Saturday, June 19, 2010

Analysis-Revelation Revealed Chapters 1-3

The Ascension Painting by Sheila Kern

Bob Neveritt, former intelligence community insider and member of the Secret Council of Ten, and Non-physical iON give an analysis of The Revelation of John.

All human beings are GOD. There is no GOD outside of human beings.
These human creators are creating all that is.
At one point, these human creators forfeited their power, put it in a box (the Arc of the Covenant) called the Mercy Seat and began to believe that GOD was something outside of themselves. All of this was for the experience.
Human creators can be, do or have anything including the experience that they are not the powerful creators that they indeed are.
John the Revelator wrote of this process in the Biblical book The Revelation of John.
The Revelation of John foretells of all the other books of the Bible which is read back to front beginning with The Revelation and ending with Genesis.
Human creators have not yet experienced the Garden of Eden, this is to come.

The remaining chapters of Revelation Revealed are available for $50 per audio. Each audio contains 2-4 chapters including Chapter 23 which is missing from the Bible. Contact Bob [see "Contact" in the menu bar at top of this page] for more info.

Video: The Revelation Song.


Unknown said...

How can I purchase the other episodes?

Bob Dobbs said...

One purchases the rest of the 13 recordings (12 more PARTS) - one has already gotten PART ONE for free - by sending $50.00US for each PART (total = $635.00US which includes the $35.00US charge for the text of Chapter 23) to PAYPAL at this address:

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