Saturday, January 13, 2007



Filmmaker Eli Elliot records Media Ecologist Bob Dobbs at various engagements in Los Angeles, California in 2005 as Dobbs explains that the electric environment impacts the human body’s cellular structure effecting the way in which individuals perceive reality (is it real or is it memorex?).

Today Bob Neveritt (aka Dobbs) and his wife Dr. Carolyn Dean offer a way out of the matrix with musings from iON and a new food, RnA Drops, that activate the latent potential inside the body’s cell.

At the 6 minute 30 second mark, James Martinez and Walter Bowart are on Bob’s left. This is previous to the Bob and James show on Achieve Radio and James was not familiar with Bob. From James’s facial expressions, it appears that he is trying to understand what agenda this strange individual is promoting.

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