Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Update Your Kindle Book

You have to send an email to Amazon requesting the update.

Go to Settings in your Kindle or Kindle app and scroll down to Contact Us. [I typed in: “Please send me the update for Bob Dobbs: Writings & Conversations.”]

Amazon will send you an email with directions for installing the update. [Basically, you press and hold on the cover of the book in your device and then tap Remove from device. Then tap the Cloud tab and tap on the book cover to download the book again.]

The reason for this process instead of offering automatic updates, is that Amazon is actually trying to help you retain your notes, highlights and bookmarks.

In your Amazon account, under Manage Your Content & Devices, select the Settings tab. Under Settings, you have a choice of turning on Automatic Book Update and Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings). If you have Automatic Book Update on but you have Device Synchronization off, then your notes, highlights and bookmarks will not follow when you install the update.

So, to keep your notes, highlights and bookmarks for your updated books, turn on Device Synchronization in Manage Your Content & Devices under Settings.

You can also look in Settings on your device and scroll down to Other and then Whispersync for Books [turn it on to retain your notes, highlights and bookmarks when you update].

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