Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Melting Titanium


14 April 2009

Cash Flow with Ian and Bob Neveritt
15 April 2009

Questions regarding gravity
25 August 2009

Creating by default, the alphabet, the five body model
1 September 2009

Black holes & CERN—matter & anti-mater in the same place
20 August 2009

The moon, polarity, illumination, why do birds sing, polity and the Catholic Church, writing a big check to pay off the Federal deficit
3 November 2009

Tactile contrast, two non-Physicals, Lucifer and Legion, time/emit and lived/devil, two Cardinals listening to Melting Titanium, do angels have a language, the war in heaven (Revelation Chapter 23), future terrestrials engaged Egyptian culture at the labyrinth in Hawara
10 November 2009

Tactility, Sparta 300, Mary Todd Lincoln, Sara Palin resigns as governor
17 November 2009

An expert from the Vatican warns Bob not to engage with iON
1 December 2009

35 Part 1, 2
ESP how-to, iON’s child rearing 101, Sidwell Friends Schools, weather changes, Angels and Demons, Russia today
8 December 2009

36 Part 1, 2
Missing climbers on Mt Hood, prep for surfing 30 foot waves, Tiger Woods’ affairs
15 December 2009

Mount Haleakala on the Solstice, JW and the international dateline, cure for the common cold, rocks cry out, Stonehenge
22 December 2009

38 Part 1, 2
Sylvia Browne’ Predictions for 2010, eternity, the guf, bird flu, asbestos, Bob’s 1000 hours questioning Non-Physical
29 December 2009

Cardinal & Archbishop listen to Melting Titanium, JW allows non-Physical to merge with his Physical, Tibetan Buddhists & non-Physcial, there is no time
5 January 2010

The movie Hereafter, thought & words
12 January 2010

Haiti, The Lousiana Purchase, Bible possibly written centuries earlier
19 January 2010

Three Kingdoms, Michelangelo’s statue of David
26 January 2010

Activating your spiritual gifts, heroin removes your stops, what is the role of sin
9 February 2010

Jewish name of God, Is Real, Francis of Assisi Stigmata, cubed root of 8, what’s a new metal that science hasn’t found yet
16 February 2010

A change would do you good, the Tarot, when will cold fusion be available
23 February 2010

People alive in Canada who do not have brains, individuals listening to Melting Titanium in nursing homes
2 March 2010

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, why do mediums die after interacting with Bob, Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address
9 March 2010

50 Part 1, 2
iON answers ‘Bored Richard’, the Federal Reserve, the Healthcare Bill
23 March 2010

51 Part 1, 2
Carolyn’s parallel world travel; candida, yeast and ESP; 3 creation stories in Genesis; Phone call to Sheila in Paris; more on Carolyn’s parallel world travel; Arc de Triomphe portal; fromagerie portal; multi-dimensional Sheila; Sheila’s apartment spookers; using intention to extend cell phone battery life
30 March 2010

Anomalous addiction, Poland plane crash & the 418 Group, Bob & 22
27 April 2010

Everything’s Coming Up Roses, ESP and the Dupes of Non-Physical forum, the abnormal becomes normal, the writings on the wall, Gulf oil spill, Emirates Flight 22, Bob hacked by Non-Physical, JW makes an impossible repair in his attic
4 May 2010

Japan’s Prime Minister resigns, Guatemala sinkhole, Gulf oil spill, gratitude
1 June 2010

Isotopes and multi layers of duality
22 June 2010

14 September 2010

UN to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors, the telegraph
26 September 2010

Bob and iON watch a porn video and multi-task. Also, the illuminati, the tesseract, til and until, being god by default, what is the new song, alphabet people listening to iON, Finnegans Wake written as a Playfair cipher, Bill Clinton impeachment related to NESARA, Hilary Clinton and Maybank
9 November 2010

11 January 2011

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