Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Death of Tetrad Management

Sputnik 1

Cash Flow

Bob Neveritt explains tetrad management.


  1. Don't we love spell check ?... "iondom" to the computer is "condom"...too funny...and once you publish it, you can't edit it...heehee...that is why I need to review posts before hitting "publish" ...and I have decided I am part robot....those squiggly letters give me fits...

  2. That's why I deleted previous post ... which was basically, bob said his charts were not relevant today except to show how "iondon" got where it is for me, so will just keep taking rna drops, complement formula stuff, seeking out the fastest path to my joy activities...and relaxing and allowing...preview...squiggly!

  3. Bob is a new hybrid, making Art-Science Non-fiction with the New iONic Science.