Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Global Warming

After the Thunders is the New Environment by Sheila Kern


Dr Carolyn Dean discusses the new chemistry and explains that Super Sugar (Cellionose) consumes carbon.


Unknown said...

so borring im sorry

Unknown said...

why cant you record these better, it sounds really crap and boring, im sure you have some great information yet I have tried to listen to these recordings yet jesus they are boring as bat out some online presentation skills.....and package it a little better. Sooooo boring

Bob Dobbs said...

We are extremely busy. We operate on the fly, and I personally am indifferent to listeners. If you want to know what iON says about a topic or about your interpretation of their words, then you call in and engage iON. I support people who have the guts to talk with iON.