Sunday, November 10, 2013

Communiqués 1-7


Communiqué #1 (15 January 2013)

Communiqué #2 (31 March 2013)

Communiqué #3 (14 April 2013)

Communiqué #4 (28 April 2013)

Communiqué #5 (4 May 2013)

Communiqué #6 (12 May 2013)

Communiqué #7 (Nov 2013)


Anonymous said...

I just listened to Communiqué #7, Nov 2013 and it sounded like it was from an old recording. I was hoping for something new and fresh - bummer!

Bob Dobbs said...

No, Anon., you're the bummer. Let me explain:

I suggest you're not listening closely enough. When I edited what was a 45-min. conversation with iON down to 19:56, I purposely made sure there were references to events occurring or about to occur (iON predicted Typhoon Haiyan) last Friday such as my photo on this site. You'll hear me bring up the comment by "Anon." (perhaps it was you) on my temporary facial absence from Ed's photo of an old pre-iON "Bob" while Ed waited to be sent a new photo which you can now see. The comment on the typhoons was at the beginning of the original recording played on PAYDAY last Sat. nite. Ed, in his quest for aesthetic perfection, deleted that part so you didn't hear it. So you're not at fault on the "weather" point, but the photo issue should have clued you in.

Now, maybe you're just talking about how the sound quality reminds you of the old days. That is possible because we presently record iON on the QuickTime Player on Carolyn's computer which we used to do back in 2009 and 2010. In late 2010 we switched to which created better and clearer recordings. That will be returned to shortly. Meanwhile, we are very busy with iON and most sessions involving our projects are not recorded. We only record quickly and conveniently when iON wants to address YOU.

Third Point: "New and fresh"? Are you listening to my "Answer to Cancer/Chromosome 14" series on PAYDAY? There you will hear actual workshops, mainly between iON and Carolyn, about scientific (in particular, genetic) matters recorded 3.5 years ago. If you have, you should realize you are hearing something EXTREMELY new and refreshing... for YOU.

Fourth Point: When iON returns for public performances, please prepare yourself for an experience TRULY NEW and REFRESHING!! So much so, that... well... well, fair warning.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Nov. one several times. Ion warned of the EMPs can you tell me more about that?

Bob Dobbs said...

Listen to this from a March 24, 2010 "Tailgate":

Anonymous said...

When does iON return? When did iON leave? [from public performances]

Bob Dobbs said...

We don't know when iON will return to public performances.

iON left on Dec.1, 2011.