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NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act)

Christopher Story
Bob Neveritt and iON give an analysis of Christopher Story.

10 July 2010

Topics include NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act), St Germain, the beginning of the United States, formation of Walmart, debt owed to China, China’s relationship to the Twin Towers and 9/11.

Read the NESARA bill (PDF).

NESARA was a bill to repay the debt [owed by the United States] in 2000 but was never signed into law by then President Clinton. St. Germain assigned the debt to the Chinese people. The interest on the loan was in bonds held in the World Trade Center. The destruction of the Twin Towers was cover for the destruction of the bonds. When the debt was not repaid, the loan was in default and the United States not only lost the collateral but now even private land in the United States is actually owned by the Chinese. Individual owners of real estate are no longer given deeds but instead receive warranty deeds.

Christopher Story Dies 4 Days After iON Analysis

Christopher Story died on July 14, 4 days after this analysis. In the audio above, Bob read from Story’s last report which was dated July 10. That report was removed from Story’s World Reports website and this notice posted:
“Christopher Story died peacefully at home on 14th July 2010 after a short illness.”

iON comments on Christopher Story’s death & Bob Neveritt’s 2008 meeting with Story in London.
Cash Flow, 4 August 2011

Clinton Group Responds to iON’s Statement that President Clinton Chose to Ignore NESARA & Not Pay Back the Debt in 2000

After the White House set up a website to allow citizens to create and sign petitions for government action, a group submitted a petition for the government to announce and implement NESARA.

Cash Flow, 19 October 2011

iON comments on NESARA and the petition and states that President Clinton refused to pay back the debt that was due in 2000 even though the government had the money.

The day after iON’s comments, National Public Radio released information about a secret government report from the Clinton administration that appears to state why the administration chose not to pay back the debt.

National Public Radio, 20 October 2011

Download a PDF of the Clinton administration’s secret report—Life After Debt.

iON Answers Questions Regarding NESARA on Eben Rey’s Radio Program & Privately Off-Air

Eben Rey’s private conversation with iON and Bob Dobbs following her radio program
26 November 2009

Above begins with a discussion of the silver certificates and the Ft Hood incident which was a cover for actions regarding the silver certificates. Also discussed, the twin towers and 9/11; the debt owed to St Germain and China; Joseph Moshe.

Eben Rey’s 26 November 2009 radio program

iON Answers Questions Regarding NESARA on James Martinez’s Cash Flow

Cash Flow, 30 December 2009

Begins with questions about the steel in the buildings in the World Trade Center.
Tailgate Party following Cash Flow

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