Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Alison’s Private iON Sessions


Alison: So…these words were created by us?

Ion: Yes.

Alison: By me the creator? By the Is that created?

Ion: Yes, yes.

Alison: Who created the Guf?

Ion: God.

Alison: Is God the Is that’s experiencing itself through humanity who is also God?

Ion: No, no, no, not humanity, you individually. There is not a collective God. There is one non-physical that all the Gods share but that’s just little old non-physical. Don’t mind us. We can’t even create.

Alison: But something created you.

Ion: You did.

Alison: Kind of an infinity loop?

Ion: Well imagine that, a sideways eight, yes that’s how we explain life as we know it. The wire whisk, holding one to the left one to the right, making the physics symbol for infinity.

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