Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Original Lord’s Prayer

Cash Flow

iON gives the original Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer
My Non-Physical,
which is ever-present in me
hallowed be your space.
My kingdom come,
My will be done
on Earth,
as it already is in Heaven.
Allow me this day to create my daily bliss.
Allow forgiveness of my trespasses
as this is only Contrast
that I Purpose
to help me Choose
the fastest path to my Joy.
Allow me the power
to not push against,
or even notice,
those who trespass on me.
Lead me through all temptations
that separate me from
my Whole, Complete,
Ascended Power of Beingness.
Relieve me from
the false premise of Evil,
For Mine is the Power
and the Glory,

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