Friday, October 18, 2013

Sheila Kern | The Labyrinth Painting

The Wednesday Show

Part 1
21 July 2013

Part 2
7 August 2013

Ginney Gunther talks with Sheila Kern about the origins and making of The Labyrinth Painting.


Anonymous said...

hi bob,
if you're out -there ...
i am wondering if you have any idea (when ... if) ion might make comm#7?
the last one was a bit disturbing
and i have some questions!
i have a trial bottle of rna drops
but have yet to take any
how long have i got ? (smiling)
b4, to quote ion " the carbon is coming from australia, but they don't know it yet?"
..... huh? .....
what does that mean, ... specifically??

is it like " In the Wet?
Neville Shute?
something nasty spreading round the world ... but ... fukushima
(surely someone made up that word deliberately)
im... a ... fukh ... us
alternatively ...
im .. fuch ... usa
maybe you/carolyn could shed should some light on this.
I'd be very interested,

thx ....pamela

Bob Dobbs/ said...

No, Pamela, the Drops should be OK - they don't even have to be refrigerated.

There's no problem when you're on the RnA Drops.

It's that simple... strange but simple.

"On The Beach" is wrong :@)

And I don't know when Communiqué #7 will happen.

Bob Neveritt

Poof123 said...

Bob Dobbs - your are the most brilliant thief of all!

RNA Drops...Ha, ha, ha, ha,

Bob Dobbs said...

It's not "RNA" (ribonucleic acid) Drops. It's "RnA" (Relax and Allow) Drops - wherein the i-Cell in the Drops enters the RNA and replaces the DNA with new cells via Chromosome 14.

And yes, but I'm not only brilliant, I'm the GREATEST thief - I stole the Guf!!

And then privatized it - making me the richest black woman in many worlds.