Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Akito’s Guide To Bobfest

Beginning 22 November 2013, Bob Dobbs created a world shattering event—he DJ’d 144 hours of non-stop radio called the BobFest.

Susana, Wendy, Goran, Jean, Bert and Mark contributed to this guide.

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NOV. 22nd - DAY1

Part1 (18:00)
00:00 - 59:00

The BobFest Opening Music Mix - Bob plays his favorite musik.


Bob and Carolyn start the 144 hours of madness!
Part2 (19:00)
Deborah West, Madeleine, Wendy and Ginney join in; Bob reads messages


Roseanne joins in and talks about going to Sedona, AZ

Part3 (20:00)

Roseanne continues


Bob denies Kigye's BobFest registration


Kigye's Nov. 5th Facebook message to Bob, "… thanks to Obamacare, I will refuse to work full time…"


RnA Prize Winner announced by Gregg and Ginney -

3rd Place Prize Winner - 'Mineral Madness Package' ReMag, ReAline and ReMyte to Bonnie
2nd Place Prize Winner - 'Misfit to Millionaire Package' ReMag, ReAline and RnA to Deborah West
1st Place Prize Winner - 'Ginney Almighty Package' ReBob, ReNew, ReMag and ReAline to Matt

waiting for the guest, Santos Bonacci to call in

Part4 (21:00)
15:00 - 31:00

The first guest, Santos Bonacci still not calling in; Bob plays a recording of Bonacci discussing "Syncretism" instead

"… Syncretism is the combining of different, often seemingly contradictory beliefs, while melding practices of various School of thought…"
Santos Bonacci still not showing up


Bob analyses Bonacci -
Bob: … the Thompson quadrant in its extremist… visually biased, a lot of rear view mirroring… the Syncretism is LaRouche's enemy… LaRouche, an android meme replay of Ezra Pound… LaRouche and Pound are in the same quadrant, but Pound was a Syncretist...


'M': … Santos does know the difference between YOU and U.


Bob and Madeleine chat-
we travel discarnately through electric media, we don't even have to move; if a trillion people are tapped in here, we are in their homes; there is no time and space; that is why iON is talking the electric environment and more as itself; we don't have time nor space travel in the electric state, we are resonating; Dr. Who is limited compared to us today; etc

Santos Bonacci not calling in


there is NO Bobathon T-shirt


Brian joins in; Carolyn's saltwater
Part5 (22:00)

Bob, Madeleine - we don't need vehicles to travel, etc; Madeleine doesn't have a tv, only watches 'Primewire'


the new-age/counter culture, Allan Watts and Krishnamurti (the Nominalists) - "the map is not the territory"
- McLuhan and the poets (Joyce, Pound, etc) - "the map IS the territory"; used words to evoke images


people took drugs in the 60s to get into the non-nominalist, feel the environment massage you, words massage you… sensory reemphasis of sensory involvement away from the detached visual biased literary guys in the 1920s- e.g., Bertrand Russell - the words were the objects; where as nominalism separates them out - the words have nothing to do with objects; etc


on swearing - McLuhan predicted people would swear more; it is tactile - it doesn't have a clear meaning; there was more swearing before the printing press; swearing is an 'emotion,' not so detached; VEEP


Brian and Bob on Revolution season2 and about merging with the chipbody; JW's influence on TV shows/JJ Abrams- one in Hollywood leaking iONic stuff and one in NY; the Revelation mentioned in Sleepy Hollow;


Bob on Syncretism -
not impressed with Santos Bonacci's version
Bob: … Syncretism is the visual biased alphabetic man trying to retrieve the lofty oneness that tribal acoustic reality seems to have in retrospect…

they want to become one - from visual perspective, the acoustic space looks like 'oneness'; it's visually biased people trying to get beyond their visual bias; they conceptualize it by ideas of Gods and theology; etc


on Rousseau romanticizing the acoustic noble savage; the image of nature came from the printing press; natives don't have an image of nature, they are too involved in it (their hidden ground)
30:52 - iON knows we are in a matrix /chipbody situation that none of the ear-biased or eye-biased cultures can properly image

21:07 - 32:19

on Jackson Pollack's painting - he was tuning into the non-visual, tactile effect of TV, knew the eye had nothing to do it and didn't make an image; in 1950, the society was modulated by radio and TV, unaware of their effects and unconsciously developing a tactile bias, the 'tactile painter' fascinates; Pollack had the literally idea of an artist and didn't understand the process and got depressed - didn't like getting sucked into pop culture; had identity crisis and killed himself.


on Andy Warhol -
silkscreen of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe fascinated the hoi polloi in the 60s; the previous environment of movies, the old art forms are now turned into art forms by satellite and TV; Warhol painted the effects of the old arts, movies, and made them the content of the new hidden ground and fascinated people; people, no longer involved in the star image of the 30s, the tv reality was taking over; archetypalized the Hollywood screen queen - Marilyn Monroe - the 'new nature''; etc

37:30 - 60:00

Legend and Bob on his channeled mother; on iONic environment; TV shows; etc

***goes over the hour

Part6 (23:00)

Legend and Bob continue


Bob and Bryb chat -
JW allowed hackers to hack into his computer; there was so much stuff and didn't care; he was the first billionaire to realize it was the post-information society


the front image on explained; the pyramid - an old, hierarchical, bureaucratic image; the sphere on top - a democratic image; etc


Bob: (to Madeleine)... utterances are important

25:00 - 30:00

Bob: … after WWII, the Pentagon/military took over US hospitals with Project Paperclip… the Nazis took over AMA making money out of deaths…


talks on RnA drops; etc


on JFK by Oliver Stone and his statement read by Gregg -
Stone thinks we're still in the information society; knows his movie was effective, it was in the right medium - a 'movie' affecting the kinetic bias of the Americans and opened up legislation 20 ago - made points; this week, he is pissed off that he is been obsolesced, his points been all ignored - doesn't understand we're in the post information society; "I made this movie and nobody believed it"; etc


Bob: … we have to recognize how long ago 1963 was… McLuhan said, we lived 200 years every 12 months compared to the 19th century, now we live 2000 years every 12 months… so why would we care about some assassination in 1963?
1984 Orwell - the history is rewritten by leaving the parts out; Burroughs - OMG they're deleting the history


on history -
Bob: … there is no history to be told, we are not here anymore… something has invaded the planet and we're on the sidelines and ignoring us, so lets start our own reality!
on text books; etc

53:56- 60:00

on hunger for entertainment and media -
the software environment flips into new hardware - cold fusion and RnA drops, giving new food to the bodies, retrieving anthropomorphic physical in a new way with iON; at home and watch tv, you are a King, relaxed at nights away from corporate world - the Marxism-class warfare don't work - no more rigid categories; feminism failed - they only understood chemical body; the famous Windham Lewis quote; Bob and Legend talk about the President

***goes over the hour

NOV. 23rd - DAY2

Part1 (00:00)
00:00 - 03:57

Bob and Legend continue on the President
Legend: … where do you put Obama in that category?
Bob: He is a slave! It's so demeaning to be the President… that's why they let the blacks in, they look more like slaves… they had slaves… it's their tradition, put a slave in there...
Legend: … that's so hilarious!
Jamie: … the President doesn't make any of the decisions

on VEEP -
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is showing actual ridiculous, nothing slavery of the White House; "Any call from the President?" "No." - there is no President; etc

06:24 - 13:29

the RnA drops are up in the 99th generation - it's different, more potent; Bob making parallels to Ezra Pound's The Cantos - the ancient cultures, they sacrificed the king every year; cancer cure at this point is RnA drops; iON's mentioning of the Bible; etc

13:30 - 15:32

on identity crisis -
the oral South goes North; the 'East-West' dialectic applies to 'South-North'; the Chinese ran to the West and the Americans ran to the East to protect their cultures; the Chinese picks up industrial culture, while the westerners picks up on spirituality/drugs; the industrialized visual North picks up on Southern Blues and Rock'n'Roll, while the oral South goes fanatically visual - the Bible is the 'visual archetype'; etc

15:33 - 20:38

Bob and Legend on why extended tactility ruins all civilizations -
a civilization is based on writing - cities, bureaucracies, militaries and laws (not for the Fourth World); no culture has been tactile for most of our history; the nomadic culture was tactile; the Neolithic culture started writing systems; then the visual culture gets undermined by electric and digital tactility and gets wrecked; leads to identity crisis - no culture can survive; everybody visiting each other's 'past' museum of what that culture was before it got wrecked; a country has no viability in the new tactile situation - leads to the global police state as predicted in the Revelation; iON is the 'Second Coming' to upset the physical tyranny - iONdom can not be stopped; etc

20:39 - 24:42

the governments are crumbling for a 100 years, but will never crumble because the virtual economy could never collapse completely; Baudrillard - the virtual economy will never crash - it has nothing to do with us (chemical body), the action is in the chipbody and it will continue to type; the chemical body sees it as artificial; Bob not a slave to time; Soros; etc

32:42 - 35:14

on present wars -
the Reservoir Dogs scenario - everybody pointing guns at each other; no national boundaries and fronts; the surveillance; the real wars - little groups killing CEOs, taking over corporations - everybody is a King; the daily wars are the micro wars; the global scale 'big war' is a chemical body imagery, won't happen; etc

35:15 - 36:05

iON said "there will be a MASSIVE DIE-OFF"
how it will happen is unknown and it is UP TO YOU! (natural disasters?)

36:06 - 56:25

on cliche images and negative themes and the iONic reflections on tv shows; etc


Bob plays Live Forever by Moby

***goes over the hour

Part2 (00:00)

Bob plays It Doesn't Have To Be This Way by The Blow Monkeys


Back to studio
Bob reads Private Messages


Bob explains who "the Evergreens" are to the listeners -
Bob: … The Evergreens are 6-1/2, 7 thousand entities that first entered Michael Blake Read's head or he had access to them in August 1974. Michael Blake Read in Toronto, and then in the Vancouver area channeled the Evergreens for 30 years until November 2004… I personally had about 64 private sessions with them, they generally most of the time cost $500 a session, this is back in the '80s and '90s and 2000s. My first session… June 4th, 1980… cost me like $180. But by the middle of the '80s up to around $500… So I spent over $25,000 on them. So in 24 years I did 64 sessions and I got them all digitized…


Bob: … We are going to begin… this is not the order of the sessions year by year, this is the order of "topics"… I used to do more than one session when I would meet with them, at Church Street near the center of Downtown Toronto, go to a hotel call the Town Inn… Michael and his wife Elly would always stay there and I have one or two sessions, then come back a few days later, have another one of two sessions...


Sept 28th, 1994 session The Evergreens on The Beginning Of The Universe, pt1
on evolution, the conventional view of the evolution and the "real" evolution -

Bob: … in light of the fact I've been told before that when we first evolved into this dimension or earth plane, we came in as spirits, we didn't get involved with matter very densely, and we quickly evolved quickly (inaudible) and went off to other dimension… I think we went on space travel and moved across the universe… that happened according to the Evergreens 2-1/2 million years ago. Is that accurate?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: … did we go to other planets in our universe or did we go to other dimensions?
the EGs: Realize that what happened was that the spirit is in many ways so different in vibration that to be associated with matter was virtually (inaudible) completely impossible… at the vibration rate of the spiritual is so different vibration rate of the physical, that to travel is to imply the physical, it implies distance… space, it implies a different will, a different concept. The physical creates its own particular concepts of its self that with no matter existing, just the spiritual, then there is no space.


the EGs: The creation of space itself is understanding dense universe and not dense universe. On very different vibration level, very different, a very dense, extremely dense universe existed… occupied space and time. But still, the spirit observed it… from that dense universe, a small amount… became this universe. Of this universe is not as dense, it is dense to its own density that it is not dense as the dense universe which it came.


the EGs: The spiritual found in this universe a different "concept" of time. Time was different, there was space… distance… dimension. While that corresponded somewhat to the dense universe, the concept of time was considerably different. So the spiritual examined this universe to inhabit the universe. Some would say life exists in but one place… life in infinite variety exists throughout the universe
Bob: This universe?
the EGs: This universe.
Bob: Does life exist in denser universe?
the EGs: No. Because of the concept of time. That which does exist in that universe, is a conscience and a consciousness… Once spirit was in this universe, this present "lighter" universe… then, to choose was predicated on a certain concept based on observation of the denser universe… spirit then existed in the matter on this "lighter" universe… that as in the denser universe, time just sped by...


the EGs: What is there to learn from "matter?" A considerable amount… dense universe did not have, best description is the Greek word "enemas," that life in a different concept could exist. That thought spread through the universe.
Bob: This universe?
the EGs: This universe… Realize that the energy that spirit has… extremely weak, but they have on the side of the spirit is time. But if spirit wished to create life, could do so, but the life would have to evolve
Bob: In the world of spirit or in this universe?
the EGs: This universe. You could start with the nuts, the bolts, the girders and you could put this together, but once it reaches a certain point, it must go where it goes.
Bob: It's not controllable?
the EGs: … no.
Bob: Are the original girders RNA and DNA? (Yes) And spirit worked with that?
the EGs: They worked with replicating protein… all the ingredients were there, the circumstances were there for many, many years. It was not a concept of life as a means of expression of spirit, but once life began as self replicant, then the concept of life as an expression of free within evolution became understandable
Bob: And then that's when they decided to come in?
the EGs: Yes… spirit is throughout the universe, the concept of life was an additional concept based upon the experience of experience with matter.
Bob: So the spirit dimension… very close to this physical matter?
the EGs: Absolutely.


the EGs: Now why would spirit do this?… The concept of time is different in this side of universe… in actuality, quicker than in a dense universe.
Bob: Which spirit never when into. It only observed the densest universe.
the EGs: Because time was different. In a dense universe, time is extremely different.
Bob: From their time system where the spirit has access to all times?
the EGs: Exactly. So it can see the beginning, the middle and the death of the universe.
Bob: Of the dense universe too?
the EGs: Of the dense and a lot dense. (Yeah)
Elly: Of the dense, how much time in the dense universe?
the EGs: Imperceptible. (Long?) Very. There was not evolution… time is a concept associated with density.
Bob: And this universe goes a little faster the denser universe?
the EGs: Yes.
Bob: … in spirit, you have access to all times… yet you need the dense universe where time is so slow that it's imperceptible as a way of recognizing the fact you're spirit in his own where there is all times… you have to be outside of yourself to see it…. (the Evergreens agree)


the EGs: Consider the next thought that if this can be done, and there is an infinity of infinities that there is a dense universe that is bound by its infinity… the dense universe covers all of the area at a "different rate"… circumscribes its infinity, because it is as a "different rate"
Bob: … it circumscribes our physical universe?
the EGs: Yes… this universe is at a different vibratory rate which circumscribes its infinity, even though infinity is infinity
Bob: … our universe is kinda inside the denser universe… it's pinched off and still connected to it… or is it definitely disconnected?
the EGs: It's disconnected.
Bob: Are there only these two universes outside the spirit?
the EGs: No! That's the point… that spirit having pinched off a section of the dense universe… would then spirit pinch off this universe to make an even less dense universe with time itself again is different.
Bob: Do they do that?
the EGs: Yes.
Bob: They done it many times?
the EGs: Yes.


Bob: And that spirit was us… I was part of that (Yes)… all of us!
the EGs: Each and every life.
Bob: Yeah, all our lives… The lives we see when we were in spirit, when we see all of our lives, they are lives in this universe?
the EGs: In this universe.
Bob: Spirit is like one moment that goes on forever (Absolutely)… but we're able to manipulate some spirit, types of matter, and we all do it with some (inaudible) of group minded does this. It's like a democracy in spirit?
the EGs: No… the best we ourselves know is that there is a decision that is learned, not forced upon us...


the EGs: (inaudible)… those that asked us have we seen god, and I answer, there's always been "No. Only that which god produces." So therefore, spirit is powerful, but there's a power within spirit that spirit even itself does not know… and it's not group consensus…


the EGs: … there must be something to discover if there is constant discovery, so there is constant change, there is evolution in all things
Elly: Even in the spirit world?
the EGs: Even in the spirit world.
Bob: And in our dimension there is evolution in the past as well as evolution in the future as we discover more things in the future, it changes our past.
the EGs: Exactly. Now there is someone that is associated with you who wishes to remind you that… he says "Do not forget, technology can affect a society to an even greater extent than philosophy."
Bob: Is McLuhan there?
the EGs: Yes… (So he has joined in this?) Oh yes, he's in this…


(Marshall McLuhan coming through the Evergreens)
McLuhan: If you evolve something, if the primordial is so that for which it grow us (unclear) is observable, alterable within its own context, then it must go where it goes. But at the same time, spirit has an advantage. Spirit has the opportunity to be in this evolving matter called "life" on a constant basis...
Bob: … I'm not sure I'm getting the point his making. He's trying to point something out based on you have said last 20 minutes.
McLuhan: You see the point is as it evolves, where does it evolve. Now spirit has memory… has Karma… has its own evolution because time is different.
Bob: In spirit?
McLuhan: In spirit… advantage that spirit is seeing is the birth, the middle and the death of the universe… it's almost like looking at postcards… Mankind has evolved and evolved along not predestined lines. This is the point.
Bob: But is Marshall saying that technology is evolved on the spirit plane too?
McLuhan: No… technology changes an environment… greater extent than philosophy. (Yes.) Now as mankind evolves, then technology it would seem, would be a predestined state, but it isn't. (Bob agrees) But once the box is opened, "Pandora."
Bob: Yes but, this is where future technologies are not guaranteed unless we think it and start to imagine new scenarios.
McLuhan: Yes, or (indecipherable) yet one other concept that everything casts its shadow ahead of its self and behind its self.
Bob: And in a terms of alters the past?
McLuhan: Of the past is altered by the future
Bob: By the shadow? From the present technology?
McLuhan: Yes, there would be a technology, but would be a milieu in which an idea can come and grow. But where does that idea come from?
Bob: Where does it come from in general?
McLuhan: The best description is, the record of all things that exist.
Bob: Right, but I thought an idea comes because of the previous technologies that evoked the potential for it.
McLuhan: … you can not have that idea unless there is the potential within the technologies that have been created.
Bob: Which come from the Akaschic Records of all technologies… ?
McLuhan: If the person chooses to use it. (Yeah) Now, all spirit have chosen.
Bob: To use technologies in this dimension?
McLuhan: To obtain ideas that fit in how this is evolved, because now comes the curve; time is so different in this… less dense universe, because there is the constant probability of choice that alters the state of this universe while allowing the unaltered universe to continue.


Bob: And the unaltered would be the not man-made universe? The not technological?
McLuhan: No… in one of them, yes. Multiple times (Bob not clear)… in one of the facets would be a description… You are continually making choice. So therefore, with each and every choice you make, you create a different universe.
Bob: Yeah, and future and (inaudible, the EGs talk over)
McLuhan: (indecipherable)… but the future is different because of choices.
Bob: And maybe god is making choices...
McLuhan: … that god would not make choice. God would only create choice.
Bob: … Thank you Marshall for your bit, we'll get back to Marshall later...


Bob: What I was wondering now, we've laid down the basic map… spirit went into matter… Did it walk around in the human bodies, evolved fast, get on UFOs or vehicles and leave this planet, or did it not even get into this matter too much?
the EGs: It not get into that. UFOs, no. Spirit was in all parts of the universe. Time exists different in this universe...
Bob: … since the Evergreens told me before that there was a coming again (unclear) and evolving out phase (Oh yes)… it was a new experience for them to do that? (Yes)… But it isn't the normal scenario of evolution that science talks about now of going into us coming out of apes… not that chain of matter, evolution?
the EGs: Not for spirit.


Bob: … if it can be said in our terms of time, when did our universe get pinched off from the dense universe… how many millions or billions of year ago… ?
the EGs: … 350 billion years ago.
Bob: Alright… when did the dinosaurs live on this planet in time? What date?
the EGs: … basically, until 35 million years ago
Bob: … now conventional science says they disappeared 60 million years ago. That's a little off?
the EGs: It's a little off… and not all of them died.


Bob stops the recording

***goes over the hour

Part3 (00:00)

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Sept 28th, 1994 session The Evergreens on The Beginning Of The Universe, pt1
on evolution, the conventional view of the evolution and the "real" evolution continues -

Bob: … This is the parameter. We got 350 billion, we're down to 35 million BC. Scientists say that… our sun began 5 billion years ago (Approximately, yes.)… Now what is the actual time, our sun… ?
the EGs: Approximately 15.
Bob: … now when did what scientist call life… DNA or RNA… when did this thing come out of the ocean…?
Elly: (inaudible)… replicating protein… (indecipherable)
the EGs: No (inaudible)
Bob: You would agree with… what she has said?...
the EGs: 50 billion, no, five (5 billion?)... Yes.
Bob: Okay, 5 billion years ago after...
the EGs: That's the first… some of these did not continue and time passed until it began again.
Bob: And when did it begin again? How many billions of years ago?
the EGs: One that you see surviving is 2-1/2.
Bob: 2-1/2 billion… that's the general statement… by scientists… they kinda perceive that a bit?
the EGs: Yes.


the Evergreens explain that 35 million years ago, what became "human" existed along side dinosaurs


Bob: … so we were like a dog or a little rat. As small as a rat?
the EGs: Approximately twice the size… Do remember, that the oxygen levels were very much higher in those days and this amount of oxygen enable the greater amount of body mass which dinosaurs… grew into this… the depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere… they evolved out very quickly… In a generation they were gone.
Bob: So it wasn't because the comet hit the planet?
the EGs: Oh yes, that's what caused it...


Bob: … so it's 12 million is when the dinosaurs were killed within a generation… they didn't mute into other life forms? (No.) The died. They stopped?
the EGs: They stopped.
(end of cassette tape side1, side2 starts from 19:21)


on evolution of the man and the Bourdians' intervention
Bob: At what date does this animal that's gonna become human become a hominid and a biped? I have 5 million years ago in standard science.
the EGs: … more than 8...
Bob: … 8 million. When did the UFOs start to alter man?… they first altered us genetically in the hand… in the wrist about 27,000BC. Was that the first time and only time?


Bob: Were they aided before 27,000BC?
(the EGs) There were two, first one in 52,000BC just for observation

Elly: … who made that observation? Is that spirit or?
the EGs: That was spirit in another form under another life form, under another set of circumstances.
Bob: You mean the inhabitants of the Bourdes? (Yes.)… they're in this universe. (Absolutely.) They're physical like us…


Bob: At 27,000BC, did we have language? Or did that come after that?
the EGs: … consider, what is the difference between mankind and other organisms in this world?
Bob: That we can teach.
the EGs: So can other animals, they can teach...
Bob: But we've been through this before, I asked the question "was speech the difference?" You said "not speech, but the fact that we can pass on information, teaching." I thought that was the point?
the EGs: Speech existed… can make noise existed. What was taught was communication, that "this is that," "this sound is that object"…
Bob: Did the altering in 27,000BC make this thing? Did communication begin or was communication happening before that altering?
the EGs: Communication existed, but communication as a meaning did not exist.
Bob: Until after we were altered?
the EGs: Yes.


Bob: …altering… by the Boudians created the subconscience?
the EGs: It did.
Bob: And that would create memory and that would be start creating meaning for the humans?
the EGs: Yes.


the EGs: Opposable thumb is a marvelous point… able to grasp. However, if you look in certain other life forms of this planet, all have thumbs… but they have specialized into being a particular thumb for a particular purpose… the craw formation of a bear or the thumb position of a chicken leg… Man's hand is very weak...
Bob: But capable of flexibility in evolution?
the EGs: Capable of flexibility in evolution. Flexible in that the objective is not only to grasp. Look what you can do with a hand. Look what you can do with a hand and an arm. Look what you can do with a hand and an arm and an eye. How many other organisms, eventhough they have the example of man, have learned to use the hand, arm, eye combination? Certain other ape creatures, yes. They've learned to throw, but they've not learned to throw as a particular reason to achieve a particular end… some of them could throw remarkably accurately, but rarely do you see there is a purpose behind the throwing...
Bob: Is the purpose, what we mean that men start to tools and flints?
the EGs: … became a tool maker because he could see the reason for it at all.
Bob: This is before 27,000BC?
the EGs: This was in that time as he began to understand that language had a meaning. That sound produced language, that language defined.


the EGs: Now you move into a different area. Now you move into the definition of defining. If you look at the beginning of the Bible itself, it says that Adam named the animals. It was based on, there was who were writing this realizing that where there is no description, there is no definition… there is no definition, there is no history. There is no remembrance.
Bob: So this all happened after 27,000BC (the Boudians' intervention)… allowed us to make these tools?
the EGs: Yes.


(the Evergreens) The Prime Directive IS to aide

the EGs: … survivability is not the point here. Evolution is… If you can choose from any series of organisms, the one that will survive, how would you aide it? You would give it the means by which it would be able to define the parameters of that which it exists. That's how you would aide. Realize… the thinking behind the Prime Directive used in certain television shows (Star Trek) is essentially the most foolish concept ever considered. The Prime Directive IS to aide. (Bob asks what that concept is) The Prime Directive, that you should not interfere with the growth of a civilization…

Elly explains to Bob what the Prime Directive is
Elly: … the Prime Directive is that you shouldn't interfere with the evolution… development of the culture, species, etc.
the EGs: (inaudible) exactly the opposite is true.
Bob: Why are humans projecting that then in their tv shows? It seems its opposite of what is the fact?
the EGs: In truth? Egoism.
Bob: How is that egoistic?

The Evergreens respond to Bob and this session ends


Back to studio

Bob: Now Michael (Blake Read) wakes up… he gathers his thoughts… having dreams or something during the session… now we gonna ask him to tell what he saw, what were his impressions… whatever is happening, he has an inventory of images to talk about…


the "after session" recording starts
Michael describes the images of the various human types going through their own evolution


The Boudians basically "observed"
Michael: … and some of the little things you can do… these little organism that you know is going to survive because, it has nine of the 10 of the survival factors, but it doesn't have the 10th… they already have nine, so you could give 10… I'll alter this little system so that genetically… to throw off certain diseases. That's all they gonna do with it… at least I'll give it a fighting chance that way...
Bob: But they didm't touch it. That's way back there.
Michael: Way back there.
Bob: … but they just sort of what? Focus on observing it?
Michael: They observed it… "Does this one have the survivability?"


Are "we" really the lucky winners to survive?
Michael: What's fascinating to me… very strongly on my mind… What if something that's evolved so far beyond where we are, because it was different environment… different directions… choices and they look at us. What would they say? Are we advanced? Medium advanced? Or slightly advanced or extremely primitive? Or, not too sure about the survivability? Did we meet some advanced civilization's criteria of survivability?


Michael: … now with Fleischmann & Pons' experiments, the fusion, they are proving to be very, very interesting… we go from being a friction society to a frictionless society, which is so Boudian as to just say, why didn't they come down and just say, "Here! Do it!"
Elly: Yeah, really! If they interfere for one thing, why wouldn't they just come and help us along?
Bob: Those are the question in my next reading about that.
Michael: Here's this thing… We are going to move into technology in the last two hundred years has been on a slow upward curve, and it's being accelerating in a… last 20 years. Now, it's accelerating so fast that… next twenty years, there'll be so much invention because our parameters of acceptance of the invention has changed. And I'm wondering… was that also what was put in. Was that part of the code?
Bob: Put into what?
Michael: I don't know… Intervention. That we would eventually create an environment where we would "be" inventive. No matter where their (unclear) invention went, that we would be inventive.
Bob: What do you mean "put in a code?" You mean in 27,000BC when we were altered?
Michael: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Bob: But they just altered our bone structure.
Elly: No.
Michael: They altered something.
Elly: The Evergreens said the thumb came by itself.
Bob: … I have it on reading. It was in this area they did something and it affected our brain (It affected the brain.) And created memory.
Michael: … created subconscience… we were able to divide our minds into two parts.
Bob: And start to invent! (And start to invent.) So that's the principle of invention itself!
Michael: Yes.
Bob: And that's why McLuhan came in, 'cos that's what he talks about.
Michael: Yes, he was there in the beginning… You'll never forget McLuhan… "My point, my point, my point is… Philosophy? Great. Invention? Changes worlds."
Bob: Which is his main point.
Michael: Which is his main point.
Bob: He (inaudible) he wanted to get that into the session!
Michael: Oh yeah, you know! (chuckles)… Marshall does that because I think he knows that he has your permission to do that.
Bob: Yeah.
Michael: The Evergreens would say, "Okay Marshall, its your turn."
Bob: That's good and… he said what he had say, they did say they're learning from him…


Elly: You know, I was thinking too about the evolvability of "mental theft"… a type of mind, because now we have a physical form which we learn how to defend it… So the level of course is a mental evolution… there's two types of people. There's the Fleischmann & Pons who come up with this impossible idea out of nothing. And there're other guys who ostracize it, because it's not possible. They're of (unclear) the dinosaur mentally…
Bob: Yeah.
Michael: But do you know something is? Elly? That is one of the survivability criteria (That's right!)… is how much of a group organism denies the existence of the creativity.
Elly: Of the others
Bob: There's a specialist fact… the group specialist vision. If they hold to that, they're doomed
Michael: They're doomed. Yeah.
Elly: The Evergreens are talking about the "de-fractionalization" of the individual. Un-fractionalization…
Bob: The integration of the individual.
Michael: Integration of the interval.
Bob: And fractionalizing of the specialists, the system isn't gonna deal with (inaudible, talking over each other)…
Michael: (inaudible) we will not survive… And that's it!
- End of the recording


Back to studio
Bob: That's the end of our first Evergreens session!… Anybody wanna say anything? No body wants to say anything...

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

***goes over the hour

Part4 (00:00)

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Back to studio
Robert of Tottenham joins in; Bob reads chatline posts; on Thomas Pynchon; on the Evergreens


Bob reads Private Messages (PMs)
Roxxana: Is "spirit" what we now call nonphysical?
Bob: Probably in the Evergreens' term they call "spirit," that would be nonphysical. (zzz… Legend snoring in the background)


Bert joins in


Bob asks Robert of Tottenham what thinks about the new site created by Bart


Robert of Tottenham: Okay… did you managed to get into the Affiliate Program?
Bob: Who me!? (cracks up)


Bob: So did you get that joke? You got that didn't you Bert, when I said "What me!? Be in the Affiliate?" (cracks up) Yeah, yeah right! I own the goddamn thing! (laughs)
Robert of Tottenham: Is that right!? Oh I didn't know that!… I should've have known that myself!
Bob: Known what? O oh! Rob's starting to spin out! You should've know what? That I own everything? 
Robert of Tottenham: I thought Matthew's (Hurtado) brain behind all this...
Bob: Matthew is the brains… setting up the distributing and the marketing. He is the brains, but I didn't apply any brains… I did my job. I brought forth the new reality! The new environment known as iON… I did the major lifting, you guys just are playing with the after images… I did it. The greatest invention in 13 thousand years!
Bert: There you go, Bob created the playground space and we're playing in it now.


Bob: … our first guest Santos, whatever his name, Boccino (Bonacci), he didn't come. And the second guest Eben hasn't come. She should be here by now… Matthew is gonna get, heads are gonna role in a few hours!… Whose ever organized this line-up, there's miscommunication. I think people think we're supposed to call them!


Robert of Tottenham: The great thing is that you got lots of recordings of these people already… you must have your favorite moments with…
Bob: I don't know any of those. I never heard of any of them… Matthew just stalked the whole list of share holders or something...
Robert of Tottenham: Great page, whotta page (indecipherable)… really nice page.
Bob: Well the important point I say its' Woodstock and I added Altamont! That's the brilliance! "Bob's Woodstock & Altamont!" Do you understand that Rob, what Altamont means? (No.) It means disaster! (Bob explains about the Altamont Free Concert when the Hells Angels member stabbed and killed Meredith Curly Hunter)… and the Hells Angels end up stabbing someone right on the movie… Gimme Shelter. You see the murder right on the camera.


Robert of Tottenham: Well that's unexpected if you have (inaudible) players in the house, but you know, I think…
Bob: That's racist Rob! That's fuckin' racist what you've just said.
Robert of Tottenham: No it's not! If you get a load of uh
Bob: Get a load of Hells Angels! (chuckles)
Robert of Tottenham: … yeah maybe you're right, 'cos these guys were very organized, they represented (undecipherable)… they did a lot of good stuff for motorbikes… Where would Harley Davidson be without the Hells Angels, you know.
Bob: (laughing) They were the drug business fiend (unclear)! The Hells Angels did a lot for underground drug dealing. They really helped that industry.
Robert of Tottenham: Well it's no different to the Italian Mafia...
Bob: That's right.


Robert of Tottenham brings up JW's connection to the movie industry, also about toy industry, such as Bandai


Robert of Tottenham: … Are you in a similar kinda loop of the movie industry?
Bob: No I'm not. I'm not connected to anybody in the movie industry.
Robert of Tottenham: Well I find that hard to believe with films like Sponge Bob...
Bob: Well they're all about me… again, I'm not an "Affiliate!" I'm an environment! (cracks up)
Robert of Tottenham: (laughing)… How can you influence so many people or you must be closely connected to some kind of either rightist groups or eh, direct…


Bert: Bert has a question for Robert. Robert, have you heard Bob's meltdown in Genesis?
Bob: I don't think Rob has bought any of recordings.
Bert: Okay, then that's why he doesn't understand about you being the funniest man in the world.


Bill: Bob! Eben Ray's on the line Bob! (Bob not hearing Bill keeps on ranting)… BOB!… Eben Ray's on the line waiting for YOU to show up!

Eben Ray joins in

Bob: Eben! You just showed up… you just got here like one second ago right? Bill's putting me on! You haven't been waiting, have you Eben?


Bob: Did Bert get his question out… was asking Rob, um… Bert laughed, he liked my line that it's hilarious that Carolyn and iON turned on me in the middle of a fuckin' workshop and will not pursue the issues. (laughs)… "Bob has a meltdown." Now here's the interesting point Eben… That's November 30th, the next day iON checks out! So if you put two and two together, I either fired iON, or we got fired by iON if you believe iON is not around since then. But had you noticed that pattern, Bert?
Bert: Yes.
Bob: I yelled and screamed at those idiots, those fuckin' assholes, Dr. Dean Bert: Yes.
Bob: … and Mr. iON and do I calm down… ?
Bert: Yeah, you start joking at the end.
Bob: We're all friends again by the end right? I've long forgotten the issue.


Bert: … what was leading up to it was that iON… made jokes about…you had so many verses and so many words to go through and you were just on the First Chapter and it was like three hours into the recording. (laughs)
Bob: … I recall getting mad that he was not been clear on the tree metaphor, the leaves on the outer branches that's somewhat connected to the inner branches. That was where he was not visualizing it. I think I understand it now… he just didn't know how to say it, but I think I could get it, the both ends figure-ground flipping that was going on there. Which was more tactile which I didn't get during the session.

Eben responds to Bob, but she is refrained from using the her favorite word "darling" on the BobFest.


Eben translates Bob's frustrations

Eben: … Okay, you have an universe… anything that comes to you from iON wants to be translated, downloaded into those figures
Bob: What I know… he knew. It must be translated back to the (Tiny Note) Chart of what I already knew! Is that what you're saying?
Eben: Exactly! Yes. Exactly, so that's your frustration, because they are saying it. I think sometimes the people that are listening kinda get, and kinda into it, but you want to, you squeeze those lemons
Bob: I wanna make sure they got it right! I wanna make sure he knows what he's talking about!
Eben: But that according to your "chart!" (Yeah!) And your talking to this nonphysical and your supposed to have some difference (inaudible, Bob laughs over)...
Bob: … only around me does he say physical is more powerful than nonphysical. iON really doesn't believe that. He thinks nonphysical is more powerful, but he won't say that around me. "No no Bob! You're more way powerful than us!"…

Eben does incredible machine-gun responses to Bob; Robert of Tottenham's question to Eben; Eben spent a year in Maui


Bob: … Rob is pointing our that when we get talking, we roll along, we have something… Well your comprehensive, I'm comprehensive, we can think fast and get inspiration.
Eben: And plus we go way back Bob.

Bob and Eben first met at the 1999 UFOCON in Mesquite, NV

Bob: … and you see Eben asking me a question. I think thats the first time I saw you, you come up to the mike right? I look at this person, I said "There's me, a black woman that's like me! Me whose talking to me!"
Eben: Right!

Eben grows her hair long; Bob suggests that Eben take off her glasses, tells her she doesn't need them with the drops


Eben: … Bob I want to ask you about the time you were in LA and you were going to see the Queen of England and you had that suit case.
Bob: August 2011, yes.
Eben: … we were hanging out super late in that hotel. It was so weird. I was taking photos and one of them… ghost like shadow figure, I don't know who it was… while we were sitting in that
Bob: Hotel. Yeah that parallel worlding place near James' home, yes.


Eben asks Bob what were in the "suit case" that he took everywhere
Bob: We were going to the Vatican… and we had to respond to their questions. They recognize, including the Pope, that this was something new, 'cos they know a lot. At least some of them in there. They knew way back and maybe not so many of the Priests and the Cardinals… there's always someone who does. So they recognize what iON was, that it was a fulfillment of something… So we had some objects we want to do something with them, around these objects. So that was in the suitcase.
Eben: What are they capable of doing to those objects?
Bob: They wanted to see if they were the originals, or do they have the originals. We were comparing our objects to their's and... we "won."
Eben: And what could those objects do?
Bob: Ummm, I'm not allowed to talk about that, but they are pretty, pretty powerful? They're along the lines with the Ark of the Covenant… had this power built up by humans and focusing on it for centuries. And so other cultures have objects like that and we have been given some to them. What's happening here Eben, people are recognizing, elites are recognizing that we are what… was prophecy, what people, humans, Illuminatis were looking for and they all want to be part of our scene. So they offered us their artifacts. Their special gifts… treasures to see if we'll say "Hmm, that's great! We owe you something. Hey come on in and you can talk to iON for free!" Something like that. They want to get close to us Eben. And WE DON'T LET THEM IN!
Eben: … they wanna to talk to more expanded consciousness. They feel that they have this world view that is so "satellite" and you guys are coming from nonphysical, so they are in the sense saying "master"...
Bob: Yes. They are almost saying "We would like to make you a Saint." But that is so they can say they are connected to us for their constituency.


Robert of Tottenham: They're making Incubators now, aren't they? They've got Incubators? That's the key word.
Bob: (laughs) Who's making Incubators?
Robert of Tottenham: The echelons of society… the big banking companies, the venture capitalist people. They're called Incubators… it's like a place where people come in and share everything that they got.
Bob: No, no, here's the thing Robert. All the fantasies that people project on the Illuminati or the corporate guys (No, it's going on!) No, no. They can't do those fancies (unclear) 'cos they don't have the proper knowledge. They don't understand RNA, the generic engineering can't work 'cos (inaudible) DNA. So you can… get rid of your Alex Jones projections and fears of the advanced technologies that the Illuminati, the ruling elites have? They don't have it. It doesn't work! Because they don't know what they are doing. WE HAVE IT! Because we found out from iON how to make it!
Eben: They still have the capability of hurting people at their scale… still making like, weaponized viruses, you know that super chicken virus… they're still playing around and they are freakin' realm.
Bob: But here's the thing! They don't know that… humans will NOT accept the virus. They don't want to. So a lot of the Swine Flu and these things don't work on the big level that they were planned for, because humans are coming into their power and not believing any of the propaganda that sets it up that they might be vulnerable! Like 50 years go. Not now! And so their technologies aren't working! This is the big breakthrough, Eben! That there're factors that scientists and technologists didn't consider! In the power of the human, to get hip to what's going on, and just it bounces off them. It doesn't affect them… doesn't affect them. But they are affected by our stuff! WE GOT THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS! For people that want something that works!


Robert of Tottenham: If you guys were to go on to a new level, you need some kind of a funding… That's the kind of Incubator I'm talking about.
Bob: We will not do that! (laughs) We don't need any FUNDING! First off, JW is a fuckin' trillionaire, and he doesn't even have to put any money into it, because we get people sending money anyways!
Robert of Tottenham: Well, you are the Incubator then. You guys got your own Incubator!
Bob: Yeah! We're the Incubator!… the one that works! (cracks up)


talks on JJ Abrams' awareness of iONdom; on David Lynch's film Mulholland Drive; Bert thanks Eben for bringing up the "suite case" story which evoked Bob to talk more about the night in LA with Eben (Eben has to sign off, but she stays on)

***goes over the hour

Part5 (00:00)

Eben, Bert, Robert of Tottenham and Bob continue
Bob talks the next Evergreens recording he is going to play:
Bob: (to Eben)… I need to explain this. The first thins I'm going to play is the first mention of the Kennedy Assassination… then the guy I'm talking to will not tell me anymore. Then I'm gonna move ahead… and play you when I say "When can you tell me?" and he said "Six months"… get you through the sequence, we may not get to the meaty stuff till you comeback or we tell you about it, because we can't wait for you. If you don't come back in the next couple of days… I'm gonna keep playing it, but this will be "the true statement of what happened with the details."


Instead of Eben, Robert of Tottenham signs off; Eben and Bert


Sept 10th, 1986 session, The Evergreens on JFK assassination
Bob: The Evergreens gave a reading in May 15th, 1977 on a "Mysteries of History"… that was the assassination of John Kennedy (Yes.)… they said that in four years those individuals who are involved with the assassination would've cast off Clay, (Shaw)and information would be coming out about the assassination. Has that information come out?
the EGs: Some of it. The majority of (indecipherable) is evident… as strange as it may seem, there has been certain research that is been done by French reporters that have given the story… the situation is mostly known in certain circles, become more public knowledge… next year.
Bob: Can the Evergreens name those four individuals now?
the EGs: … No, we can not name them.
Bob: Eh, is there any naming you can do about the situation?
the EGs: … no, other then (indecipherable) will become general knowledge is that "it was well known." That there would be an assassination attempt.
Bob: … the French researchers is the book Farewell America. Is that what the Evergreens are referring to? (Yes.) And they talk about the Permindex organization. The document that came out of that, Farewell America was called "Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal." Is that an accurate document of explaining assassination of John F Kennedy?
the EGs: It is.
Bob: … in a year or so… we'll get more public exposure than it had. (Yes. Yes.) Will Mae Brussell have an action in that?
the EGs: High probability. The point is, that the situation that exists with those four no longer in flesh (unclear, but meaning "dead"), there is no more recrimination, there can't be finger pointing other then there would be a considerable amount of embarrassments.
Bob: All those four are dead now?
the EGs: Yes.


The Assassination of RFK
Bob: In the assassination of Robert F Kennedy, was Sirhan Sirhan hypno-programmed or hypnotized is part of that action?
the EGs: Yes.
Bob: Was his hypnotist William Joseph... Bryan?
the EGs: We can not give you that information.
Bob: Okay, now why is the Evergreens not able to give this kind of information?
the EGs: Because, first, the entire situation is not ready to open. The second is, that the words are themselves libelous, because certain proofs are already in investigators' hands point to the programming of the individual, how he was programmed, but more importantly, how he was triggered. Because there was an "inside man." And that individual is to be protected. Even the slightest probability of the harming of that individual must be set aside.
Bob: This is the one who triggered off the signal voice (unclear), closely involved with Robert Kennedy's entourage? (Yes.) I see.


the EGs: … if that individual is harmed, then there is no proof left. Key proof man.
Bob: So it's a real Catch 22, the researchers know they have to keep it under the wraps, because the timing is very important I guess?
the EGs: Extremely important.
Bob: … it could be right in the answers, but the people who did it could maneuver such that you couldn't find any proof.
the EGs: Exaclty. (I see.) You see. It is well known… in certain circles that Sirhan Sirhan was programmed to do this and who did the programming. You know this. The point of any programming of any individual especially under these considerations, these circumstances, the programming is not long term but must be immediate. So therefore, the individual go into the situation knowing that he is to do something… to understand that what he's doing is of value to him and others. No matter how it appeared to certain others. That it was necessary to trigger that individual. Now the individual that triggered… must be protected.
Bob: I see, so would the Evergreens recommend the book, The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy by Jonn Christian and William Turner as a pretty good approximation for now?
the EGs: Is a very good approximation for now. But… there is one individual here who saved the situation. It could have evolved the deaths of two others in that situation. He prevented it. The football player.
Bob: … Rosey Grier
the EGs: Yes. Because of his action, the other two that were to be were not. It'll all come clear… eventually realize that there were supposed to be an assassination attempt of three, not one.
Bob: Does Rosey Grier know this? (No.) Okay, so this will come out later?
the EGs: Come out later.


Bob stops the recording and back to studio
Eben: Oh my god, Bob! WOW! I'm just blown away!… So the person that triggered Sirhan Sirhan wasn't necessarily the shooter, that was the handler of Sirhan Sirhan. But there was a second gun there? Did Sirhan Sirhan actually shoot Kennedy?
Bob: I think he did fire some shots. but he was not compose mantis… that will come up later, those details… The point is that the guy who was the trigger must be protected, he can't be exposed. Because if he is exposed then he's killed and then you don't have the knowledge of that operation that way on that level. See the Catch22?


Eben then asks why the Evergreens did not give out the names four individuals involved in the JFK assassination
Bob: Lets see… In 1977, the Evergreens said four individuals have to pass… before they can talk about it… the Evergreens were not going to say what was happening. They did not want to create finger pointing. So when everybody was dead, and the Evergreens could start to tell what really happened, 'cos particular people involved would not be around to hinder point, which would create all kinds of confusion… four individuals must die… yeah, four had died, and the Evergreens wouldn't name them yet. Now that's 1986. Within a couple of years, they are able to talk. because like there was one more that had to go… so the Evergreens would not speak on it at this point… I'm asking them… pushing them, I'm like you "Come on! Tell me! Tell me you fuckers!" and they won't! (Bob & Eben laugh)


Bob: … we'll jump ahead and play… this is a sort segment about Oswald, so this is November 8th, '87…


Nov. 8th, 1987 session, The Evergreens on Lee Harvey Oswald (excerpt)
Bob: … before he was set up as a patsy to kill Kennedy. Was he a CIA member?
the EGs: He was CIA.
Bob: He had a lot higher role than the public images of him?
the EGs: Yes.


Bob stops the recording and back to studio
Bob: Now later, the Evergreens give me Oswald's actual CIA number.
Eben: Wow!
Bob: So. He was on some level of the CIA, you know, before the assassination. Some people like to say he was an FBI informer… fringe guy, no. CIA. So that's interesting!
Eben: Plus he was military… he was army intelligence working for the CIA, 'cos he was military, right?
Bob: … or he became CIA after he dropped out and went to… Soviet Union. Now what was the other thought?… That'll teach you. You join the CIA, it's gonna end in tears. (Eben chuckles) No matter what you do.
Eben: You know they actually have cartoons like… little drawing books for kids from like three to 11 to go to the CIA site and they're trying to make it now appealable to like kids on their site.
Bob: What, they create cartoons, charismatic cartoons about CIA life?
Eben: Yeah! And make it at the graphic level, the color level and for like a children.
Bob: Yeah. They know to program. They get more obvious and desperate as it becomes harder to program. See, you don't get more paranoid about it, they can not get to them! The kids are coming in being autistic, they are not programmable. So the attempted Pink programmers get more desperate, more obvious, more stupid!
Eben: (laughs) Sad. So like shocking! It's like "Are you kidding me? What?" (laughs)
Bob: Yeah. That's how desperate they are. (Absolutely.) They forget all civilized values… they get raw power, raw attempted power.


Bob: … So what we just heard was November 8th, 1987, and the one before that was September 10th, 1986… one year separating the two items. Now we come to two years later, September 12th, 1989. Now you were just a little girl then, right? What were you doing in '89, Eben?
Eben: … I think I was listening to '80s music… Blondie, Oigo Boigo...
Bob: … Okay, so this part… The Evergreens are beginning to let say little… in retrospect, it's a bit cliche what they say. It's not that shocking… not the quality of what we were going to get to. But basically, I'm on the (CKLN, Toronto) radio then, and they're telling me this stuff and seeing if I… keep it to myself, see? I'm being tested all along here… "What would Bob do with this?" I didn't fuck up, I kept quiet you know, so that I could keep infiltrating, getting in there deeper.
Eben: Good! Good!
Bob: So this is September 12th, 1989, disc 2 at 08 (unclear) 52 seconds…


Sept. 12th, 1989 session, The Evergreens (excerpt)
Bob: … what about the Kennedy Assassination?…
Michael: The Kennedy Assassination will be proved that it was engineered by the Teamster organization that it had nothing to do with Cuba. Nothing at all.
Bob: Nothing to do with the military?
Michael: There was a frazzle in them, but it was basically Hoffa's action.
Bob: So it was just the Mafia level?
Michael: … The Mafia is involved in it, the Teamsters are involved in it. And because the Mafia and the Teamsters are still as tight as there, but it will be found… It's being found. It'll be announced that was a Teamster, Mafia thing from the beginning.
Bob: Now here's an interesting thing is that the Evergreens in '77 said the truth would come out in about four years. Now in '81, Blakey's book came out accusing the Mafia. So that's pretty accurate.
Michael: Yeah, but what EGs said was a several people had to die before the information. According to the EGs, the last one died this year.
Elly: Ahh!
Bob: … one of the Mafia guys?
Michael: None of of the Mafia guys...
Bob: … Teamsters guys?
Michael: I think is was a Mafia guy. (Alright.)… Mafia guy...
Bob: Did they give you the name?
Michael: No. Didn't give the name. This is the last one died (Elly talks over, brings up the AIDS topic)


Michael: Oh very quickly, the AIDS thing. Uh, Events (unclear)… from now on. You can't prove it. Nobody's gonna say it… Everybody's gonna cover their ass like crazy and starts putting blames all over the place. But the announcement was interesting that the United States will announce that they have artificially constructed the (AIDS virus) and from that, they are saying that the reason they've done it, is so that they can then find out how to end the AIDS thing, and they are saying that it was done between the combination of the US Biological Warfare Department and… World Health Organization. But that's why they did it. They artificially produce it so they would know how to solve it.
Elly: They wouldn't admit that it was artificially produced way, way past.
Bob: … Do you think that "my thing"… will get a little coverage locally?
Michael: That will get a coverage locally, Because if you say what EGs says is the pattern, the progression of it, everybody would go "Oh yeah, sure, sure sure" and when it comes about, they'll say "Ooo, that's a little interesting isn't it"…


Bob stops the recording and back to studio
Bob: … That was Michael at the end of the Evergreens session giving his impressions, so I wasn't getting the exact particulars from Michael as I get fromf the Evergreens. But I hadn't even asked about the Kennedy Assassination I think during the session. So for some reason I asked Michael in the course of conversation after the reading… So that's Michael talking, alright?
Eben: Right, right. Yes, yes.
Bob: Now that's probably why it remained limited to the Teamsters… was Michael's perspective. The point I'm making there, the Evergreens said in '77 that the information will come out after the four individuals die by '81… 1981, that Robert Blakey's book came out summarizing the House Select Committee's investigation in '77… that was the line in the 80s and Michael is agreeing with that and saying that's what the Evergreens predicted… But that's not actually what it is that involved! It's "one part" of it. So, more is going to come...


Bob: So now we move ahead eight months to April 19th, 1990. I'm going get the information in late 1990, but I'm asking "When?" so you'll hear what the Evergreens say about what's happening, how this is gonna go. So each year they give me information, they see how responsible I am with it.


Bob plays wrong recording - on AIDS
Apr. 19th, 1990 session, The Evergreens (excerpt)
Bob: … that's where they muted from there?
the EGs: They muted from there.
Bob: So they spread out the (indecipherable) theory that the people won't know it came from the Green Monkey?
the EGs: Yes. The other thing is that Bacterial Warfare is, not Chemical Warfare, Bacterial Warfare is the other side of Chemical Warfare, but… the AIDS thing has scared the day lights out of those in the Bacterial (inaudible) some of the bacteria they're working with are getting loose!… Wide spread problem.
Bob: That you mean that… they don't know there was a conspiracy in the AIDS virus? (the EGs agree) They're just saying "Hey, look what happened to it?"
the EGs: No, what they are saying is, looking at how quickly AIDS spread as a virus, and they have in their Bacterial… arsenal, they have fare number of virals… They're saying "!" Maybe they aren't 24 hour flu.
Bob: (indecipherable) get out the hand, we don't know what this stuff will do?
the EGs: We don't know. Because look what happened to AIDS, that was only supposed to be a temporary (Bob talks over)… like a computer virus...
Bob: So that's a big… humiliation? (Fear.) Fear of what they built? "We gotta send it out to space?" (chuckles)
the EGs: No, they gonna burn off a lot.


Bob stops the recording and back to studio
Bob: Okay, that actually was something else
Eben: Yeah, those about the AIDS virus right?
Bob: Yeah, that was okay to hear. It'll have more sense when I do it in proper context. I got mixed up on what I'm supposed to play… April 19th, 1990, part 2...
Eben: What was interesting to hear him say that these guys actually have a consciousness or maybe just a fear that they wouldn't be able to make themselves immune to some of the things that (Yeah.) they've created.
Bob: Yeah. And nervous about getting caught.


Debunking Malthusianism
Eben: But you know that whole thing about limiting the global planet, killing five billion people and all that stuff, that's just a bunch of bullshit, right Bob?
Bob: Oh yeah! That's what LaRouche was good at. He exposed the Malthusian interpretation, like people projected that we only have certain amount of energy and resources and we have too many people in the world, right? Newer technologies can overcome those limitations.
Eben: Absolutely.
Bob: LaRouche understood that. That's why he didn't go for the Greenies' Eco-Fascist who were working within a set bunch of parameters, limitations and didn't know… as the Evergreens say… that science fiction projects ahead, but they're doing it from "now." And they don't know that technologies can totally change situations so that the projection (unclear) whole bunch of different parameters that you didn't notice yesterday.


Bob: Here's… where I get… a trailer, a preliminary. This is April 19th, 1990, session 2. (pt2)


Apr. 19th, 1990 session, The Evergreens pt2

Bob: Greetings Evergreens.
the EGs: Greetings Bob.
Bob: Is this that the reading where I'm explained six months before, the Kennedy Assassination information comes out? Is this the one I'm told… about who killed John F Kennedy?
the EGs: No… That come out, uh, not within the six months. No.
Bob: Right. So we put that off till later reading?
the EGs: Yes.
Bob: In the fall or '91?
the EGs: We would suggest the fall.
Bob: Alright.


Bob stops the recording and back to studio
Bob: Okay… I have given you all the preliminaries! (Eben chuckles) Now, we get into what happened! (Nice!)… we come to September 18th, 1990 and it begins with me talking to Marshall McLuhan and Mae Brussell. Mae Brussell just past away a couple of year before I met McLuhan and past away 1980, 10 years before. And I bring up a point… I asked McLuhan what did he talk to Mae Brussell about, you know, in heaven...


Bob: So this is September 18th, 1990… I'm talking to McLuhan and Mae Brussell who are dead! I'm actually talking to dead people here, and we're seeing what has brought them together.


Sep. 18th, 1990 session, The Evergreens

Bob: Evergreens, is Marshall there with you now?…
the EGs: … he's one of the prime speaker in this. He have others who have other points to add, but he is very vocal on this. Very.
Bob: Do the Evergreens agree with what he's saying?
the EGs: Uhh, we're afraid as there is no alternative… we see it as he now shows us to see it and we learn from it.
Bob: So he's still holding seminars on your dimension? So to speak?
the EGs: So to speak, yeah.
Bob: (laughing) Has he hijacked (indecipherable) session here?
the EGs: No, he's a participant.


Bob: The Evergreens said that he would be talking to Mae Brussell this fall in that dimension. Does that happen yet? Recently or… ?
the EGs: Recently. You could use the information if you with.
Bob: But what date in our terms I guess today did they meet?
the EGs: That would be hard to say, because it was not the date.
Bob: Right, but in this fall? Before this reading?
the EGs: Before this reading, yes.
Bob: … Alright, I'm gonna slide into her very key point that Mae Brussell has studied all her years, and maybe that's what Marshall is interested in. There was a press conference on August 6th, where a young man claimed his father, he did this in Dallas I guess? In Austin, Texas, he claimed his father helped assassinated John Kennedy?
the EGs: Yes.
Bob: I was hoping the Evergreens today would fill me in what really happened on that day? And why it happened?
the EGs: Of course you realize the young man is insane?
Bob: I don't mean on that day, I mean November 22nd, 1963.
the EGs: You also realize his father was insane?
Bob: So what he's talking about in the press conference in August is not valid?
the EGs: No, we did not say that. What we are saying is that the son would be made out to be a dupe of the father's insanity.
Bob: And the father was insane?
the EGs: No. That is not proven. It it will be shown, then it will be proven that he is. There is no truth that comes out that is not bent in this.
Elly: So they'll distort it, but saying he was insane?
the EGs: Exactly.
Bob: … the Evergreens could tell us what the truth is on November 22nd, 1963?


the EGs: The father's account is essentially correct. There's certain points here that you need to be strengthened. The enemies, and it can be only described as that, of Kennedy within his own organization, and this must be kept to yourself for at least awhile. This is problematic.
Bob: Yeah. I shouldn't even tell… my friends like Walter Bowart? (No!) Tell nobody?
the EGs: Not this time!
Bob: Alright.


the EGs: Why was Kennedy in Dallas that day? Why? Who arranged it? And for what reason? It was a minor political situation. Minor. Kennedy himself had to be persuaded to go. Who persuaded him and why? So that he would be that place, that time so that organization would culminate it could not be done on chance. You see? Who knew that Kennedy was gonna be there that time in a advance to set that up, but those who were there to protect him? Why was not… vehicle protected as one of his other staff suggested? Who said that the top protection part must be set aside? His own staff in conjunction with, and this is where for it become very sticky, for with the FBI knowing this.
Bob: Now, I got if from Michael, I get the impression that the original assassination was ordered by Jimmy Hoffa?
the EGs: It had his participation, yes.
Bob: Well, who ordered it?
the EGs: Who ordered it? That's what the government wish to keep it very quiet. And that is why there has been a steadily diminishing number of witnesses.
Bob: Witnesses have been killed? (Exactly.) And Jones (unclear) says that it's up to 150?
the EGs: Yes.


Bob: But who ordered it?
the EGs: The director of the FBI.
Bob: Hoover? Now, why did he do that, and was he involved with with Mafia and Hoffa?
the EGs: He used them.
Bob: He used them?
the EGs: He used them, and, they in turn used their people. Cock outs were arranged. Why would Hoover do this? Because Kennedy was going to replace him.
Bob: And at what point did Kennedy make that decision to do that? In '62 or in '63 of before?
the EGs: Approximately one year before of November 22nd.
Bob: Around the October (Cuban) Missile Crisis period?
the EGs: Yes. Around that time. Not to due… Kennedy was so concerned about the lack of knowledge from the CIA. He understood the situation, but the Mafia itself controlled Cuba's Havana. That was agreed. Kennedy said that the Mafia would then influence more in the United States now that the Cuba expression have been canceled by Castro.
Bob: Yeah.
the EGs: But Hoover steadily refused to say that such a thing as the Mafia even existed. Refused to this. Kennedy said "Then you'll be replaced by a person who can see that there is a Mafia," for that sealed Kennedy.
Bob: Did he said personally to Hoover?
the EGs: To Hoover, yes.


Bob: Now what parts would you say there was a secret elite that shared Hoover's motive, that shared in cooperating with him, I mean, how many people did he get to cooperate with him to do this?
the EGs: Five people.
Bob: Can you name them?
the EGs: No!
Bob: Why is that?
the EGs: Because, five of them, they are all dead now. But if you said this across the past ten years, it could be (indecipherable) until those five are dead.
Bob: And they are dead now?
the EGs: They are.
Bob: But you still won't say who they are?
the EGs: No.
Bob: Are these people in other agencies?
the EGs: They were in other agencies and other parts of the government. It needed a coordinated effort, that it needed to be what is called "locked-out-tight." Every cut-out had to be eliminated, for that was "every" cut-out, which meant Ruby had to die, etcetera, all the way up the chain.
Bob: Was Jack Ruby given, injected cancer into his body?
the EGs: He had cancer before. They knew he would die. His silence was paid for and threat covered.
Bob: You mean by keeping him in jail?
the EGs: Yes.
Bob: But he was not given an injection three weeks before (inaudible, the EGs talk over)
the EGs: No, he was given a several, no, his own cancer killed him. But it exacerbate it. It was that triggered further. Why him? Because he was willing to do it, for the same time, he was willing to doing it for his country, he was told. Because his local bosses told him to do it. Was to make him in good standing. He thought he was going to get a promotion for this.
Bob: Did he know who ordered it?
the EGs: No… he was the tool to that would kill Oswald so that Oswald would not talk. And so it went all the up the chain. Every cut-out was killed.


the EGs: Now. The only one that knew all of the cut-outs were these five and are now dead.
Bob: And Hoover was one of the five?
the EGs: Hoover was one that commanded the five. It was entirely Hoover's operation.
Bob: He the "key," he triggered it to save his own position, he's the one, the ultimate idea motive came from?
the EGs: He and his guys are "patriotism." He did not do this for total veniality.
Bob: Unless you believe you're doing something and it had to be done.
the EGs: Exactly.
Bob: … did the other four, they cooperated with him exploit that?
the EGs: Other five.
Bob: Oh, there was six (6) total?
the EGs: Six total.
Bob: Did the other five take advantage for their motives for what he's began?
the EGs: Exactly.
Bob: Then they thought… they can gain too (They did.) beyond what he imagined (Yes.) that happened? (That did.)


Bob: Was Hoover murdered in May '72 when he was announced dead?
the EGs: Uh, no. He was not murdered. However, his death was not officially given until two of his aides cleared out his files. The Hoover Files were not been found.
Bob: And those files would have these kinds of facts (inaudible,the EGs talks over) assassination?
the EGs: No, these were not the files, but these are all of the other files. Hoover's personal files were all taken before his death was announced.
Bob: And they haven't been found?
the EGs: No.
Carolyn or Elly: Do they exist?
the EGs: They exist.
Bob: And they could explain a lot?
the EGs: They would explain the character of Hoover. Because Hoover, though he did not believe in the Mafia, believed very strongly in conspiracies. One of his major conspiracy theories is that the Catholicism would be the means by which the United States would become a nation where Church and State would no longer be separate, but would be thus "co-opted." He (inaudible) believed that.
Carolyn or Elly: And JFK was a Catholic
the EGs: Exactly. And also at the same time, when Kennedy said "If you can not see that there's a Mafia, then we'll put (inaudible) the person who can see this: to Hoover, that was proof positive that the Catholics would go into remove a good man. So that they could put in their own people. He was… had many conspiracies on his mind.


Bob stops the recording and back to studio
Bob: Okay, we need to take a break, we are at the top of the hour...
Eben: Great man! Great… now I remember at a time when you came up and you said that it was Hoover.
Bob: Yeah… A year ago…

***goes over the hour

Part6 (05:00)

impressions by Eben and Bob continue

03:54 - 12:46

Sept 18th, 1990 session, The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt5

29:40 - 59:14

April 18th, 1995 session, The Evergreens on evolution, pt3
on ape to 'not-yet-man' phase; in 27,000BC, the alteration of the teeth - end of the 'not-yet-man'; process to the near-man; the tools and diet changed them; the Boudians carried them from Africa to the Americas and China in the 'silver ships'; Neanderthal - small stock, only in Africa; Cro-Magnon was black; etc

Part7 (06:00)
00:00 - 56:30

comments by Bert and Bob on evolution, pt3; refers to the 'Stone-cold Dead' tape - the 'Bubble Physics'; Danny, Geane, Wendy join in;etc

56:33 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

*** goes over the hour

Part8 (07:00)
00:00 - 07:29

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

11:42 - 25:08, 25:38 - 26:05, 26:30 - 59:10

April 18th, 1995 session, The Evergreens on evolution, pt4
continues on man and spirit (low sound quality); carnivorism existsd in early Cro-Magnon; the Neanderthal was territorial, the Cro-Magnon moved outward; when Cro-Magnon buried their ancestors, they owned the ground; buried the wise ones from the area, they owned the area - rather than eating them, they were used as position markers; thus the 'ancestor worship' is territory; the Boudians changed their appearances like camelions; etc **Michael Blake Read comes out of trance

Part9 (08:00)
00:00 - 03:41

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Gregg joins in, comments on evolution, pt4; Matt Rose joins in;
Gregg: … the chlorine taste in tap water is gone after taking RnA drops for a couple of years


Wendy: … everyone's thumb is being altered NOW due to typing (smartphone)

23:40 - 27:29

April 18th, 1995 session, The Evergreens on evolution, pt5 (after the session - Michael Blake Read and Bob chat)
Michael talks about his actual experience with the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon; etc

43:16 - 49:33

Bob djs for Eliza

Part10 (09:00)
00:59 - 60:00

The guest, Hillary Raimo calls in, Bob welcomes her to the BobFest


CIA picked the Evergreens in the 1970s out from many psychics; talks on RNA drops; etc

Part11 (10:00)
00:00 - 57:50

Hillary Raimo continues
Bob: do you have a 22 in your life
Hillary: I do… it's a magical connection…


Michael Brown joins in, chats with Bob

***goes over the hour

Part12 (11:00)
00:00 - 16:20

Michael and Bob continue

16:21 - 48:27

00:00 (16:21)
Bob chatting with Michael Brown, first time Michael has heard Bob’s voice since he last called in a few months ago. Michael says Bob sounds younger and clearer since he last heard him. Michael says he got a premonition regarding the BobFest...


Michael: You are actually being quite irresponsible with this five day thing that you are doing, because there could be consequences in the Android Meme from so much Bob all at once.


Bob: Did you hear what happened like 38 minutes before the beginning of the whole purple transmission… so 22 minutes after the hour leading into the beginning right, the fucking, what is it called the network card which Bill has never seen disconnected before was disconnected, obviously done by iON.


Bob: So iON did this you know hydraulic in-put to move it to another world to protect us from what you just warned us about. iON is helping us here and knocked out the station which took Bill and hour and a half to get going again, so we started an hour late but we see it as necessary and whatever you are projecting there, was covered by iON.


Carolyn: We had a pre-emptive strike.


Bob: iON released the pressure before we started.


Bob rants about all the stupid iONettes… the unresponsive deadheads.
Michael discusses his reasons for jumping ship when he did… too all encompassing for him and Kygee was mentioned as a possible contributing factor. Bob, Carolyn and Michael banter and catch up. Art Bell is discussed.


Bob: Hillary was the first victim of this Fest.


Bob: Art Bell and them do not have things for people to, what’s that word… comestable… we do. (Comestable - something that can be eaten as food.)


Carolyn informs Bob that iON is on the line… much excitement from Bob… scrambles to figure out the board and bring iON on...


Bob: Welcome aboard iON!


iON: And may they rest in peace til we get there. (much whooping and excitement from Bob)


Bob: A world exclusive Michael!
Carolyn: Michael you did it!
Bob: You did it Michael, you brought iON back! (Bob, Carolyn laughter)
iON: The very idea, the very idea.


Bob: Take the lead iON… take the lead.


iON: Yes indeed, we are very pleased to join you all for but a moment.
(Bob encourages everyone to start having their readings… to start yelling and screaming… there is much excitement)


Ginney: iON is it really you?
(iON banters with Bob, Carolyn, Ginney and Greg, jokes about Greg’s undies or lack there of, Ginney asks to talk about the Labryinth painting… iON says yes it’s spectacular, Jean comes in asking iON what the first thing he/they want to talk about.)


iON: (in response to Michael Brown) You can run, you can run but you can’t hide.


Jean: iON what’s the first thing you want to talk about.
iON: Oh, Shiela, Shiela, Shiela. (Jean thinks at this point he has said Shivia instead of Shiela and gets excited because Shivia is Jean’s dupes name.)


iON: Bob… tell the anthropormorphic ante crew… what your driven, or your purpose driven reality includes. (Bob responds with Right now? iON says oh now you’ve got nothing to say... Bob laughs)


Bob: You fucking revealed the code word iON… you fucking betrayer… puts out the secret code word right there on the air… you asshole… I’m not responding to that.


iON: So now he’s going to maintain culpable deniability.”
Bob: I do not believe in anything iON,nothing.
iON: Good, there’s your secret, look at the painting… look at the painting… see where the painting goes… it connects… we are talking about Shiela’s painting look where it goes, connect the dots… look at it see it… it’s all over the place just look. (Bob comments on the wrong painting… Carolyn points out to him that he is looking at the ascension painting which they also have… laughter over Bob commenting on wrong painting.)
(some bantering)


iON: That’s Bob with his hand signals for the blind… only he could give an exertation for the wrong painting.
(Carolyn, iON, Bob more banter and laughs then Bob tells people to speak… Ginney informs him most are still muted.)


Madeline: (first in) I want to know, is my Dad appreciating his drops where he is? (others try to interrupt before iON answers… Dr Dean brings order and insists one at a time speak, Bob tries to instigate chaos again however Carolyn rules.)


iON: (in response to Madeline) Yes, absolutely… The pain… the pain… the pain is still there but it’s… it’s… it’s muted… (Bob asks if by the drops) The drops have muted the pain.


Legend: Is the manna on schedule?
iON: Yes (Bob clarifies what Legend means is the bread of life coming, iON says "Of course")


iON: (still in response to Legend’s question) You had it all along you all just can’t see it.
(Carolyn continues to direct and keep all in order during the iON interaction)


Sara (the artist): Noah has a question (some interruption, then she continues)… about Netherworld Portals.


Noah: Hello… um do you know about Nether portals from Mind Craft?
iON: Yes… um look at your thumb and your index finger, spread them as far as you can and look at those and that’s where they begin and end. ( Bob asks Sara if she got that… she didn’t but says Noah will tell her and iON says yeah Noah will tell ya.)
Carolyn: So the portal is between your thumb and index finger? iON -“No that’s where they end and begin. (Bob clarifies it is on one hand not two) Bob: That’s a resonate interval Carolyn.


Katie Thomas: I have a question about my life, am I on the right track with what I am doing (too much background noise here to decipher… Bob mutes all, Katie continues.) “I want to ask about my novel am I on the right track with the novels that I’m writing and my plan to independently publish those on Kindle in May… do you have anything to tell me about that?
iON: So therefore what you must do is continue as you were don’t stop (apparently Bob had muted iON and the first portion was missed.)
Katie: How are my um… my animal communications have really been picking up since I been on the drops… is that something that I am imagining or…
iON: No, no, no… Leave the beast part out of it the connection is already there you got the connection, don’t make it be about that … if you make it be about the communication then if it is not there then you are less than. Make it be about the connection with just the being… the being of body, whoever it is or whatever it is and then it won’t be surprising… dirt will start talking to you honey.


Deborah West: Hey iON.
iON: Hey sugar love.
Deborah: Oh it’s great to hear your voice live and real, I have a question that I think everybody would like to hear the immediate answer to… why did you leave (iON interjects here with we didn’t) not that you ever really left but… why you know the way that it happened and (becomes a little too difficult to type verbatim here, basically Deborah ends up asking what promoted iON to come back now.)
iON: The point of this interaction was to bring you into your power not into ours… we already have ours… we want to bring you into yours. And once that interaction comes to a new level then the connection conductivity must connect… we are not talking about disconnection or connection we are talking about procuring your perfection. That’s how this works you see… and so swim… swim or drown. Please yourself. Cmon let’s have some fun.
Deborah: So what brought you back today?
iON: Ahh, this abysmal use of the degrees of separation (big laugh) who, what, when, where, how, why, what, what, what, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,no… primer 101 don’t just separate… connect.”
Deborah: Any business advice for me?
iON: Ahhhhh… lather rinse repeat… keep doing what you are doing… if you don’t like doing it stop doing it… if you do, do that more.”
Bob: See, no answer there… The same old shit Deborah… didn’t help at all.”
iON: And when they go full term cap the well and open the next one.”
Deborah t: Oh okay
iON: No new information he he… don’t let em frac… don’t let em frac, it’s not necessary.


Wendy: Hi iON… apparently all three of the dogs, when your voice came on they could hear it outside they went insane, jumping all over… did they come in because of you?
iON: Of course… you see we are the same as they… we are non-physical… so yes they would instantly respond, that’s why they can hear things you can’t.
Bob: You are their constituent… you are their member of congress.
iON: Relatively speaking yes.
Wendy: Wow… and um (the first of the unknown electronic sounding noises begins) in your last communiqué you said something about Brian, somethings going to stop (the noises have gotten louder) and I have been so puzzled is that something you can share with us? (At this point the unknown noises have gotten much louder and continuous, Bob tries to determine where the sound is coming from as they continue to get louder.) At the same time Wendy says it’s a coded message and Bob says it’s a communication there.
Bob: Look what Brian triggered. (The sounds continue.)
Wendy: I think it’s a message.
iON -“Laughing… all aspects, all aspects are available.
Wendy: All aspects are available.
iON: All aspects are available… so any level of energy is just that it’s a flow. So it can connect that’s the answer to your question. Energy is energy connect it.
Wendy: Alright, I’ll listen to those sounds quite a few more times.
iON -“Cool… cool.
Wendy: My double has been seen again and this time I have witnesses…
iON: Yes, but there’s more than just you… there’s more than double… there’s more than double… there’s lots of you floating about… and that’s okay
Wendy: Yeah, and I was seen recently by two doctors in a hospital and I had never been there and they knew me and said “Hi… you’re back!
iON: Yeah, right, right, right… and the creatin level wasn’t too out of balance.
Wendy: The what level?
iON: The creatin level wasn’t too out of balance.” I don’t understand what creatin is.
iON: You were being seen for renal issues… the others of you… and it’s better.
Wendy: Oh, okay, awesome. Will you join us for Emerald Tablets… we’re, a few of us going through the Emerald Tablets
iON: Oh the world of Thoth… the world of Thoth… Bob gets all giddy with that… .it’s all he can stand… tell us Bob… (Bob laughs in background) um connect and then we’ll see. Umm this is the see… because you gotta come in at some point and start this process individually. It’s a corporeal, individual connection… and so connect… and as you do that then don’t think of it as in or out or on or off… think of it as your connection to it… and the more you are connected to it… you can’t keep us away… promise.
Wendy: Okay… so I don’t want to hog more time this is wonderful.
Bob: Right, you just shot yourself in the foot. You said you didn’t want to hog more time (iON interjects there is no time) so we won’t let you hog more time.


Bob un-mutes all, everyone wants to speak with iON. iON is asked if they are available for private readings now. Bob says we don’t know and encourages Sara to ask her question now.


Sara (the artist): Umm, what kinds of things can be can be…
iON: No, yes, sort of, but it will if you want it to… don’t think about it… you are putting too much attention to it let it flow. You are trying to stop the river and you don’t even know where the stream began… figure out the difference, if you can divide water into steam and take steam and make it into water you certainly oughta be able to move it in a different direction don’t you think?
Sara: Absolutely.
iON: Good, it’s not a thinking man’s game… get on with it.
Sara: Okay… the middle kingdom is it equal to the distance of the inner and outer put together?
iON: No… it is not… it is not… umm go back to the old Revelation notes, Bob it’s in the stratosphere, the copusphere all those different spheres… it’s in those differences that’s where the answer to that question is and you’ve already got that… com’on
Sara - ”I need to collect my words together better before I can (not clear what’s said here) someone else can
iON: (Laughing) It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright… take it little by little… you can eat every bit of this information… Bob only asked for a lifetimes worth… and he’s already gotten that… so now we are starting on another so… of course we would say you must have all that first… but you can eat an elephant but you just don’t have to eat it all at once… just do a little bite at a time… chew on it, chew on it and have another bite… and it will get easier and it will start feeling good and once it feels good then you’ll be voracious and once you get voracious we just hope you don’t turn out like Bob. (Laughter from Bob)
Bob: iON does not like my constituency, the 99 percenters, he’s got the one percenters in regard… eternal lauger-heads.
Sara: iON’s not impressed with your ways of communication Bob?
Bob: No, iON has never been impressed with me… I am an absolute idiot in iON’s perspective.
iON: He doesn’t communicate that’s the point.” (Huge laugh from Bob)
Bob: That’s right he doesn’t communicate.
Carolyn: I think you both bobfucate.
Bob: Yes, I am his fucked up son… or he’s my son… we don’t know which.


Eliza: iON I have a question… Hi iON I love you so much.
iON: Yes, we as you as well.
Eliza: Umm… I have been using angel speak for a while now and um one of the things I’ve been using it for is to change the environment of um my worky work… where I work at… um… I… I mean… I don’t know how else to put it but I’m just so tired of being surrounded by little men and um I’m hoping that the environment that I’m going into is a little bit more or more supportive than what I’m in right now.
iON: Want some help?
Eliza: Sure.
iON: Old testament Levitical smoting is our specialty. Line em up we’ll take care of it… watch (laughter) as she nervously laughs, we’re serious… line em up it’s not a problem… you make it what you want it to be… tell em to get happy or get out.”
Eliza: Well honestly there’s I think it’s just the whole environment if it’s not one person or if it’s not one area of the place then it’s like another one… I’m thinking maybe I just need to like…
iON: Get happy or get out.
Eliza: Yeah, exactly.
iON: Get happy or get out. If you wanna change it, change it, if you don’t get out.
Eliza: Yeah that’s exactly what I was saying.
iON: It’s okay… either way… be happy… be happy… be happy… be happy...
Bob: What useless platitudes… come back to me Eliza, I’ll give you way better advice than this.
iON: Bob’s got a little vesisatude for you… don’t you worry.
Bob: Yeah… I got some what was the other word… some platitude in my vesisatude… yeah that’s what I’ve got.
Carolyn: So you are saying that iON gives the platitudes and you give the vesisatude.
Bob: Yeah, I vessisatude… action… iON relies on clichés... by the Queen.
iON: Yes, yes we say that God is love… Bob says God is love but does he love you.
Bob: I do say that don’t I.
Carolyn: Now the vessitude is the quality or state of being changeable… muteable.
Bob: Right, I’m the changeable… iON is the constant (iON says do) we got a do… we got a do folks, there you hear that we got a do!


Austin (Gregg’s son): Hello, hey iON I want to ask you a question… I want to ask you how far away am I from my like throne?
iON: Um, two and a half worlds.
Austin: Two and a half… how do I like get closer to it?
iON: Okay, then you can go back to the old original… the mark of looking up to the symbols… number one has got all those symbols… Carolyn has them too… you wanna start there do the symbols… now there’s going to be faster easier ways from a portal side but the things that you are looking for that you can’t find in your room… that’s how far away it is. So you’ve got to line up where you are geographically to get back two and half worlds to get where your stuff is… that’s what you’re looking for yes?
Austin: Aw okay… so you’re saying I need to go back to find my original things?
iON: Yes, the symbols… there is a whole thing on the symbols, number one’s got em all.
Austin: Number one’s got the symbols what are the symbols?
iON: Number one has them all.
Bob: He ain’t gonna give them out to anybody… get his own.
iON: Oh well, sorry for your luck. (Laughter)
Bob: They are not for sale iON.
Carolyn: Can I make a scan of the symbols I drew up and send them to Austin?
iON: Sure, sure… most definitely.
Bob: You send your fucking symbols… not sending my symbols. (Laughter)
iON: Just print them out and stick them on the wall in your room… and then you can go from one to the other… it’s… and now this isn’t psychotropic or anything… but you’ll be amazed because you are open to it… you don’t have any reservation about it… just do it… and then get on with it.
Austin: Alright, sounds good.
iON: Cool, and a little Vestal Goodman can’t hurt either. (Bob, Carolyn explain who Vestal Goodman is.)
Austin is not sure if he has heard her before and iON replies “Oh we know you have… it’s the one that makes your skin curdle.” Carolyn tells Austin she will scan and send her symbols to him because he asked. Bob comments there are 28 callers on the line the most he has ever had… he attributes this to iON.


Jean: How will the RnA drops change my brain as it repairs the three head concussions and what can…
iON: Okay, okay that’s good. What happens is the labyrinth, the conduit that runs through your brain… it re-tracks where any damage is so it’s not really damage… all your brain is a storage area… it’s just a storage bin, so when you cram something up it’s okay just move it up and out, but it’s re-tracking the conduit or the electrical impulses to other parts that go past that, because it doesn’t matter anyway… it’s just a holding space.
Jean: Neuroplasticity?
iON: Neuroplasticity is great but it’s… but it’s even… when you start including that into the hypothalamus it re-programs it. It’s not just neuroplasticity it goes through the hypothalamus it’s re-programming that.
Jean: And that’s exactly what I needed for my fastest path to joy.
iON: Of course you do, of course… you’re welcome.
Jean: Thank you, one more question can you provide any useful information for me… about what happened to me in 2008… about my experiences?
iON: It’s where you are going back to. (Breath intake from Jean) You’ll get it… it’s okay.
Jean: Alright… um is there any significance to Wendy and I being rendered unconscious within the same 24 hr period? (There is a long pause here and Bob and Carolyn question if iON got bumped off, Bob says no and then iON continues.)
iON: Ask a different way.
Jean: Did Wendy and I go to the same world when we weren’t here?
iON: If you are asking from Wendy’s position then the answer is yes… but not from yours. You see how that can be a little twisted...
Jean: Wendy… Wendy came to my world?
iON: Basically, yes.
Jean: Where was I?
iON: Bob pull her back to the Olivia, when the red-headed Olivia is coming back and the confusion… that’s the Wendy issue she is having.
Bob: Right so if we get her to look at those episodes.
iON: Right, that will help that. (Referring to the series Fringe)
Jean: Right, so I’m not Jean the cow.
iON: Very good, and see that’s why it would be confusing obviously.


iON: What fun, what great fun… well very wonderful, is everyone happy, good and done, therefore we are complete.


iON is gone… JW did not remain on line.


Wendy comments iON sounded like original iON she remembers; Bob thinks it is due to different phone environments; Carolyn says Wendy is saying it is more than that.


Eliza questions iON having talked about smoting people at her work.


Michael Brown: Bob, Bob listen to this… listen to this, when I was on the radio with you last I had a knowing that I would be on the radio when iON came back and I wondered why that didn’t happen and you know and I left and all… and it’s amazing that um that it happened.


Bob: So I wasn’t off by saying you were a factor here.
Discussion around iON’s interaction… Michael thought it was a prank in the beginning… everyone chiming in about their reactions to iON.


Sara comments on iON’s interaction with her… everything is a mirror.


Bob says iON knows everyone of us… by the way he could answer questions before we even finished asking.


Eliza asks what iON’s response was when someone asked them earlier if they would be doing private sessions. Carolyn comments that there was no answer and maybe iON was testing us to see if we were ready for him to come back.


Bob: That’s why he (iON) knocked out the fucking radio… thing… he had to deflate the fucking thing just for iON to be there.”


Sara reports having heard a weird transmitted signal in her ear before she knew iON was on the air… Michael came into her room and told her iON was on… Bob comments that that is probably the signal we eventually heard. The strange sounds or transmissions that were heard earlier when iON was speaking with Wendy are discussed… Bob comments sounded like an old fashioned UFO.


Wendy shares about the “Red headed Olivia (in Fringe)” iON referred to in his discourse with Jean regarding her and Jean's experience together… she shares how she had just dyed her hair red. She talks about her doppelganger experience.


Gregg shares his own doppelganger experience at the Pierson International airport… another Gregg had gone through the border.


Bob and Wendy continue to talk about her doppelganger experience.

58:30 - 60:00

***goes over the hour

Part13 (12:00)
00:00 - 02:22

Wendy and Bob chat about 'other Wendy'


Bob: Poor Hillary missed iON...


this JW sounded blissed out, giggly… probably JW No.1(Gregg and Deborah agree), or maybe JW No.4 or No.5 according to Deborah West


iON comes back online, then drops off


Eben Ray is back from the freeway of LA; Leon joins in

23:33 - 37:44

iONettes' impressions on Hillary Raimo; discussion on 'The Alphabet Versus the Goddess'; etc

37:45 - 45:50

on the Evergreens and entities - entities vs iON - when channeling entities, that is channeling only the chemical body, iON is all five bodies; the entities are in the astro plane; astro body is complementary to the chemical body; astro body is antidote to the chemical body; etc

47:25 - 60:00

Katie Thomas and Bob discuss Hillary Raimo; the key point in Gutenberg Galaxy; the Catholics are more oral than the Protestants; The Medium is the Massage; The March, 1969 Playboy Interview with McLuhan; etc

***goes over the hour

Part14 (13:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Katie Thomas and Bob continue on -
trying to find semantic meaning from abstract letters; the Playboy articles; etc

***goes over the hour

Part15 (14:00)
00:00 - 54:33

Katie Thomas and Bob continue on -
how Zappa was murdered, obsolesced; etc


Bo M, the comedian joins in

Part16 (15:00)
04:00 - 19:51

LoveJob joins in, Bo M and Bob chat

19:52 - 32:45

iON - making fun of IMF (old audio)

32:46 - 60:00

LoveJob joins in, Bo M and Bob chat -
on how the RnA was created; who shot JFK; Bob talks about the JFK sessions with the EGs from 1986, '87, '89 and '90, and how more information came out in 1991; etc

***goes over the hour

Part17 (16:00)
00:00 - 04:59

Bo M and Bob continue -
on D-Cell; JFK assassination; Barry Goldwater, the last decent President; etc

05:00 - 15:22

Sept 28th, 1990 session, The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt6
on Hoover, Nelson Rockefeller, etc.
discussion on Curtis LeMay's Operation Northwood - blowing up US planes over Cuba to start an invasion

53:20 - 59:05

Sept 8th, 1997 session, The Evergreens on evolution, pt6
there was no double for Oswald; Hoover was protecting himself; it was a 'six men operation', each one running its own; Hoover didn't know all other players; etc

15:23 - 26:41

Bo M, LoveJob and Bob review pt6 -
Bob exposes the players involved: Hoover, Hoffa, Nelson Rockefeller, the CIA guy, the military guy; more on Curtis LeMay's Operation Northwood; Oswald was a CIA operative; if you shoot someone in the back, the 'head goes back'; LoveJob gets nervous over the JFK content; Bo M tells his new jokes about Catholic church and conspiracies; etc


LoveJob: It is not a competition that Bob is winning

49:00 - 60:00

Bob's iONic lecture 101 to LoveJob and Bo M

***goes over the hour

Part18 (17:00)
00:00 - 06:50

Bo M, LoveJob and Bob continue -
on cold fusion (coldplay) - the US will be the last nation to implement it - Bob's 'institute' has solved this problem; Bob reads Private Messages; etc


Corbin and Matt Rose join in; Bob's throat getting dry; on diet and vegetarianism; Carolyn and iON's perspective; etc

53:20 - 59:05

Sept 8th, 1997 session, The Evergreens on evolution, pt6
- the EGs' evolutionary statement from their 1977 book gets corrected in this session 20 years later

Bob reads Private Messages (PM); Rusty's question on metal plate implants

Part19 (18:00)

Bob reads Private Messages

10:30 - 23:48

Sept 8th, 1997 session, The Evergreens on evolution, pt7
continues - the spirit was in the universe before life existed; the spirit decided to create life; the spirit goes into matter; etc

23:49 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

***goes over the hour

Part20 (19:00)
00:00 - 02:47

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

02:48 - 60:00

the G+G Saturday Evening Show with Ginney and Gregg, hour 1
plays a musical dedication to Bob, The Whole Of The Moon by The Waterboys; on baseball caps; etc

34:55 - 42:18

Bob reads Private Messages; 'Unpaid Bill'; etc

42:44 - 52:00

Ginney reads Hillary Raimo's comment on Bob after her interaction with him earlier in Part10 (09:00) and Part11 (10:00) today
ref: The Yin Factor by Hillary Raimo

52:01 - 60:00

impressions on Hillary; Bill thinks they are into their own worlds and don't pay attention to iON; etc

Bob: Hillary represents the union of the other programmers up against us… we are the management and they are the union, those ambivalent toward us and iON

***goes over the hour

Part21 (20:00)
the G+G Saturday Evening Show with Ginney and Gregg, hour 2

00:44 - 05:36

Bart's Mash-Ups (iON remix)

05:37 - 17:26

impressions on Hillary Raimo continues; what is your driven reality?; about iON showing up 'after' Hillary; on Katie Thomas; etc

17:27 - 28:30

Bob reads Private Messages
Dave Newfeld: it's not about the effects of the printing press, it's Bob reminding us of the details and patterns not limited to printing press… Printing press ROCKS!
Thompson celebrated "Goddess" back in the '70s; 'Cowgirl'; etc

31:42 - 35:03

a call-in message from Reverand Bishop Bosefus Mordekai Jones (Gregg)


a tune by Mr. Peter Frampton by Ginney


Carolyn: … pulling a Hillary...

45:44 - 60:00

interlude on the Evergreens; Bob had readings on conspiracies; Gregg had readings on personal matters with the Evergreens; on philosophy; on psychic and Huna; etc

***goes over the hour

Part22 (21:00)
00:00 - 23:20

Gregg and Bob continue to comment on the Evergreens; iON is 'post-idea'; etc; Gregg's first session with iON; etc

23:45 - 27:16

Ginney plays a Frank Zappa tune, while Dave Newfeld types away in the chatroom


the Evergreens' prayer given to Gregg lead to iON in his life


Brian joins in and asks, "What are we talking about?"

40:28 - 50:27

more impressions on the Evergreens' Evolution sessions - iON's perspective on evolution: NOPE…You are GOD"; etc


Bob analyses the Evergreens' comment, "the spirit goes into matter"; 'the spirit' is the Bible side; the actual physical changes is the Darwin side; what happened before Christ is in the Bible - no dinosaur in the Bible - the dinosaurs and Atlantis haven't happened yet


Bob brings up Goddess of Corn again to Ginney and Brian

51:55 - 60:00

Dave Newfeld joins in and chats

***goes over the hour

Part23 (22:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Dave and Bob continue; on Brendan in Canadian politics; Bob reads chatline; etc


Barbra joins in


Dave and Gregg talk about cigarettes


Dave and Bob on emails from Nelson Thall; Nelson goes on major media and ruins Mae Brussell, McLuhan and Bob's legacy; etc

***goes over the hour

Part24 (23:00)

Part1 (00:00)

Dave and Bob continue on Nelson Thall; Club22; on Rob Ford; etc

17:59 - 27:17

Bob plays Youtube of John Stewart Destroys Obama and Mayor Rob Ford


Dave and Bob continue -
before tv people did not discuss their private lives in public; the 'dirt' was handled behind the scenes - people accepted politicians to be corrupt; the tv flips - people became relaxed in their private lives, became immoral, yet have to ware an iconic pure sign to be legit; integrity in your public position becomes your identity; etc


Legend joins in and asks Bob on Benjamin Fulford's battle against the Illuminati; Nelson Rockefeller; the Bolshevik take over of the Rockefellers; "SONY" was named after Rockefeller's "Standard Oil of New York"; Japan was an old Rockefeller empire in a mess since 1991; on Canadian politics; on Toronto music scene; Bob never took drugs, but his drinks were often spiked or poisoned; etc

***goes over the hour

NOV. 24th - DAY3

Part1 (00:00)


Dave Newfeld, Legend, Barbra and Bob continue on coffee enema; we want more radiation - H197; Carolyn's MIHR helped Dave; etc


the pattern - on Feb 22nd, 2009 Dave arrives in Maui and on Feb 28th, shuts down CKLN; 20 days later iON shows up; Bob and Carolyn introduced Dave Worcester to iON on April 5th, 2010; next day iON discloses cold fusion; iON confronted Buzz in MOM(McLuhan On Maui) No.3; etc


on Barbra; tv characters; the 'doubles'; Beefheart - "there are 40 people in the world and five of them are hamburgers"; Zappa's Uncle Meat; Moon Zappa; Valley Girl; etc

***goes over the hour

Part2 (01:00)

Dave, Legend, Barbra and Bob continue -

06:28 - 30:02

Bob plays May 29th, 1993 "Genesis of the Music," hosted by Dave Porter of KPFK-FM in Los Angeles
Bob appears; fake Robert Anton Wilson joins in, then the real Robert joins in later; 250K vampires in LA; Dave Newfeld's album mentioned; etc
Dave and Barbra sign off

37:19 - 59:20

Oct 15th, 1996 session No.48, The Evergreens on evolution, pt8
on Lemuria and Neanderthal man -
the basic stream was from Africa to Asia to Lemuria; took Boudians approx. two years. to deposit Cro-Magnons around the world; began in Africa as Neanderthal man(pre-altered man); Cro-Magnons - altered man by the Boudians; on fire; the man comes from 'one stock' - some flourished(Lemuria,18,000-14,000BC), some died out; Lemurians and South American group met; Lemurian civilization collapsed in 14,000BC, earthquake around 13,000-12,000BC; 14,000-10,000BC, Atlantis begins; Lemuria - located in the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii and Micronesia, was not a continuous land mass; Easter Island was built by the civilization after Lemuria collapsed; the basic stream - Africa - Asia - Lemuria - NorthandSouth America - Atlantis, then circles back to Egypt and Africa; every group progressed at different speed - some deteriorated, some advanced(Atlantians), returned to Egypt; etc

57:48 - 59:20

the EGs: … when one dies… the Akashic Records is there to be seen… you see it as it is happening… time is not the constraint… go to the time and you see it… it is not a hologram, it is real...


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

Part3 (02:00)
00:00 - 10:34

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik continues

11:35 - 31:57, 39:50 - 59:22**

Oct 15th, 1996 session No.48, The Evergreens on evolution, pt9
continues on Akashic Records -
"… it is real"; no body; the observer experience; the man had to learn and progress through evolution in the past; the EGs: … now it is a different matter… if time is not of great constraint… could it be a rethinking of what man can do?
the EGs: The man's progress was dictated by that which God would grant, period… Not man, but God… Lemur… the proto-man...


on Ica Stones in Peru; "they left their mark" - by the Lemurians; on Homer's writings; oral culture chanted in 700BC, written down in 300BC; in certain circles, writing was considered blasphemy - those in the oral culture did not change what they have heard, but writings could be changed by other group - writing was not right; secret learning - the oral tradition was passed down from generation to generation; the benefits of writing - more flexible - services of alphabet (McLuhan); tradition is… (end of side1 cassette)

39:50 - 59:22**

Bob replays the same session No.48, The Evergreens on evolution, pt9 recording

Part4 (03:00)
00:00 - 18:44

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
Robert of Tottenham joins in and mentions the Twitter followers; Bill plays A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles for the iONettes

25:16 - 60:00 r

Bill: Bob… Is John Lennon still dead and have you talked to him lately?"
Bill, Robert and Bob chat - Bill dislikes Rap and Hip-Hop; the only way for Achieve Radio to survive is to go with new trend, " iONdom"; etc

***goes over the hou

Part5 (04:00)

Bill, Robert and Bob continue -

20:20 - 25:20 (side1 cassette), 25:50 - 59:05 (side2 cassette)

Oct 15th, 1996 session No.48, The Evergreens on evolution, pt10
continues on the oral tradition (Bob rewinds back a lot) -
as laid out in the Star Trek story; tradition is… (side2 cassette)… in Europe, tradition is 300 years, in China, a thousand; tradition is getting wiped out and we're becoming totally new; the Second Coming as a time of perpetual change; what did the Oracle say to Alexander - in essence, "you will reach your goal and die there" he was shocked and this became a secret; the Temple of Demeter - a place for sacred prostitution, a place to conceive healthy children; on the Great Mathematic; the Knight Templar's secret sex magic cult is a rumor; who had a most sex in one life time? - in 1157AD, Spain, male, one partner every day from age 11 to 63, 22,000 partners total, had unique technique; on St. Paul

46:46 - 59:05

after the session - discussion by Michael Blake Read and Bob
about the Spanish "sex machine"; the oral culture would not allow new technology; the tactile culture allows new content; Kroker - music is a hologram/background coherency - we are feeling it; McLuhan does not celebrate oral culture, but for the tactile new; the Inca never developed the wheel - lead to visual space; etc


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

Part6 (05:00)
00:00 - 08:15

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
Bob plays the last track from the film, 200 Motels by Frank Zappa and reviews its lyrics; Robert of Tottenham is back and talks about his purple mop and goes off; Bob reads chatline posts

16:21 - 19:16

Oct 15th, 1996 session No.48, The Evergreens on evolution, pt11
(after the session)
Michael Blake Read and Bob continue on the Inca; about the alphabet; the wheel culture; etc

21:21 - 29:00, 29:25 - 59:28

Sept 28th, 1994 session2, The Evergreens on evolution, pt12
continues on evolution -
the man is now operating on the planet - the division of groups in those years was considerable, remained apart from each other - paranoia; the Atlantians were an 'anomaly' - out of context; discovered static electricity; gold circuits; metal culture; discovery of 'attraction'; gravity attracts - altering gravity - developed static discharge machines; the Atlantian culture took-off around 15,000BC and collapsed in 10,000BC; huge advancement from the caveman stage in 27,000BC;


How were the pyramids built in Egypt?
by understanding the resonance of the object - the Atlantian's greatest invention(15,000BC); the pyramids were built by the locals in the area; they understood the principle and developed the 'resolute circuit' - radio; the first pyramid was built after the collapse of Atlantis between 8,000 and 7,000BC; there was no ET assistance; to levitate the bricks - the mass and weight can be separated; remove gravity, you still have mass, but no weight; their resonant technology altered weight - levitation; on how the Egyptians lost this technology; etc


on cattle mutilations in the Mid-West - it is happening world wide and kept a secret; not done by the Boudians; 'they' are from the no-name place in the universe; the EGs predicted many UFO sightings - the Boudians' communication - "first, you have to see it"; preparations for the contact; on crop circles; the Boudians wish more contact with high-tech institutions; on Bob Dobbs interviewed by the British journalist; on the missing metal object underneathe the German crop circle; the German intel took it; contacting the inventor of MIHR technology - Walter Fishman; etc

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

Part7 (06:00)

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik


Wendy and Sara join in; about Wendy's dogs' non-physical reactions to iON, and to the Angel Talk; on Hillary Raimo; it's 04:23 Hawaii time and Carolyn is up; Bert joins in; on Kris Kristofferson; number 22; etc

37:05 - 43:22, 43:47 - 49:39

Sept 28th, 1994 session2, The Evergreens on Bacterial Warfare, AIDS virus, pt2
Bob asks Walter Fishman and the Evergreens about the MIHR technology; AIDS virus; on field and resonance; etc

50:00 - 60:00

explanations on how MIHR works; Carolyn's AIDS treatment - suppressed by AMA in 1997; more explanations on MIHR by Carolyn

***goes over the hour

Part8 (07:00)

continues on MIHR -
JW discovers cold fusion patent hidden behind the MIHR patent which was placed by the parallel worlder; a champagne bottle from Robert and Carolyn Dean; Carolyn's internship at Mt. Sinai; etc


Carolyn's medical license revoked in the fall of 1995; Ginney and Deborah West join in;


patients on MIHR did well, while 3/4 of AIDS patients on AZT died


iON: the 'mustard solution' in chemotherapy is what kills cancer patients… chemotherapy blatantly poisons people…
chemotherapy - only 2% success rate; etc


on growing new limbs; Walter/the Evergreens - the humans being able to do this in the future - this is similar to iON's complement process; etc

40:40 - 45:58

Deborah West talks about her lip; regenerating new tissues with RnA drops; Bob reads chatline posts and Private Messages; etc


Roseanne joins in

Part9 (08:00)

Roseanne, Ginney, Carolyn and Bob continue -
Bob reads chatline posts and Private Messages; number 22 has no significance, it just shows up a lot; "How old is Carolyn?"; Bob plays Zappa; etc


"… Sheila, Sheila, Sheila, everything will be ok…" (iON)
Bob: She was the first sugary vagina wall!


impressions on iON's first appearance in Nov. 23rd Part12 (11:00)


Carolyn goes out for a walk; Bert and Bob on MIHR patent; on Tiny Note Chart; about Dave Newfeld; Robert of Tottenham's cutting-edge marketing lecture; etc.


the area code 858, Kim joins in; about the 'noise' iON created; Gregg and Daniel Libby show up

Part10 (09:00)

Daniel and Bob continue -
on Rob Ford and Nelson Thall; on Bob's Media Ecology; Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card Game; etc

23:33 - 59:15

Jan 18th, 1995 The Evergreens on evolution, pt13
a session based on The Mystery of History Tape -
on historical dates; the Vimanas flying machines in India - 2,000BC; they were technologically similar to the Atlantian's; only the priests had them(with a mercury engine?); designed to carry messengers; they smashed the vehicles and the writings - the society was not designed for fast communication - slow and rigid - an advancement would undermine stability/upset the hierarchy; Egypt was a volatile society; the Egyptians had their vehicles in 3,500BC - didn't progress, they discouraged; very slow - 20-30mph; on tech details; didn't develop schematics - used 'stories' and symbols to describe diagrams, e.g., 'male power' 'female power' 'divine power'


the difference between Lemuria and Atlantis -
the Lemurian sensibility created the essential characteristics of the East during Asian civilizations; the Atlantian influenced Europe and the West; India(Lemurian) vs Egypt(Atlantian) - much more 'war-likeness' in the East than in the West; the 'war-likeness' - to maintain; in the West - to 'overthrow'; China invented paper - a medium of message - used by the ruling class to let the people know what the rules were - to maintain


in the West - the paper as a tool could 'disrupt' - to 'thrust'; the paper was regulated by the priests; printing limited to those with the knowledge only, not to educate the masses; in the industrial age - the workers had to read the instruction manuals to operate machines - lead to the modern education; etc


the Nasca Lines -
two phases in 6,000-7,000BC - animal shapes by the humans and lines by the Boudians; the local civilization was highly developed - 'they had it made' -had no need for Boudian's more advanced technologies; the Boudians had lighter skin and hair, had god like power; made lines to map the land; the locals tolerated them; the later Mayans never interacted with the Boudians - became myth as white gods; the Spanish Conquistadors were welcomed as gods(Boudians); etc

Part11 (10:00)

Robert of Tottenham: That's the most coherent Evergreens I've ever heard!
Alex joins in


this hour's guest, Anne Violet chats with Carolyn and Bob
ref: Matthew Hurtado's Misfit to Millions!


Sheila Kern joins in

Part12 (11:00)

Sheila, Anne, Carolyn and Bob continue -
making Barbra Walters cry; Anne's questions to Carolyn and Bob; Carolyn's drapes; the Maui home; the golf balls; Sheila watches Dr. Who; Bob recommending VEEP again; the Emerald Tablets; etc


all religions are based on the Emerald Tablets; the Bible - includes modern media, the Emerald Tablets do not; the Emerald Tablets were the first spiritual/psychological document - no one was allowed to talk about it until now; on Matthew Hurtado; "What was your husband screaming about last night?" - Bob forgot to shut the windows; etc


Bob's spiritual gifts to the masses - there are 'five tv shows' about Carolyn, Bob and iON - Fringe, Lost, The Good Wife, Person Of Interest, VEEP, Flash Forward, Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire (that's more than five); Sheila doesn't notice anything new on the drops anymore; etc

Part13 (12:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Alison joins in
Alison, Sheila, Anne and Carolyn talk about RnA drops; Alison and Sheila used to take many drops in the beginning; on relax and allow; on magnesium; etc

***goes over the hour

Part14 (13:00)

Dave Newfeld joins in, Sheila signs off
Dave and Carolyn on bacteria and how they change under hostile environment; the complement formula creates the healthy environment for bacteria; etc


Dave: (on JFK) Does it matter who killed Kennedy?
Carolyn talks about Princess Diana; etc


Bob: Must we continue to mow down on the Kennedys?… Yes, we should continue to mow down!… the hot politics of today does not work on the cool medium of tv… We killed Kennedy to show that the hot politics does not work on cool medium!


Dave: What's being expressed by that?
Bob: … if you wear an environment, the users of the environment are as guilty as the guys running (indecipherable) operations in the environment'


Zappa - the first satellite broadcast - 'All You Need Is Love' June 25th, 1967


Dave and Bob continue on the post-JFK assassination environment; color tv; instant replay; cable tv; cliche - what would Mae Brussell's say on NAFTA? - more avenues for the drug cartels; Bob - stop showing that the politicians are corrupt - why not show the corruption in the Hollywood and media?; on John Stewart - phony, not an anti-environment; the headlines, pattern recognition and monitoring; etc


Alison's notes on iON's first appearance, Nov. 23rd Part12 (11:00), "… tell everyone about the anthropomorphic anti-crew… about your purpose… (indecipherable)" - Bob has no answer to iON's quote

36:40 - 60:00

Dave, Carolyn and Bob continue on D-Cell; Dave rants; more on D-Cell; everyone's phone starts to echo; etc

***goes over the hour

Part15 (14:00)

John Ferrari joins in (on speaker phone)


"Yeah, I wanna talk, I wanna talk… " - Jim M. joins in and sings 'Mister Saturday Night' for Corbin


(the iONettes listen to Legend yelling (?) at his wife)


Dave on Don McLean's American Pie - 'The Day the Music Died'; the meaning of American Pie - "I've never have to work again in my life"; on sampling and samplable; on compression; etc


Bob: … loved a song on the radio… buy a record and it would be okay, but I would miss the emotion of multitude… hearing a great song on the radio…everyone else is hearing it, it adds something extra… (McLuhan - rock'n'roll was not a music like Mozart, it was a figure-ground environment)
Bob: …t he radio environment doesn't exist anymore… that's why music died now, because no one has a common shared emotional multitude about it


on vocals -
Supernatural by Santana; Mark on sound; on compression; the younger kids prefer mp3 sound (imprinted); etc

***goes over the hour

Part16 (15:00)

continues on sound and recording -


on Philip K. Dick; Robert Anton Wilson; CKLN; Jesse joins in; on favorite drummers; etc


James Brown: You're a good dancer! Are you a musician?
Bob: Yeah
JB: What instrument do you play?
Bob: Radio


on Beck's last album - sheet music; replaying Prince in the '80s; LaRouche on Bolero; the kids orchestra in Afghanistan; Kroker's Boredom Culture - not 'body' specific - the chemical body is bored, but they are fascinated with chip body; etc


Bob: … radio and paranoia, tv is schizophrenia, computers in hysteria and satellite in panic… that's the mixture
Bob: … radio retrieves paranoia in the android meme… lay a human form (LaRouche) on top of it… (ref. to Tiny Note)… overlay… 'anthropomorphic anti-crew' - nobody could connect with anybody…
Bob: … what is the purpose for living(inaudible) reality? It is iON!
Bob: iON is where all that fuckin' mish-mash lead to. He defined themselves in my terms!
Bob: … the purpose for the last 40 years was to evoke iON!

***goes over the hour

Part17 (16:00)

Dave, Alison and Bob continue -
Bob reads Private Messages; on miscellaneous topics; the Club22 surrounding Rob Ford; the Joy Division influence on Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction; Daniel Libby joins in; more talk on Rob Ford and music; prescription drugs as a bigger drug epidemic; etc

52:50 - 54:07

Dave plays his latest music


Dave interview Ernst Zundel, the Holocaust denier; was charming and funny (Dave is Jewish)

***goes over the hour

Part18 (17:00)

Dave, Daniel and Bob continue on Ernst Zundel -
Toronto was the clearing house for Nazi literature; on Manfred Roeder; Zundel sent back to Germany and imprisoned; didn't like Canadian prisons - watched a black guy getting kicked in the head; 80% of Dave's family members died in the Nazi concentration camps; Lynn not showing up; etc


Loraine (athlete) in New Zealand joins in; Bob reads Private Messages; "Is JJ Abrams taking RnA drops?"; etc

26:02 - 28:21

the 'guest' Kali DuBois, a.k.a., The Dirty Hypnotist, shows up for 80 secs (after being on hold for 25 minutes), then hangs up the phone all pissed off!


back to Loraine and Lynn; Matthew joins in; Loraine on running; the Barcelona Marathon; etc

***goes over the hour

Part19 (18:00)

Loraine continues -
the Third World women didn't run when Lorain started; they were running so hard to get the medal - Lorain already had one, didn't appreciate it; etc


Germaine Renner joins in with Yila and Nadia, the Renner Sisters
Bob: the Renners are the antidote to the Kardashians, the Kardashians have taken the route of DNA, but the Renners have taken the route of RNA

Nadia has a radio show on Playboy Channel in Spanish; Germaine was a 'fashion correspondent' for the Cash Flow back in 2010; Yila studies architecture and photography; Wendy talks about her four sisters; etc

***goes over the hour

Part20 (19:00)
00:00 - 60:00

The Renner Sisters and Bob continue on miscellaneous topics -
Dave and Robert of Tottenham join in

***goes over the hour

Part21 (20:00)

The Renner Sisters and the guys continue -

11:25 - 16:58, 20:58 - 37:45

Jan 18th, 1995 The Evergreens on evolution, pt14


a session based on The Mystery of History Tape conitues -
the Mayan culture collapsed between 1,100-1,200AD due to its rigidity - before the Spanish Conquistadors invaded
the EGs: …there were those that came before Columbus… the Scandinavians… they came, saw and left…

the Evergreens explains about the "stories" about the "visitors" -
"they came by sea" are the Scandinavians, and "they came by boats" are the Boudians; the Mayans thought both the Scandinavians and the Spanish were gods; the Spanish caused confusion - they came to "take," not give; etc


the Easter Island -
500-700AD - built by Polynesians; influenced by the Hunas - understood resonance independently, around the time of Nazarene himself; on the circular Stonehenges built by the Atlantians; on continuity of society; the lineage - the line of authority (e.g., same occupation) is passed on; a new technology 'paper' - spread knowledge - broke away from the lineage; a son of the sailor can become a teacher - the breakdown of lineage; lineage - family value - the Fundamentalists; Bill Clinton came from outside the 'lineage' tradition; McLuhan lurking in the background; lineage based society - LaRouche; non-lineage based society - McLuhan; etc


impression on pt14 by the Renner Sisters; Gregg joins in; on lineage and identity; Obama's real mission is to break up the lineage pattern; about the Renner Sisters' background; etc


The Renner Sisters: Uncle Bob! Auntie Carolyn!

Part22 (21:00)

The Renner Sisters sign off


Brian joins in


Robert of Tottenham and Bob talk about The Renner Sisters


Brian and Bob reviewing iON's quote, "the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart" - one heart is physical and one is non-physical, it's the you and the you; looking out at a range, a perspective; looking at the you and the you; the heart is NOT connected to the body; etc


Brian, Robert of Tottenham and Ginney discuss the heart-brain thing; iON said the heart is the middle kingdom in the rewrite session; on Genpo Roshi's Big Mind; Hillary Raimo - getting back to a place before the labyrinth; on the universal womb; etc


Carolyn and Brian discuss about the universal womb; Brian's questions on our body - points out the Bible quotes; in the solar plexus area; etc


iON: … the Hara is the middle part of the Chacras (for women, the womb)
Carolyn: Is that just the uterus and fallopian tubes? where do you stop with that?
iON: … the Hara is the whole centeredness… if you do that from your belly button, those are perfect words...


more about the womb - solar plexus area; male-female dichotomy - Hillary Raimo couldn't see past this position; etc


Vinny Eastwood, the 'Mr. News' from NZ joins in and chats with Bob on various 'evil' topics; Bob explains his position to Vinny; Dave Newfeld joins in @ 59:55

***goes over the hour

Part23 (22:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Vinny Eastwood continues to rant throughout the hour from the littleman position

***goes over the hour

Part24 (23:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Vinny, Dave and Bob continue on various 'evil' topics
Bob: Where ever I am, everything is great!

Vinny passionately rants rampantly, exposing the scumbags, bringing justice to the world; etc

***goes over the hour

Part24 (23:00)

Vinny continues to rant -
Vinny: … I actually care, I actually listen…
talks on "the lighter side of genocide"; etc


on Indiana Jones; Dave Newfeld reads Michael Myers book to Vinny - the Kristallnacht mentioned; "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it"; on Jones Town's White Night; Jim Jones warned the CIA and other departments are infiltrated by the Nazis to stage another holocaust against the blacks; etc


Dave explains why he read this book; Vinny passionately rants again; etc


Robert of Tottenham and Dave talks about music

39:47 - 42:38, 42:43 - 48:02

DJ Battle - Bob Dobbs vs Vinny Eastwood

comments by Robert of Tottenham and Dave; Bob reads email from Terique; etc; Dave and Vinny sign off

NOV. 25th - DAY4

Part1 (00:00)

Brian and Madeleine join in, impressions on Vinny 'Mr News 'Eastwood -
Madeleine: (to Bob)… you're too weird for them… to show up on Vinny's show...
with iON, Bob is an anti-environment; Bob thinks Vinny is "insane"
Vinny: I do not tolerate violence of any kind! I will KILL anyone whose violent!
Bob reads chatroom posts; etc

09:40 - 27:52

Jan 18th, 1995 The Evergreens on evolution, pt15
the last part on the "lineage" -
LaRouche - patriarchal - lineage based society vs McLuhan - non-lineage based society; the spread of knowledge; the global welfare - not guaranteed income, but guaranteed energy; the access to the energy is free; etc


Bob: …the final legacy on the lineage point is in the banking families?
the EGs: … even they have no power…they are loosing power now
Bob: are they trying to hold onto their power in some way?
the EGs: … they will try… but you'll see...
Bob: …the cold fusion energy will upset that situation?
the EGs: oh yes"
Bob: that's the resistance…
the EGs: oh yes
Bob - "we will breakthrough that problem within five years?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: where the bankers give up so to speak?
the EGs: the money is not as important as energy… money represents energy at present time. But what if energy is completely free, but for the distribution of it?


as society moves toward the frictionless society, all those things associated with friction are set aside; on many levels - political, emotional - the truly modern era


after the session - Michael Blake Read and Bob
Michael starts on the 1957 Russian satellite - on the US vs Soviet technologies; the first light bulb by Edison - 95% heat, 5% light; heat=friction; cold fusion - the power is free, the units are…; etc
Brian joins in to chat with Bob

29:40 - 60:00 ***goes over the hour

Sept 9th, 1997 The Evergreens on evolution, pt16
the Boudians mated with humans in 6,000BC; certain people of bloodline dying out - who were they?
the EGs: … certain Etruscans… certain Celts… some became Atlantians…

Boudians wanted to alter themselves - swap genes; the concept of Atlantis was "engineering" - those that chose had those genes; the Great Mathematic was created by the Atlantians through contact with the Boudians; humans had particular engineering abilities that the Boudians wanted; the cells become Atlantian; the present society - Atlantian; Lemurian - coming through Russia in the next 50 years; etc


on cold fusion -
Matsushita's patent; about the fear of the effects of the cold fusion; etc


back on the Boudians -
on Bob's dream of encountering them


jumping to the JFK assassination -
on Dorothy Kilgallen murder; she was a loose cannon; etc


on AIDS conspiracies -


on the universal image of the Dragons in Chinese and Mayan cultures; the images of different races on the statues - global culture?
the EGs: Why would the Egyptians have a need for the batteries?
the EGs: Why would a society want to know about another society?

the Dragons are the UFOs
the EGs: the UFOs introduced everybody… had actual encounters but described UFOs as 'dragons' - never seen before and indescribable to them; etc


on Carolyn; apartment No.311; on Carolyn's medical license


on Bob's other lives -
the Evergreens explain the concept; Bob in 603, southern Italy, associated with olive oil producer; in 1691, north of Paris, a criminal smuggling forbidden books; north of Calcata (Italy) or Calcutta/Kolkata (India), a young girl at the farm...

***goes over the hour

Part2 (01:00)
00:00 - 10:16, 11:41 - 25:54

Sept 9th, 1997 The Evergreens on evolution, pt17
continues on Bob's other lives; a young girl at the farm… (interrupted)"; on Bob's "parallel lives"- major and minor; etc


Bob: Do animals reincarnate?
the EGs: Animal souls are fraction of a larger soul… animals are part of our souls...


Bob: Are there vampires?
the EGs: Yes


on depleted uranium; on Cassini rocket; Bob's most previous other life - in1863, in Germany, a skilled metal worker (rifles); etc (audio cassette ends)


continues on the recording -
global warming exaggerated; on geniuses and their previous lives;
Bob: Do Angels and spirits have influence on us?
the EGs: … free will allows or denies interaction…
Bob: Is mad cow disease a threat?
the EGs: No
Bob: Are there ghosts?
the EGs: Yes

on cave drawing by the Neanderthals - there was a culture; on the Hundredth Monkey Effect; carnivorism in Russia; Aleister Crowley was an agent between WWI and WWII; on Feng Shui - "it works"


on John DeCamp-Franklin Credit Union Scandal - "it's a lie…"; on Mehmet Ali's ID card found on dead agent; on George Gurdjieff


Madeleine and Bob, impressions on pt17; Andrew joins in and chats; on Gurdjieff; the ascetic monks; etc


Andrew and Bob on Five Bodies and tactility; on senses; incompletion is the physical life - senses never can be satisfied; Mazlow's rules for motivation - controlled by senses, gotta do more and die!; the ascended is not controlled by desire - understands the incompletion of the sensory; etc


Bob: (not pushing against the incomplete feeling) I complete by recognizing that I will never be happy on a sensorial level… more I accept that, I actually become happy, because I enjoy my senses better… I know their role.


on Buckminster Fuller; "turned off his hearing aid" during questions; on Joseph Campbell; Bob feels McLuhan was more surrealistic and novelistic than Pynchon or Dick; on The Mechanical Bride; the novel was obsolesced by Ulysses - McLuhan made fun of novelists; he confronted sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists - the post-Ulysses literature; "I LOVE LIVING IN LA!"; etc

***goes over the hour

Part3 (02:00)

Andrew and Bob continue -
what is enlightenment? - a pattern recognition - the 3rd Copernican revolution; according to McLuhan, the 1st was Copernicus himself and 2nd was Kant; the 3rd revolution came out from Joyce, Pound, Elliot and other Vorticists - due to the information overload in the 20th Century; need for another level of pattern recognition - iON! - and to obsolesce; etc


Denny joins in; about Carolyn and Bob mentioned in the Bible - e.g., Revelation Chapter2 Verse17; "… a white stone…" - I-Block; "meme" - repeating ideas, repeating cultural habits; on the heart-guts thing; etc


on cold fusion - listen to Bob's imbedded messages about the battery (Cold Play) in "Cold Fusion Now" hosted by Ruby Carat, Dec 12th, 2012; iON - a 'switchgear'; China eases One-Child policy; etc


Sept 13th, 1999 The Evergreens on evolution, pt18
Bob: When the Boudians altered us and created subconscience, did they create memory?
the EGs: No
the Neanderthals had memory; the difference between humans and beasts; you remember that what you had remember… and store it… a meta version of memory - the beginning of what humans are; humans can go beyond conditioned response with reflection; reflection = mirror - but humans could 'distort' the mirror; decision making - free will - control over the environment;


Bob: Is bicameral mind the effect of the altering?
the EGs: Yes… the doubleness of consciousness… before the bicameral mind, memory existed as reality… with bicameral mind, the reality is altered… memory is set aside, replace by cognizance… then choice becomes greater, wider, deeper, problematic… where ever there is a choice, there is a difficulty… the fruit of the Tree Of Knowledge is the altering…
Bob: So we matured when we got out of Garden of Eden?
the EGs: Yes


the EGs: … yearn for the time when life was so simple… but one didn't know that life was so simple… the bicameral mind creates doubleness, it creates past, present and future and you think you left someplace better… the nature of cognizance, the essence of human perception…
the doubleness - DNA and RNA; on the crop circles in Mesquite, NV that looked like chromosomes; the Boudians were showing us how they altered us - "It's more than that… can you recognize for what it is?..."; etc

***goes over the hour

Part4 (03:00)
00:00 - 52:20

Sept 13th, 1999 The Evergreens on evolution, pt19
(on various topics) continues on the crop circles
the EGs: … if you understand spirals, you understand numbers… the Boudians are now equal to us… having the identity crisis as much as we do, in terms of figuring out where we're going… no body totally in control...


on meme
a meme is a collective effect of cognizance; where there is choice, there is always ideas and concepts; the computer has compressed time - a model in 1895 by Marx and Engels didn't include the factors of new technologies; no computer in 1859 - the only 'computer' was 'putting it into living affect'; certain memes were used as a computer program; Sci-Fi - a writing about a meme if it continues; Sci-Fi is a computer for a meme; memes spread fast; cloning ESP; etc


channeling Marshall McLuhan through The Evergreens -
The Mechanical Bride - a new kind of Sci-Fi, a form of novel; did McLuhan think Joyce was doing Sci-Fi in Finnegans Wake? - "Absolutely"; Lewis explored the disservices of Sci-fi; Joyce, the 99th monkey - McLuhan, the 100th monkey; on Krishnamurti's process of cognizance - desire, identity, seduction of existence - McLuhan follows the same process; McLuhan's 'stages of apprehension' is what Krishnamurti talks about in his life; tv was the externalization of that living process - tv was the clearest facet(mirror); Krishnamurti - the 98th monkey - not enough monkeys around him, frustrated; tv completes the technical cycle in McLuhan's era - saw things clearer; he knew tv was an object in process, saw where it would go; tv- the Neanderthal mind; the computer chip - the altering of what the Boudians did to us - customizes cognition and cognizance; on cold fusion; etc


on "distraction" -
the EGs: …before the session you've mentioned a very interesting word, "distraction"…
the EGs: …take McLuhan's…hot, cold and cool mediums…apply over that a concept of distraction
McLuhan's quote - "media creates distraction from distraction"


the EGs: Is there a need for a mankind to be distracted… ?
Bob: That's what we're wondering… that's what we're moving towards?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: And the Boudians wondering about themselves? As they watch how we deal with that?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: … if we can just pay attention to reality… a state of meditative being… how much can we sit motionless or just walk around like Krishnamurti… to observe things and not reacting?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: The reaction is the beginning of creating distraction?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: So that's the mystery that even god will (unclear) not found yet, but we know it exists… even god will be interested in what that will be?
the EGs: Yes


the EGs: How is man distracted?
the mind gives them different perspectives; their ability to be distracted - a method of finding different alternatives; the spiraling of the crop circles IS the process of distraction, mathematically; the distraction need is a constant; the distraction is there to find the answer you want
the EGs: … the soul on the other plane can't take it all in, tries to create a little problem, then I will reincarnate and deal with that problem...


the EGs: … objective of being able to be distracted is to solve a problem… life is a distraction… life is a problem… the solution that is trying to say it isn't…
the EGs: …if there is a blissful state there, that is that, the ultimate distraction (indecipherable) ultimate removal of distractions" - leads to the quality of consciousness - who's leading? who's the guru? who's correct?
Bob: How do they know they will find god?
the EGs: How would you know to recognize that god?
Bob: That's what I asked you. How did the EGs know?
the EGs: Because… it… what if god is the 100th monkey?
Bob: (laughs)… we'll never get to that one...
the EGs: … not soon...


the EGs: What if god is a distraction?
Bob: … what if consciousness is a distraction?
the EGs: and by that, would able to find god...
Bob: … it's a problem and solve it and that doesn't stop...


if some souls reincarnate 3,000 lives to solve a problem - "because they've visited every sitcom they can!"
the EGs: Here is a point… it took a lifetime, each time to solve one part of a problem… there was no computer program… quickly go through all of the permutations… answer to be arrive at not in 3,000 lives, but within a short period within one…
Bob: And there will never be?
the EGs: Oh no! We're not saying that...
the EGs: … McLuhan's point… tv compresses life…
Bob: Zappa is saying radio is fresh life… so we have infinite lives?
the EGs: Yes


the EGs: … it is not necessary to have that many lives to solve the problem…
Bob: Ahhh!
the EGs: that can only happen in an environment… on this dimension


on tv as a medium - not only is the medium is the message, but the message is changing the medium; the tv of 1999 is not the tv of 1953; the internet is a medium - fractionalized and distractive; McLuhan - the coming medium - the one that has the most distractions is the winner; a kid inside the virtual environment thinks it's a real life in the year 2078 - this process of speeding up, will happen less than10 years; on virtual reality; ESP; etc


contacting Stanley Kubrick, on Eyes Wide Shut -
it was not about secret societies, but wanted to point out how divided a society can be; saw a new media doing it; his angle - creating a problem - secret society - the isolationist aspect - distraction theme; based on Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes - we lost ESP and psychic abilities, caused by writing? - "Yes"; from 3,000BC, did we go into a dark age? - "Yes"; writing came in as a necessity - creating much distraction; etc

Bob: Did god know that was gonna happen?
the EGs: No
Bob: (laughs)… God didn't know that!… humans are creating new realities through own technologies that all of creations and spirits are interested in
the EGs: Yes, absolutely...
Bob: … it's not all pre-planned...
the EGs: … pre-planned, then, where is choice?… and why the necessity for distraction?
Bob: … choice…James Joyce… that's the happy fall… happy distraction!
the EGs: Yeeeeeees!...


on JFK Jr's plane crash -
human error, not accident - untrained; Kennedy family's karma acted out - there was a probability that he would do this; carrying the belief that this was a probability, because of what happened to other members; his decision to fly, the wife was nervous; etc


on Madame Blavatsky - was she a real medium or did she do tricks?
the EGs: … she didn't know how good she was…

on Drunvalo Melchizedek's pure water that cleans up pollution - not true; D-Cell is real? - "Yes"; on Bob's strange dream of Dr. Beter on Sept 5th - he learned that he doesn't need a large audience - 'one listener focused is better than 20 unfocused'; the MIT's announcement - understanding of the cancer sequence; the Phoenix Lights - not of this world, they were Boudian vehicles; FBI smeared Tim Leary - did not snitch while in prison; the name of John Doe in the Oklahoma Bombing - the EGs refuse to give name; John Doe - a supporter of the operation, American national, survivalist movement

Bob: was Iranian or Iraqi involved?
the EGs: there is and that's peripheral...

Carolyn's question on aspartame; etc


Bill and Bob - impressions on part19; Jean joins in
Jean: … seven volcanoes went off on Thursday (Dec 19th?) in six countries… and Japan has a new island as a result…

***goes over the hour

Part5 (04:00)

Jean, Bill and Bob are joined by Andrew -
impressions on the Evergreens part 19; on Timothy McVeigh - a misguided youth; on new memes; etc


Bob: This is the new idea I got!... God is the 100th monkey effect… goes through the species and the later forms don't have to experience something to know it… at certain level of creation, the whole species gets it and that becomes a hidden, unified ground… then fragments and goes and build another ground…
Bob: … so the image is that the god is the reunification of trend of a meme and when everyone gets it, that's god, that's unity, and it breaks away and there is a new thing…
Bob: … so… each plateau is a god, the 100th meme (monkey? unclear) is the god phenomenon...


Jean: Fascinating!
Bob: You make it become familiar then it's not a big deal anymore…incorporate it into your beingness and you don't think about it anymore… after the 100th monkey effect (god), a "new big deal" comes along… the new hidden ground… then everyone gets it, no big deal and obsolete… the next cliche… 'from cliche to archetype'… God is an archetype…
Bob: …new grounds, new environments by new hidden effects… for example, iONdom phenomenon will hit critical mass… once created, it will not go away…


Jean: …we are the 100th monkey...
Bob: No, you don't know that… you're the 22nd monkey, this is the growing period where it's not being noticed… but this iON thing… its gonna become a meme, a locked in, guaranteed environment, a part of our history…


The Emerald Tablets is about your own sovereign power, the 'rock'; the social 'mortar' is the media - Christianity deals with the media effects; The Emerald Tablets do not deal with social mortar world; it involves with your godhood - once you have that, you're not subjected to social mortar (though you would interact to be polite); but there is an ongoing evolution of social mortar; etc
Jean: … we could use this 'ground' to explain The Emerald Tablets, cos' it keeps saying do it over and over again, make it familiar… we have no idea what we're doing because we are so far away from that early ground"

Bob: There are two things here, a double process… You develop your own power so you don't require tv, entertainment… create your own worlds. But on the other level, you're still not a completely ascended person, so you're engaged in the world of technological clothing and mortar that holds together the sovereign rocks, that's society, and there is always new clothing and new technologies upset the society… that ongoing clothing process is always being built, because there's always new beings who are naive that are not in their power yet and engage in society more than ascended person does… so there are two parallel tracks…


McLuhan wrote about The Book of Revelation (Scriptures) and The Book of Nature - The Book of Nature became natural philosophy - describing the effects of technologies and secular knowledge; Newton was trying to figure out The Book of Revelation on the scripture level - trying to solve his own divinity


on Monty Python - there's nothing for them to do, they're dying; they could only replay themselves; Bill on the comeback of Tony Bennet; etc
Jean, Bill and Bob continue to chat on Achieve Radio/BobFest access; etc


Robert of Tottenham joins in, discusses BobFest celebrity, Kali DuBois; Robert of Tottenham vs Bob on "transmission"; Andrew joins in; on Hillary Raimo; on Harold Channer; on Tim Leary and Douglas Rushkoff; Bob was on the panel with Rushkoff in '98 - he call Bob 'schizophrenic' and later a genius and schizophrenic; etc


Bob: Well, the big mystery is, you know, why aren't people digging iON on a bigger scale and why aren't they digging me on a bigger scale?
Andrew: But Bob, do you really want to be that popular?
Bob: No. No we don't, but they should be trying to make us that way
Andrew - (chuckles)
Robert of Tottenham: You evoked your own Mystery Landscape, Bob. So it should be of your own creation
Bob: Yeah. I don't realize how bizarre I am… (audio indecipherable)…
Bob: I've created a great buffer around me, because anybody whose reasonably intelligent will look at my stuff will say 'this stuff is different! I should find out what this guy is talking about!'
Jean: Yeah, but we have to get over everything else that keeps everybody away, first
Bob: (laughs)… That's right!…
the gang continues on 'Bob's abuse'
Andrew: Where is the fuckin' abuse here?


discussion on The Emerald Tablets

40:47 - 51:43

Bob plays the following for Hillary Raimo -
March 9th 2011 Cash Flow with James Martinez - iON recording on the Voynich Manuscript
**note: I have checked the March 9th 2011 show, but this audio was not found - Akito


(((-iON-))) - RETURNS AGAIN!
starts with Bob; the newest member Bert; Robert of Tottenham asks about "2:22"
King Maverick: (about the Voynich Manuscript) … carbon dating… University of Arizona… the manuscript… from the early 15th Century…
iON: It's actually a little older than that, but transcribed from Somalia


Bob: … this book is literally a visualization of life in Somalia?
iON: No, it's a map when the old grid was in place… it was the markers that they used to (inaudible) latitude and longitude within the geographic space of traveling from space to space, inside and outside of ancient Somalia
Bob: and they weren't using a book frame for their sense of space that they move through?
iON: this was a translation after the effect
Bob: … after the effect of… letters?
iON: Yes! Of course… that's the whole point… (iON rant)…


iON: … that there is no code to break
Bob: it is just what it is?
iON: it's to connect, not to break… not a code to break… (iON rant)…
Bob: are you saying you connect with an experience that's not limited to the space contained by the manuscript? You connect in yourself, with your own power… is that what you're talking about?
iON: … it's a good place to start…
Bob: then you don't require the book?
Bob: THEN you can enjoy the book!
iON: EXACTLY!!… once you find what the word of god is, you don't have to carry it around… (iON continue to rant)


iON's Yiddish proverb -
"such a good living a poor man could make, if he could find out how to die in the place of the rich"


Barbra joins in
Barbra: iON, can we avoid inflation?
iON: ... the same way you can avoid ascension, yes

54:27 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

***goes over the hour

Part6 (05:00)
00:00 - 60:00

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

***goes over the hour

Part7 (06:00)
00:00 - 08:36

DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik; the last track, Where Is The Love by The Block Eyed Peas


Bob returns, reads Private Messages; Bob accused of nodding off; Trena, Jean, Sara of Gummo-land, Denny and Carolyn join in to keep Bob entertained
Denny's testimony - goes crazy with the drops; on Sara of Gummo-land; etc

James Poustie joins in, chats with Bob and Carolyn; on the Renner Sisters - "The Kardashians from the Spanish Ghetto"

27:28 - 52:20

June 4th 1980 The Evergreens on various topics
**June 4th is the birthday of Rene Dobbs (Bob's father)
on Zappa - what is the major mortify or symbol in his artistic creations? he calls it his conceptual continuity; yin and yang; balance, himself an extremely balanced individual; on McLuhan - tv as an extension of our central nervous system

Bob: … did Buckminster Fuller had influence on McLuhan's thinking?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: (on Harold Innis)… to use computer as a global thermostat to adjust various technologies…?
the EGs: Yes
the EGs:

sanest - a paper thats passed around; on Paul Shaklee's conspiracy info - population control, UFOs, synthetic humanoids from the Nevada mountains - "No"; Is President Carter dead and replaced by a robotoid?


Bob: is the info coming from Mae Brussell and her researches in assassinations accurate?
the EGs: … what disturbs you about this one the most?
(Bob explains his reasons)
the EGs: … she also has files on the individual, Jordan, who is shot recently
Bob: is there a particular organization that was responsible for that attempt?
the EGs: … there is more to this than meets the eye, we'll show you on that… point is… she herself is very close to the (indecipherable) of the situation itself… this we'll would suggest that she herself known… is an extremely dangerous position which to be in
Bob: everyone is threatened?
the EGs: yes indeed… (the EGs continue)


the EGs: … in the next two years… she would be… gratified to know… on target… for there would be confirmation from other sources…


Bob: … is the info in Vodka Cola by Charles Levinson accurate?
the EGs: yes this info is basically…
Bob: … is the info from the US Labor Party headed by LaRouche accurate?
the EGs: no and no… not completely accurate… funded… in the US… certain white supremacist organizations
Bob: American Nazi Party?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: do you think they are attempting a military coup?
the EGs: No… the organization itself is thoroughly infiltrated…


Bob: … does the D-cell purify water?
the EGs: Yes it does, however, it does far better where there is no gravity… in orbits..." - Joe Dun Sloan only knew this partially


the EGs' comments on Bob - end of session


James Poustie, Robert of Tottenham, Carolyn and Bob - impressions on the EGs' recording; Bob was still working for the intelligence at the time; Mae Brussell - John Loftus's discovery of the Project Paperclip files in 1982 - the EGs' prediction proven correct

***goes over the hour

Part8 (07:00)

continues on - the D-cell works better in less gravity; iCell works better in less gravity; on organic robotoids; the 'dark forces' around banking; etc
Jean, Bart and Matt Rose show up


Matt Rose asks Bart about the 'holographic planes' Bart sees in his world and Matt exchanges his stories; the planes stop while Bart moves - Bart stopping time

iON: (to Bart)… they are not holographs… they are real… from parallel worlds…
Matt and Bart are seeing things others are not aware of; etc


"What if more than one person see the same vehicle in the sky?" - the ongoing question on "what is the shared environment? shared experience between people?"


Bart: iON said "if five different people are looking at the moon, they would be looking at five different moons" "… the reason the four people could have a conversation about the same thing is due to our non-physical… share ideas… shared resonance...
Bob: when there is no non-physical, no human connect to another person… that would be ascended people… largely the non-physical unity is holding humans together, the little man, because they require to be held together… they can't handle being apart… they must have group consciousness, that's their limitation.


Bart: … do ascended beings enjoy the co-creative aspect?
Bob: they don't require it, but they can enjoy it.


Bart answers Robert of Tottenham's questions


Zen Woman and Leon show up; on Hillary Raimo; Bob likes Hillary as a person; Hillary judged Bob too quickly; on Katie Thomas; on the Renner Sisters; etc


Bob (reading the PM): … how come there's not millions of people here?
Zen Woman: …part of it though was the erotic nature of… I got bummed out last night when you had the little sex queens on… that was too much for me…
Bob: …it's not your cup of tea right now in your life… I am not interested in people's responses… opinions… it's so subjective… I'm not interested in how people react… I'm enjoying them, that's good enough for me, and I could only enjoy myself… if people get mad at me or other people… their getting mad at wrong person, cos' I don't care…
Zen Woman on the BobFest format; about the Renner Sisters getting bigger; etc


Jean keeps Bob in perspective - wisdom; Carolyn and Bob are team influenced by their perspective, they are "trained intelligence agents," always at the cutting edge

Bob: we are actors…
Jean: you took all that experience in training and turned it upside down for yourself… so it excites me to see those girls have a sex show… we're taking sex back… we're putting meaning to touch again… we're talking about it… we are taking sex out of the closet… that young beautiful girl is interviewing like you about their sexual behavior… in a way that it normalize it, it becomes familiar, it doesn't freak us out anymore
Bob: … you can't blackmail someone who says 'I'm a transvestite and I have no problem with it, my community has no problem, so goodbye Mr. FBI!' You're not relevant anymore...


Jean: … our sex lives will become part of the political campaign to make sure that our elected officials are healthy sexually
Bob: right… remember this is due to the electric environment and discarnate electric effect… if we went back to the 18th Century, all those morals and restrictions will comeback…we are only liberated under the electronic effect…and to the degree, the electronic effect is not gonna go away… human nature is changed and the old people have to get used to kids do not have the… chemical body rules anymore


do we still call iON and cold fusion the electronic effect? - no, they are the flip of it; they push into a hardware… the software becomes the hardware effect… it's a battery; hardware is cold fusion in physical - it's a new physical, like the RnA is a new physical, they include non-physical - expanded physical - more and more merges with just physical; it's a product of non-physical iON; etc

37:55 - 40:18

Bob 101 - he explains the "Five Bodies"


Zen Woman's question on JW and iON; animals responding to live iON; Ginney joins in; Newfeld - 'grass stained mind'; on frequency; about some guy's iPhone; Zen Woman's pen blowing up; Ginney's 33 day migraine headache; MOM (McLuhan On Maui) - iON is the best interpreter of McLuhan; etc

***goes over the hour

Part9 (08:00)

continues on McLuhan On Maui (MOM); Bob: I'm a big deal, you know!"; iON points out the powerful women and the women's role; Zen Woman signs off; etc

14:03 - 23:54, 24:25 - 25:21

Dec 6th, 1980 The Evergreens on various topics
Bob: did Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) have intellectual influence on Zappa's ideas?
the EGs: … not as great as someone believes… much of the influence is the Baroque music…
Bob: on Finnegan's Wake - was Joyce one the first individuals to pursue the study the effects of media?
the EGs: one of the first few…
Bob: will it be considered worthwhile to pursue the study the effects of media?
the EGs: Yes, very profitable


Q: is the study of the ideas by Gurdjieff recommended by the EGs?; etc

26:21 - 27:20

(after the EGs session)
Michael Blake Read and Bob discuss Zappa and his musical direction - proven correct


Leon and Bart join in, impressions on the Evergreens session, on computers; newer technologies engages more of the senses; fast book - facebook; when people see some colorful thing (food) on tv or magazines, it triggers smell… yet tv gets its (unclear) most comprehensive sensory interplay - media; it includes the interplay of electricity, so it is tactile; the content is not tactile, the interplay is tactile; it's the first powerful tactile media; etc

(Bob looks back on the Evergreens sessions after five years)
Bob gives background to the recordings - the week Reagan met Gorvachev in Iceland - "the only threat to the mankind is the extraterrestrial"

36:08 - 38:45

Nov 19th, 1985 The Evergreens on various topics
on the emerging superpower in Europe; on the Fundamentalists' prophecy - the superpower consisting of 10 nations and part of the Anti-Christ in 2010; on Dr. Beter's claim - the Russians knocked out the American particle (Bob abruptly stops the audio)...


about the EGs' accuracy - the collapse of the Euro; on Dr. Beter; etc

46:00 - 46:30

Bob plays Reagan's UN speech on alien threat, Sept. 21st, 1987 (Youtube) -
the scheme was to create a new enemy by Pentagon; media hype, e.g., X-Files; Bob reads out Reagan's speech then explains - the Rockefeller faction complaining about the Pentagon-Bolsheviks - the Rockefellers writing the speech for Reagan; etc


Bob: … there is someone here 'N,' at 772-xxxx, you show up everyday but don't say anything, so you gonna say something now?

'N' joins in and chats with Ginney and Bob - 'N' stands for Nancy

***goes over the hour

Part10 (09:00)

continues with Ginney and Bob on the Evergreens' readings


Bob had to do his sessions alone; the Evergreeens said Bob was a "spiritual gift" to the masses and "no fuck ups could happen in my (Bob's) sessions…"; Spiritual gift to the Catholic masses - Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs

Ginney: Getting on the radio with iON was impressive
Bob: I'm a show man, I had a new thing to exploit just to keep myself in the game… my art is the most important art that has to be made and that's the real reason I stayed involved with iON so my art would lead me to become the funniest person that ever lived…


Bart joins in; iON told Bob before BobFest to "blast them!"; Bob suggested iON to come on the show - "… we'll see… we'll see Bob…"; etc


Ginney can laugh now when Bob tells iON to fuck off: they remembered when Carolyn told Bob to "stop hurting iON!" but later she realized no one can hurt GOD!


(((-iON-))) - APPEARANCE No.2

Bob gets all excited, SCREAMS for Carolyn, "It's a 9 of them!"
Bob: where do we go from here?
iON: we're here…

Bart asks his questions -
iON: Hey Bart, we love the site!… you got some tweaking to do but its pretty good… it's good your foundation is right just breathe it up a little bit cuz others don't see it quite as you do
Bart: HTML Fox?
iON: at least
Bart: Are you picking up on the responses we are having individually?
iON: Yes of course…how do you think we got here to here… how did we get here to here? Come on, do the math
Bart: I'm just experiencing a lot of effervescence and gratitude and I'm not
iON: We'll send a deliverer for you
Bart: … my questions have been sparing
iON: good that's the point… get with it that's right start making it real if its somewhere in the sweet bye and bye… then its not doin' you a damn bit of good get it right get it for you make it real for you or forget it! It will be over for you soon anyway otherwise so never mind now proceed get the part apply it where you can apply it once you apply it then it starts making a difference in your real life cuz just as we said from the very beginning of days if its half a good as we said then its more than you'll ever have in your humble little existence on the burning spinning ball of wax therefore engage if you wanna help other people then great but don't feel like you have to fuck 'em
Bart: some in one of our sessions…if I was doing this well enough could be an experience for me that is
iON: tiptoe tiptoe we give it all to you right now but you can't quite stand it we can get this to be a white knuckle flight if you like go soft a bit will serve you well
Bart: I'm sure is here, once I've got everything in place here
iON: you can still spell the big words too so that's pleasant your syntax is developing so that's good…you mean if you ever learn how to talk right…bob yourself and worcester are superlative at speaking accurately 10000 however eloquently spoken don't make up for genuine essence of power don't mix those up its the WIT quadrant we believe…will help Bart. His eloquence, or lack of it
Bart: His nonsense
iON: yeah

Bob asks about William Irwin Thompson's health and if he read the material he was sent.
iON: … chapped his ass

Lynn asks her questions -
Lynn: … desire to break the record, going to Olympic trials, knows there's a bigger plan than that
iON: yes, the connection is with the Olympic committee that's your connection the trails are just that the larger capacity is how the body in motion is. Its the closest representative] of trying to have gods on the earth, remember the olympiad was supposedly a godlike creature that's the whole point, that what's its based on, why you got chosen of course, but the good news is that it will trump your physical prowess… there's lots of goody left inside you so carry on if you want but that's not your function, your function is to make sure the IOAIC gets it

Denny asks his questions -
Denny: I'd like to know how to get my grandson to pop out of his autism, and at least go to the bathroom by himself.
iON: Don't make it the goal, don't make that a deal and it comes natural make it be about comb his hair put the focus on something else don't put the focus on it and all the sudden it becomes natural if you have it you don't want it any more
Denny: anything is this boo
iON: page 46 halfway down Rachel felt confident she was doing well, she changed to macrobiotics
iON: you're spending all this energy trying to figure it out, have fun with it, enjoy it

unknown asks his questions -
unknown: when I wake up a shimmering light in my eye
iON: You're coming back, when you go to sleep put something in your hand when you wake up you'll find it'll be gone, or… somewhere… Are you aware of the corner cabinet we are referring to, upstairs, in the very base the very corner you can go to, go there. Also the bathroom light fixture, the one that jiggles, that's more you. You would be weird wherever you are and that's good cuz we like that part of you.

Germaine and her sisters ask their questions -
iON: … Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica!

Ginney asks her questions -
Ginney: I'm very happy and you said you would help and I'm very grateful.
iON: And its fun for no better purpose than its fun. We appreciate your work more than you know.

Mike in Utah asks his questions -
Mike in Utah: First time speaking with you, how are you?
iON: I beg to differ
Mike: were you responsible for blowing out the network, and if so, why?


iON: Because it can. Because you humans, you miserable little worthless pieces of salt and dust. You think you run something. You think you control something. You think that this entire Universe and world revolves around you. And we sir, have good news to tell you  that indeed it does. But what is worse and what would be even more funnier if it wasn’t so sad is that you don’t even know it. You come into your place as God and you go ooops how did I do that?
iON: Come into your place of power, you don’t have to cram it down in anybody’s throat hole. But it is just as real today as it ever was, this is not a problem. So, what happens is you got to a place where you are feeling it a little bit, go with that and let it increase. The next thing you know mountains move, and you say, Yeah, that is normal.

(Bob asking if that was the evil JW 2 - "If so bring us some more rudeness!")

iON: The whole point of this exercise is to bring you to your place of power. Not ours. We are not ignoring your questions.
Mike: So what you are saying it was not just you it was collectively you saying those things.
iON: Not so much, maybe it was a representative example of things to come.
Bob: YEAH!! Now you are talking, now you are fucking talking.
iON: Go swimming in the pacific basin and then you will get an idea of what I am talking about.
unknown: Hey iON how do I fix my Quadrophrenia Teradactal
iON: Go get your Teradactal spray.
Lynn: Hey iON , In my last session you talked about Pi changing I asked you if you could give an example of that and you gave me a formula and I immediate tried that. I have been meaning to ask you if you have any thing else to this besides the formula and what it is changing to.
iON. something about a wave changing.

Bob getting pissed about all of the background noise.


Ed and Barbra join in -
Ed: Brian must be asleep in his truck.
Carolyn: Hey iON what do you think of Ed’s website where he actually has Bob’s name above Ion?
iON: Of course it should always be that way.
Barbara: You said things to come, do you want to elaborate?
iON: No we didn’t.
Barbara: I had a dream that I went to Hawaii and was in Bob’s class.
iON: Not that Hawaii but yes. It was a different Hawaii and it was the good Bob.
Barbara: I remember that I was sleeping with a 22 year old.
iON: And he was good at it. Ezekiel 122
Bob: that is the terrible crystal.

iON talks about Barbra getting money checks and the disaster mode.

Jane ask her questions -
Jane: I have been waiting for 2 years to speak to you, the other JW. I need help to describe what I do to other people and for the website.
iON: Do the desire side of what you are trying to achieve, to define it would exclude the finer parts. Don’t describe it then. You need to make it be about the fun. Make it your fastest path to joy. Tell them you are a happiness consultant. Ask them if they are happy, if they say yes, then tell them you are not my client, if they are sad then there you go.
Bob: Ion, what is the secret to the Bowen technique.
iON: The lateral and vertical inflection.
Jane (defining this question): Before I add to this I want to ask about the incident in St. Louis.
iON: It was the first place that you bumped into your power. It’s a beginning place. To define what you want to ask. Divide it the quadrants into parts. The parts that you do. Take it down to a very tiny part and expose it. The world does not know it or does it care. Break it down to tiny little things. They will catch on, you will see.

(Someone asks Jane "what is it that you do?")
Laughter: as that is the dilemma that Jane is in asking iON how to explain what she does.
iON : It is a double entendre.

Some strange voice calling from Croatia asking about Joy or happiness.

iON : Define Joy. Make it Joy and then you will come to a happy place. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Remember the secret of life is on every shampoo bottle.

- iON end with "… we love you very much, and we are COMPLETE."

***goes over the hour

Part11 (10:00)

the entire Peanut Gallery on steroid - impressions on iON's appearance

Deborah West: Bob, did you hear what he said about "Pi"…?
Barbra(?): … everything will change…

Bill joins in to chat; Brian shows up but missed iON again; etc


Bill: … somebody is back!

19:22 - 30:23

(((-iON-))) - APPEARANCE No.3

starts with Brian's questions -
iON end with "…and therefore, we are eternally and forever INCOMPLETE"
the entire Peanut Gallery goes on acid induced orgy; impressions on tonight's iON appearance


Deborah: did he say 'incomplete'?
Barbra: …that means he's coming back (Barbra missed iON)


Kay joins in
Kay: … my question is… where is James Martinez?
Kay, Carolyn and Bob chat; Kay and Ginney talk about singing; etc


Mitchell (MJ) joins in -
Mitchell: …go-get-money-while-you-are-sleeping…
Mitchell contacting other version of MJ with a little help from JW; talks about his RnA experiences; etc


on the Renner Sisters; Gregg joins in; about the animals responding to "live iON"; unknown woman rants on her family problems; etc


Gregg: … if she doesn't ask a question, you don't give any advise… none, zip, nada
… the unknown woman continues to rant about her family (her voice getting more aggressive and louder… then… !)





57:10 - 57:21

A SUPER ANNOYING SONIC SHRIEK ! (third time and longer!)

After this anomaly finally ended, Gregg continues to give his advise to the unknown woman


Bob: Gregg, would you stop answering her! You're fuckin' acting like you know the answer! (laughs)

the unknown woman continues to rant about her family problems; on 'co-dependency'


Bill comes in and announces the scheduled guest, Sherry Anshana

**goes over the hour

Part12 (11:00)
00:00 - 17:11

Sherry Anshana meets the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom (genre: fantasy)
Sherry: … as far as co-dependency, that's a BS program!
Bob: oh, no, no, we make it work 'cos what's going on at Achieve Radio… we've learned from Bill how to do it right
Sherry: … so that's inner independence, but co-dependency is duality, it's BS…
Bob: no, no, no, nothing is BS!
Sherry: everything in duality is BS!
Bob: … you are one fuckin' nut!
Sherry: … no!… that's why I'm a consciousness expert! (laughs)
Bob: there is NO such thing as consciousness! you have much to learn in the next hour or two, however long you care so stay…
Sherry: (laughs)… that is hilarious! there is ONLY consciousness, that's the quantum field, not that limitation
Bob: there is no quantum field, there's only anamorphic! you don't know anamorphosis?
Sherry: (sighs) oh… my goodness, but that's ok, this will be a great two hour conversation...
Bob: it's not okay! you are all fucked up! now what you're missing…
Sherry: no! not really!… (chuckles) well, you know what? I transform lives everyday...
Bob: BUUUUL SHIIIIIIT!! Nobody can transform anybody!
Sherry: (to Bob) I CAN!!!!!!… Hey! Calm down!…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)

Sherry: … BTW, where is Matthew?
Bob: he died… he fucked up last night, missed three meetings and we killed him… well the Angels did… we smote…
Sherry: … Angels!?… you ACTUALLY believe in Angels? that is FABULOUS!!

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Bob: have you heard about our RnA drops?
Sherry: no… if anyone wants to change my RNA or my DNA, it's me! I change it, not a product
Bob: no you can't… that's another delusion
Sherry: … it's not a delusion, it's consciousness…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Sherry: … that's just a label… you just like running around labeling people
Bob: yeah… (indecipherable)… your choice
Sherry: … but I do love it that everyone is entitled to their opinion (chuckles)!
Bob: … I don't have an opinion…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Sherry: … so, what are we talking about for TWOoo hours? Am I gonna be subject to hear to rant and rave in your NUT KINGDOM?… and alotta time I'm being accused of crushing nuts (laughs)!
Bob: yeees, but I'm a BLACK WOMAN, I'm not a man
Sherry: (chuckles) it doesn't matter what you are… what matters is that you ARE a person, what matters is that you are a consciousness

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Bob: no… no,no, I don't have an opinion…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Bob: … remember James Martinez?… James… passed away, he got murdered and beat up and died, so we took over the show and renamed it PayDay… he killed himself… David Ike murdered him…
Sherry: … you are accusing someone of killing someone…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Bob: … no… it's the effect of the printing press…
Sherry: OHHH MY GOD!!!… don't tell me… (indecipherable) Gutenberg now!… Holy CRAP!!!… Gutenberg!? Oh MY GOD! That is the funniest thing I heard!
Bob: … why is that funny?
Sherry: (breaks out in laughter)… blaming… PRINTIIIING!?… Oh MY GOD…
Bob: See! There it is folks! There is the archetype! They have no clue!… Katie Thomas was here to correct your ass!…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Sherry: … I have to call Matt! this is RIDICULOUS!!…

(Sherry and the Black Woman of the Nut Kingdom continue)


Sherry Anshana hangs up the phone and signs off


Bart joins in -
Bart: oh you did it now, Bob!
Barbra, Bart and Bob - their impressions on Sherry Anshana
Bob: she knows Matthew and knows nothing about RnA!?… this is the guy you know? really?
Bob likes talking to the iONettes; etc

29:43 - 33:42

Barbra and Bob on Gnosticism and Dualism -
Gnosticism and Manichaeism - attempts to retrieve tribal unity as result of the effect of the phonetic alphabet during the Hellenic Period in Greece, Rome and Jerusalem; it's the original division - idea that there're two powers in the world, duality and cancel each other out; preliterate people regarded life as non-dualistic - no such thing as 'opposites'; what they have in common - "oppositeness"; etc


Bob: we are not living in a dualistic reality
1. android meme simulating us - we live in two realities and their imitations
2. a literate person is schizophrenic within his/her reality and android meme replays that - two schizophrenics going on inside you - therefore you have four parts


no duality - no male, no female -
the tribal people are unisex; there is only duality in the literate world; the literate world is a sub-world, tiny, subculture; projecting perceptual bias; tattooing - growing your skin - preliterate behavior; decorating the skin - the retrieval of audiol tactile; the tattoos - an expression of tv body; the piercing - an expression of chip body; the 'stud' - the crystal; the nemesis of creativity - Ezra Pound "I botched it"; Legend and Alison show up: etc


impressions on Sherry Anshana -
Alison: … when she brought up that Gutenberg thing, I think that's when she lost it
Bob: … that was her allergy… she declared her collective unconscious there… never heard anybody react to… allergic like that…

more talks on various topics; waiting for Eben Ray to play the next JFK assassination tape

someone requests to replay the Sept 13th, 1999 the EGs session on the JFK Jr.'s plane crash
(go to Nov. 25th - Day4, Part4 (03:00) to hear the entire session)

**Bob also asked iON's about this topic, but according to Bob, "the iON stuff can not to be talked about… too dangerous..."


Sept 13th, 1999 The Evergreens on evolution, pt19
REPLAY, excerpted (and on various topics)
**excerpted audio, restarts from contacting Stanley Kubrick by asking him about his last film, Eyes Wide Shut through The Evergreens -

this fils was not about secret societies, but wanted to point out how divided a society can be; saw a new media doing it; his angle - creating a problem - secret society - the isolationist aspect - distraction theme; based on Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes - we lost ESP and psychic abilities, caused by writing? - "Yes"; from 3,000BC, did we go into a dark age? - "Yes"; writing came in as a necessity - creating much distraction; etc
Bob - "Did god know that was gonna happen?"
the EGs - "No"
Bob - "(laughs)… god didn't know that!… humans are creating new realities through own technologies that all of creations and spirits are interested in"
the EGs - "Yes, absolutely..."
Bob - "… it's not all pre-planned..."
the EGs - "… pre-planned, then, where is choice?… and why the necessity for distraction?"
Bob - "…choice… James Joyce… that's the happy fall… happy distraction!"
the EGs - "Yeeeeeees!..."


on JFK Jr's plane crash -
human error, not accident - untrained; Kennedy family's karma acted out - there was a probability that he would do this; carrying the belief that this was a probability… because of what happened to other members; his decision to fly, the wife was nervous; etc

***goes over the hour

Part13 (12:00)
00:00 - 04:09

The Evergreens on evolution, pt19
on Madame Blavatsky, Drunvalo Melchizedek, etc.

15:19 - 22:24

Sept 13th, 1999 ? The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt7
REPLAY, excerpted (and on various topics)
on Madame Blavatsky -
Bob: was she a real medium or did she do tricks?
the EGs: … she didn't know how good she was…"

on Drunvalo Melchizedek -
Bob: does Melchizedek's pure water that cleans up pollution?
the EGs: not true
Bob: Is D-Cell real?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: on Bob's strange dream of Dr. Beter on Sept 5th
the EGs: … he learned that he doesn't need a large audience… one listener focused is better than 20 unfocused… (Bob stops the audio)


more talks on JFK Jr's plane crash


Legend: his plane was rigged to go down… I asked iON about that in one of my sessions… the ladder… was altered to malfunction… not to make it to its destination
Barbra: … did they say anything about that flash?… being blinded by… like a laser light or something?

more on JFK Jr's plane crash and on its background; JFK Jr running for the Senate; etc

15:19 - 22:22

Sept 10th, 1986 The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt7
**Sue Bone's only encounter with the EGs
in the May 15th, 1977 Mysteries of History reading, the EGs predicted more info will come out in four years - a research done by French reporters will become public knowledge; the book 'Farewell America'
Bob: the naming of the four individuals involved in the assassination?
the EGs: … no, we can not name them
Bob: and all those four are dead now?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: in the Robert F Kennedy Assassination, was Sirhan Sirhan hypno-programed? … was his hypnotist William Joseph Bryan?
the EGs: we can not give you that information; etc


the EGs: … how he was programed… but more importantly, how he was triggered… because there was an inside man, and that individual is to be protected… if that individual is harmed, then there's no proof left...
Bob: so it's a real Catch22…


the EGs: … there is one individual here, who saved the situation… it could have evolved the deaths of two others in that situation… and prevented it… the football player (Rosey Grier)… it'll all come clear… when they realize that there were supposed to be an assassination attempt of three, not one…


more on the RFK assassination, pt7 continues -
(Eben Ray is not available yet)
Bob: … 144 hours… do we want to give Bill more money?...
MJ: give him more money, of course, why not? more money you give, the more its gonna comeback to you, trust me
Bob: … I do not take MJ's opinion seriously…
MJ (Mitchell) and Bob argue, MJ gets 'muted' by Bob
Tina shows up


Bob: … MJ represents the legacy of Pam, Tina and ASA Scott… the idiots of the Tailgate after iON left… the disgusting and embarrassing episode that we pay so dearly
Barbra: I couldn't believe you let Tina go on and on and on…
Bob: I didn't let her, MJ did


on Sylvia Browne, the psychic; Alison joins in, talks about Bob's meanness - he gives other people opportunities to be meaner; on James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch and chemtrail hysteria; impressions on the new-agers, Hillary Raimo and Sherry Anshana; on Alison's early appearance in 2010; etc


Madeleine and Bob discuss on "private" -
in a tribe - everyone is listening simultaneously, no way to isolate yourself from the tribe; a guy shows up, sits in the corner and staring at a piece of paper for hours, not talking nor dancing together and abstracted from you - the beginning of cutting yourself off from acoustic mishmash, the beginning of 'privacy' and private psyche; literacy creates the perception of privacy; eye is more neutral than the ear - when looking at things it has to move around, look here and look there - fragments; hearing is all around you, 360 degrees - acoustic is spherical; eye starts a fragmented bureaucracy - eye is detaching the most detachable sense and when you extend through writing and print, you're enhancing the detached separateness of the eye; Chinese calligraphy - no isolating phenomenon like the alphabets; etc


on Hillary Raimo's visual bias - her "clairvoyance"
the idea of perception and telekinesis - trying to retrieve the simultaneity of acoustic space once you've been made literate; "see something" before it happens; iON's quote "resurrecting the dead" means "you didn't die" - you are "eternal" - therefore, you are already doing that; Alison and Barbra whisper about who resurrected the dead and how; the magicians with some abilities;


analysis on Hillary Raimo and Sherry Anshana to illustrate the point about literacy -
their emphasis of "heart" - a specialist, detached, goal oriented object - the tribal people don't have goals like that and they don't fragment a function - the root of sadimentality (sad mentality? inaudible); you take particular function of part of the body and make it a big deal, that's a kind of fragmentation - effect of writing; "heart" - togetherness, acoustic space, tribal values; (interrupted by the noise of the eco-fascist cleaners at Bob's place); etc


when they say "to be in your heart" it's another way of saying "get out of your head"; head = visual space; get out of your arrogant detachment, get rid of ego, engage in dialogue without worrying about winning; clairvoyance is visual space; on ESP - grading from tactile to acoustic to visual; analysis on Hillary Raimo and Sherry Anshana

***goes over the hour

Part14 (13:00)

analysis on Hillary Raimo and Sherry Anshana continues -
McLuhan's technical meaning of "visual space" - black and white letters; color is NOT visual space, but tactile (it involves all senses, rich);
Bob - "you're making too much significance out of communication…" - physical-nonphysical is the effect of writing - the Arch; iON's accurate - the focusing on the Arch of the Covenant started the visual space; the "Arch" box to the electric "arc" light in the streets; etc


Bob: … don't go from one image to another, put one image on top of the other, there's where you get light through and the tactile space…

what iON calls "overlaying" - reality is overlaid; shape of your perceptual life - McLuhan's "percepts" - analyzing your sensory life, very simple; etc


Bob: … an ascended person is not open… a literate person is open, they're passive container looking at the book and letting the book images go into themselves, the eye becomes passive… preliterate person has an eye that broadcasts, that makes space… you wanna get out of passive mode of the printed effect and get into the active proactive shaping of your fences like a preliterate, just to clear up the social mortar that you're all screwed-up in… remember, mortar is holding your rocks together… the rocks are the sovereign divinities and held together into society by mortar that messes up and causes confusion for your rock-ness…

rocks and mortar - social structure which is a "wall"; water melts the mortar - water = emotion, fear, animosity and war - makes the wall collapse; The Gravity's Rainbow - wall falling apart; the rocks can roll… rock'n'roll!


"Good job, Bob!" - Leon joins in, impressions on Hillary Raimo; "I'm a published author" - she mentioned it twice; on Vinney Eastwood; etc


Barbra: … why is Lucifer always connected with satan and devil?
Bob: the literacy did that… because you have polarity when you bring in literacy, you don't have that polarity in the preliterate societies… reality is a literate concept…
Alison: did religion take it from literacy?
Bob: yeah…
voice: satan is a literate concept?
Bob: satan is an extreme polarity… extreme duality...
Barbra: … so there is no reality?
Bob: no visual reality under electric conditions… you could get to specific, there's ratios… when you have a larger environment, electric tactile technology, then the figure is not visual space, that gets no traction… the figure is drumming, rhythm, acoustic space… that's the 20th century… from ragtime to jazz to rock'n'roll to hiphop to BoB… figure-ground, a structure especially for literate people… non-literate people don't have perspective (foreground and background) because they are listening, not engaged in the eye…


criticism on teachers -
Bob: … BOBISM… Bob101… from Jesus to jism…
Guffy: … they're not allowed to teach fiction in college anymore…
Bart: … they're mimicking the tribal experience without knowing why

more on school and education; so many rules - getting upset with different mind patterning; etc


Ginney on what Bob said to Hillary Raimo -
Ginney: … "let me tell what you don't know about what you know"… it was offensive to Hillary… I agree with you, the teachers are very arrogant because they have to be confident with what they think they know… especially in a literate society
Bob: a dying literate society, they're fragile and brittle…
Alison: … they're afraid...
Bob: … that's the case in every specialist institutions, the law, medicine, doctorate, teaching… I have them on the (Tiny Note) Chart… all obsolesced by Web 2.0…


Bob: … we are doing the course material… it take years to get a bunch of people to this point, where they could actually listen for a couple hours and start to get a little bit and then go read it!
Ginney: … that's what iON said it would happen… that this will become an online university and you would be having regular seminars and you would be doing this kind of content development and you now have people who have come from different sectors of life… I can honestly represent the entire Pastoral paradigm… I'm still alive… happy… and it works and it's very practical combined with Carolyn's content, it makes perfect sense for an advanced living in the 21st century where we're gonna be faced with a lot of environmental challenges including EMPs…
Bob: right! then we give you the little reward… cookies and milks at the end of the course, that's the RnA drops, you go into bliss… that's better than the course!


Ginney: I'm gonna make a statement here… when iON comes back in full… running seminars… iON said that there would be ten-thousand people on the Rewrite Call at a time… I don't think they were joking…
Bob: WE ARE THE ILLUMINATI, we're the only leading edge, a new knowledge… we got the substance to relax you, we got the course content… me and Carolyn, we are the first to reappear, our reappearance evoked iON, we're the beginning a new civilization and nothing else is relevant!… other than… to have sports with and go beat them up in a game… I had a game with Hillary and Fuckface! (Bob is "demonstrating")


Alison points out iON's comment on ascension (most likely from 'iON's appearance No.3' Part11 (10:00) 19:22 - 30:23)


Barbra: … has he described the post-EMP world looks like?
Bob: well… it's us… (laughs)
Barbra: are we gonna be like missionaries and spread the word?
Bob: NO! NO! you would be hanging around Maui! doing what Bob and Connie does…
Barbra: so we all gonna go to Maui before it happens?
Bob: yeah, in the beginning iON said… people would be coming to Maui and building tent cities… just to be around the iONic vibe… I don't know that would happen, but that's what he said…
… more on EMP worries; parallel worlds; on "what you see isn't real"; post-EMP - knocks out the establishment, Bob could distribute cold fusion batteries; the EGs is kindergarden comparing to iON; Dobbs - Socrates on steroids; etc


Bob doesn't call JW for iON, JW "calls" Bob - JW is at "the factory" - when JW needs iON's opinions, JW calls Bob to "put him out" - a "devolved state" of manifestation; on James Martinez and David Ike - the Global Voice (The People's Voice); James transitioned into Yeekeeland; James wouldn't look Robin(Ruby Carat? of in the eyes - James was treated like a rock star; Robin doing "Bob" got their attention

***goes over the hour

Part15 (14:00)

continues on Robin (Ruby Carat?) doing "Bob" got their attention;
Bob interviewed by Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now, Dec. 2012: "Start upgrading your imagination"; on James Martinez


McLuhan101 on "Hot" Medium and "Cold" Medium -
"Hot" Medium - detached and visual
"Cold" Medium - oral and tactile

"Hot" Medium is detached - movies, photographs and a printed page created detached effect;
"Cool" Medium is involving - tv, telephone involve you because you can't visualize the parameters


book is "High Definition" - very defined, you read each sentence, a lot of information ("Hot")
tv in the '50s had blurred images, no color, low definition imagery - encouraged YOU to fill-in or participate ("Cool")


Bob: … here's an instant new idea… tattoo is tv, stud is chip body… the barnacles, the bodies are the smear of tattoo and crystallization of chip body, they're out of proportion… their harmony is putting the two together to understand you have the body…"; points out to the bottom of the Tiny Note Chart - "Waiting for organic bodies, the spinning clothing crystals have danced the hexad(vertisement)"; etc


more on tattoos and studs -
Genesis P-Orridge (born Feb22) - started the underground studs phenomenon in the '80s; tattoos and studs worn by the middle class today - those are NOT for fad reasons, they meet the perceptual lack that the new technologies are creating…can't stop people from feeling the need to fill-in(cover) their chemical bodies, to expand them to acknowledge other bodies - "to see it"; the chemical body is deficient, obsolete - the newer bodies are THERE, could engage, but they like to translate it back into something they could see…; the African tribes - responding to non-physical; WE are coming back to a fuller physical - not limited to our appearance; on fake tattoos and prosthetics; etc


on iON's high pitched noise in Part11 (10:00) -
iON: … we're showing you what's coming

on Bob's multimedia anarchy spectacle; on Ike Willis; etc


Matt Rose: … I thought I was muted… I come and go… I have to sleep, you just keep talking and when I'm awake, I listen…

Wendy joins in and chats with Bart and Alison; Bob calls up Matthew Hurtado; Alison on JJ Abrams' new book, '"S"; the visitors to iONdom; etc


Denny joins and talks about the physicalness of the third eye - the pineal gland, builds up interesting dialogue with Alison and Bart, then signs off @ 45:35 to look after his grandson; Denny comes back and talks about his "happy" grandson, Chris, whose on the drops; Bart explains his shifts/experiences when listening to the iON archives; Leon joins in, more on Chris and Denny; etc

***goes over the hour

Part16 (15:00)

continues with Denny, Bart and Leon -
Denny's questions on "the labyrinth of mind" - Denny's term to understand it "a hypnotic suggestion"; everyone waiting for the special guest of the hour, Miss Angelica


on Altamont Free Concert and Rolling Stones; etc
Miss Angelica still not showing up; Bob decides to play the Evergreens recordings instead

18:26 - 22:11

Sept 10th, 1986 The Evergreens on various topics, pt1
Bob: … was there a sabotage in the Chernobyl nuclear accident?
the EGs: No… the rundown test… didn't have the safety interlocks… the Russian atomic system is inferior…

on The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michal Baigent - a propaganda by the Priory of Sion

23:08 - 25:09

Sept 10th, 1986 The Evergreens on various topics, pt2
(on Genesis by David Wood)
Bob: … the follow-up book to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Genesis by David Wood… is he part of the propaganda?
the EGs: a part of… the French and the Scotts… the central pillar churches… the Sinclair family… Saint-Clair (unclear)… Sinclair Church in Scotland…
Bob: where did Sinclair family come from?
the EGs: … that have a pillar in the center… x-rayed in '87… would be surprising what exists in that… to be collected by any future generation to prove the validity…
Bob: those churches go along the Ley Line?
the EGs: … Yes, comes from that knowledge

27:20 - 29:53

April 8th, 1987 The Evergreens on various topics, pt1
(about the number "22")
Bob: … the number 22 shows up a lot in historical situations, in the 20th century… what is its significance?
the EGs: numerologically it is a very balanced number…a tendency of people to work towards that number… an archetype for balance...

more on "7" and "8"; etc

30:43 - 48:31

April 8th, 1987 The Evergreens on various topics, pt2
(on Larry Frynt, G. Gordon Liddy, Iran-Contra Affair and Ronald Reagan)
Dave's (Newfeld?) question on Larry Frynt -
Dave: Frynt's Rebel Magazine hijacked by Gordon Noble and G. Gordon Liddy?
the EGs: Yes
Dave: Larry Frynt was given some drugs, right?
the EGs: Yes
Dave: … they hurt his mind and he had pretty bad treatment in the hospital?
the EGs: Yes
Dave: they broke his legs?
the EGs: Yes
Dave: … he generally was moved off the scene?
the EGs: Yes, pretty much…
Dave: why did those people moved in on the Frynt operations? why was that of a concern for Noble and Liddy?
the EGs: … you have to understand Liddy… a fanatic… believes he could influence through man's sexual desires, that man is first the sexual being than a human being… Liddy himself… more human than others… because of this thinking, it is acceptable to harm an individual involved with sexual matters such as Flynt… takeover the magazine and use the mailing lists of premium magazine… through that he would reach the people, that was his scheme… make sure they know of the great menace is hanging over their heads…

more on Liddy, he was training mercenaries and training people not to feel; he worked for intelligence; on Leary; MK Ultra and LSD experiments; Leary confused, struggling to keep up with the world; etc


on the Contra-Iran Gate and Ronald Reagan's image problem -
Bob: Dr. Beter and others said that is a symptom of the huge power shift going on in the states
the EGs: it is
Bob: … fair to say it is the Rockefellers vs the Rothschilds?
the EGs: No, that is too simplistic
Bob: how would the EGs say it?
the EGs: … this president is finishing out his term… (indecipherable)… group of much younger Republicans… Democrats, who at this time would gradually consolidate in the basis… what is happening in the Soviet Union… many members of political parties are saying this must be done here also… you'll find the American version of Glasnost… within the next six, seven months… it will be a young field (unclear)… offer for elections…
Bob: good… the young Rockefellers, David and Nelson, that generation, are they working with these new young turks?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: … are they under the gun by the faction in the Pentagon for most of the Reagan administration and kept constrained by some military fanatics in the Pentagon?
the EGs: (indecipherable)
Bob: another words… Reagan Gate is… Contra-Iran Gate is the… symptomatic of a generational conflict?
the EGs: … generational conflict and end of the situation
Bob: so this would be another part of the power shift happening across the planet?
the EGs: Yes indeed


more on the Contra-Iran Gate (Iran-Contra Affair) -
will there be a need of more exposure of the people who did the dirty work?; the Tower Commission's report on the scandal- covers well; Reagan's "forgetfulness" is evident - pushed by the younger individuals - the President is too old

Bob: … does the Evergreens know who will be the President in 1989?
the EGs: … is (Garry) Hart…


more on Reagan -
Bob: will there be a… Custer's last stand by this older group that ran Reagan tries to create a crisis in Nicaragua of some place in the world?
the EGs: … it will be blocked every time… too late for Reagan to do this… he will not be able to mobilize American Forces… the Congress and the Senate will step in very fast… best described as a figurehead President
Bob: … a Lame duck President from now
the EGs: ahh! more than a Lame duck… the individual himself is being fed the answers, he does not understand the problem… he is learning his lines
Bob: … is he really dull… stupid?
the EGs: No… far from it… he's a bright intelligent man
Bob: what doesn't he understand?
the EGs: … he does not understand anything beyond that which he has learned as a 'role' - he has many roles to play… as the President, he is playing the role of President… the greatest scandal will be than when he retire, that he will be shown as an individual who worked as an actor did - point is, not many 'retakes'… he believe that he is doing a good job, realize what is being said to him is the script, that he followed the script
Bob: … so that people will be upset by the idea that there was no personal decision making going on… as a real type of a manager… it's a fantasy for him
the EGs: exactly
Bob: is that why he was picked by certain forces in the military?
the EGs: … military and others… realize, that he is the President in a period when certain things were wanted… he did have certain ideas that he could verbalize easily, a good salesman… a very good presenter, you see… it was time for these things...


the EGs explain the collusions between parties, especially the older members; the younger members wanted collusions on a different basis;
Bob: … when Ronald Reagan goes into retirement, will he feel he did a good job… ?
the EGs: he'll always say he did a good job…
Bob: one more… will Carolyn and I end up in another country in a next 20 to 30 years?
the EGs: for living?
Bob: yes
the EGs: not a high probability… but we do see that herself and yourself do a considerable amount of traveling…
Bob: is that in the form of intelligence liaison?
the EGs: … in part…
Bob: why do we travel then?
the EGs: because… you will meet influential people
Bob: we will be involved or requested to be involved?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: Okay, thank you Evergreens…


on the Evergreens prediction of Gary Hart winning the 1989 election - Hart got nailed on the sex scandal a few months later - the Evergreens inaccurate; Wendy and Bob continue

51:40 - 55:40, 57:38 - 59:19

April 16th, 1987 The Evergreens on various topics, pt1
(on Iran-Contra Affair - what was really going on?)
Bob: what is the real hidden activities, purpose of that scandal?… why were they selling arms to Iran?
the EGs: Reagan himself initiated the action, so that he would be able to have been known as the President who released the hostages… he does not know he was out thought… idea was get the hostages, blast to them… the whole idea was to sell defective arms… (Reagan's first mistake)
Bob: who out thought him?
the EGs: the Iranians… they knew if they gave up hostages, then he would come blast to them
Bob: I see…

Iranians accepted the shipments, then threatened Reagan to expose and blackmailed Reagan for more arms; Reagan stepped out of the picture, made Oliver North the fall guy (Reagan's second mistake); unfreezing of the Iranian funds in the US - another scandal for Reagan


Bob: … is the scandal around the Fundamentalists and the Televangelists related to Contra-Iran Gate and destroying the whole network around Reagan?… is this an echo?
the EGs: No, not an echo, not so orchestrated… if that was so to discredit… look at the position which (Jerry) Falwell is… scandal as a shining White Knight, which strengthens his Moral Majority… no… not orchestrated
Bob: how about the fallout on the Wall Street called the Insider Trading? is that an echo of the Contra Gate?
the EGs: No… that is something that has been known for several years… that was allowed to continue until the fish began to expose themselves… the stupidity of the situation is that… everything is Insider Trading… there is no such thing as Outsider Trading… (recording stops)


Bob: Okay! We are going over to Carolyn's show!

Dr. Carolyn Dean and Ginney Gunther show up, standing by for LIVE with Dr. Carolyn Dean show

***goes over the hour

Part17 (16:00)
00:00 - 60:00

LIVE with Dr. Carolyn Dean, Hour 1
with Dr. Carolyn Dean and co-host Ginney Gunther

***goes over the hour

Part18 (17:00)
00:00 - 60:00

LIVE with Dr. Carolyn Dean, Hour 2

***goes over the hour

Part19 (18:00)
0:00 - 25:25

Music interlude which concludes with Zappa's version of "Stairway to Heaven".


Bob announces that he has just showered after 3-1/2 days with no shower.


Bob reconfirms that BobFest was always going to include Altamont after being told of a comment posted on Dupes about his most recent guest/victim.


Bob demands that Ginney give him an update on the guests coming up on BobFest. Ginney reminds Bob of his proclamation announced a bit earlier in the show: "NO MORE GUESTS!!!"


Bob recounts the story of Joe Dunn Sloan and how the "D" cell came to be.

***goes over the hour

Part20 (19:00)

Gregg announces the halfway point at the beginning of the 74th hour.

02:00 - 10:23

Bob reminisces with Sue Bones about her first encounters with Krishnamurti and Dean Garrett's funeral and obituary.

12:30 - 39:00

Brenden, Sue Bones' son joins the conversation. Talks about Rob Ford, Adam Vaughn, working with Dave Newfeld and that Brenden entered his mother's womb during a Zappa concert while he played Stairway to Heaven, which was played on BobFest just a few minutes before. Brenden comments that he had no idea that Zappa played a cover of Stairway to Heaven.

40:00 - 44:44

Bob demonstrates his exceptional production prowess as he attempts to restart Zappa's Stairway to Heaven song for Brenden, which is clearly iON messing with Bob. Bob has to push the panic button to retrieve Bill. Bob reads comments from the chat room, they are completely overcome with laughter. Bob proclaims himself the funniest person who has ever lived.

44:45 - 48:43

Brenden is finally able to listen to the orgasmic climax of Zappa's Stairway to Heaven. It was truly amazing.


With Bob's prompting, Brenden shares some "subtle" moments he shared with Rob Ford.

***goes over the hour

Part21 (20:00)

Bob: when you’re in a live concert with perfect acoustic and Frank does that. It’s like a UFO. That is the closest to an acoustic UFO that you could ever experience.


Bob: I was told in May 1971 by a psychic in Austin, Texas that I would be a spiritual gift to the masses, Brendan.


July 14th, 2013 Bob Dobbs and Ike Willis, pt1
Bob: If you think of the exciting avant-garde imagery and arts of the 1920’s, you probably think of painting, cubism, suprematism, constructivism, Dadaism, serialism, all of these arts. . When you think back, it seems the eye seems to dominate in our thinking back to the 20s and30s or even the teens. When you come to the 50s, 60s and 70s, what is exciting and avant-garde, an enthralling novelty? It is obviously music, right?
Ike: That is probably the age of the ear.
Bob: Yeah, exactly. Now you have painting is the eye, music is the ear. Those are 2 senses. What senses would come next?
Ike: Probably the brain.


Bob: I want to bring in how I see Frank in the big picture in this scenario, I’ve laid out. You are right to say the brain. What sense is the brain? Well, I like McLuhan’s definition. It’s the tactile sense. If you think of the tactile sense, it’s not the sense of touch. It’s the interplay. It’s the rhythm. It’s the thing that coordinates the different sensory data. So, television was the extension of tactility, not the eye, not the ear but all senses because for many people with television, they could smell it as they watched the pictures. And it moved. So, you have kinetics in there.


Bob: So here you have the eye beginning in the 20th century as radio, TV and these electrical extensions of the mind. The tactile media are the hidden ground but because we are a literate visually biased society in the 19th century based on books. We were seeing the dying of our external senses, the eye and ear. The first death was the super nova of the eye through art. Right and then we had the super nova of the ear in the 60s. So, the supernova of the last 20 or 30 years is interactivity or tactile interplay. Everybody’s dancing within the media form that shows up and the environments of it through your i-phone and that shrinking the media more and more. So, you get empowered to edit it.


Bob: Frank starts as a kid drawing. I think he use to put on puppetry and he use to draw more than music. So, he starts off acting out the 40s and 50s, he got his eyes going. Then his ears get activated when he’s 14 and he starts composing. And he develops the interest in the ear culture but he’s always looking at it visually. He’s drawing. He likes drawing. You know musical notes and that. Okay that’s the 50s, 60s and 70s. So when the Synclavier comes in. There’s Frank, he starts digitizing his music and developing the tactility that was always in his music. So, here’s how it is tactile. Tactility is the interplay of the senses, not any particular sense in itself. You can say it’s like the mind that organizes physical sensory data. So this interactivity of the tactile sense is touch, kinetic contact and then letting go. Touch, let go, touch, let go. Sex is a good example of a tactile operation, all the senses involved. And if you are doing it right, it’s kind of an interactive sensitive, call and response situation. Now Frank comes in very quickly in the late 60s, holding up his hand. That is what tactility is the extension of the hand. He is using hand signals. So he is implying tactility. Not that he would come up with that term but he is acting it out as a person, an artist in touch with the rhythm of the present. And what does he play with? Rhythm! He creates a tactile, look at Lumpy Gravy. It’s the tactile interplay with speech and sound and clichés from the media landscape in a interplay that for most people still visually limited, visually biased, acoustically biased find chaotic.


Bob: Once the digital comes in. Since Frank was always miming tactile interplay with his audience, with the interviews, with the media-scape. He was a very interactive artist, you know what I mean. The audience and his response to the audience was more what Frank was about than any particular operations, any of the particular technical stuff that he was doing. Always watching to see what was going on.


Bob: So, when the digital comes in. I call that the android meme. That’s where technology comes alive. That’s what we’ve listened, we’ve watched for the last 30 years where people’s physical, chemical bodies have been sidelined as they watch this digital supernova of incredible technology just swamp over themselves and the economy. And Frank stays on top of it immediately in the 80s, right when it starts to become popular. He gets his digital instrument and he starts massaging anything, anytime, anywhere for no reason at all. That is the definition of tactility. Tactility does not have a purpose. It’s a sculpting. And the sculpture of tactility is what he and Don brought to Pop music, the sculpture dynamic which is the art version of tactility. So, you have this incredible interactivity of Frank digitally. And remember, wasn’t it called, “intercontinental absurdities programing the whole world as an art form”. You know, I call him a satellite conductor operating from the satellite level conducting the whole world. Okay, so I am saying that Frank wasn’t a musician sound guy. He wasn’t an eye guy. He wasn’t a dance guy. He incorporated those elements. He was a tactile artist. This explains a lot of the details. So now to end my point, let’s go to the play, the opera that he never got off the ground, Dio Fa because if you read his plan for that it’s such an amazing tactile enterprise.
Ike: I never heard of that.
Bob: You’ve never heard of Dio Fa.
Ike: No.


Bob: In the “Real Frank Zappa book,” Zappa describes the proposal for a world cup football opera. And this is…
Ike: A what? Say that again.
Bob: A world cup football opera.
Ike: Really!
Bob: Yes, called Dio-God, Fa-Lies, God lies. And it’s in the chapter.
Ike: God lies!
Bob: Yeah, that’s the title.
Ike: You’re kidding!
Bob: Yeah, now remember, he’s being big. He is going to take on God in this tactile environmental situation.


Bob: Now in the global theatre with the satellites going around starting in the 60s, all the old media, television, magazines, books, newspapers, radio, TV, bulldozers, oil companies. They’re all inside this theatrical thing that’s no longer the global village, it’s the global theatre. And Frank as a satellite conductor is orchestrating a day in the life of the global theatre. And he’s showing the collective marketing.


Bob: When he was talking about running for president. He said he would just do interviews. He would just stay home and be available for interviews 24-7 and just run it from his home, talking and being interviewed. There it is digitally just coming from one place. McLuhan use to say that’s the way elections should be run. Everybody could run the whole thing in the fucking studio. You know over 6 months to a year and you could get rid of this other physical body interaction that’s stupid.

***goes over the hour

Part22 (21:00)
00:00 - 38:42

July 14th, 2013 Bob Dobbs and Ike Willis, pt2


Bob: But because he (Frank) was the chief focal point in the newest and greatest art form, rock music, amplified music. These other playwrights couldn’t do that but he could take that thing because that thing, rock music was the iconography and drama in the global theatre anyway. It was already a theatre.


Bob: You see that this play, Dio Fa is about himself and his process of taking the latest technology. And if given the opportunity, he would have done this. And he was already doing this on a small scale in his thinking.


Bob: The year 1990 for this, you know this is Frank just came out with another great show. This should be another dynamite show bearing before he launches his presidential campaign.
Ike: Right.
Bob: This would be his political commercial.
Ike: Right.
Bob: He says on “Freak Out”, one particular song is a bodied commercial to get more groupies or something, one of the songs in the liner notes. You see the whole process of what he was all about. He was the only artist, creator thinking like the CIA, like marketing, like advertising, like industry, like great works of aesthetic appeal. You know his own composition. The whole mixed bag, he’s the only one thinking on that huge scale.
Ike: Right.
Bob: That’s why he’s the best artist.


Bob: When I did dialogue with Tommy Mars, I said, “it was like that working with a General. He said, “Exactly”. It’s almost like Frank included he being the head. He was a conspiracy within the band.


Bob: The curious realms are the satellite conductor tactile wise modulating all of these realms. You know it’s not just sound. It know just rock.
Ike: Right, exactly because as long as I was with him, I never considered us a rock band.
Bob: Right.
Ike: I never considered us a rock band because there was way too much stuff going on.
Bob: Yeah, you guys were an orchestra.


Bob: He knows that the real control is not the Vietnam War or whatever is going on, bombs going off in a country. The control is right in the pop culture. And that Elvis is a guerilla group or any new band, the British invasion that where the warfare, the software warfare is going on. And he knows it’s a war and he is treating his band as a war unit. And nobody else did that and satirizing the process as he did it.


Wendy: Bob, I don’t know whether Zappa’s emulating you or you’re are emulating him in your life.
Bob: You know Carolyn’s in the Sistine Chapel. All great art is miming this moment when humans finally get what they’re been yearning for. You get that? So Zappa being one of the last great artist before iON shows up has iON all over him. So, yes they are miming me, Carolyn and JW.


Wendy: Nobody really knows about Frank Zappa.
Bob: Right. That’s right, just like they don’t know about us.
Wendy: Yeah, they just thought his music was cool to listen to while they were stoned.
Bob: Yeah and they heard a couple of hits, here and there or a couple of albums and that’s all. This thing, this is what’s great! I’m educating the main band member for the last 10 years, the last period of Frank’s life. I’m educating him about what Frank was doing with him. That’s what’s amazing!
Wendy: Yeah and he sounds like a cool guy.
Bob: Yeah and you are right it’s all miming. Frank is trying to mime “Hand Signals for the Blind” which turns into the android meme chart which turns into iON. You know Frank when he was in high school. You’ve heard this story probably. He likes his favorite composer, Verez had an album called “iONization and he would play it for potential friend. And if they didn’t like it, he would become a friend of theirs. He had the word, “iONization” in his life when he was 18. He was miming iON.


Bob: I am the most expert, expert on all of the holy offices that I have, Mae Brussel, Mcluhan, Thompson, Kroker, Garrett Dean.

***goes over the hour

Part23 (22:00)
14: 37

Bob: They’re usually idiots, the experts in sexuality. You know, you can’t be an expert in sexuality.
Dave: I know either you feel it or you don’t.


Carolyn: It was challenge that you threw out to see if they could physically pickup that you were going to screw with them.
Bob: Yeah, and like now Carolyn. She has been watching and studying. And she’s ready, she’s like the most accomplished. There’s no scene that she could go into that she would not remain on top because she’s witnessed me to it a million times. She knows how to react to me. And she’s actually quite lazy. She’s not ever had any challenges environments because she’s dealing….
Carolyn: I remember one interview I did with a guy, who was like a punk. I didn’t know, you know anything about his show and I thought he was talking about magnesium. And he started putting me down and everything. I just jumped right into it. And I seriously ended up by him screaming at me. He was so angry.
Bob: Yeah and you weren’t. Carolyn’s got this latent 40 years or more experience of dealing with this. She use to say to her friends, “I don’t have to go to Werner Erhard, I live with the ultimate Zen trainer everyday”. So, and that’s what iON said 2 weeks ago. He said, “Ah Carolyn, you are living with Bob. You are pretty good because you have to live with Bob”. He said that but the thing is that she is so good, she never gets challenged. And she’s sighting one time in 10 years that a kid tried something on her. And she got the kid crying.

***goes over the hour

Part24 (23:00)

Alison and Dave Newfeld continue on Alison's son's band's CD art work; Alison's Herman's Hermits poster; etc


Eben Ray joins in!
chats with Bob - Bob bullshits and complains a lot to Eben (!)


Eben interviews Bob Dobbs -
on Skyfall (James Bond 007), how it mirrored Bob's intelligence days -
Bob: … I generally was a bureaucrat, not on the desk. I was the one who got the information… I was a lower level 'M' 'cos M never goes anywhere… gives Bond the orders to beats the shit people up and gets the stuff, he's the hero… I was not capable of that and wasn't like that… basically the gangs beat each other up… so I'll be the guy that oversee it from the distance, gets report and send it up to M… I was one step below M… until I BECAME 'M', I did become M… just thinking out loud all those minions running around and beat each other up based on some patterns you gave out!
(Eben and Bob crack up)

Bob continues on how they kept up with new technologies "to see if there would be an opening for 'us' to get back in, into the economy… iON opened it up for us… on a new level and actually takeover, because it's the best thing…"
Bob: … we were like the tourists of the leading scientists… I spent my later years going around keeping in touch with geniuses or new environments, new scenes…
Eben: … and who is your favorite genius? besides Marshall?
Bob names LaRouche, McLuhan and Zappa… Garrit Dean; in the car with Dave Worcester in the '70s; etc


Suzana joins in, chats with Eben and Bob -
iON did knock out the station on the first day; on the Evergreens and iON - they agree on vampires; the Evergreens - not like in the comics; iON - digs the tv drama, True Blood; Sara joins in; how Eben and Bob met in '99 at UFO Congress in Mesquite, NV; Bob's D-Cell presentation - people wanted Bob to auction it off; etc

31:55 - 43:35

April 26th, 1991 The Evergreens on various topics
was Hoover murdered?, Bush Sr. (predicted Bush win 1992 election but were wrong)
Bob: was J Edgar Hoover murdered?
the EGs: No…
on the October surprise
Bob: was George Bush in Paris in Oct. 1980, organizing the delay of the release of the hostages until after Reagan was in?
the EGs: …he had operatives…yes

the behind the scene story by the Evergreens; on Iran-Contra Affair; praising Richard Pearl; arming Saddam Hussein, then arming Saudi Arabia for balance in the Middle East; etc


Eben's impressions on the Evergreens -
Bob: … a lot of tv shows and movies are up to that level now… they are not so band (unclear), it's very complex… the police are as bad as the criminals… all intertwined… that's the way it was politically 30 years ago…
the EGs predicted Bush to win the1992 election, but were wrong; etc


Sept 10th, 1991 The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt8
Bob: was J Edgar Hoover the impulse for the murder of Martin Luther King?
the EGs: No
Bob: was he the impulse for the murder of Robert F Kennedy?
the EGs: No
Bob: what is the difference between the JFK and later assassinations? who implemented them and why were they done?
the EGs: … Hoover, a super-patriot, considered JFK not a patriot...

RFK was threatening to disband Teamsters - Hoffa's gang acted alone (one faction of the five); Martin Luther King for his great influence in bringing out the black vote - the opposition fed disinformation to radical groups that MLK was trying to overthrow the government - got Ray to do the shooting
the EGs: … they were triggered, but 'who triggered them?' would be best described as an 'ad hoc group'…
Bob: Ray do the shooting?
the EGs: Yes

much disinformation created to make Ray look like a patsy

Bob: … was this 'ad hoc group' from the South?
the EGs: … South and Eastern

Permindex was only involved in the JFK assassination; etc


Bob: is there anything the EGs want to tell me more about the assassinations... ?
the EGs: realize… why Kennedy was killed?… Jack Kennedy was killed for the reason and that was… the process in which it was done was copied… the person with an idea that sets up a group, sets up another group that does the action. what you are looking for is a fringe group, as the second group to handle (indecipherable) give them information… money… opportunity… and they even do it for their own reasons, you see?
Bob: they control the third group that does it?
the EGs: Yes…


the EGs: … important to realize why John Kennedy killed…because the initiator saw Kennedy as lacking patriotism, being a true American… is 'too worldly wise'… the reason for Robert Kennedy… he was literally blow the lid off the union movement in the US, showing clearly that its mafia links were not only strong, but have been organized to be strong… organized to continue…
Bob: did Robert Kennedy know why his brother was assassinated?
the EGs: he knew somewhat, but did not know the full story
Bob: he didn't suspect Hoover?
the EGs: No, no one suspected Hoover...
Bob: but he suspected the mafia?
the EGs: … believed that there could be a mafia linkage in it, but that was not provable… the point of Robert Kennedy's assassination…was going to expose one of the biggest sweet heart deals…
- continues to Nov 25 Part1 (00:00)

***goes over the hour to Nov 25 Part1

NOV. 26th - DAY5

Part1 (00:00)
00:00 - 11:40

Sept 10th, 1991 The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt9
continues on the Mafia's total control of the unions in the US -
this will be discovered in '92 and '93; much of their control has decayed in the past two years - overtaken by Jamaican Rastafarian groups - Italian Mafia getting weaker; the rise of new Mafias/syndicates - Columbians, Cubans to squeeze out Italians (Italian-Jewish Mafia - Lansky connection); many Italian deaths; Canadian Postal Union - controlled by its own internal Mafia - Europeans with the British Crown-communist leanings

Bob: is ex-KGBs working with unions… Mafia?
the EGs: No… but slightly in the Canadian government union… cultural heritage...


on Martin Luther King -
his work would alter the demographic voting pattern of the US - the redneck-capitalist element in the east and the south threatened; the Evergreens not naming the perpetrators - "ad hoc"


on Robert Kennedy -
Bob: was Rev Jerry Owen part of setting up Sirhan Sirhan?
the EGs: Yes

Kennedy's bodyguard was not involved

Bob: … other people in the audience?
the EGs: Yes


the element that murdered MLK did it out of fear, not for money - felt they were good Americans; many of them are now grouping around "the (new) problem" - Hispanics; English speaker under attack; Willie Velasquez murder; the black vote didn't alter the demographics of the US - the black vote not a threat; Spanish vote = the new Yellow Peril; many Hispanics will be harmed in the next several years; Mafia-Teamsters used LaRouche organization in the '80s (recording stops)


impressions by Eben and Bob on Sept 10th, 1991 recording -
Eben: Wow… gosh… just kinda brought a tear to my eye… just the idea of all of this mania and projection and control… and freakin' killing off… just over some scraps… but the idea of JFK not being American enough…

1. Hoover
2. Hoffa
3. Nelson Rockefeller
4. Curtis LeMay
5. CIA (no name given)
their media representative - the Rockefellers - own three networks

Bob: what is important here is that JFK, RFK, MLK are NOT linked…

on Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar vs Hoover's real sexuality; on Mafias and working class; etc


unknown: how about Farrakhan?
Bob: oh, he's bad, very bad according to the Evergreens… he did it
Eben: he did what?
Bob: Martin Luther King…no, no, no, I'm joking…that didn't happen...
Eben: … what about Farrakhan then?
Bob: I don't know, I was drunk… sorry, Farrakhan is a good guy!…

Eben brings up Malcom X, but Bob refuses to go into it

25:21 - 55:12

May 6th, 1992 The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt10
on the actual shooting -
four shots fired at the car; from Grassy Knoll, one shot; from the Book Depository, three shots - Oswald fired 'two', third shot from the upper floor by another person; details on the shooting - three bullets hit JFK; Oswald was not a good marksman - intended to hit the car, missed and hit Kennedy in the back of the neck exiting through the throat (the 1st shot); other shot entered "the top of the head, head thrown backwards"; Oswald's 2nd shot hit the curve; other shooter hit JFK in the back of the head; from Grassy Knoll, one shot, "went through Kennedy, hit Connally, it hit bone in Kennedy, diverted… hit Connally, very close range" - shot in the side of the head… JFK was shot twice in the head, within 3/4 sec. apart; the main damage from the shot behind; 'the hole in the shirt' - not accurate, not a penetration wound; in the 1977 session, the EGs withheld information; etc


on the three (3) shots that hit JFK -
the 1st shot to the back of the neck exiting thru the throat by Oswald - as this happened, the main trunk of the body is thrust forward and the head moves backwards as in whiplash style; the 2nd shot to the top (back) of the head, body moves forward by the real sniper above Oswald; the 3rd shot to the side of the head from Grassy Knoll


more details on Oswald and bullet trajectory -
retouching of photographs; how the bullet hit Connally; on Jack Ruby's and how he was used by the Mafia; fours witnesses saw who Ruby was with - three dead, one still alive, 'she' is in hiding; the real sniper from the Book Depository wasn't killed on the day of the shooting and survived for many years; the man from the Grassy Knoll was killed the next day


Oliver Stone's life not in danger by making the film JFK - "…not a direct witness"; "22" direct witnesses to the assassination killed, not 150; the "magic bullet" on the stretcher was placed by the person dressed as an attendant (killed within a year)

the EGs: … there is still repercussions of this…
Bob: … do the EGs want to explain who the people were or is that still dangerous to talk about?
the EGs: … we will suggest not only dangerous…it was necessary for a certain number of people to die that the (indecipherable) of danger would lessen…


releasing the Warren Commission notes will also reveal missing information; making the linkages to the FBI - Hoover


details on Oswald's 'puppy dog' character; he actually "defected" to Russia; the dupe; etc


Bob: … the conspiracy get hatched by Hoover in '62 or '63…when did it really start?
the EGs: it started as 'How does one trigger Hoover'… how does one get this person moving and that was '62… mid year...


May 6th, 1992 The Evergreens on Nazarene, pt1
on reincarnation -
Bob: How many past lives did Jesus of Nazarene have?
the EGs: … 1,271… including future lives… 1,891 lives… reincarnated many times as "Jesus"… only two realized that he was "Jesus," one in the late 1400s, other in the mid 1800s
Bob: how?
the EGs: he dreamt...

Jesus was not a religious person; "you dress me, that is not who I am"; the performance, the Passover Plot created the opposite effect; etc

***goes over the hour

Part2 (01:00)
00:00 - 02:39

May 6th, 1992 The Evergreens on Nazarene, pt2
continues on Jesus -
what Jesus wanted was more tolerance, less war; Jesus's concept - "If slapped, turn the other cheek" "Do not comeback with anger, do not continue it" were his major messages; he is NOT alive today; there will be NO Second Coming; etc

02:40 - 06:04

May 6th, 1992 The Evergreens on Billy Meier, pt1
on Meier's photos and videos of UFOs, his telepathic contacts with the Pleiadians -
Bob: so, is Billy Meier telling the truth?
the EGs: yes or no… what you see on film… extension of a mental ability…
Bob: oh… so, he doesn't see the UFO, but he can project that image into the camera, on to the film?
the EGs: Yes, it's a technique that a number of people learned to do… he always goes 'alone' to film the UFOs, pointing a camera at a blank sky, no witnesses… (tape stops)

08:42 - 12:49

continues on the UFO images on the film -
Meier has a psychic ability that he is not aware of - for him they are real; his contact with the Pleiadians - a personal hallucination; how the Bourdians would make contacts with the humans; on Betty and Barney Hill Abduction


impressions on Billy Meier by Eben and Bob

16:25 - 22:09

May 6th, 1992 ? The Evergreens on evolution, pt20
on Terence McKenna's "Stoned Ape" Theory -
eating the mushrooms growing from the cow dung helped cavemen in Africa evolve
Bob: … is there any truth to this?
the EGs: Yes

the mushroom eating started around 20,000BC by the 'proto-people'; etc (Bob stops the tape)


Dave Newfeld joins in but gets muted by Bob


on Andy Warhol -
Bob: … was Andy Warhol murdered? NO!
Eben: the SCUM** woman didn't do it?
Bob: the 'SCUM woman' (laughs)… no, that's 1968…

** the attempted murder on Warhol on June 3, 1968 by the separatist feminist, Valerie Solanas who wrote SCUM Manifesto

Bob: … 1968… that's the same day as Robert Kennedy get shot (June 5)… Andy was pissed, he got no publicity… it was all written over by RFK!
Eben: (laughs)
Bob: … Warhol missed the Turn und Taxis party on the summer of 1986… everyone had to go… Warhol died after a minor surgery on Feb. 22, 1987… YOU DON'T MISS TURN UND TAXIS PARTIES!"
(Eben and Bob crack up)


on Gloria Turn und Taxis, the Pope Ratzinger and gossips on the Vatican -
Bob didn't ask the Evergreens about the Jews, but had sessions with iON on their history (played a clip on the Moabs prior to the BobFest)

31:50 - 35:14, 38:00 - 38:45

May 14th, 1992 The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt11
during the JFK assassination, the bomber codes were changed (by the Pentagon) to avoid panic and to prevent paranoid response (from the Soviets); on the Clay Shaw's trial cover-up and David Ferrie

Bob: … was George de Mohrenschildt part of the conspiracy?
the EGs: Yes

35:15 - 37:59

May 14th, 1992 The Evergreens on Billy Meier, pt2
more on Meier's UFO images on the film -
will the others able to see them?; about the minerals he discovered - Meier's psychic abilities to materialize "things"


Bob: … there it is…Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, George de Mohrenschildt guilty as charged!
Eben: … hmmm… alright, Oliver Stone got it

impressions on JFK assassination, part11 by Eben and Bob -
details on how Pentagon knew "ahead of time" (of the assassination) to change the bomber codes to prevent possible panic; was Curtis LeMay involved?; Deborah West's father was a close associate of LeMay; etc


Suzana joins in (Dave Newfeld bitches about Bob not picking up his calls)


May 6th, 1992 ? The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt12
on Norman Mailer's Harlot's Ghost -
CIA fed him information, but didn't try to influence him; Mailer knew about the JFK assassination as much as Bob did and knew it was Hoover who initiated it

Bob: was Marilyn Monroe a factor in the JFK assassination?
the EGs: not in the assassination… but in the relationship between Hoover and JFK… also RFK… not in the assassination…

JFK's threat to fire Hoover; JFK and Hoover met total of three (3) times and disliked each other intensely - Monroe was discussed in the first meeting, the Mafia was discussed in the third (last) meeting; on Hoover's relationship with Clyde Tolson - not a homosexual; Hoover only cross-dressed to relieve daily stress and Tolson understood him…

***goes over the hour

Part3 (02:00)
00:00 - 24:06

May 6th, 1992 ? The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt13
continues on Hoover's sexuality -
Hoover never understood the idea of organized crime - the Mafia didn't exist and saw them as "Good Americans"; Kennedy wanted to shift labor law away from the excessive power of the unions; Hoover was disaffected by Kennedy but had power - the union, the Mafia and Hoffa - the "Loyal Americans" in Hoover's eyes "scammed" Hoover into JFK assassination; the other conspirators did it for the incentives over Vietnam war profits and contracts elsewhere; chose Castro as their fall guy for the plan; Oswald played out the role of pro-Castro in 1963, orchestrated by Guy Banister, David Ferrie, George de Mohrenschildt and Clay Shaw; blame Castro and reinvade Cuba via LBJ; on duped Jack Ruby; shooting of Oswald; etc


The Kennedys - the Godfathers of the Mafia, in a way…
Bob: did Robert or Jack Kennedy have anything to do with in creating the murder of Marilyn Monroe?
the EGs: Yes… Jack was more influential in this than Robert… Monroe wanted to extend her association with Jack and that this would become politically a very sore point …
Bob: the Mafia was not involved in that?
the EGs: No

Hoffa didn't wiretap Monroe; Hoffa worked for a government intelligence (not for Hoover); Spindle did tap Monroe but not on the murder; Monroe murdered by injection

Bob: … not many people know that Jack did this, that he was the prime mover… something hard for people to really believe, given that image of the Kennedy family
the EGs: Yes


Mailer didn't take it to far in his novel; the Kennedy family's connection with organized crime was inherited by JFK from his father - the first 'Godfather' to get in the White House; JFK understood the power of the Mafia families; the rivalry between Chicago and NY - the NY families were becoming too large; Chicago's Giancana used the Kennedys as intermediaries to put pressure on NY - in return Chicago helped the Kennedys and delivered votes to win JFK's Presidency; in the night of the '61 election, the Kennedys realized they needed more NY votes than Chicago votes to function in the White House - they switched side to NY families to use their power structure; in return, the Kennedys went after Chicago to weaken them; Chicago fought back, murdered NY's Colombo ; Giancana felt betrayed, created motive for the JFK assassination

24:07- 32:43

Oct 3rd, 1994 The Evergreens on Dorothy Hunt, Nixon and Watergate
on Dorothy Hunt's plane crash and the Watergate scandal -
Hunt was heading to Chicago carrying $2.25 million bribe money to help out Nixon in court

Why did Watergate happen?
Nixon opened the 'gold window' (Nixon Shock), scrapping Bretton Woods International Monetary System (IMF) which involved the Rockefellers - Dr. Peter Beter understood this; to remove Nixon, a megalomaniac, wasn't hard for them; the Watergate affair was a 'minor' event; Norman Mailer's Oswald's Ghost - his scenario about the Watergate break-in is false

Al Haig worked for the Rockefellers - HE was 'Deep Throat' who orchestrated the defeat of Nixon (not Mark Felt, ex-FBI Associate Director according the EGs); Nixon dug his own hole and didn't know how to fight the Rockefellers; another factor - being a megalomaniac, Nixon became too influential in foreign affairs - his historic visit to China infuriated the Rockefeller-Bolshevik (Moscow) alliance - Dr. Beter's high level sources proven correct; Howard Hunt was loyal to Nixon and knew the Rockefellers were his enemies before and absolutely after Dorothy Hunt's plane crash; a very little mentioning of the Rockefellers in Mailer's novel, but he knew their role... (tape stops)

33:02 - 36:25

Oct 3rd, 1994 The Evergreens on the Rockefeller Brothers
Bob: were all five brothers involved in there shenanigans, or were Laurance and Winthrop distant from David and Nelson's work?
the EGs: somewhat, but not that much

Laurance Rockefeller was the most difficult brother, funded new age thinkers, e.g. William Irwin Thompson; the plan for the "Rockefeller Future" is still in motion and Laurance wants to destabilize it - he is more of a populist; etc

36:32 - 37:52

Oct 3rd, 1994 The Evergreens on Ark of the Covenant
on the Ark of the Covenant -
it was a massive accumulator of energy that came from Atlantian legacy, harmed people around it; it created a mystique

37:53 - 44:20

Oct 3rd, 1994 The Evergreens on Hillary, the White House press conference and various topics
on Hilary Clinton's insider trading in the late '70s -
she is vulnerable; the Evergreens made numerous predictions for Bob and one of them was the White House press conference about successfully replicating the AIDS virus - the Clinton election altered its timing; George Bush is not a Rockefeller agent; Clinton doesn't have the intelligence connection needed to announce it; Bob asks the EGs about the timing to release his film on AIDS research; Bob mentions predictions which didn't come true to the Evergreens and asks why


Eben, Madeleine and Bob, impressions on the Evergreens recordings (Eben dozed off and missed certain recordings)
discussion on J Edgar Hoover and cross-dressing; etc

56:23 - 57:53

Apr 3rd, 1991 The Evergreens - J Edgar Hoover coming through to make a confession
the EGs: … this is what Hoover says… "I was duped, but I did it because I believed it was in the nation's interests… while that is no excuse… I believed it"


Bob: … now, that's Greek tragedy…
Bill and Bob analyse Hoover's confession

***goes over the hour

Part4 (03:00)

Eben, Bill and Bob continue on J Edgar Hoover -
making parallels to the tv show, Boardwalk Empire; etc

on OJ Simpson -
Eben: … OJ is innoccent…
Bob picks on Eben for defending OJ Simpson

Bob exposes the details of the Marilyn Monroe murder - she was murdered by the needle injection "into the nipple"
Eben: … that is RUDE killing Monroe like that!

10:03 - 26:03

Sept 29th, 1994 The Evergreens on the OJ Simpson Case
Bob: Did OJ murdered his wife?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: Was he assisted?
the EGs: No
Bob: Is he in shock that he did it or is he cold blooded about it?
the EGs: He is divorced from it… he does not see it… believes his memories are not real, but imagined…
Bob: … so he was is a traumatic state when he got enraged to do it?
the EGs: Yes
Bob: … this would be used as a defense at later point, a plea for insanity, but won't be successful… Will he be executed?
the EGs: No, life imprisonment on both counts… while there are black (inaudible) white and polarity in the OJ Case, on the racial level, many blacks deplore this incident…

the murder weapon was thrown from the vehicle and will be found following the trial - there will be 'another knife' presented at the trial by defense


why did Al Cowlings take OJ - the Bronco Chase
OJ was in a poor state of mind and threatened to commit suicide after the incident; offered to take OJ to the police; OJ became quite agitated once in Cowlings' Bronco and suggested to run away; Cowlings tried to talk OJ out of it, but after OJ pulled a gun out of his bag - OJ on the run; Simpson was a very upset man for many years; Nicole was NOT having an affair with her acquaintance; OJ thought they were having an affair and he was dressed and prepared to do harm - it was premeditated; OJ was professionally trained in using knives for acting


explicit details on how Simpson murdered Ronald Goldman and Nicole -
OJ entered Nicole's house from the side entrance, Goldman just arriving, from the front; Goldman did wonder why OJ was there and dressed in paramilitary uniform, but innocently greeted him; Simpson believed Nicole was having an affair with numerous men - paranoid; on Goldman and Nicole's souls; etc

26:04 - 38:04

Sept 29th, 1994 The Evergreens on the Michael Jackson Scandal
Michael didn't want to be an adult, he was a child -
he had sleep-overs with parents' approval, but had no sex with children; this was an unprovable case and Michael was not guilty, but the implication of 'guilt' was enough to shatter his career; the lawyers pushed parents into suing for $6 million - Michael's side needed to settle it before the case caused more damaged; why did he marry Lisa Presley? - he wanted to be "normal"; Lisa and Michael both had problems, thought they could help each other; Michael had sexual problems and best way to avoid it was to not have sex; etc

38:05 - 43:40

Sept 29th, 1994 The Evergreens on the White Water Scandal
Vince Foster "killed himself"; an honest, small-town man, but too naive for the Washington "cesspool"; Foster only saw minor abuse of power in the White Water Scandal - the governors have been doing it for years and not a big deal, but realized Clinton's involvement in the scandal may lead to impeachment; despite Clinton's good and bad sides, Foster supported him but became depressed; etc


Eben, Denny, Bill and Bob on OJ Simpson Case -
Eben points out how OFF the EG were on the OJ Simpson Case and their predictions - Bob explains why this happened with the EGs and compares to iON; Bill on growing plants with RnA drops and on OJ Simpson

***goes over the hour

Part5 (04:00)

This part starts with Bob and Denny chatting (Bob sounds very tired)


Katie Thomas calls in from airport -
Bob talks about how acoustic space never seems familiar in response to Katie’s comment about re-listening to certain episodes and not remembering them as fully as they were; Katie talks about how the BobFest has changed her and caused aspects of her to die; discussion on Hillary Raimo; Bob talks about how all the side realities and blow-ups in people's lives continue on as BobFest is happening in his world; Bob praises Carolyn; etc


Robert from North Tottenham comes in and chats briefly with Bob, and then with Denny while Bob sets up a clip to play next.


April 9th, 1988 The Evergreens on Marshall McLuhan and Wyndham Lewis
A clip from the Evergreen session is played -
Bob questions the Evergreens about Marshall McLuhan’s relationship with Wyndham Lewis and this is discussed. James Joyce is also discussed. Direct contact with McLuan is made by the EGs here. “Look very closely at the sub-systems...” Macro is discussed. McLuhan also says he supports Barrington Nevitt 100% when Bob asks. Bob asks how much of Marshall’s work was symbolically related to his Roman Catholicism… Bob is told he has a good understanding of this issue with McLuhan… the Evergreens continues with as Marshall McLuhan himself would put it Catholicism for himself provided an answer that he could perceive nowhere else. It was a personal not artistic choice. Bob questions Marshall’s view re Gnostic ideas and will. the Evergreens gives Baptists as an example of a sub-system.

***goes over the hour

Part6 (05:00)

DJ Bob Dobbs continues

04:45 - 13:14

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens pt1 - on 'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars' document
ref: The Lawful Path - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Excerpt from the document Bob owns :
"…on July 7th, 1986, an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased an IBM copier at a surplus sale, inside there were details of quote 'Science' (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars) hatched in the embryonic days of the "Cold War" which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples' pastimes, education and political leanings…in operation since 1954…the unknown author or authors showed a silent economic weapon will be used to subdue a nation to create an utopia for the elite, while offering and slaving to the masses…"
is this the original document? "It is the copy of the original"; was it meant to be found? "No…"; so this is worth studying? "…objective was to produce a complete political model…most of these…destroyed and pulped…truly, they are not of interest…" - the EGs explain its irrelevant and outdated scenarios; there was one(1) author and exploited the famous Rothchild's quote other sources to create paranoid scenarios; the project's major funders was NSA between 1950 to1959; etc


Bob: McLuhan said we don't live in a participatory democracy, we live in a anticipatory democracy and a lot of the elites and the intelligence agencies were trying to figure where society was gonna go or what's new to deal with in the '50s…
the aim of the project was to create a pattern recognition system, to make accurate prognosis; etc


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik
starts with For Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven


Bob returns and gets ready for the next Evergreens recording

26:18 - 29:00

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens pt2 - on the shooting of Pope John Paul II
the attempted assassination on Pope John Paul II took place on 13 May 13th, 1981
Moscow (Bolsheviks) feared the Polish Pope would destabilize the Warsaw Pact; KGB instigated the assassination; Gorbachev violently opposed the assassination; Gorbachev was a McLuhanite and a spiritual-communist (Christian faction)

29:01 - 38:31

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens pt3 - on various topics
on Carlos Castaneda's novel, The Teaching of Don Juan -
Bob: … was Don Juan a real person?
the EGs: Yes he is, but he is a combination of three people...
(the Evergreens wouldn't go any further)

the eight old Greek Temples along the Aegean Sea form the pattern of the Knights of Malta's eight-pointed cross were designed by 'the Mathematicians' (475BC)

the EGs: … Elvis Presley is DEAD

Carolyn's question on cooking with microwave ovens -
they make calcium unavailable in food; irradiated food must be packaged properly for preservation, e.g. tin, vacuum packing, etc; subliminal tapes are safe and work effectively under competent supervision; will people accept Homeopathy?


the morning crowd, Gregg, Lynn, Denny and Michael join in -
Bob reads Private Messages from Sue Bone, Leon, Trevor "the Racist" from Manchester, Sue from Montreal, Pat from Alaska, Bart, Deb in Idaho, Shawn from UK, Bert and Eliza from NY,
from chatroom: Eternal Essense, Cider Somerset, uot?, Michael, Dave Newfeld's rampant posts


Ginney joins in and talks with Bob about Eben Ray and the Evergreens' predictions


UPDATE ON BOB: after doing the BobFest for five straight days without any sleep, Bob finally had to admit "he needs to drink a glass of water" (prepared by Carolyn)

on Frank Zappa and Ike Willis

53:34 - 57:40

Ginney mentions Akito's Guide To BobFest available at iONandBob by Akito and Ed Long, then explains how to use it to Bob


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

***goes over the hour

Part7 (06:00)

DJ Bob Dobbs continues


Ginney and Bob doing the dirty talk

07:22 - 11:46

Mar 28th, 1989 The Evergreens on various topics
the Evergreens explain how the D-Cell works; getting the formula from Joe Dun Sloan

12:19 - 15:59

Bob: … what is our most impressive invention?
in the early society - soap; in the industrial society - insulating brick; this age - 'micro work,' working at the micro level, e.g. microchips, understanding of energy at that level
the EGs: … fusion… far more important!


the EGs: … what sounds totally ridiculous is that fusion can fuel itself which… no physicist would agree with… present insufficient system still produces sufficient heat if captured in… (indecipherable)… would supply the energy for its own self…

16:32 - 22:24

on Jacques Verges, Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie's lawyer -
a supposed leftist, and why he helps the Nazis escape; Bob asks his dream about meeting Dr. Beter and the June ET contact - the EGs refuses to give answers; the EGs makes a remark about Bob but undecipherable
the EGs: … you are a somewhat of xxxx…

Dr. Beter comes through the EGs and thanks Bob for his role; on Sandy


Gregg and Bob - impressions on the previous recording

26:31 - 58:06

(some breaks in between)

Sept 12th, 1989 The Evergreens on AIDS virus, pt2

26:31 - 28:09

on AIDS -
in the last session, the EGs had told Bob to look for the "AIDS FADES" headline in April - it appeared in The Globe And Mail, April 28th, 1989, but not on the front page


AIDS virus -
the scenario of the perfect military weapon that would not kill people, but would cause an immunity decrease to weaken and stagnate the enemy - the ideal way of spreading the virus

the EGs: …first of all, how would you spread such that as the ideal experiment… you would spread that through a system which would be giving various serums to people… you see… the health organization (WHO) was in the process of wiping out small pox at the time… so what are you doing if you are wiping out small pox? and if you are only introducing test system that everyone is been assured of, all it will do is lower immunity rates in certain areas and some would catch… but nothing serious… everyone is been assured of this… it would have a debilitating effect and the effect would be noted, it could be hidden… no one needs to know much about it… infected batches of vaccine can be given… all of them were coded… you look at the affect in the area… acceptable for the test, everyone agrees… and it is more virulent than they thought… and it blew out of proportion…

this was done around 1978-79, WHO didn't know - used as the cover by the perpetrators; the virus was designed to spread only through physical contact


the object of any testing is to 'localize it' -
take an existing virus which would have a tendency to affect the immune system, alter it so that it would be affecting the immune system to the greater extent and reproduce within itself on a cyclical basis; the virulency rate would go down every 24 hrs by 50% and gone by two days - it is not an air born virus, needs physical contact to spread the virus
the EGs: … so it is good for the population…


the EGs: … the ideal opportunity was to follow the small pox teams, intermingle with the small pox teams, be legitimate with the small pox teams, in part of small pox teams… not WHO… they were not responsible… various teams knew that something was been added, but did not know what, did not pursue the questioning, was not necessary… (followed by Carolyn's questions)


Bob reads a letter by Samuel L. Evans from Feb. 1989 which mentions Colonel David Huxhall (spelling unclear), Commander of the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, MD, receiving $60M for research in Biological Ethnic Weapons - Fort Detrick is also the site of the AIDS research

the EGs: … no coincidence at all… it names the man (Col. Huxhall)… that is the person whose in charge of all of this and knows far more than is being released…


on statements made by Michael Meiers that the development of Biological Ethnic Weapons is a reality, and on the list of the factions within CIA, etc in his book, "Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?: A Review of the Evidence" - Bob doesn't know this book and the Evergreens don't go into it


back to Samuel L. Evans' letter -
this letter coincides with the Evergreens predictions from September; it names the 'man' - the pressure is on the US government; White House's fear of international condemnation and dilemma over its own policy - the ban on biological weapons; this contradicts US's plan to condemn and ostracize Iran for manufacturing biological weapons; a planned announcement of the US's success to replicate the AIDS virus in the lab and an orchestrated scenario to divert the blame away from the US to other nations, e.g. China; the secret biological weapons research continues at Fort Detrick; Col. Huxhall is not the originator of the idea; on the virulency of the AIDS virus - it grew and spread; they weren't targeting the homosexuals


any guilt amongst the scientists?
the EGs: … some do, some don't… you have to understand the thinking of those who work in the biological weaponry… you see, there are three billion people in this planet, how many people have died from AIDS? fewer than those died through road accidents…

a planned announcement of the US's success to replicate the AIDS virus - within the next six months; the Evergreens again explain the step by step scenario to divert the blame away from the US in details - pointing fingers to China

Bob: … is Michael Meiers' life in danger?
the EGs: No
Bob: (to the listeners)… the US military guy, "Patient 0" brought AIDS from Africa into the US soil via Florida


Gregg and Bob - impressions on the recording

***goes over the hour


Ginney, Gregg and Bob continue on AIDS virus -
Bob discovered Colonel David Huxhall through LaRouche; his plan to blame on China for the AIDS virus spread failed after the ET contact in 1995 which transformed China and changed the world balance; Bob broadcasted the EGs recordings and handed out press release to newspapers and radio stations two week after the session; Ginney on The LaRouche plan to defeat the AIDS virus; China will continue to be the center of the world for more years even with "iON," and the US will be the last to have the "coldplay" technology; in 1989 - Bob was the Secret Council of Ten Chairman, the Berlin Wall goes down; Bob discovers the "tetrads" were being used by a division of the Pentagon between 1986 - 1987 (inspired by McLuhan?); etc


Bob: … cathexis of all the memes happening in the countdown to 1990, which would be the end of android meme, technically, and then distributing of the android meme as a dead after image starts in 1995 and that's… facebooking, googling and drinking and dumbing on…
Ginney: right… those caught up in the android meme 'think they're current,' they think they are on the cutting-edge, but actually they are caught up in the after image of something that's already occurred, and what's really occurring is iON and iON is now the leading edge of creation and so those people have to stumble around in the android meme, which will eventually either smote them… and then they'll have to find their way onto the beaches of iONdom!

Bob's New York City (Giuliani's 'Disneyland' NYC ) - felt like St. Augustine walking through the ruins of the Roman Empire; talks about Barnes and Noble; Ezekiel showing up during the ReWrite session - Bob is Ezekiel-like, very emphatic; etc


Wendy, Denny and Bart join in


Akito’s Guide To BobFest mentioned


Bob a.k.a. Mr. Cleanse didn't shower for four (4) days since the BobFest started on November 22nd


Carolyn speaks about the new civilization -
Carolyn : Bob is CLEANING IT ALL UP!


Suzana joins in, comments on Wendy, Jean joins in
Bob reads chatline posts and Private Messages


Matthew Hurtado joins in -
Matthew: … Bob told you they'll be "Altamont" to the "guests"
… the BobFest is a mix of Woodstock and Altamont according to Bob…
Bob: … yah, somebody have to be murdered, stabbed… the uninvited ones Matthew sent in were the Altamont victims…


Leon joins in, talks on Ike Willis and Frank Zappa recording -
Zappa was murdered; on "unmuted noises" in the background e.g., someone building furnitures or shelves (Carolyn); Legend is back; etc

***goes over the hour

Part9 (08:00)
01:04 - 11:58, 13:38 - 37:20

Sept 1989 (unclear) The Evergreens on various topics
on June 2nd ET event in Mongolia -
live ET encounter; Gorbachev knew; "The Wall" will come down; the E. German leader will die within three weeks; Gorbachev will reduce the number of troops in E. Germany after the wall goes down; etc

37:21 - 52:02

Michael Blake Read comes out of trance -
talks about the US-USSR Hotline; the Berlin Wall; the Glasnost; Cuba had nothing to do with the JFK assassination - it was the mafia-teamsters; etc


(((-iON-))) - SHOWS UP!

***goes over the hour

Part10 (09:00)
00:00 - 52:29

(((-iON-))) - starts with Suzanne's questions and ends with BoB's

***goes over the hour

Part11 (10:00)

Bart's questions to iON -
the planes are coming in from parallel worlds with people on them; there are also future version of Bart on those planes; when he sees the planes "stop," he is experiencing timeless-ness while "he is moving"

***goes over the hour

Part12 (11:00)
00:00 - 59:00

Participants: Bob, Carolyn, Bart, Jean, Madeleine, Greg, Goran, Ginney, Lynn and Danny
General discussions about Bob's Altamont victims; Chat room snippets, CKLN times; Bob and Carolyn are the real Natural Born Killers; Inquick messages; Akitos's e-mail is read about how he started the project of transcribing BobFest; talk about iON's appearance and words from 10am; how important it is to BE in a frequency of happiness; Carolyn and Lynn talk about the soaring eagle zipline business and Lynn's olympic ambitions; iON mentioned to Lynn, that she will be the one who will bring the RnA drops to the attention of the olympic committee; Gregg recommends Star gazing with military grade goggles; discussion about Gravity vs. Anti-Gravity


Bob says that he wants to hold iON to its word that it won't do 99%ers questions anymore; Bob says he can tell when a 1%er talks.

***goes over the hour

Part13 (12:00)
00:00 - 59:00

General discussions about Gravity, Bodyweight gain that many RnA drops users experience due to balancing; advantages of using the Egoscue alignment tower; the ridiculous procedures of the medical/pharma establishments using NAZI style tactics to keep practitioners and pharmacists in line; Obamacare, RnA-DNA zipper concept; Bob reads e-mail from Zenwoman.


Bob comes back after he lurked in the shadows for over an hour without a peep.


Bob's "first public yawn" on the record after over 100 hours talk radio.

***goes over the hour

Part14 (13:00)

Bob's email anomaly

10:12 - 35:18

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens on AIDS virus, pt3
was AIDS manufactured in the lab?
the virus itself existed; the "hardware war" was over; the virus- designed to weaken and stagnate the enemy by creating casualties - not to kill them instantly; the virus was "hidden behind the treatable, local deceases"; the decease was to be contained within the area; the virus mutated - got out of hand; started first in Chad; the experiment started in 1979; name of the group not told by the EGs; etc

Barbara, Bart, Bob and Carolyn - impressions on the recording
local decease - "small pox" - did they infiltrate the small pox team? mixing the virus in the vaccine?


Bob: … US military guy (patient 0) brought AIDS from Africa into the US via Florida.

***goes over the hour

Part15 (14:00)
00:00 - 39:00

iON appeared for 2 seconds.
Participants: Bob, Carolyn, Danny, Bart, Goran, Madeleine, Robert, Ginney and Gregg
General discussions about the Evergreens recording about AIDS; the connection of DNA and RnA with the AIDS virus experiment; retro viruses; genetic engineering via DNA or RnA; how Dr. Peter Beter triggered the iON experience.


Bob says that only Frank Zappa publicly mentioned how the whole AIDS virus is just a Lab experiment that went wrong, in 1988. Zappa got this info from Bob.


Bob mentions that Colonel David Huxhall was in charge of the AIDS experiment.


Bob says that the book "A Higher Form of Killing", published in the early 1970's, has references about how the AIDS virus experiment was the idea of a Doctor named Donald MacArthur. The Doctor created the virus at Fort Detrick in in 1970s.


Bob reads from his Diary, where he met with Doctor MacArthur.
May 11/71 (Lagos, Nigeria)
Bob: The hot night is not being suffered by Bob as he pondered the following words the scientist had just spoken: “Since it's not feasible for us to have a nuclear war and yet we still may have to harness captive nations for industry, the way to conduct war is to find something that weakens the enemy so they can't fight and resist but still leaves them alive enough to recover and work for us. I propose I can genetically engineer a virus that can weaken the immune system temporarily so the enemy picks up local diseases over a pre-programmed period of time and then this vulnerability subsides.

36:26 - 36:28

iON appears for a brief moment and only says these words
iON: Good Bye


Bob has a sleep deprived melt down and starts yelling at Gregg and Ginney for not talking to him (FUNNY SHIT)!


DJ Bob Dobbs Plays Musik

***goes over the hour

Part16 (15:00)
Sacha joins in

Part17 (16:00)
Sacha, Sara, Robert
Part18 (17:00)

Part19 (18:00)

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens on History of the Oligarchy and Banking, pt1
what is controlling the money?
historical background - Christianity culled interest on the money loaned, as immoral, against God and lost their chance in heaven; the unaffected Arabs added interest rate, accumulated wealth and stability; in Europe, the Jews were allowed to loan money with interest; not allowed to work in other industry - lead to the rise of the large Jewish banking families...

***goes over the hour

Part20 (19:00)
00:00 - 40:20

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens on History of the Oligarchy and Banking, pt2
continues -
… this didn't go unnoticed - in 16th Century, the Christians and oligarchy pressured Pope to drop admonition against loaning money with interest; let to the rise of the large Christian banking families; allowed Jewish bankers to continue for profitable interactions - "if shit hits the fan, it was the Jews who got it"; many of the large Christian banks were formed as organizations and highly secretive - used front organizations e.g., Turn und Taxis; two tiers - the observable Christian banking families and the hidden Christian banking concerns - the latter with incredible wealth; in late-19th Century, they made heavy investments in steel and ammunition; the battles were created to use up ammunitions; WWI - a good investment

the Knights of Malta - immense wealth; concentration of power - Venice, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London; the Jewish bankers that financed French and American revolutions are more open and stable than the secret Christian groups; the shift in the 1930s - banking system changed; secret societies lost power to governments; McLuhan - the owners dropped in the 1920s, managers took over in the 1930s; the temporary government boom is over

the reversal - as government obsolesced, the secret societies began funding and investing and rose up again; the governments dislike hidden money; to hide money from the government, you hide it in "plain view" - the Rothschilds went public in 1981, allowed the pubic to join in; the money is skimmed off the top - the government make no money from printing money; they prefer cashless society; the oligarchies now go boarderless - invest in high-tech which transcends boarders; socialism is old school; the secret societies' immense wealth - to preserve Christianity against the Jewish banking families; now with centuries of experience, they want to manage the world, make a better world; etc...


Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens on History of the Oligarchy and Banking, pt3
continues -

***goes over the hour

Part21 (20:00)
00:00 - 23:38

Sept 13th, 1988 The Evergreens on History of the Oligarchy and Banking, pt4
continues -
P2/Licio Gelli - believed in pure Christianity a la 14th Century; the image of the Heaven is "all white"; the western oligarchies are ultimately, racist - their dark side; LaRouche- tried to change; Prince Charles is a "rational" racist; etc

Gregg: … the embargo against S. Africa was to keep the original Afrikaanas suppressed…

Bob explains on the rise of oligarchy, Prince Charles, Peter Brown, British Intelligence, etc

Bob: … the British thing representing the Queen did okay for 10-15 years, until 2009… the oligarchies got eroded away in last 20 years… in the early '80s funded Silicon Valley, because they wanted digital economy...


Zenwoman joins in


Zenwoman talks about "many JWs"

***goes over the hour

Part22 (21:00)

Zenwoman talks about "another JW" arriving on his helicopter during the live Cash Flow show with iON back in 2010


Gregg talks about other selves' activities; other bodies doing work for you


on JJ Abrams; Morgan Freeman's tv show, Through the Wormhole


on Phillip K Dick; Will Erokan; Palvacini; Turn und Taxis owned Rolling Stones and Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger)


why the term oligarchy, instead of aristocracy?
the oligarchy: the ownership ruled by a few; the lineage of the Queen goes back 1000 years, not 3000 years; etc


the families are preserved in parallel worlds, the Egyptian dynasties are STILL HERE and come over here whenever they want; Blast, Counter-Blast; etc


the Evergreens' comment - the last Pope in 2020, his name, Peter; the Vatican bankrupted in the 1970s along Banco Ambrosiano (mafia/P2); its chairman Roberto Calvi ('God's Banker') hanging from the bridge in London; see Godfather pt3 - there's a character of Licio Gelli


the Evergreens predicted the disclosure of the JFK assassination in 1990 - 1991 and it will affect the entire legislation - realized by the Oliver Stone's movie, JFK; drugs, rock'n'roll and movies - mix media, hyper-kinetic, hyper-proceptive American meme as well as the printed book; Web2.0 decentralized the power; America as an Icon is over; the Americans are kinetic, the extensions of the kinetics is a movie - the JFK movie has affected them; the spiral dynamic; on race; "Bobs R Us"; etc


we have to "reappear" where Bob, Carolyn, JW and iON already are; etc

***goes over the hour

Part23 (22:00)
for ref read: LOSTPEDIA

16:51 - 47:16

iON session 279 (unclear) iON on LOST Season 6 - final episode, pt1
iON: … the same thing is true with LOST…

Locke (the Man in Black) shot; he bleeds; Desmond removed the cork from the "Heart" of the island; Richard's hair turns gray - he was staying by that environment; the fake mother was the protector of the "Light" but there was a "rule" about it; the empty coffin; Locke - to get off the island "we all have to go"; different people gathering different groups; Dr. Chang - looking for the source of the power of the island by mining; the magnetic anomaly - that was the affect of the power of the island; etc


Bob: ... what is the Light in relation to the power of the island?
iON: nothing
Bob: the Light was not causing the power of the island?
iON: no, that was the point!
Bob: there is no connection?
iON: no… the Light would be the representation of nonphysical… is nonphysical the earth? No… the magnetism was the physical part… labyrinth of the mind… different groups' strategies… Chang's drilling… physical… Desmond overcame the magnetism… had no rule… got beyond, he got the nonphysical meaning…

the wheel behind the wall near the cork- the island sinks when turned

Bob: … is the island an expression of a problem?
iON: no… android meme
Bob: … outer kingdom?
iON: (inaudible)

going into the "Light" - parallel worlding and transitioning; the Temple lead to LA - the portal; in LA people were miserable - were happier on the island; did the writers of LOST knew about these clearly?; Flash Forward ended when the machine was presented; etc

session 279 (unclear) with iON on "24", pt1

37:50- 46:02

Bob: who was love as a forcefield?
iON: Chloe

Jack Bauer was doing through force and was never relaxed; Jack represents emotion, Chloe represents forcefield; Alison Taylor, the gauge (balance) or the fulcrum; etc


on "Mr. Ed"; the Resolute Desk on Information Farm

***goes over the hour

Part24 (23:00)
05:42 - 12:02

iON session 279 (unclear) iON on LOST and various topics, pt2
the Smoke Monsters (iON emphasizes in plural) represent "emotion"; the cork is "love"; the Man in Black had no name, no identity and couldn't control his emotions

iON: … emotions can't control themselves… love can control itself…

the Resolute Desk is the "cork" - cork is "love"; the numbers of the legend showing up; JJ Abrams created LOST by default; etc

23:40 - 25:00

iON session 279 (unclear) iON on LOST and various topics, pt3
continues on -
Bob: … is the cork from a parallel world?
iON: no

27:36 - 30:58

iON session 277 (unclear) iON on LOST and various topics, pt4
Bob: … were the writers of LOST influenced by us?
iON: sure!
Bob: … WE set this up before the show was written… their nonphysical heard our show…


session 276 (unclear) iON on cancer, pt1
RNA; acid; cancer cells; etc

***goes over the hour to NOV 27 Part1 (00:00)

NOV. 27th - DAY6

Part1 (00:00)
00:00 - 10:40

May 21st, 2010 session 276, iON on Cancer, pt2
This hour begins with the continuation of the session with iON and Carolyn that Bob calls “The Answer to Cancer” It begins at 34:09 in the previous hour.


iON: The question now becomes how do you affect RNA for it to go to do that automatically? Once you figure that out, once you figure that, then what happens, then what happens, you’ve identified it; and once you’ve identified it, then when you have a leukemia that’s coming not from the bone marrow, but it is reproducing and becoming systemic through the entire system, a slight change in RNA affects every cell that flows through the blood and says “If your cancer,” leukemia or whatever you think it is, “then either don’t make any more and/or reproduce this way. You’ve changed the message.

Discussion on alkalinity and chemo; iON says that chopping off the head is not the way to deal with a headache.

Discussion on cancer -
iON: More people crying about gluten than they are about dying of cancer, they’re more worried about having a thimble full of gluten than dying of Hodgkin’s disease.

on Gluten -
iON: Everybody’s craving sewage and they won’t let it in, that’s their point of disconnection so they’re disconnecting from their disconnection.

11:09 - 45:07

the Renner Sisters -
Discussion is mostly about Nadia’s reaction to her first communication with iON.
Bob: (to Nadia) iON is very perceptive. You’re recognizing that iON, he nailed it in you and it’s remarkable what iON can do and it’s shocking and it took you a few hours to recover from it and then realize it’s probably true.
Bob: … iON is repeating some of his same ideas from two years ago, but, now you haven’t heard much of him so you might not notice, but I’m telling you, you will notice when you hear the older stuff that he is saying it this time sing-songey, he’s singing it. It’s another rhythm now, we’ve been altered.


May 21st, 2010 session 276, iON on various topics, pt1
iON explains that the formulary can be changed to focus on any specific cancer.
iON tells Carolyn that by offering this by default she is going to have to then convince America or the world that this does indeed work, is effective.

54:35 - 60:00

iON talking about love as force field -
iON: if you define love as done in the old timey days folks believed that once you loved you always loved it had nothing to do with the emotion of liking to have orgasms with someone, if you love it is a binding force field of connection.  The old timey of love is:  love is patient, love is kind, love is forgiving, all those are based on the dynamic of a force field, it contains. Love also hates and hate is an emotion that is contained in the force field of love. That is how love can hurt. That is also how love can stink.

Carolyn counters that it can hurt only if you let it. iON says that “let it” is the activation of a force field. That’s how people get crossways. And some of these dynamics that are so significant of duality, they just confound you - “well it’s always two things and don’t know which one is so whichever way it is, flip a coin. Well, can’t flip a coin because it comes up heads more times than it does tails” so now it’s a skewed or false premise. But if you just take it at its face and know that love is a force field and that you’re in charge of that force field, then you can allow whatever emotion it is at whatever appropriate time, timing obviously.

iON: By the way, there’s no duality in love…

***goes over the hour

Part2 (01:00)
00:00 - 00:25

May 21st, 2010 session 276, iON on various topics, pt2

00:54 - 04:44

May 21st, 2010 session 276, iON on various topics, pt3
continues on love as forcefield -

iON: … You can love someone you hate, but you can't hate someone you love, there is your difference"… what caused us to create ourselves that way? this is 2nd degree of separation… anything that confounds without your power, that causes the question…

05:18 - 07:00

May 21st, 2010 session 276, iON on various topics, pt4
continues on connection/disconnection -

09:10 - 25:21

May 17th, 2010 session 275, iON on various topics, pt1
on Carolyn vs Goliath - her creations -
Carolyn: I find a way

axiom water; RNA; chromosome 14; double-helix; ReMag; "chromosome will become not visible under the microscope and recognized as a double-helix genome type"; pentad aspect of RNA - a super neutrino RNA capacity


on thought; Information Farm Analysis; iON posting at the Dupes; etc

***goes over the hour

Part3 (02:00)

May 13th, 2010 session 272, iON on stretching time, pt1
on how to stretch time -
time as a false premise; the metronome timing is perfect; timing is how many notes in lines and spaces, a la music; a score of music have various sized notes; you could play fast song slowly - a logic for daily application; nonphysical and physical have to be kneaded first; you can't tell the nonphysical from the physical; etc


the way universes connect with realms is that they "overlay"

iON: … Slippage is the variegated point of reference between your experienced revelation and correlation to the sometimes radical dynamic of the concept of time… Ascended human creator has the key to the mastery of manipulating all false premises… Bob does it...


how to make it to your advantage?
going back to music - how you fit notes within lines and spaces; metronome tick-tock; synching up timing, 4/4 time, 3/4 time; how many notes; beats; etc


iON: … If universes (realms) are overlaid, and there is not but a snippet of slippage between a universe…

iON refers to Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band

iON: … Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future… you can take a month and turn it into a minute and take a minute and turn it into a month… JW did it...

iON refers to New York Minute by The Eagles


the false premises of time on demand - how does it work?
if you go to a parallel world, spend a month, remember when you left and comeback just a minute after, you are getting the one month experience, but only a minute has expired; etc


a nonphysical time stamp, a box; do the "3-2-1"; etc


iON: … write down what you want done that you don't have time for on the paper… what you want validated from the time stampable position… throw it in a box… done… the nonphysical will take care of it… how to exploit the false premises of time for you...

***goes over the hour

Part4 (03:00)
00:00 - 11:40

May 13th, 2010 session 272, iON on stretching time, pt2
continues on taking power over the false premises of time -
applying it to an empire; 'the Sun never sets on the United Kingdom'- when this statement was made, it wasn't true; the false premise caught up to the statement; time thing began with the Tudors; making the statement - setting the meme; overlaying; etc

Dave Newfeld and Sara are getting sleepy

37:45 - 59:06

June 4th, 2009 session 51, iON on The Emerald Tablet 12, pt1
- on The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy

Part5 (04:00)
02:50 - 59:03

June 4th, 2009 session 51, iON on The Emerald Tablet 12, pt2
continues on The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy -

Part6 (05:00)
10:22 - 44:01

June 4th, 2009 session 51, iON on The Emerald Tablet 12, pt3
continues on The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy -

Part7 (06:00)
talks on US taxation system; etc


Gregg: Piss on Mr. Gutenberg, you bastard!

Bart joins in

Bob: … November 27th… 22...

Part8 (07:00)
many participants join in to cheer Bob

Ginney and Barbra on Homeland; etc


Deborah West's father was Curtis LeMay's secretary

Part9 (08:00)

discussion on Sheila Kern's The Labyrinth Painting

33:20 - 48:16

(((-iON-))) - starts with Carolyn

Part10 (09:00)

Gregg: .. since Moby Dick was a minnow...

09:18 - 49:49

(((-iON-))) - starts with a question on levitation

**iON signs out by saying "incomplete"

Akito couldn't get through

Part11 (10:00)
14:38 - 59:18

Akito joins in
Akito and Carolyn on breaking ancestral patterns

Part12 (11:00)
The Wednesday Show with Ginney Gunther, pt1

Part13 (12:00)
The Wednesday Show with Ginney Gunther, pt2

12:09 - 15:50

Bart's private session with iON -
seeing planes stopping in the sky; if there is no time, there is no gravity and no distance; Bart asks the same question to iON for the 17th time; etc


discussion on "two iONs"

23:25 - 23:45

Bart's private session with iON


a truly spiritual person is incomplete

Part14 (13:00)

Part15 (14:00)

Part16 (15:00)

talks on android meme;


Michael talks about the "drops"; iCell comes from another world; etc


Bob clears the air by playing Wild in the Streets by Circle Jerks

Part17 (16:00)
07:51 - 09:01

The old recording of JR Bob Dobbs winning the Secret Council of Ten election (bad sound quality); the Subgeniuses going wild in the background

39:11 - 42:22

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt1
all portals opening in April 2010; hijacking JW's computer; etc

LoveJob joins in

50:00 - 51:07,

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt2
on iON making countless posts simultaneously at the Dupes

54:24 - 60:00

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt3
on having phun; iON posting at the Dupes is not a creation - it's an interaction with nonphysical; on camera and photos

***goes over the hour

Part18 (17:00)
00:00 - 03:53

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt4
continues on camera and photos -
your chemical body can't see, but the chip body has no rule - allows acceptance; etc

05:32 - 29:02

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt5
on chip body; the Dupes, iON posting long paragraphs at a rapid fire pace; Alison's post; Bob not pregnant

Part19 (18:00)
10:48 - 16:10

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt6
continues on Bob not pregnant; the Dupes; etc

26:08 - 28:49

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt7
- continues on

Alison and Wendy talk about the Dupes PM

38:58 - 47:07, 48:57 - 51:40

April 26th 2010 session 268, iON on various topics, pt8
iON vs JW; about Alison; fried catfish; emails; iON responding at same time to many threads; shiny-shiny; etc

53:10 - 56:36

Bob talking with JW after the session 268
iON hijacking JW's computer; the power is OFF and unplugged, but the Youtube keeps on blasting


Bob: iON said, the reincarnation is the same guy who dies and goes to the Guf then disappears… whatever leftover gets scooped up, someday, somehow… there is no connection between the previous and the latter…
Jean: (to Bob?) I am your apocalypse

***goes over the hour

Part20 (19:00)

Jean: … iON is our/your nonphysical, you are talking to yourself… you are messing with JW and everyone...
Bob: … iON is doing their own thing...


Alison on sugary vagina walls; boner garage

19:14 - 22:26

Bob plays the clip of Bob talking with JW after the session No. 268
**repeat - Bob plays the same clip again (is he getting sleepy?)

48:22 - 60:00

May 15th 2010 session 273, iON on various topics, pt1
on Fringe -
iON told Bob "its time to go into the show" after Season1 E19 when Olivia discovers herself in another world with the World Trade Center still standing; the nonphysical is activating the human creators making the show; iON is now taking the genuine questions only; etc

***goes over the hour

Part21 (20:00)
00:00 - 01:29, 02:01 - 16:18

May 15th 2010 session 273, iON on various topics, pt2
- continues on discussions about the Dupes; etc

48:35 - 60:00

May 15th 2010 session 273, iON on various topics, pt3
- continues on discussions about the Dupes; people getting irritated on online communication; Carolyn's website infected with virus; etc

***goes over the hour

Part22 (21:00)

00:00 - 14:49, 15:09 - 25:44, 28:32 - 29:33, 30:07 - 30:52, 32:33 - 38:37

May 15th 2010 session 273, iON on various topics, pt4
- continues on Carolyn's website; virus - the rippling affect of new knowledge - Carolyn's big answer to cancer; cat and rabbit post; affected by iON - Bob needing less sleep; Bob's body responding better; the answer to cancer; magnesium - ReMag; etc

Chad joins in

54:00 - 58:44

May 15th 2010 session 273, iON on various topics, pt5
about more people discussing iON - much faster than Bob had realized; the blimps, the Twin Tower shown at the "Farm"- Information Farm; the five tall figures - Lady Gaga's Monsters; etc

Part23 (22:00)

Chad and Bob talk about Ed Long's last Flash images on Information Farm; Iceland Volcano eruption triggered by Sheila; iCell coming through; etc

11:17 - 27:19

May 17th 2010 session 275, iON on various topics, pt1 ***repeated from Part2 (01:00)
on Carolyn vs Goliath- her creations -
Carolyn: I find a way

axiom water; RNA; chromosome 14; double-helix; ReMag; "chromosome will become not visible under the microscope and recognized as a double-helix genome type"; pentad aspect of RNA - a super neutrino RNA capacity


on thought; Information Farm Analysis; iON posting at the Dupes; etc

35:08 - 60:00

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt1
The Revelation Rewrite Group gets together for the first time, using Bartleby's King James Version
five voices- Bryan, Ginney, Gregg, Bob and iON

***goes over the hour

Part24 (23:00)
00:00 - 39:48

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt2
- continues on

48:43 - 60:00
Oct 20th 2010, 01:44 Hawaii time, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt3

***goes over the hour to NOV. 28th Part1 (00:00)

NOV. 28th - DAY7

Part1 (00:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt3
- continues on from Nov. 27th Part24 (23:00)

***goes over the hour

Part2 (01:00)
00:00 - 58:59

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt4
- continues on

***goes over the hour

Part3 (02:00)

Live on air -
Bob appears on KPFK Project Next hosted by Eben Rey

21:21 - 58:28

The Evergreens on UnaBomber and various topics, pt1
on the UnaBomber; Ebola virus - natural; Marilyn Monroe murdered by injection through the nipple with a needle

Bob: … was her psychiatrist involved?
the EGs: no… the pills in her mouth to make it look like an overdose…

Oklahoma Bombing; McVeigh and Nichols wanted to impress militia groups; Waco fire- started from 'inside' - not suicide; split in the group - the ones wanting to leave got shot; Boudians; Aldrich Ames/CIA; the mafia control in Hollywood - in the unions, ticket sales, they launder and loan money; Bill Clinton vs Paula Jones; Whitewater; Anatolia, Catalhoyuku - 4000BC- a matriarchal society with limited freedom; Albigensians were free thinkers; the Mayans disappeared particularly due to loss of water; Mayans and Incans had ET interactions - the Mayans had more interactions with negative effects; the Incans lived longer; the change in the World Wide Church of God; will the same fate come to the Vatican? "yes"; Goddess religion was an older religion; Eben explains about the Evergreens

Part4 (03:00)

Eben continues, takes listener questions

10:21- 12:39

Ed Long of iON&Bob joins in

17:12 - 24:40

The Evergreens on UnaBomber and various topics, pt2
continues on Goddess religion; the great mathematics came from Atlantis; Bob speaks to Mae Brussel through the Evergreens; her archives - "accidental fires"; etc


Bob's friend, Terique joins in

Part5 (04:00)

Terique explains how the population got dumbed down for 30 years, but with internet, you can bypass whatever they did to you

Jean and Rusty join in to chat

***goes over the hour

Part6 (05:00)

Jean and Rusty continue in to chat


Akito talks with Carolyn about the Anime/Manga scene

*** goes over the hour

Part7 (06:00)
00:00 - 31:00

Akito continues to talk with Carolyn, Bob joins in


about the JW noise (unclear) at the Dupes; about iON coming back for the BobFest; etc

54:34 - 60:00

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt5

***goes over the hour

Part8 (07:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt6

***goes over the hour

Part9 (08:00)
00:00 - 60:00

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt7

***goes over the hour

Part10 (09:00)
00:00 - 45:40

Oct 20th 2010, Revelations Injoy session No.1 with iON, pt8
- the last clip

Part11 (10:00)

Ed Long, the creator of iON&Bob joins in

Part12 (11:00)

Part13 (12:00)

Dave Newfeld joins in


RNA - "Real Nice Acid"


The Evergreens on LCD and various topics, pt1
- on Carolyn's experience on mescaline; what LCD really does; etc

***goes over the hour

Part14 (13:00)
00:00 - 29:10

The Evergreens on LSD and various topics, pt2
- on ET affecting humanity in the past

Bob: … is McLuhan a member of the EGs?
the EGs: no...

creating the mescaline experience without taking it; on LSD; what is wrong with the term 'discarnate?' - "describes spirits, rather than loss of localization"; the Soviets are working on Phase Shifting Electro-Magnetic Wave - opposite of super conductor - make people fall down, equipment to stop; Middle East - Armageddon scenario not going to happen - the aggressor has no ally; etc

29:11 - 37:15

Michael comes out of trance and chats with Bob

Part15 (14:00)
19:55 - 42:30

The Evergreens on various topics, pt1
on the possible US-USSR Nuclear War - behind the scenes talk; on Gerald Ford; the Defence Dept. hijacked the state - JFK knew, but didn't blow the whistle - he knew it was a bluff; the assassination - Hoover was a duped tool; the EGs withhold six names involved in the assassination; two individuals running from the Grassy Knoll - Roscoe White was a backup guy; Howard Hughes died of kidney failure - his organization hijacked; Hussein had two doubles; etc

42:31 - 55:26

The Evergreens on JFK assassination, pt15
more on JFK assassination; the famous three tramps - they weren't involved; MI5 - not involved, it was strictly an US operation; Robert Blakey and Anthony Summers books on assassination - fairly accurate; on Oswald; on Ruby; the first bullet - from Oswald hit JFK's head; the neck wound - from Grassy Knoll; etc

Part16 (15:00)
16:58 - 19:20

The Evergreens on various topics, pt2
on Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone - was Dan White programmed to shoot? "just out of his own anger"; Sen. Tower's plane blown up, a conspiracy? "no, a mechanical failure"; etc

19:36 - 50:45

The Evergreens on various topics, pt3
on William Irwin Thompson's conspiracy theory; had something similar to D-cell; did they tell anybody? "not truthfully"; the General Dynamic's satellite blown up - the launch director did it, but not sabotaged - he made a right decision; on McLuhan's 'stages of apprehension'; etc

Part17 (16:00)

Bob reads Shane Nagle's email to the listeners
Bob: "… please remove me from your this email list"

Bob composes a compassionate reply to Shane

40:20 - 53:33

Who's Forgotten Furry Lint?
- Bob and Carolyn visit Garrit

Part18 (17:00)
THE END OF the BobFest - 144th HOUR!

DAY 1   DAY 2   DAY 3   DAY 4   DAY 5   DAY 6   DAY 7


ej aka ZenWoman said...

The Bob-a-thon Guide is great. For those who haven't figured out, this archive link (under 2013) has the audio "parts" which match the guide posts. ZenWoman aka "first cal"l 11.25 Part 8 (concludes in Part 9)

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Ed and Akito,

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