Friday, October 25, 2013

Brian | Awake When Asleep, Asleep When Awake


Bob Dobbs’ private session 264. 11 April 2010


  1. so it's a dream within a dream .....
    our task ......wake up within the dream?

    i've had a lot of bad dreams lately about nazis!
    all hot n sweaty n smelly
    and wake up
    and im still here!

    bye the way bob,
    I have begun taking the rna drops, ..
    they really do have a particular/peculiar ( though not unpleasant) taste
    i was surpised (guess i shouldn't have been)
    oily, rather than watery..
    definitely a yeast-like/ fermented/ hops/ type flavour
    very piquant taste
    the taste of rna drops reminds me of the heady smell of hops brewing at the brewery where my father worked as the accountant when i was a child.

    after about 1/2 days i noticed the subsidence of ALL pain in the region of my right abdomen... totally.... all tenderness gone ...


  2. Way to go, Pamela!!

    The Drops are made from barley. See our Patent Pending:

    Meanwhile, Brian's case may be more than a "dream within a dream" if I know iON. I will ask iON if that is the case.