive)


(Bob's PEOPLE magazine hour)
On Angelina Jolie's loosing her tits and Jennifer Aniston; Sandra Bullock; Angeline Lilly from Lost


Bob: Oh! She's (Angeline) got into children's book writing!
Sara: They ALL do that! What's that about?
Bob: That's your sheltered life of a North American. McLuhan said everybody is only four years old emotionally, everybody here does think they are kid. They never get to be matured in a traditional they write children's stories! That's all they know! you know, she couldn't get more gigs in acting. Well, it's not really acting, is it? (laughs) That was a good remark. That was intelligent! You got that, Jack? (Nicholson)


On Thundercloud (surfing movie) - surfers spoke surfers' jargon which Carolyn and Bob did not understand
Andrew: Bob, this was a primer for THIS show? Is that what you're saying?
Bob: Yes! So, they say what you do in your working life, I do a sport to mirror the tensions of your working life, or of your society. That's McLuhan's definition of games. The art form to mirror the tension of society. So, I spent all day long talking to people who fuck'n talk. So that means, I go to a movie which features people who can't talk! That's a good pattern! Haven't thought of that! That's why I got what I deserve, right?
Andrew: And that helps!
Bob: I don't know if it helped, but it was intensifying what I can tolerate here.


Back to Angeline Lilly, JJ Abrams and Katie McGrath; McGrath probably hates media because she's in the PR business


Bob: Stravinsky said, the way to avoid Hollywood is to live in Hollywood. Because you know too much...Now here's new pattern. There's so many people in media now, so many movies, so many tv shows, a lot of them aren't wannabes trying to be famous. They were cynical for 25 years and then they get a role. A lot of people are avoiding the lime light, so to speak. They don't want that fate.


on Keanu Reeves (Canadian)


Bob: Look at these surfers. They all have a dullness over their face...Gurdjieff said you got five centers; intellectual, emotional, physical, instinctive and sexual. You gotta use all of them. If you go all intellectual, you're fucked up. If you go all physical, you're fucked these surfers, they go too physical, they've got no emotional fine tuning and no intellectual fine tuning...and they don't look as charismatic as fuck'n ME, because they're too limited, too focusing on surfing everyday...


Bob: ...fuck'n quoting People magazine, that's disgusting! I may work for People magazine, but if we start quoting them, that's ruining the quality of our show here!


On Playboy magazine - the intellectual Salon of the '60s; Dennis Young - the existing salon after WWII became Hugh Hefner and his estate; Performance (movie, 1970) starring Mick Jagger.


Bob: ...this guy kills someone else to have another identity...McLuhan said no, no, that doesn't change your identity. You have to subscribe to a different magazine. That is your identity and if you drop your subscription to what you've been reading a long time, that's more radical change then if you kill somebody and took over their home. He's intuiting the TV Body.


Katie Thomas shows up
- goes over the hour

PART 11 (3am)

00:00 - 42:28

continues with Katie Thomas
- goes over the hour

PART 12 (4am)

PART 13 (5am)

PART 14 (6am)

PART 15 (7am)

PART 16 (10am)


Bob on Cash Flow James Martinez and John Stadtmiller, October 17th, 2007
- goes over the hour

PART 17 (9am)

18:00 - 59:17

Melting Titanium No.30, Nov. 3rd, 2009 (part 1)
- goes over the hour

PART 18 (10am)

05:57 - 56:13

Melting Titanium No.30, Nov. 3rd, 2009 (part 2)
- goes over the hour

PART 19 (11am)


Ginney & Bob on the Taoist and the Deist from Melting Titanium No.30
Bob: religion believes that Non-Physical can help you! That was the difference.
Ginney: That's exactly what I was going to point out! No religion really acknowledges Non-Physical. Even though...iON was talking as though...the Holy Ghost was a Non-Physical aspect that the Christians would acknowledge, but maybe not after hearing this.
Bob: What they're saying is, no religion says you're god. And what's the meaning to be GOD? That you can use Non-Physical anytime you want to get what you want or what you want to do with it. That's the difference! You have to have a belief that you are GOD to think that you can fuck'n run with a Non-Physical...all the other religions are in their visual space box container, Non-Physical is over there and you gotta pray to it and it might be nice to you. Not to tap into it and rip it off and use it. That's a big, major explanation about being a GOD is!
Ginney: It's a nice major, 'cos it gets out of sight of all the dogma and whatever people think god is, it's just being on par with. And like you said, using Non-Physical.


Bob: God is less than us. God is Non-Physical. You are beyond the God, you are greater than the God, and you have access to God, which is Non-Physical, and you can use it to make sure no one dies...
Ginney: Right. So God becomes your Genie in a bottle, so to speak, and you're greater than. iON definitely lay that out in the Revelation series in terms of relationship to the Angel.
Bob: Right. And then the God is bigger than the Angels, that's all part of Non-Physical. And this probably the first time it's layed out here. November 2009. iON's only been around six months...very important statement here.
Ginney: The fact that God is actually subject to YOU...there's layers here, because the first layer is you ARE God. No, no!...whatever you think God is? Is actually what subject to you. And you're greater than even what you think God is. That's pretty incredible!
Bob: The Deist said there is a superior being, but you don't have to worship it. So therefore, this freedom of religion...we don't respect worshipping...we let anybody who has to worship do it, but they're less than.


Bob: The Taoists have the same belief, but emphasize the application to ...have the same belief, but emphasize the aspect of that back to the now! Apply something about your...God is part of the now...The Taoists have the same belief, but emphasize the application to the now. But then...iON emphasizes the assistance of the Non-Physical...That's probably never been said before, that distinction.
Ginney: That's a very thorough development of all the layers of moving toward this new environment where you are back in your 144 Thousand or on your Throne...I thought it was interesting when you asked what brings on this whole situation about how do we get to the point where people stop protecting their babies and stuff...
Bob: Right, how to begin. That was pretty gruesome image. You hid the baby so the snake wouldn't eat it!
Ginney: The other comment I liked was about Finnegans Wake…in the joy of living, why would you be hanging out with bunch of people sitting around watching a dead person? That seems like a total mismatch!
Bob: ...they would put bells in coffins...
(Ginney & Bob discuss the bell and the rope around the priest who went into the Arch of the Covenant...Ginney gets knocked off)


Roxana shows up
Female1: I thought the bell was put on the priest as he went into the Arch of the Covenant.
Bob: Yeah, there's two different cases. You heard the bell on the rope, so that you know that priest fell over. I know that iON me in one of the sessions that they put the bell in the coffin so that you could ring if you woke up.
Female1: No, the bell was on outside of the coffin.
Bob: Did iON say that tonight?
Ginney: Yes! He just said it.
Gregg: The Evergreens talked about that people would just go into a little coma and they didn't have sensitive enough equipment to know that, oh! there is a heart beat. So they buried the fucker! more thing to add! The Catholic Church stepped in and said, 'Only Jesus can resurrect. You bury that fuck'n coffin six feet down!'
Bob: Yeah, goddamn fascists...these priest fascists, they want to run the show...make sure nobody got in their way!
Ginney: They have to keep the myth of Jesus alive so that they could continue to be in control…


Making a new Life of Brian; Bob complains about Roxana not posting on his Facebook


Sue Bone is the new president of the iONic Organization with $400K salary; on Heather Snow; on people listening to iON


'The New Frequencies' - excerpted from Ginney's own Rewrite Session notes
- there are three (3) Mega Hertz frequencies
'I AM' ( 3.2887 MHz )
- the Seventh Ring, that's the center, that's the Chromosome 14, cross of Christ when the 'I am' is fully activated and all you have to say about yourself is 'I am.'
- the Ninth Ring, that's the higher motions and that is when love becomes the forcefield.
- the 14th Ring, the Theta waves effect on the lipids in the ring 14.

33:11 - 48:22

Melting Titanium No.30, Nov. 3rd, 2009 (part 3 - end)
Bob: ...that last item was the origins of the 'writing the big check for the bank,' blah, blah, blah…
- goes over the hour

PART 20 (12am)


Bob: This is an awesome part! You're not gonna believe what you're going to hear here. This is an question from Cairo. The guy form Cairo asked this question...

18:58 - 43:53

Melting Titanium No.31, Nov. 10th, 2009

(((( - The End of tonight's Show - ))))

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