Sunday, April 22, 2001

Bob’s Notes | McLuhan with Harley Parker and Tony Schwartz, 17 June 1968


NOTE:Timing based on Payday archives.

Dec.6/2014  11178589-3-1

(Part 13 at 8:32)

obsolete museums ("the garden of the muses" and coenaesthesia)
the "genuine fake"

18th Century literary fakes such as "Ossian" ("Finn McCool" is the father of Ossian)

explanation of why museums are exhausting

the eye as broadcasting system ("making") created the outer world ("the apple of the eye") before Newton (then the eye became a reception center ["matching", "tabula rasa", eye as "consumer" and "container for sensations poured into Man"])

"deja vu" as the "orchestrated ratio among the senses" explained by Parker

Nov.8/2014 1178571 June 20/68 with Harley Parker at Tony's:
(Part 14 at 38:06)

turning "THROUGH THE VANISHING POINT" into recordings
"hardware" vs. "software" (the Logos)

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