Friday, October 18, 2013

Sheila Kern | The Labyrinth Painting

The Wednesday Show

Part 1
21 July 2013

Part 2
7 August 2013

Ginney Gunther talks with Sheila Kern about the origins and making of The Labyrinth Painting.

Symbolism—Descriptions and interpretations of some of the images that are found in The Labyrinth Painting.


  1. hi bob,
    if you're out -there ...
    i am wondering if you have any idea (when ... if) ion might make comm#7?
    the last one was a bit disturbing
    and i have some questions!
    i have a trial bottle of rna drops
    but have yet to take any
    how long have i got ? (smiling)
    b4, to quote ion " the carbon is coming from australia, but they don't know it yet?"
    ..... huh? .....
    what does that mean, ... specifically??

    is it like " In the Wet?
    Neville Shute?
    something nasty spreading round the world ... but ... fukushima
    (surely someone made up that word deliberately)
    im... a ... fukh ... us
    alternatively ...
    im .. fuch ... usa
    maybe you/carolyn could shed should some light on this.
    I'd be very interested,

    thx ....pamela

  2. Bob Dobbs/fivebodied.comOctober 20, 2013 at 11:15 PM

    No, Pamela, the Drops should be OK - they don't even have to be refrigerated.

    There's no problem when you're on the RnA Drops.

    It's that simple... strange but simple.

    "On The Beach" is wrong :@)

    And I don't know when Communiqué #7 will happen.

    Bob Neveritt

  3. Bob Dobbs - your are the most brilliant thief of all!

    RNA Drops...Ha, ha, ha, ha,

    1. It's not "RNA" (ribonucleic acid) Drops. It's "RnA" (Relax and Allow) Drops - wherein the i-Cell in the Drops enters the RNA and replaces the DNA with new cells via Chromosome 14.

      And yes, but I'm not only brilliant, I'm the GREATEST thief - I stole the Guf!!

      And then privatized it - making me the richest black woman in many worlds.