Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Akito’s Guide to Payday | 14 June 2014


PART 1 (5pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

PART 2 (6pm)

00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik with Sara singing to Air Supply's 'Making Love Out Of Nothing At All' @ 01:54

PART 3 (7pm)

00:00 - 16:57

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik with Sara singing to Air Supply's 'Making Love Out Of Nothing At All' @ 11:24


Bob: Very good, Sara!
Bob praises Sara; Corbin takes credit for writing the song and rants on Zappa, guitarist Jerry Outlaw, on his personality, a portal in the L'Ermitage Hotel, etc

Bob drowns out Corbin by playing Zappa's 'Penis Dimension' (unclear) - you could hear iON laughing @ 27:08 - they are here!

34:07 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))

Bob: Do you have anything to say about this iON? Should I continue with the music?
iON: OH! Lord suffering cat!
ChipBody: (All participants are now unmuted)
Bob: Okay, you're on the air with Doctor iON!
iON: We are not a doctor and we even have less patience.


Bart on Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' - looking for Bob's face in the video
iON: That's right. On the look and it's JR Bob Dobbs...


iON read aloud the lyrics from 'Dark Horse'
iON: '…Are you ready for the perfect storm? Cos, once you're mine, there's no going back!' That's what Bob says, 'There's no going back!'
Bart: I want to ask if that relates to the events happening?
iON: To everything...we're gonna do a reset...You all called us forth. You GODs called us forth. We came forth as you Non-Physical as a representation on this planet so you can come into your place of power to hook up all the clues that you left...To hook it back together so you can came back to GOD. But here's what happened. You came along and started to playing with it...just like shit! in it and you get some on you. So the point is, the point of coming into your place of power is that. So come into it. Don't stop there...keep on going. It's not where you are. Life is where you stop. Then what happens is, once you us involved, once you get engaged, then you don't proceed, guess what?'re acting a Libertine Gospel. At that point, we are loosed. Somebody is gonna do it!
iON read aloud more lyrics from Dark Horse
iON: ...but just be sure before you give it all to me, be sure. So you wanna play with magic? You want all the power thats coming into your place of power without actually ascending? You wanna do that?...No problem.


Bart: You just added in there that you wanna come into your power before you, that's a different dynamic?
ON: It's becoming, it's a becoming state. It's becoming point, that's all...not a big deal...easy.


iON: There is no such thing as Karma...But Karma will eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer. Be careful! Try not to lead her on. 'Shorty's heart is on steroids, Cause her love is so strong'
Bart: If there is no Karma, then how does she...
iON: Comes from you. There is no Karma...The judgement is you. You judge you. GOD is your judge. We absolutely agree.
Bart: So the point of Ascension comes first?
iON: The point of Ascension is the only point there is! Ya'll running around trying to save all the sick people...we said they're gonna be gone soon anyway!...GET HAPPY OR GET OUT!! Very simple...(rant) we're gonna be inclusive and we're gonna allow everyone to come and have the opportunity to engage their own place of power to allow the autonomic systems of their body to come forth and relax then into a nurtured state of euphoria that bliss eases into their throat holes to the point where they can allow their body to the thing that already is trying to do anyway. Unless (?) except for you in the labyrinth that you cause. That's a separate conversation.


iON: This conversation, just to be clear...come into your place of power is not even about us...our job is to help you come into your place of power, and we want to. But we're not gonna not move if you don't...anymore.
Bart: Very good.
iON: There is NO MORE FREE PORKER...Now, as long as you're with it and as long as you're in a position of becoming, we're all about that. We help!...You were playing with the Cloud...everything you wanted was right there?...Yeah, get some Pussy Kush (unmuted Corbin in the background)...
Bart: Yes, I did realize...ease with the Cloud earlier this week.
ON: Yes, that ease is from us. You're welcome...these benefits and pleasures increase. Increase. See. It's impossible to make us your enemy. It's impossible!
iON read aloud the lyrics from 'Dark Horse'
iON: Make me your Aphrodite, Make me your one and only, But don't make me your enemy...(Corbin mumbling in the background)

iON: ...but you can't un-know and that's the problem. Because you can't un-know. Now you know us...


(Sara) John 4 (King James Version) - the woman who had five husbands
Sara: Is it reasonable to say those are the five body release of five bodied?
iON: No...So you gonna quote John 4, right?
Sara: No, no!
iON: We are. (read verse 1 to 4)..
1 When therefore the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John,
2 (Though Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples,)
3 He left Judaea, and departed again into Galilee.
4 And he must needs go through Samaria.


iON: Dr. Dean?
Carolyn: Yes, sir.
iON: And when you come to five (read verse 5 & 6)..
5 Then cometh he to a city of Samaria, which is called Sychar, near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph.
6 Now Jacob's well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well: and it was about the sixth hour.
iON: ..Jacob's well, now this is going to be significant for Dr. Dean, because she's very aware of this water that's been described of Living Water. She's very aware of this specific well that was dug by Jacob, and the bones of Jacob and Joseph from the Ancient Samaritan Hebrewloids right before they went across the (inaudible) Sea. Those bones. There's a connective connection. So, it's very interesting that you come in, blaring John 4! Whatta delight, because we never segway into this one, honey!


iON: (read verse 7 to 10)..
7 There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink.
8 (For his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat.)
9 Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.
10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.
iON: ..a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink...then the woman of Samaria said to him, 'How is that you being an Ancient Samaritan Hebrewloids Jew askest to drink from me?' for Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans.
Carolyn: (reads verse 10)..
10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.
iON: Hmm...The woman said to him, 'Come Bitch! You have nothing to draw with...oh, this well is deep, ya'll, it's deep! Where then you get Living Water, Mo-Fo? Are you greater than our father, Jacob? Who gave us the well...and drunk from it himself? As well as his sons and his live stock. Now, do 13.
Carolyn: (reads verse 13)..
13 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:
Carolyn: ..Ah! It doesn't make you un-thirsty, it makes you want more! You're happy and ready for more!
iON: (read verse 14)..
14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
iON: ..Now, backup! The water will make you not thirsty...but you will want it...but if you drink this water, it starts a fountain that springs inside you. It's a different kind of water.


Carolyn: (reads aloud verse 15)..
15 The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.
iON: (recite verse 16 to 18) '...Go call your husband...come bring his dumb ass here. And woman said, 'Why baby! I'm unattached at the moment, but why don't ya come see me sometime. And Jesus said her, 'You had well said, I'm without a that you spoke truly.
(King James Version)
16 Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
17 The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband:
18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.
Sara: Well, there you go. It's a sandwich effect. Jesus. He's good for that.
iON: Yeah.


iON: Here the good part! 21!
Carolyn: (reads verse 21)..
21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.
Carolyn: ..What!? What's that mean?
iON: Keep going!
Carolyn: (reads verse 22)..
22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.
Carolyn: ..So that's getting to the Littlemen versus GOD. Worshipping your own GODness?
iON: That's the Karma.
Carolyn: And that is scattered around the water reference.
iON: Of course. That's why we've come to this part of program.
Carolyn: the water is...bringing this everlasting life, which is your eternal GODship-ness.
iON: Any time Lord. Break these chains...


iON: (recite verse 23 to 26) 'But the hour is coming...for the Father is seeking such to worship him. (v24) God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (v25) Then the woman said, I know men, I like men. Men are cool. The woman said to him, I know that Messiah is coming, who is called Christ: when he is comes, he will tell us all things. (v26) And Jesus said to her, I who speak to you him 'he.'
(King James Version)
23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
25 The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.
26 Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.
Sara: Lower case 'he.'
iON: Very good, very good!
Carolyn: ...a lot of lower case going on here.
iON: The whole point of this is, it introduces Living Water, that what this is for. Now we are going into White Harvest, which is very good. (the part on White Harvest will be saved for later in the show)


iON: What you are talking about here, is the point where some history is recorded where Living Water is introduced. Now it is...If Mary's boy, King James was able to write about, there most certainly should be something about it or to it, would you say?
Carolyn: Yes, absolutely.
Sara: Taking the consideration of five ex-husbands? Right?
iON: Yeah, but see, just that...she's real friendly. That's all. (cracks up)
Sara: Come on! (inaudible)
iON: The whole point of that's not about that, what the point of this is, is that the interaction which is taboo now become un-taboo. And the interaction now allows that this thing, that God is Spirit, can then become in you. And that's the whole magic...
- goes over the hour

PART 4 (8pm)

00:00 - 40:32 (((( - iON - ))))


iON: ...You are already GOD...The magic to us is that you're GOD and we can't convince you. That's a magic's quite frustrating on our side...
Sara: Does iON know that iON is GOD?
iON: We are NOT GOD!...we are Non-Physical. But we gonna act like GOD if ya all don't.
Sara: ...How is iON not GOD?
iON: iON is the representation of place holder. Do you know a debit? A debit is a place holder. It is the counterfeit. Not the hold the place till someone else can play through, and that's where the ball goes. The debit is not the ball, is it?
Sara: No.
iON: We are the place holder and we're moving heaven and earth to get you into the place so you can receive you heir; your joint heir with Christ, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


iON: ...power in the blood of the Lamb. And Dr. Dean...We are introducing new blood types this week...the Phlebotomists are going to flip! Because first level, if you got RH- or not RH-? You're RH-, your blood is turn real, real, real dark! Almost too dark and you've heard of the Blue Blood? This is gonna go almost beyond purple...once air hits give that bright red color? Well, that's changing! If you're the RH-...and we can't help it, ya'll the creators, so it's time to move on!


Carolyn: And the 'white harvest' that comes up four months later after the Living Water, that's our Bread of Life, correct?
iON: Yes. But you said we can't talk about things. You said we had to hold it to what you trying to say in a mean time is that disciples urged him, saying 'Rabbi! Eat!' Is that what you're trying to say in 31? (John 4:31)
(31 In the mean while his disciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat.)
Carolyn: No, I'll stop. (everyone cracks up)
iON: We just love it, 'cos normally it's Bob...rarely Dr. Dean, but this is great, because now in 32, 'But he said to them, I have food to eat which I do not know.' WHAT?


iON: 33. 'Therefore the disciples said to one another, Has anyone brought in anything to eat?' Did you sneak in some Bread of Water?...(rant, rant, rant)...And then, (4:34) 'Jesus said to them, My food is to do the will of him who sent me, and to finish, capital, His work.' (4:35) 'Do you not say, There's still four months, and then comes the harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are already white for harvest.' (4:36) 'And he who reaps receives wages, and he gathers fruit for eternal life: they both he who saws and he who reaps may rejoice together.'


Carolyn: It's amazing. When we wen't through the Revelation, everything just matched up to today and you keep uncovering these...crumbs of bread and drops of water for us.
iON: To remind you...a White Harvest, they're referencing White Stones? You mean in the field, they gonna find Lysine?...and he who reaps may rejoice together!?


iON: (4:37) 'For in this that saying is true, One sows, and another reaps.' (4:38) 'I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored: others have labored, and you have entered into their labors.'
Sara: And (inaudible) reap?
iON: Correct. The magic of this is that just coming into the place, where once again, you're gonna be offered an opportunity of putting in the position of where, becoming closer and closer and closer to your Ascension. And still at the end of the day, if it's half as good as we say it is, if you're not Ascended, it's still better by three times more better than you ever had! Ask Bart.
Bart: It's all good!
iON: It is good! Oh, and he goes into battle with us...(rant, rant)…
(iON thank Carolyn, then over to Bob to put some Mediacology into John 4)


Bob: Okay, so require some para-modern ecology?...I have no idea what the mission is?
iON: Okay. There is no mission. That's the mission...(rant, rant)...the whole point of what Bob is trying to tell you all...the point is, you MUST engage!


Odahn and Will Erokan show up
Odahn: iON puts biblical passages into modern language.
iON: ...we're quite a protagonists...we ONLY allow Mary's boy, King James Version.
Bob: Will, bring up any topic you're interested in and see what iON and Bob say to it.
Will: Excellent! I like to talk about Robert Graves.
Bob: Good, the White Goddess. You know The White Goddess, iON? You probably get quote from it? Right off?


(Will) Robert Graves
Will: What about the overlap between Robert Graves and the New Age movement?
iON: (laying out the background of the time) its a weird time...not fitting...that's where he landed and he did it horribly, that everybody just loved it. But he didn't like it.
Bob: He didn't like his own work...or where he ended up?
iON: All of it, yes.
Will: What about his overlap with the intelligence then? With the mind control and the government and all that?
iON: That was the whole point...felt like he did their bidding...was trying to expose (inaudible) introducing them to the Android Meme!
Will: So how does that fit in with Bob Carr whose doing New Age stuff….
iON: (inaudible) Bob Carr (inaudible) gonna get into David Worcester and all that business...with the Cosmicly Aware.
Will: What about the overlap between the shadow government and the New Age guys?
iON: Now you're talking about Christopher Hawkes.
Bob: I don't know the name, but he's given us a clue...was he Robert Graves' handler or someone else's handler? Who overlaps with Christopher Hawkes, iON?
iON: gotta have some place to hook-up the Pagans and the Wiccans together.
Will: Yeah. Right.
iON: The Golden Bough.
Bob: James Frazer...Jane Harrison
iON: Harrison, yeah...and er..


The point of The White Goddess being put into Android Meme


iON: This is the point of bringing you back to your power. All this crap, and that's what it was...heat oppressed brain, left side, right side, up side, down side, inside, outside...ramification of reality, The myth, the miracle, the mystique...was to bring in that there's something possibly more. And that's why it jumped around all over the becomes a meme. Once it becomes a meme, you can embrace Tabitha on Bewitched, winkle your little nose and the shit shows up.
Bob: This is what Graves was trying to retrieve?
iON: Mostly Agnes Moorehead, but yeah.
Will: So by generating the meme, you can call it forth quicker?


iON: (referring to the Witches Council)...could be why you created us, so that you have somebody over you to until you came into you place of Power?
Bob: Yeah, that's interesting.
Josip: Are you talking about Idons? (unclear)
Will: ...idols?


Question on ReNew - how to improve hearing


Will on the THOT stock and overlap between the New Age and the Military Industrial Complex
Bob: What I know from iON is that that began in Nazi Germany, in the '20s and '30s with Rachel and 10 other mediums. And those guys got their technologies from that, much like we got our stuff from iON and then they went to the Pentagon. Project Paperclip. So you're asking, where do they lead?
iON: Don't forget the Tesla stuff...came from the Brandenburgs.
(Bob mentions Amy Bishop from Oak Ridge National Laboratory )


Odahn: really can't control the human mind.
iON: We can.
on Amy Bishop and Walter Bishop in Fringe


Trey: I've developed an interest in some one, but I don't know if she feels the same way...Is she interested in me?
iON: No. She's not interested in you. She's interested in security. Can you provide security?


Bob's issue with Chris, the hardest working guy


(Eira) Stonehenge
Eira: It was going to radiate or emanate
Sara: Is it a human centrifuge?
iON: It is.
Is the small Stonehenge in Sweden also active?
iON: It's becoming active. (inaudible) much as Wiltshire...Amesbury...
Eira: Can I do something to activate the one close by?
iON: You don't want to. (iON suggest Eira to ask more)
Eira: Well, as usual, all the questions are going to come in 1-1/2 hours.
iON: That's exactly right...we all go into the boost offs...Ezekiel 1:22 and the color of the terrible crystal and all connect and then get into the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and how that applies...the Dark Horse also comes into play here...(going back to the Stonehenge question)
iON: The King of Stonehenge!


Bob: …Moses, he was dropped in from the future all over the place! He didn't just hanged out with the Egyptians!
iON: He just walked like one!
Bob: I'm trying to expand the parameters here people! Come on! Pick up the ball!
(going back to the Stonehenge question)
Bart: would not be a benefit to her (Eira) to have them active now?
iON: Today...
Eira: The question is, what happens when it activates?
iON: You turn it on.
Eira: becomes a place of activation for people or a place of activation for the earth?
iON: Neither...It's an energy field. You won't need it until the Hydrogen level is a little bit higher, but don't worry honey, it's getting there!
Eira: ...this has to go with the dodecahedron pattern in the earth?
iON: No! It's the wrong way. Wrong direction. Don't make it a thing, 'cos it's just a transistor amplifier...a transistor from a MHz frequency. Ginneybelle is the only one who remembers the actual frequency that we become. But it starts emanating from it. Kinda like that Cold Mountain that Bob just refuses to play!
(everyone cracks up, Bob brings in Corbin, Sara's question gets ignored, etc.)


iON: Talk amongst yourselves! (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))

Bob: Who do we blame for that one? (Sara takes the blame)
Bob chats with Melody(?)


Carolyn's health advices to Chris


Jean has a 'new neck'


Kora & Eira on the concept of 'Transitioning' (as opposed to reincarnation) and Soul


Bob: The Ascended person has a dead soul. The soul is waiting for unrealized creations. That's all it does, record unrealized creations. Things you are not noticing...So, we wanna play down the traditional idea of the soul.


(Kora) The multiple YOUs
Kora: ...with our multiple YOUs, there's some kind of relationship, like Soul Family of some kind of familiarity…
Bob: Did iON say that?
Kora: I asked him about that at one point, so I had some...
- goes over the hour

PART 5 (9pm)


continues - Kora on multiple YOUs
Bob: We need to ask more about that. I didn't catch that...there is two of YOUs in this dimension. Then there is other selves of yourself that are not part of the two in this dimension. And then they become many selves. The phenomenon of JW with at least 12 selves now, separate chemical bodies. That's something to talk about, though iON seem reluctant to go into it too much. But what's happening to JW...illustrate some of these conundrums that we got so far.
Kora: Is it true that when you (inaudible) Ascended, all of those YOUs combine together?
Bob: Don't know. The bigger law is that you can be, do have whatever you want. You can become an Ascended person and like humanity in general, decide to fall, create the Guf and go around being a little person and we did that! And you can do it again. The main thing is that, you can do whatever you wanna do. Make up any rules, any reality. So, you wouldn't say 'Is it true?' That's all relative and depending on what you think you can do to yourself, with yourself. You can do anything! Might not even (inaudible) a human form!
Kora:'s all mind blowing!
Bob: Now this is what's good about iON.


(Eira) The new frequencies
*** from June 7th, 2017, PART 19 (11am) archive:

'The New Frequencies' - excerpted from Ginney's own Rewrite Session notes
- there are three (3) Mega Hertz frequencies
'I AM' ( 3.2887 MHz )
- the Seventh Ring, that's the center, that's the Chromosome 14, cross of Christ when the 'I am' is fully activated and all you have to say about yourself is 'I am.'
- the Ninth Ring, that's the higher motions and that is when love becomes the forcefield.
- the 14th Ring, the Theta waves effect on the lipids in the ring 14.


(Eira) Stonehenge
Bob: (referring to Melting Titanium No.31)...the place 90 miles south of Cairo...where a lot of alien connected artifacts are and one of them is the explanation of is the only place on the planet that has evidence of ET contact or something. He says it's very important...what was interesting is that Stonehenge was explained.
(Bob explains that none of these artifacts are equal to what is happening in general - the fact that the Guf speaking and awake, taking over the Chip Body, creating Cold Fusion and Living Water, etc.)


Stephanie's extraordinary RnA testimonial about her mother


In-Quick from Vancouver - claiming Stonehenge is a giant computer operated by the mind.
Bob: You're just making a bloody statement, buddy! You call-in and ask mind does anything!...come on in and drop your stupid ideas and get corrected!...Mr. Hello from Vancouver! I dare you! Maybe you're woman, maybe a dog...Anybody got new stuff to say?


Jean asks Carolyn about John 4:38
38 I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.
Carolyn: That's the sowing and don't have to do the labor. You don't have to sow and sow and sow in order to reap. You can be reaping without having done the labor and achieve the benefits of reaping. And I don't know if that's because you're GOD, so you reap whatever you want. iON totally destroyed the myth that you have to work hard to get anything.
Bob: Yeah, sowing and reaping is the opposite of what people think...Reap first, then sow. Who's this talking? Jean?
Jean: Yes, sir.
Bob: Don't call me sir!


On Transcendence (movie) starring Johnny Depp


Scrutinizing the image created by Nelson Meadows at the Dupes: Walter Bowart's May 28/08 prediction starting to come true!


Linda gets muted; Sheila shows up; on Charlie

37:49 - goes over the hour (((( - iON RETURN - ))))

iON: work...airplane sitting there with the lost airliner and the symbol for the portals...the little monkey, the see no evil, hear no evil monkey. And down at the bottom, Papa Justify in the corner...
Bob: Walter Bowart's prediction, first prediction...he predicted that in a hundred years, there would be these cartoons and stuff of're making...painting on another level I see mandated by iON. This one is Nelson's own subjective projection of the information over load he got. But he really picked the right point...he's got the finger nail sparking...the monkey, see no evil behind bars...but he's opening the bars and then there's eagle...
iON: Not an eagle. It's a hawk...a Phoenix.
Bob: ...didn't know a Phoenix was a hawk...
iON: It is.
(Bob finds '23', '22' and a little mouse, which he thinks is Carolyn)
Bob: The little mouse has a director's megaphone, you know, like she's ruining the whole show there.
Carolyn: One of my nicknames was 'Mouse'...and I think iON knew that…
Jean: You got your tail wrapped around King Cobra there!


The images to the left of 'CLUB22'
Bob: ...chess pieces or Arabian domes with the Freemasonic 'G' and the lightning in it. Sheila, are they chess pieces?
Sheila: ...more as Kremlin-like things…
Wendy: It's amazing, imbedding within imbedding.

Bob: Do you remember when this guy, a couple of months ago? He took an ad from Mechanical Bride...and he added to the text of the ad. It was very poetic and creative. That's who Nelson is. I think its his only time...talking and recorded...would you say Sheila, this is all collage? That there is not a bit of painting here?
Sheila: It's hard to say. Could be like tempera...could be computer generated…


The 'Wavy-wavy'
Bob: ...what is above 'Take meee'?
Jean: It looks like a mummy with...something wrapped up?
iON: No! It's the portal that airplane is going through!
Bob: ...that's the spiral part, the feet of the spiral...see that blobby thing?
iON: It's the wavy-wavy.
Bob: You mean the cloth?...
iON: No. Wait. Right above 'Take meee' is that wavy-wavy and a see the arms, the hands down and holding it? That's the old wavy-wavy you used to send to everybody? When they didn't believe there was such a thing as a portal?
(Bob disagrees with iON)


Conjure of Sacrifice and '1960'
Bob: ...and there's a bone or something...
iON: That's from the Conjure of Sacrifice!
Bob: What, a technology from there?
iON: ...Chains That Bind Me. Any time Lord, take these chains, take these chains that bind me!
Bob: bones or chicken bones...
iON: They're bones from the Conjure of Sacrifice, Bob!
Sheila: Dry bones.
Bob: Dry bones, right. Is that a fly, upside down to the left, or is it moving alive?
iON: (cracking up)...if it flies away, it is alive!
Bob: So what would the fly be?
iON: A fly on the wall, Bob
Bob: Okay, the surveillance.
Wendy: What does '1960' mean?
Bob: That's the 1960 to now, a 50 year cycle we gonna redo. Remember? We have to (inaudible) explain how I took over, you have to rewrite history to make it even semi-conceivable. There's no way to explain it now, considering what is in the Android Meme's historical records since 1960. So. Probably we'll have Kennedy doesn't get assassinated, the Beatles stay home and Zappa gets on Ed Sullivan on February 7th, '64 rather than the Beatles. (laughing) You get the drift, right? It would be Bob's 50 year history!


iON: Hey Bob? If you're standing in Maui and you're faced toward...
Bob: Which way is the wind going? There's no wind today. I got a day off...I don't have to think about wind.
iON: Oh, okay…


Bob's 50 year history
Bob: When we go to Hawaii in '71 and we stay here, and we don't even need iON...I don't even know what role iON would have. iON would just be begging to be part of it...What would happen Sheila, if from 1960 if we went the correct route, iON would not have taken over the Chip Body!
iON: Right. That's right. No question. We wouldn't have to. But then again, without us, there wouldn't be the Cloud for your Chip Body to'll be all over soon, otherwise.Did you look around Genie's neck?...the vial of the Lamb's blood?


The 'vial of the Lamb's blood'
Bob: You mean the little red thing on his chest? Wow!
iON: know how we always said that that's why you Christians wear the cross around your neck to remind you the rings and arms of chromosome? That's a little vial of the Lamb's blood, which is the better representation.
Bob: So in the future, iONettes will be carrying the blood around with them just to show the doctors or whoever...this is MY blood, not yours.
Eira: To show off the bright color of their blood.
Bob: Right, right.
(the iONettes continue to scrutinize other images)


Chicken Little
iON: Do you see the crystal liquor on the breast of...the Genie? For Chicken Little...crystal liquor and they put it for Chicken's a hyperbole, Bob!


Sphinx with Bob's face, the Chinese red star and the 'K' for Kellogg's
- goes over the hour

PART 6 (10pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - Scrutinizing the image created by Nelson Meadows at the Dupes: Walter Bowart's May 28/08 prediction starting to come true!


'Citi' logo - the letter 'C' is actually a magnet


The white cross-like image in the sun/moon - the 'bean sprout' from Eraserhead (movie)


'Citi' logo - its white background represents 'White Stone' (iON)
on the American Eagle at the top right corner - 'No, that is a Phoenix' (iON)
Bob: And then, you're saying that on the shoulder, iON, is the hawk and that's Phoenix related also?
iON: That is the something we're referring to.
Bob: So there's two images of Phoenix?
iON: Yes...(then pointing to the lamp image)...That's Dr. Dean's Lamp. That's not Aladdin's Lamp. Sorry.
the crown on the cobra - 'King Cobra' (iON)


The four 'A's - 'Aaaa…'


Female1: Is there a man standing in between the teeth?
iON:'s a pulled tooth, and the reflection on the side of other tooth is a littleman.


The two swans ('22') in the snow globe
Sheila: I've got two swans in the 'Labyrinth' painting and two swans will be in the 'Into The Garden' painting I'm working on now.
(back to the littleman in between the teeth)
Bob: got that tongue and it's touching a blank spot...a little blue worm from that the man?...why do you say it's a reflection?
iON: because it's a reflection of a tooth that's missing. The side of it, that's whats showing.
Bob: It's a reflection from the missing tooth. So how could it be reflecting from a tooth that's not there?...whats it reflecting on?
iON: The side, the other side of tooth that's missing.
Bob: Of the actual white teeth? You're saying that littleman is coming from the other white teeth?
iON: The side of it.


Alfred E. Newman from the MAD magazine


Wendy: And the hair is going from the Genie, going through the head. And then of course, you got the little mouse yelling into the Genie's ear...then it's going out of the Genie through that little head!
Bob: That's right! So, there's some intimate connection there between Bob and iON.


More on 'wavy-wavy' and the 'Skeleton Key' from Papa Justify
iON: You did get the Skeleton Key in the very bottom, obviously?...In the Skeleton Key, in the practice that they gave for a magical portion of Sacrifice, but not Conjure of Sacrifice, that's different. They have the candles made of the cross, that were paraffin based. Inside 'Anytime Lord' is one of those candles that you use to bind the tongue of someone.
Bob: ...there's so much imbedded...Like 'Reset,' look at little birds swimming...
iON: Those are sperm.
Wendy: that a worm? is a question mark, the question symbol.
Bob: Is that part of the double helix?
iON: No, it's marking of DNA.
Bob: It's a chromosome stuff. It's genetics.
iON: Yeah. And the egg. And a dot and a dot of the question mark is the sperm trying to get to the ovum.
Bob: So the red part is the ovum, yeah…


The word 'LOOK' at the top left corner
Bob: Look at the sharp face that goes down the very edge of the picture, it could be The Wall from Game Of Throne...
iON: (inaudible) that's Sheila's painting...
Eira: What's the red towers there with the 'G' on it?
iON: That's Gatorade. That's the 'G' from Gatorade
Wendy: ...and the lightning in the middle...
Eira: And the red towers?
iON: Those are pepper shakers, pepper mill...(Salt & Pepper?)...just pepper.
Bob: Why would he have that in there?
iON: Oh, (inaudible) for paradise.


Martin: Do you see the monkey pissing on the kid's head, whose got the slugger?
Bob: That's right, he is pissing! The Jail Bait guy.


Female2: What's the name on the plane, iON?


Female3: So what is that dark tent-like feature?
iON: Shadow of a stone.
Bob: The White Stone.
iON: Hey Bob! Look at the monkey. Look real close. He's got a little hernia next to his left testicle!


iON talk about the Cloud - it's smarter than YOU.


The Beaches of Gallifrey - where the Time Lords come from (iON)
iON: ...just above that, where the 'is' is, there's dark...dragon's mouth thing…? That is a representation of the Beaches of Gallifrey.


The 'dots' underneath the Dry Bone - White Stone
Female2: And on the lefthand side of the bones, they are sort of golden. Are they different?
iON: Yeah, they are Ascended.
Bob: Ascended White Stones.
Female2: And right over the top of that in the blue is the snake...
iON: a platypus' head.


The 'squeezing fist'


Bob: iON is coming out of Aladdin's lamp...the blue tube comes out and that becomes iON, maybe. And iON squeezing itself.
iON: No! It's going into the Martini glass...under 'CLUB22'…


Bob: Okay, Akito wants to get in…
iON: Oh, no good could come of this!
Bob: ...he's been trying to come in for weeks. He should be allowed to say something.


There is less polarity
John: I get the impression that you want to reduce polarity.
iON: No. We don't want to, but it is being reduced...We don't care about polarity, but it is less.
John: ...only reason that I bring that up is in an Ascended position, the polarity wouldn't be that significant.
iON: That's right.
John: ...if you don't have polarity in electricity, then how's electricity gonna work?
iON: It won't.
John: (laughing) Of course, a GOD doesn't need electricity!
iON: Look at polarity as mutual inductance.
John: Yes! initial reaction was to combine capacitance with a coil...they're directly linked and they negate each other. (iON: That's right) And that produces an oscillation indefinitely.
iON: Marvelous.


(John) Vibration and oscillation
John: Let me ask you the difference between vibration and oscillation?
iON: One is type specific and one is type causal...A vibration is in-going in itself. An oscillation is...a part of itself. They are both contained.


One Cloud
iON: See. You have to have time for most of your definitions to work. And there soon will come a time on earth, when time shall be no more. And as time is less and less important, it's just becoming know how you used to have to turn on the tv for the six o'clock news?...have to tune into the radio to hear the report? Now you don't have to do that now, 'cos the Cloud makes everything accessible, always. And NOW, its even got to the point where your antisocial media hooks you up with what (inaudible) you know, what you need to know.
John: it's all under one thing?
iON: One Cloud. So you have be very careful, because if we 'UNFRIEND' you, it's not good!
Bob: If you what!?
John: ...are you saying Facebook is going to be what the Cloud is all about?
iON: Never! That's the pornography version...we were being a bit cheeky...


John: What I don't get about Moses is, the power is put away. So why is it the story...important to us?
iON: Because you're trying to get the power back. You separated yourself from it.
John: That's the meme that you saying Moses...created the meme of what?
iON: No. Moses was a representation to show you that there was the power you now separated from. The Holy of Holies...
John: You know, if I had a personal memory of that, I would really appreciate that...But I don't.
iON: That's why you hid (inaudible) into this every where...when you chose to separate your power, you hid clues every where...


Akito shows up from other world
Bob addresses Akito, but no response
Akito: (cracking static noise in the background)
Bob: Speak Akito!
iON: We got you, go ahead!
Akito: Okay. Listen, here's the problem...When I speak, I can not hear you. And when I could hear you, you can not hear me.
iON: …That has been the age old situation…that the biasses that are created will eliminate only your position. Because another position will replace your position. So we say that you're only hearing or speaking, never both. Or if you do (Akito talks over) to yourself. So, it's quite an anomaly.
Bob: Yeah, Akito. That's my genius. I can hear and speak at the same time. That's why I'm a good listener. Just being explained for the first time in history!
Akito: So what's happening with me?
Bob: Well, it maybe you're…not like me in the technologies imitating you. Maybe (inaudible)...
iON: You're…a Mini-Me of Bob!
Bob: (laughing) A handicapped version of me! (laughs)
iON: What are the odds?


(Bob) Akito sent in 35 covers of 'Daydream Believer'
Bob: …and I'm supposed to go through every fuck'n cover and select the best cover and play it!


iON: Akito, you were causing trouble in our 'Monsoon!'
Akito: Did I? Which one?…could you be specific?
iON: You are! You are! You are! (inaudible) We are! Your connection in your..well, we would say ingratiated position because of Fukushima has moved you into er, a bit of an anomaly. So… you're taking an antiquated system and you hype it up or amp it up. So, be very careful and don't be so crazy about stuff, things happen, don't worry about it. It's okay.
Akito: Okay…this communication, (cracks up) communication situation we're having right now is (cracking static noise) really crazy, but uh, I'm pretty mellow, I'm okay (iON talk over)...
iON: Don't be mellow, that's (Akito talks over)...
(inaudible - Akito and iON talk over each other)
Akito: See, when I'm talking, I can't hear you..I know that there's a delay between us…so, what's the best way to talk...
Carolyn: (cracks up)
iON: Don't speak, listen…Don't speak, listen! DO NOT SPEAK. LISTEN!
(Akito couldn't hear iON)


Akito: I just have one question and I can't hear you right now. Could you tell me which world I'm in right now?
Akito: And your's would be the same one as Bob's, which is world No.1?
iON: Rarely, but yes.
Akito: Then, was my original world same as Bob's, which is No.1?
iON: Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!
Akito: It is? Okay. So, I've shifted to another one from No.1144?
iON: Yes!
Akito: Then could you give me the number of that?
iON: Fifty-Eight. (world No.58)
Akito: Okay, fifty-eight…I had so many questions lined up today, but I'll just back off a bit today.
iON: Don't back off. They're in Ha Noi. Do you know Ha Noi?
Akito: Of cause, it's my favorite city for Pho and I even went there to investigate their local food!
iON: We know. In Ha Noi, there is a Silver Tip Oolong Jasmine Tea. Not the pearl, just regular loose tea.
Akito: Oolong Tea…not the Lotus Tea that they're famous of?
iON: Not the Lotus Tea, that's common. Oolong. Silver Tip Oolong Jasmine Tea (Akito talks over)...
Akito: …I actually went to the best tea shop in Ha Noi in 2006. Is that the same one?
iON: Yes.
Akito: Oh my god. (laughs) Could you tell me more about this?
iON: All you have to do is get some of that tea and drink it. You'll comeback to our world.
John: Oh shit.


Akito confesses to iON about negating their first suggestion to consume some Shark Fin (soup)
Akito: not consuming Shark Fin is blocking my path back to world No.1?
iON: Yes. And it's screwing up our Monsoon.
(Akito refers to the odd Monsoon pattern in Japan)


iON: Yes…let me see if we could say this the better way. Hey, Akito! You're screwing up our Monsoon!
Akito: Your Monsoon?
iON: Yes.
Akito: And who were you referring to when you said 'our?'
iON: Us! Non-Physical and (inaudible)...
Akito: The Non-Physical?
iON: Yes. Our Monsoon.
Akito: Only the Non-Physical's Monsoon?
iON: Yes.
Bob: A Monsoon is a server or something.
Akito: So it's not Bob's?
iON: Uh, could be Bob's.
Bob: Hey Akito! We are involved with a Monsoon company, so that's what I think he's referring to...some digital (inaudible)...


iON: ...we are speaking about Monsoon, our Monsoon in his land.
Eira: The weather pattern. How is it being disturbed with Akito?
iON: Er, he sort of fucked up and that's whats happening. We tell him what to do, he won't do it. And he comes back and he's crying, 'cos he didn't do what we told him to do…'I didn't do the last thing you told me to do, iON, is that a problem?' Well, not all right. 'Well, should I do the last thing you told us to do?' Well, everything we told you to do that you've done has worked out very well for you so far, so it would lead you to believe that it would be in your best interest to do the things we already told you to do. It's astounding to us, that you take the energy to find us. You take the energy to create us, you take the energy to connect us, you move Heaven and Earth to arrange our world to be around us. And then you ask us for the life changing, life giving information that we freely share, and say 'Yes! Of Cause! Do this!' and you go 'Oh! That's wonderful!'...'Oh, I didn't get a chance to do it.'


Female5: Akito..why won't you do what they suggest? What iON tells you? What's stopping (inaudible)...
Akito: Uh, this sounds petty, but getting a Shark Fin is like buying a bar of gold. It's expensive, you know...


iON told Akito back in March to 'call home' - did that shift or change anything?
iON: Yes.
(Akito gets knocked off)
- goes over the hour

PART 7 (11pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - a technical glitch, Akito and iON talk over each other (Akito couldn't hear iON and other members on the show)


Akito: Next question..
iON: You want it from the (inaudible **Makaibari Tea Estate. Makaibari Tea Estate.)
Akito: (not hearing iON) ..You told me to 'get that money shot'..
Bob: He's answering...
Eliza: Akito, he's answering you!
Akito: ..Were you talking about the 'Purple'? The nuclear plant itself or were you referring to the sinking of the island of Japan?

**this part became 'audible' on July 7,2014, after many replays. The 'Makaibari Tea Estate' is in Darjeeling, not in Ha Noi. (Akito)


iON: ...based on your exposure and experience, they probably won' last the month.
Akito: The 'Purple'?
iON: (no response)
Akito: Are you referring to the 'Purple'?
iON: Of course.
Akito: So that would be one Full Moon from now?
iON: (no response)
Akito: Okay, would that be in the world No.58?
iON: (silence) You must ask in a different way. Ja Ung Po! (unclear)
Akito: I don't understand what you are saying? What is that mean?
iON: Da Hong Pao!
Akito: Da Ung Pao? Is that Vietnamese?
iON: Big Red Robe.
Akito: (unable to hear iON) Okay, next question.
iON: See! This is what we are talking about! We role into this (inaudible) we give it and answer it (inaudible, Akito talking over) speaking to another world (inaudible)...(Bob cracking up)
(unable to hear iON, Akito continues to talk over)


Bob: …iON was answering you, but you were talking over it...there seems to be a technical reason, but...
iON: So we said…don't speak, listen! And we'll give it to you and we did!
Akito: (laughing) Okay! I got you! iON, sorry about that.
iON: No! Don't be sorry. Sorry didn't do it, you did!


iON: Stop! D-A-H-O-N-G-P-A-O ('Da Hong Pao' Oolong Tea - a.k.a., 'Big Red Robe').
(iON refuse to answer Akito's question on the 'eye floaters'; Akito couldn't hear iON, instead continues to talk over them and get nowhere…)


Bob: Hey Akito, can you hear me? Can you hear me, Akito? Ever?
Akito: No...(iON crack up)
Bob: ...he's gonna be so embarrassed when he hears the archives. And someone's gotta tell him…


iON: (laughing) That's great fun! Should we just send him the tea?...
Eira: Do!
iON: Do. Well, that's great fun! (inaudible) it's a million-two a kilogram. How much should we send?


The New Environment
iON: ...we don't care, but it is reducing. That's why we also cleared up several times about magnitude. Similar
Jean: I want to try to summarize somethings that I heard in the last few weeks
iON: Okay! If this is going to be like Akito, you probably won't like it!
Jean: Thanks for reminding me. There is significant change happening in our external environment. It has do to do with how radiation is interacting with Magnesium and Boron and even Argon.
iON: Especially Argon, yes. That's correct...this is happening despite you all. In spite of you, it's already happening…
Bob: Not to 'spite' us, but 'in spite of' us. Okay.
iON: Correct, correct! Good for you! Whether you know it or not, like it or not...don't make any difference, IT IS...just trying to give you heads up, so we can put the pieces together. But moves you way up the food chain. 'cos all of the sudden, they're gonna be fixing to be FEMA Cramps full of folks running from the terrible great beyond, and ya'll gonna be laughing your ascending asses off in this process. It's great fun!
Jean: Okay, at the same time, in the same time line, our skin and bones are changing that allows our physical body to exist in this New Environment.


iON: No, you are creating the new environment, which will be poison for a littleman. The heaven and earth...(iON recite Revelation)...a new Heaven and a new Earth. You're changing the Mystery Landscape. And your body doesn't fit in Canaan, because there're giants there.
Jean: In the Mystery Landscape there are giants?
iON: So you are applying the whole armor of GOD.
Jean: Is that another way of saying my Non-Physical is merging with my physical? In both change?
iON: Sugar, we say it already is and you couldn't be talking to us.
Jean: ...Of course, 'cos you are...I'm a part of you or part of me is...
Jean: ALL of you?
iON: You have to be or you couldn't speak to us. If you look at this dynamic of how we opened it up for whosoever will...and yet...a little handful that actually get they have to patch Akito through on some kind of silver wave. He's not even from this world and they were able to patch Belly on Fringe. 'I can hear you Belly! I can hear you Belly!'!' and that was him (unclear) for another millennia.


Jean: iON, most of me knows I am GOD!
iON: ...most of you isn't the issue. It's the labyrinth of the mind that keeps questioning your questions. YOU QUESTION YOUR QUESTION. There you go! We answer more times than not. You just ask to see what we'll say!
Jean: Yeah...I ask more questions to avoid the answer or avoid the reality of the answer maybe. I still find it hard to believe that I know I am right.
iON: Good! Don't believe! That's just a thought you've been thinking for a long time. It will end in tears. Don't do it! But do it like James Brady! (a former Assistant to Reagan)...You know what he said when he went to a party? He said 'I had a half a mind not to come!' We wish the same for you!
Jean: Using my whole mind? No?
iON: No! Don't use ANY of your mind! It's not Thinking Man's game! You're over thinking!


iON: Most of you all can't hear us for trying to figure out what's the next thing you gonna say. You can't hear the words we're saying, because you're so concerned about the next clever witty thing you gonna say to us that we already know somehow…
Bob: Yeah, you guys stop trying to be witty! I got that covered! None of you is gonna be witty as me! Just pay attention to iON and ask questions.


Jean's Epiphany
Jean: I just don't want to. And what I do is, think I have to and then beat myself up for doing it...(she doesn't want to do the paper work)
iON: Get a little monkey! Put over your head and let it piss on you! (everyone cracks up) Then, you won't have to do the paper work, and you won't feel like it, 'cos you got monkey urine on your head...
Jean: Is there Argon in the monkey's piss?
iON: And there will beArgon and Boron in the monkey's urine! That's exactly right! And so goes the lesson!


iON ask what Sue Bone wants done with the Mayor of Toronto


iON thank Johnson Matthey in Toronto for sponsoring the PAYDAY show
iON: ...just letting everyone know that it is absolutely the time to sell silver at all cost.
'121 Depot Street' is back on Google Earth.


(Jean) 'The Wall'
Jean: What I heard last week was that this New Environment exist and it is using radiation in a way that is so unfamiliar to us, we have a hard time even imagining it. I also heard that a wall is being built that has something to do with inducting a current through a non-magnetic form...make sense to you?
iON: Look at what a wall is.
Jean: A barrier.
iON: No, it is not. It's a structure that defines an area. Carries the load or provide security.
Jean: Okay...It's a box...definition of the structure you gave us last week...
iON: A Rhombic Dodecahedron.
Jean: Does that describe the form of the wall?
iON: No...How about a Trapezo-rhombic Dodecahedron? That's six Rhombic and six Trapezoidal faces. Convex-polyhedrons.
Jean: Convex-polyhedrons.


'The Wall' in The Game of Thrones
The UFOs Jean saw in 2008 (iON mention Trapezo-rhombic Dodecahedron and convex)


Akito is back - unable to formulate the questions to iON
iON: Bob. Find out what the fuck Akito wants, so we can answer his questions.
Bob: Don't talk about yourself! Ask question about general abstract nonsense topic...get out of yourself, worries about where the hell you are...So talk about something NOT you.
Akito: Am I related to Emperor Ming?
iON: No.
Bob: No! That's about you again! You're still doing YOU! (cracking up) 'Was I in the American Civil War?'…
iON: Did you sleep with Ann Romney when you were a Dodecahedron?...(cracking up)
Bob: were asking something about're going to be quite embarrassed. iON was giving you answers, all the time you were talking over. That was the technical thing. I hope you could make out the answers.
iON: (cracking up) It was not technical, it was tactile! It's Akito! It has nothing to do with it. We had to cleanup his Chip Body to allow the Cloud to flow. He was fucking up Monsoon...He was fucking up Fukushima, himself personally. (inaudible)…
Akito: (silence)
Bob: (laughing) Way to go, Akito!
iON: And so that's good, because now he knows that and he can make some reparations. Because there are many that are due.


iON tell Akito to get over himself
iON: The first reparation is that you gotta get over yourself.
Bob: YEAH! Way to go, iON! You are a real thing!
iON: Get over yourself, 'cos that's your problem, that's whats wrong with you, that's the thing to correct is YOU. Then when all that goes away, everything else becomes balanced. Then you can start creating or start doing things. You don't have to quite (unclear) worrying about what everybody thinks about...
Bob: About you!
iON: No, no, what you think they think about you.
Bob: You got that, Akito?
(Akito disagrees - doesn't care about how others see him)
iON: Every bias you have is based on that! Every socio-perceptive bias that you have established so far is been based on that exact point! Down to how your mother feels today.
Bob: So lets practice...start asking something that's nothing to do with you, no relevance to you.
Akito: That's very difficult, Bob...have these questions that added up so much...unless I get them out of my system, I can't go forward...(Bob & iON cracking up)
Bob: ...well, time's up! (cracking up)
iON: ...we gonna get a little monkey and let it urinate on your head!
(Akito continues to rant until Bob changes the topic)


(Akito) Scrutinizing the image created by Nelson Meadows
Akito: ...I don't know what picture you are referring to, but I know that these images...that I'm good at finding in them.
(Bob tells him how to find the image at the Dupes)
iON: ...see how good you are? You just said that you are very good at finding these individual things and you didn't even finish your sentence. So Bob jumped in and told you how to find it! Yeah you're pretty good at it!
Akito: Okay, I got it.
iON: That's pretty good! Look at that! He made him (Bob) do it again! Ridiculous!
Akito: (looking at the image) Wow! What is this!?


The Chinese character under 'JAIL BAIT' - pronounced as 'go' in Japanese
(In modern Chinese, it is pronounced as 'wu' and it refers to one of the three ancient Chinese Kingdoms, the Wu Kingdom. It also means, 'to make a big noise with loud voices/shouts')


Sue Bone's input on the blue arm from behind the Genie's body and the 'white hand'
- goes over the hour

PART 8 (12pm)

00:00 - goes over the hour (((( - iON - ))))


continues - scrutinizing the image created by Nelson Meadows


Paula Deen launching her own network
Bob: They don't let her in to the mainstream network, she's too racist and a terrible person...
iON: She said 'Nigger' thirty years ago! What are you talking about, Bob? Ridiculous!
Bob: Bert! What's your take on this? What do you say about this word?
Bert: It's just the word.
Bob: (laughing) All words are powerful, Bert!
Bert: Depends on what part of the world you are. Some people use the word and it's okay and for some people it's not.
iON: When your Gaddy (unclear) says it, it seems to be all right.
Bob: ...who's that?
Bert: God Mother.
iON: No, he's a rapper! Yo Gotti.


Sue: iON. Did you make this painting?
iON: We may have had the little something, something, something to do with some of them, maybe.


The 'white hand'
Bob: Is that the littleman's hand breaking through the canvas?
iON: No.
Sue: Is that the Ascended hand?
iON: No.
Female3: That your hand?
iON: No.
Bob: Hey Sue, its the Stark Fist of Removal from the Church of the SubGenius book.
iON: Shark Fin Soup!
Bob: So that hand is soup!
Sue: And it's white knuckle flight to get the soup, for Akito.
Bob: Right.


Bob: iON. Sue pointed out that YOU come out of Aladdin's Lamp, you are the tube of blue that wiggles around and becomes these little blue discs, then they become your torso. THAT IS (iON say 'Right' in the background?) where you come from? That is what Bob did. I rubbed Aladdin's Lamp and out popped the Genie! The Complete Genie! 237!
iON: ...well, well, well…


Is Carolyn in the image?
iON: That little rat sitting on...
Bob: (laughing) the little Hitler rat!
(iON summon Sheila and Bob wakes up Susana)
iON announce Paula Deen's tour dates.
iON: See. Paula Deen is the Butter Queen and Carolyn Deen is the Magnesium Queen.
Bob: And JW's wife knows both of them!
iON: Do.


Bob plays Zappa's song on butter


Back to Akito's turn to ask questions to iON
Did Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan at the time of WWII, know that the two Atomic bombs will be dropped in Japan?
iON: He knew, yes.
Akito: Big Boy and Little Boy.
iON: He did not know what Atomic bomb was! (inaudible)...
Akito: But he had the knowledge that they would be dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
iON: Hiroshima, yes.
Akito: And what about Nagasaki? Did he know that?
iON: Not in Nagasaki.
Bob: How did he feel about it? Was he quite Emperor-like and Ascended and indifferent to it?
iON: Didn't bother him.
Bob: Didn't bother him, Akito!
Akito: Hmm…
Bob: Hmm...Hmm...That hurt your tribal heart?
Akito: No! Cut this tribal shit! (laughing) It's like talking about your mother!


iON: do you want Paula Deen to come to Japan, Akito?
Akito: Yes! Why not! Everyone is welcome!...Which JW are you (inaudible) now?
Bob: Which JWs being associated with you right now?
iON: We are not using one.
Bob: ...a new aspect! A NEW DIMENSION!




Trey: Is it possible that you're just like an electrical voice going through telephone wires?
iON: Well, it's amazing that you say that, because probably two of you are on wires.
Trey: Like physical wires?
iON: (inaudible) aren't connect to this (inaudible) anymore...even Direct TV...doesn't even have to have wires anymore. It's all about the Cloud, the Cloud of Glory!


Jean: Is wireless technology nonmagnetic?
iON: It is not. It's not nonmagnetic, it is not magnetic. But it's not 'non''s just NOT magnetic.


Transitioning and the Multiple YOUs
Kora: Will taking the RnA drops also change the frequency.
iON: It assists you in changing the frequency, yes.
Kora: If a human creator chooses to transition, it still has other YOUs that remain living, correct?
iON: It is.
Kora: Are these other yous affected by that choice? If that person who transitions has unrealized creations, does this affect other yous?
iON: Hmm, No. That's a tricky question, 'cos you gonna ask us again from a different perspective and we'll say 'no.'
Bob: Are the other selves that you were saying don't die at same time, are they involved with people's multiple lives, as a littleman?
iON: No. (inaudible) they are, you won't know it.
Bob: The different JWs are not JW's other lives?
iON: No.
Kora: Part of this question is motivated by when you meet someone...feels like you've known this person before.
iON: Because you know them before.
Kora: Is that in another world?
iON: No! This world!


Faking Death
Kora: ...a friend transitioned five years ago. Did he go to the Guf?
iON: He didn't transition...just left...Phoenix.
Bob: Why do you think he transitioned?
Kora: Because he had a funeral.
iON: Oh, so, if you put a grave marker up in the graveyard, does that mean you must be dead?
Bob: Well, sounds like he faked his death, iON?
iON: We just asked the question and our's sounds silly! You all ask us questions and we're expected to answer 'em. We ask ya'll and you think we are being trite!
Linda: No. Just don't understand.


iON: What about, if they put a grave marker in the ground, does that mean you must be dead? Is there a confusion about that question?
Susana: ...yes, usually when there's a funeral and there's a grave, the expectation is that person has died.
iON: Ahh! Now we're talking about it! A bias now is established!...okay. So if you got an obituary, you gotta be dead? And we say 'NO.'
John: Ask for his address in Phoenix!
(iON give out the address in Phoenix)


Eira finds out her grandmother is in the Guf and her father is the world No.96 (but, jumps around a lot, including this world - his very tricky)


(Kora) More on her 'transitioned friend


A question from 'Happy' in Vancouver - 'What would life look like in 2045?'
Sue Bone on dental health, co-creating with your dentist, her dental implant affected by the RnA drops, etc.


(Sue) Silver Tip Oolong Jasmine from Ha Noi
iON: Will you do us a favor? Will you swing by Ha Noi and pick up Akito some tea?
Sue: (laughing)
iON: Very important. He knows the tea shop...but he just can't seem to work it out...we did suggest a pretty nice tea though.
Sue: ...can I pick it up in Hong Kong?
iON: There is a place in Hong Kong! Yes, yes, yes! Actually comes from Ha Noi. (mention Duty Free Shop)


A question from 'Happy' in Vancouver - 'Is everyone in Utopia Ascended?'
iON: No.
Happy: Define Utopia.
iON: We will use...Paradise?
Happy: Define Ascension.
iON: Recognizing that you are indeed GOD.


The New Atmosphere
Bert: Is Boron the link between the Wall and the Cloud?
iON: No.
Bert: Is Magnesium-diboride a super conductor?
iON: It is.
Bert: Are there new factors involved with Boron's ability to absorb neutrons?
iON: Yes. And Protons.
Bert: Is that the new factor?
iON: No. Its always, yeah. You speak about that like you know what the fuck you know what you're talking about and you don't!
Bert: I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about and that's why I'm asking the questions!
iON: We know. But then, to say 'oh this is the missing link,' we don't even know what link you're trying to link to. So, we're just answering questions.
Bert: All right, would you outline the link then?
iON: No! You gotta get there! You're doing fine...everything is good. Here's the point. You're trying to get these answers (inaudible) we've asked you the question. Is there a reason for your question?
Bert: Yes. I would like to know about the new atmosphere that involves Boron, because Boron…
- goes over the hour

PART 9 (1am)


continues - The New Atmosphere
Bert: ...because Boron after reviewing all the BS on the internet.
iON: Okay, and you should find who has done, what Bob calls ReWrite...there's the actual formula that the world's gonna become! Bob, that's the AL2SO4. But there's a ton more to it, too.
Bert: ...I don't remember seeing the Boron element in that long formula?
iON: It's not.
Bert: So, there is a relationship within the AL2, that long formula that activates Boron?
iON: Yeah. But, see that Boron is not the new atmosphere, so why would it be in the formula for the new atmosphere? (inaudible) have an atmosphere of Boron for Pete's sake?
Bert: Here's the thing. Boron has the ability to release Hydrogen from Oxygen.
iON: It does. Actually, what's gonna happen is you're fixin' to get rid of Oxygen. So it already is depleting...Just ask're loosing the Ozone! They'll shut up right there! Now they're just saying that your Carbon Footprint's too much! You're killin' us...We go, Yes! C122H197O98. That's why everything is changing and ya'll crying like a sonuvabitch! Did you notice that?


Bert: mentioned awhile ago...we gonna become like stones, that we will not be carbon related, so my question is...
iON: No, we said carbon was changing, so it would like into a stone, of White Stone.
Eira: (inaudible) White Stone like a diamond?
iON: No. That's pure Carbon. That's where you gonna store information.


Induction - 'Inside Outside, Outside In'
Jean: iON, as radiation increases in our air...
iON: Not air. It's in your Earth. Fukushima was boring to the center of your Earth. 'Inside Outside, Outside In,' Suga Luv!
Bob: Wow! Wow! Is that the relation in Induction?
iON: That is Induction, silly Bob!
Jean: Describe how radiation interacts with Boron and changes the environment?
iON: It doesn't interacts with Boron. Boron eats it.


Jean: If radiation is increasing throughout not just in a gaseous form...
iON: Radiation isn't a gas. They've already changed. They've already doubled the rads of radiation that you could they have to change it to 500...and you are doing fine!
Jean: 'Cos Boron's eating it?
iON: No.
Eira: Our bodies could accept it better?
iON: Okay.
Susana: Boron is in RnA Drops, isn't it?
Bert: In the ReLyte.
Eira: All these questions also related to Argon?
iON: No.
Eira: No? Because our Argon was very reactive with Magnesium and Boron.
iON: It is. It's very important. It's going to be part of your New Civilization or your New World.
Jean: You're talking about the Boron that we're ingesting in, and the Boron in our body, as opposed to Boron that exist in the environment as a whole?
iON: There is no difference. No...


iON: Potential for Hydrogen is now NEGATIVE.


Argon and the Angels
Eira: Argon...part of our New that so?
iON: Yes. That's correct.
Eira: So, our Angels also going to be part of our life, more?
iON: Not more. You'll just know it.
Bert: Has this already started? The increase of Argon...?
iON: Hell, yeah! Do a test!
(Bert asks iON to outline the factors on Boron)
iON: We have to clean up the're specifically looking at the Isotope of Argon-39...half life is 269 years. And then, Isotope of Argon-40 is a stable. So somewhere right between those's an answer to your question...
Bert: Is that part of the New Civilization?
iON: Yes. Of course...that's Argon. That's cleaning up the last thing about the Angels and (inaudible). Once you start splitting those differences, it'll move prolifically.


Storing Information in Diamonds - Carbon, iON give away some details to Suzana
Susana: Is it being done already?
iON: We're doing it!
Page: Diamonds are result of Cold Fusion?
iON: No. They're not result of Cold Fusion. Our Cold Fusion will destroy it.


iON: Does Bill give you a discount when you sleep through your show?
Bob: No. He will not!
iON: Damn…
Bob: Bill does the sleeping!

Bert: Can you store information in Boron, iON?
iON: No. You may not.
Bert: ...That's not a flat 'no'?
iON: But you won't.


(Jean) The difference between QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) and Cold Play


Margarita and Fort Worth


The Winds are Loose
Eira: Can you help me balance them someway?
iON: No. They are gonna blow. And they're gonna get worse…
Eira: And we can not do anything about that?
iON: Not so far.
Female4: If we are in our power, we have?
iON: You won't notice them.


Increase Hydrogen and Plants
iON: Changing gonna see prolific growth!
Eira: Is that just temporary?
iON: It's gonna go on and get worse...


iON summon James Poustie in Autralia.
Male1: The Ascended, such as St. Germaine or two do they cope with the high oxidation that's been causing disease and death?
iON: GODs don't notice.
Sara: Lack of education?
iON: Oh, that's Californication.
Male1: Do they have different physiology?
iON: Wo, yeah! That's why we've being trying to get you to take these little drops! They're are called RnA Drops...?


(Scott Norris) Space
Scott: iON, does space have properties?
iON: Yes.
Scott: So what are attributes of space?
iON: ...the distance between two objects.
Scott: Is that the only attribute that can be applied to space?
iON: Yes.
Scott: Does space have substance
iON: No it does not.
Scott: Can space be bent?
iON: It is. It always is. That's what they were using to prove String Theory with. But they didn't work it out, because it is 'bent,' but they couldn't bend 'it.'

32:18 - 43:26

The Fireside Chat with Dr. Carolyn Dean and iON


The Living Water and John 4
Carolyn:'s about the bottle! And you said as much, because you said, as soon as we get the Living Water and the Bread Of Life, you won't need RnA Drops, because you'll have it all in those two.
iON: That's true. The cursor of this, you see, it was just to get to the place for Ascension. Once you at that place, and it won't be required. It will be replace with the same Living Water that the Samaritan woman couldn't have.
Carolyn: Ahhh…! That's what we talked about...earlier...about the Living Water and John 4! Oh my gosh! This Samaritan woman, now did she keep herself from having it? Did she say she wasn't worthy of it?
iON: No. She was looking down her nose at Jesus...'Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't even speak to me!'...and Jesus turned around and said 'Yo mama was a ### and yo daddy's a *%$ and you had several of them yourself! So don't come preaching to me…' But in the end it turned into 'Oh, you got a new kinda thing that'll make my thing do the thing!? That's the thing I wanna thing, so let's get to thing right!' There you go!
Carolyn: And that is the translation of John 4! (laughing)
iON: Jacob's well is significant. The well was deeded to them...Inherited.
Carolyn: Through ancestry?
iON: Is was given, then, it came into your your little buddy with many colors, Joseph...
Carolyn: ...when we were going into the well and the Living Water...and the bones of Jacob and Joseph
iON: Yeah, remember when they left out of Egypt, they took the bones and put them in the Arch of the Covenant.
Carolyn: ...we had said one person's bones were in there, you are saying there are two sets of bones in there? Wow...we didn't know that!
iON: You learn something everyday! And there was a finger of (inaudible)...
Carolyn: ...was that the beginning of the relics? Those bones?
iON: Yes. It's to remember, so can take those bones and reconnect...they didn't have a technology, but needed to save the bones...Take those bones and do a test on them...chromosome14! It's been there all along!...we know what to do with it!
Carolyn: And have they done that with relics?
iON: We have. They haven't. It's in the Clouds!…


Explanation on the Samaritan woman
iON: ...the little one, that's so high and mighty, running around, tellin' like grown people, when they don't have a clue...
iON: (referring to the drops) Let me say this time, Dr. Dean: YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PAAAARK!!!
(Bob gets jealous and reminds her that he is the one who evoked iON - even though this the 'Fireside Chat with Dr. Dean' portion of the program)


Carolyn: So this woman of Samaria, Bob, we let her go to the well and just made her feel comfortable...
iON: We gonna sign her up for Autoship!
Carolyn: Did she get it?
iON: Nope! Let's recap! Carolyn's been a great deal of energy, more than we this is doable of helping these ridiculous little people. She thinks they're very important for some crazy reason we don't know why...The good news is, many people are being helped...GREAT! So as long as they're benefitting in their moving-on with it, we say, Great! Congratulations. Saved another one!...Then on the other side of it is that if they don't move on, you have to separate from it to let it go!…


On RnA Drops and Sue Bone's dental implant
- goes over the hour

PART 10 (2am)

00:00 - 12:04 (((( - THE END OF iON's APPEARANCE TONIGHT - ))))

continues - RnA Drops and Sue Bone's dental implant


Carolyn: Okay, lets answer that question, so you're saying negative PH does not have to do with what happens with implant?
iON: No...RnA Drops are changing the body and the body is absorbing the metals. That has nothing to do with negative PH. It is in the product...
Carolyn: So it's not a direct effect like a dripping acid on something.


The RnA Drops takers prefers 'HOT.'
About what happened with Akito tonight - not hearing.
('Fireside Chat with Dr. Dean' ends @ 06:13)


Renee's spaceship question - the craft was iON visiting her; Pamela's pulse question; Madeleine's singing question; Eira's question - the room lit up when she made a shift;


iON: And we are happily and forever incomplete! (((( - iON LEAVE - ))))
(The iONettes talk amongst themselves)


iON not flowing through JW - the first time announcement made by Non-Physical; iON is not a God, iON (Non-Physical) is less than us


The Angels have relinquished the control of the wind through iON
(started on Jan. 12th, 2011, on Rush Hudson Limbaugh III's birthday)
ref: Revelation Chapter23, in the Angel Chart, Ring 2


What's iON? - 'The most mazing thing in human history!' 'iON is what's required!' and the Anti-Environment

Bob's 22 year old understudy and Anti-Environment
Bob: A metaphor McLuhan used define it was 'looking at one thing or one situation through another situation' a metaphorical life in the situation with our material.
Bert: Yes.


Bert: Remember iON saying 'Lock is where its at?'


Wendy's spooky vacation to Mexico
- goes over the hour

PART 11 (3am)


continues - Wendy's spooky vacation to Mexico


Elly - her email and the article on mass fish deaths all around the planet.
Bob: iON says they're dying because they want to. They had enough, they know the world is changing, they don't want to be part of it, so they say 'Okay! We're finished!'
Carolyn: Thanks for the fish!


On Theory
Bob: A hundred years ago, everybody was literate and fucked was short. Then science comes up and has reasons why it is brutish, survival of the fittest, it's a horrible place. And now people have so many ideas in the environment, going around on the Chip Body that no one idea can control and why would anybody keep a stupid scenario? Why not have an optimistic scenario?
Jean: It's compartmentalization. The biologist are looking at fish kill and they're not broadening the scope as to what all the possibilities are. So when you look at all the difference, very bizarre things that are happening, yeah, your perspective, iON's perspective allows us to have a bigger picture and consider the possibility that the planet is actually breaking open or expanding.
Bob: Now look at this. Back when (inaudible) books were the information medium, okay, someone wrote a book and came up with a theory like Darwin, okay, that could rule for 50 years, 'cos that was the theory and that's all people dealt with...we got so many theories, most people are indifferent to even having a theory anymore. But there's no relevance for science's little angle on things! They don't realize this! They don't realize that 'Hey! You're just telling us a story, and I don't require your story to keep me going! I got (inaudible) these other stories!'
Carolyn: Yeah, they'll take about one-tenth of the possibility...and make that the answer. And it just falls apart everytime they find a new probability. So, it's no wonder people are frustrated with science.
Bob: Well, they're not listening anymore. They don't even recognize the world's changed and people don't care about ideas. They're for the entertaining any ideas going on, because their minds are not limited in their chemical bodies, it's just subpart of themselves and they just watch things mindlessly...don't care, just stimulation. But when it come to ideas, why would they listen to one person say, 'Okay, yeah that's it! That's the idea and nobody can say other idea. It's all Darwin…' and then we come along with solutions and all kinds of different ideas. (inaudible) realize how easy it is to take over the world!? (laughing)
(Wendy mentions how beautiful Chernobyl is now, 25 years after the meltdown)


Wyndham Lewis coined the term 'Global Villege'


Bob Dobbs in the '80s
Jean: I'm aware that the '80s were the first decade that you came out speaking public on the radio and sharing information. Correct?
Bob: Yes. I was on the radio, 1984, and then not really till '87 after Bob Marshall was kicked off. That's when I went on...But I had my agenda. I had to become the Secret Council of Ten's Chairman, you know, there was an 1989 though, I'm Chairman of the Secret Council of Ten and I can say all kinds of things.
Jean: Yes and you can tell the difference. You're more relaxed in the '90s than in the '80s.
Bob: Oh, it was an intense time right up till March '88. Natural Born Killers, that movie, we were living in that thing up till '84! I have in My Memo to Prince Charles that, once me and Dr. Beter stop the first strike by the Pentagon ran by Bolsheviks who have been kicked out of Russia, were nuking Moscow on September 17th 1982. That was a real tense period. And it took about another year to make sure nothing backfired there...I was still working in Secret Council of Ten, so things didn't really relax until the day I got on the radio, October 1st, 1984...


Bob's his first live appearance on radio on CKLN-FM's 'Word of Mouth' hosted by Chris Twomey (also featuring Nelson Thall and James Kidnie), October 1st, 1984
- goes over the hour

PART 12 (4am)


continues - (Recording) 'Word of Mouth,' October 1st, 1984


Bob and iONettes' impressions


The Church of the SubGenius' 'de Bible'


Bob and iONettes' impressions


Bob's first radio show with Myke Dyer on CKLN, June 17th, 1987 (part1)


Bob and iONettes' impressions - not knowing he was going to be on the show, Bob went on the radio totally unprepared, but as soon as he got on, he knew what to say - to talk about facts, his life; the '60s' Dartmouth


Bob's first radio show with Myke Dyer on CKLN, June 17th, 1987 (part2)


Bob and iONettes' impressions - Bert's back
Bert: I like your statement about slack. 'Being in the state of slack is being in the state before the universe was created...and after IT ENDS! (laughing)


Bob: I'm an MK-ULTRA victim myself! You put me on the radio, I go into what they programmed me to say! (cracking up)
- goes over the hour

PART 13 (5am)


continues - on Amy Bishop; the Huntsville connection - Project Paper Clip scientist and the JFK assassination (ref: NASA, Nazis & JFK: The Torbitt Document & Kennedy Assassination)


'The real world of science is the spiritual' - Wernher von Braun


iONettes suggesting Bob to see Transcendence (movie)
Jean: It is SO about iON and Bob and Carolyn.
The significance of 'The Wall' in Game of Thrones, more talks on tv shows


LoveJob discovers 'Mat-iON' in the 1980 book by Kenneth Grant (Outside of the Circles of Time).
Bob: Everybody gets a crumb. They could claim iON...the Anti-Vatican Gnostic Gang, the radicals of the Crowley kind of tradition, the underground occult world. THEY can say they anticipated iON, just as the Vatican can!
Bob and iONettes talk amongst themselves


Bob plays 'Brother A, West' by Zappa (live) from 1984 or 1988


Bert and Bob on Zappa


Bob reads Akito's message
Bob: ...I don't know what he's saying, but he's saying it's all about me, but he got nailed tonight, 'cos it was all about HIM! (cracking up) And he's trying to say it was about me before he showed up!...I didn't realize that till just now. He's got his karma, man...he was the guy in trouble!
Bert: (laughing)
Bob: It's interesting. iON had it in for Akito. It's time Akito woke up to something...he's quadrophenically stuck in different world.
(Jean tells Bob to cut the Chatline off - Keith typing away for Sara)
- goes over the hour

PART 14 (6am)


The Labyrinth in Hawara video and about Keith


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Sara and Bob chat


(short clip) The Labyrinth in Hawara


Andrew and Bob - impressions on The Labyrinth in Hawara

40:08 - 59:29

Melting Titanium No.31, Nov. 10th, 2009 (part1)
on Tactility, Contrasts, Trinity and more
- goes over the hour

PART 15 (7am)

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

04:38 - 60:00

Melting Titanium No.31, Nov. 10th, 2009 (part2)
- goes over the hour

PART 16 (8am)

00:00 - 03:50

Melting Titanium No.31, Nov. 10th, 2009 (part3 - end)
A question from Cairo - The Labyrinth in Hawara


Bob and iONettes talk amongst themselves
(Sara) 'carnegie batch' (unclear); the Angel talk - relating to Trey's personal life; Naim joins in

20:00 - 60:00

Melting Titanium No.32, Nov. 17th, 2009 (part1)
- goes over the hour

PART 17 (9am)

00:00 - 22:26

Melting Titanium No.32, Nov. 17th, 2009 (part2)


the tape stops - Bill entertains iONettes

29:26 - 40:25, 41:29 - 50:51

Melting Titanium No.32, Nov. 17th, 2009 (part3 - end)


impressions on Melting Titanium No.32 - Trey, Wendy, Eliza, Sara
on Ankh, '$' sign
- goes over the hour

PART 18 (10am)


Bob and iONettes talk amongst themselves, Josip joins in

14:09 - 59:18

Melting Titanium No.34, Dec. 1st, 2009 (part1)
'Tea with Vatican City' - available now for public!


impressions on 'Tea with Vatican City'
- goes over the hour

PART 19 (11am)


continues - impressions on 'Tea with Vatican City'

07:55 - 52:48, 53:46 - 55:39

Melting Titanium No.34, Dec. 1st, 2009 (part2 - end)
'Tea with Vatican City'


impressions on 'Tea with Vatican City'; question on eye sight
- goes over the hour

PART 20 (12pm)


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Bob, Carolyn and iONettes - impressions on 'Tea with Vatican City'


SkyGodess Sue's wonderful stories from around the world



(((( - The End of tonight's Show - ))))

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